The Designer Toilet Roll Company – Business profile and testimonial

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    The Designer Toilet Roll Company

    The Designer Toilet Roll Company

    About The Designer Toilet Roll Company

    The Designer Toilet Roll Company was established in 2009. Founder, Natasha Meredith, says the idea came to her after seeing Simon Cowells LA mansion bathroom on last years X Factor – the cameras toured the house and spied his jet-black toilet rolls which became a talking point. Unable to find a local supplier of this product she decided to produce her own line of designer toilet rolls.

    “Having been involved in the renovation and interior design of a number of bathrooms, I wanted to purchase thee special black toilet rolls but was unable to find any UK supplier”

    “Realising there was a demand for speciality luxury toilet rolls, I not only became a UK supplier for the brand, but I have now designed and produced my own collection called ‘The Perfect Package’.”

    Natasha approached Seven Creative to build her an online shop, produce her promotional materials and create traditional and viral marketing campaigns to promote her brand.

    At the time of writing, her website has just launched and her business is starting to skyrocket.

    About the project

    Natasha Meredith contacted us after being our name by The Lavender Barn. As an online-based start-up business they were looking for a web development and design agency to work closely with to build a successful online store and produce their point-of-sale material.

    From the website launch, the business has taken off incredibly quickly with massive interest and media coverage.

    At the time of writing, we’re designing a viral marketing campaign to support the other marketing activity and drive traffic to the site

    Here’s what they said about working with Seven Creative

    “Knowing I was to start an exciting brand new on-line business, I trawled the Internet trying to find a web-designer on my wave- length! Could I find one – yes – I found hundreds who promised me the world!! But with no experience like many new businesses I decided to go on gut instinctive and a concrete recommendation and ended with my final decision Seven Creative…

    Someone above was looking down on me that day, because I can honestly say, hand on my heart, it was the ultimate make or break for my company!

    Clair and Chris Day not only hand hold you through the technical literature that you will have never handled before, but will encourage you to maximise your
    On-line potential through other avenues that are so current; such as face book,
    And other creative decisions (its in their name and boy do I swear by it!)

    I have evident proof that when my website launched within two weeks I had to go to a higher hosting package because of the volume of traffic looking at my website!! Sheer Madness!

    And its not only your website they can help you with but its your point of sale material. The complete package that you are offered is undeniably the best. I now have quality (forget vista print these guys know what they are doing), leaflets, business cards etc etc…

    Seven Creative actually do go “that extra mile” – they professionally and personally encourage you and want your business to succeed.

    I now know that I can compete against the ‘Big Boys’ in my field of business because I have in my back pocket – the golden goose of the Internet –

    An old phrase but very true: NICE PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH” – Natasha Meredith, the Designer Toilet Roll Company

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      Written by Chris

      June 18th, 2010 at 1:12 pm