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East Peak Innovation Partnership – business profile and testimonial

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    East Peak Innovation Partnership

    East Peak Innovation Partnership

    About East Peak Innovation Partnership (EPIP)

    The East Peak Innovation Partnership was established in 2008 and links together three similar areas covering Penistone and District, North Sheffield and the parishes of Denby Dale and Kirkburton. The Partnership was established to deliver a LEADER bottom up, community led approach to rural development. EPIP will consider for funding rural projects that meet one or more of the following priorities:

    Marketing and promotion of the East Peak To create a new identity unifying the East Peak area as a brand, providing enhanced marketing and added value to local products and events.

    Access to and development of the countryside, tourism, culture and heritage To make the culture, heritage and natural landscape of the East Peak more accessible to both local people and visitors.

    Support and development of the local rural economy To support existing services and develop new solutions in rural communities.

    Adding value to environment and landscape Ensuring a quality, well-managed, natural environment linked to communities.

    If you or your group has identified a need and has a project idea that meets one or more of EPIP’s priorities, we may be able to help you to develop it into a viable project.

    About East Peak Innovation Partnership’s website

    East Peak Innovation Partnership were a new organisation aiming to provide useful information, downloads and news over the internet through a brochure website and following this brief, we created a proposal outlining our recommendations.

    We planned, designed and built a very well search engine optimised website around a clear navigational structure driven by an easy-to-use content-management-system in the backend.

    The website indexes excellently on all search engines providing a clear and accessible information resource.

    This is what EPIP said about working with Seven Creative

    “We have had nothing but good feedback for our website created by Seven Creative.

    Chris and Clair greatly assisted us in the design, colour scheme and layout of the website and kept in close contact with us throughout the process.

    They created exactly what we were looking for with very little input from us. Since then, if we have had any IT related problems, a quick phone call is all that was needed to get it solved.

    We would definitely recommend Seven Creative for web creation and publicity”. – Tracey Charlesworth, EPIP

    Visit EPIP’s

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      Written by Chris

      July 17th, 2010 at 8:35 am

      Golding Diversity Training – Business profile and testimonial

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        Golding Diversity Training

        Golding Diversity Training

        About Golding Diversity Training

        Golding Diversity Training is a specialist provider of equality and diversity training and consultancy services, assisting organisations in the development of its employees to achieve maximum performance results.

        Supporting organisations to implement short or long-term strategic interventions to initiate a cultural change, embrace difference to improve working experiences, and service provision and meet local and national standards, targets and frameworks.

        Finalist for ATL’s Yorkshire Enterprise and Diversity Awards 2010

        About Golding Diversity Training’s website

        The original Golding Diversity Training website was not successful on many levels – from a design and usability point-of-view it was disorganised, difficult to navigate and poorly branded – from a sales tool point of view it was not indexing in the search engines well and did not reflect the professional image of the business and its services

        Virginia Golding approached us and asked to rebrand her business and re-design her website including logo, stationery set and provide all the required website services including email and hosting

        After several revisions, a logo and corporate identity was finalised and we planned and built the new website.

        The site now works well as a business sales tool, looks professional and indexes very well in the search engines

        This is what Golding Diversity Training said about working with us

        “Seven Creative initially designed a logo as part of the rebranding for my business and because of my positive experience, it was a natural decision for me to work with them on designing the new website.

        Clair was very knowledgeable about the features that were required on the site to create an effective sales tool and she was very flexible in her approach; came up with lots of ideas; was honest about what would not work and worked towards the deadline I had.

        Training was provided in how to use the content management system, which I thought would go straight over my head, but to my delight it didn’t and I have since updated the website all one my own – what an achievement for me!

        Soon after my website had gone live I received several enquiries about my service. From their feedback, I discovered that these new contacts had found my website through organic search results on search engines and they commented that the site was visually pleasing and professional.

        I would highly recommend Seven Creative without a hesitation!” – Virginia Golding, Golding Diversity Training

        Visit the Golding Diversity Training website:

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          Written by Chris

          July 13th, 2010 at 11:35 am

          Kenneth Hudson Interiors – Business profile and testimonial

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            Kenneth Hudson Interiors

            Kenneth Hudson Interiors

            About Kenneth Hudson Interiors

            Kenneth lives just outside Milton Keynes on the borders of Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire with his wife Sarah and two daughters, Gracie and Eliza.

            Kenneth Hudson Interiors was founded in 2000. Prior to this, Kenneth worked for 18 years in and around London on many residential refurbishments. In 2010, Kenneth Hudson Interiors became a Limited Company.

            He enjoys the contrast of working on contemporary interior projects as much as traditional.

            Kenneth and his team currently have projects in the surrounding areas ranging from decorating single rooms to complete restorations.

            Kenneth develops strong working relationships with his clients which allows projects to run smoothly and professionally. The team produces a design that suits the needs of the client, taking into consideration the available budget and type of property concerned.

            The painters and decorators, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and carpet fitters are all qualified, highly experienced and skilled craftsmen who have worked with Kenneth Hudson Interiors for many years.

            Kenneth Hudson Interiors brings together all aspects of making a house a home.

            About Kenneth Hudson’s website and branding

            Kenneth Hudson originally approached us from a recommendation to rebrand his business including a new logo, colour scheme, website and stationery set design.

            We worked closely with Ken creating many different styles and variations of logo and colour scheme before building the website.

            As a member the Guild of Master Craftsmen and as a Dulux Select Decorators it was important to communicate the high quality and professional standard of the work Ken Hudson produces so the website was carefully planned and designed to reflect this

            With an integrated Content management System, Ken is able to update all aspect of his website to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

            Advanced Search engine optimization also means that the site indexes very well for his keywords and phrases allowing potential customers to easily find his website

            What Kenneth Hudson said about working with us

            “An existing client of Seven Creative,  “Penny Bruce” of “Denton Drapes” recommended that I use Seven Creative to design a website and logo  for my business.

            Chris  was extremely quick in designing several logos that he thought would compliment my interiors business.

            Chris promptly made any alterations that where necessary. He also went on to design  letter-heads and business cards. Needless to say, we are more than pleased with the end results.

            After many conversations with Clair about the design of my site, I was very impressed with her knowledge. It was great to know that when I had sent her my content and images , Clair would produce a  professional and contemporary looking website.

            Having worked with Clair and Chris , I would have no hesitation in recommending  Seven Creative. In fact, I have done so already!

            Many thanks for all your hard work.” – Kenneth Hudson, Kenneth Hudson Interiors Ltd

            Visit Ken’s

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              Written by Chris

              July 7th, 2010 at 12:47 pm

              Janet Wass’ – Business profile and testimonial

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                Janet Wass Jewellery Design

                Janet Wass Jewellery Design

                About Janet Wass

                Based in Sheffield, Janet Wass designs and creates simple, elegant jewellery for the contemporary individual.

                She fuses her passion for jewellery with her love of photography, lacing her designs with photographically produced imagery using laser-cutting and photo-etching alongside traditional jewellery making techniques.

                Jewellery is designed to be comfortable and wearable.  It’s elegant use of pattern and subtle combination of colour, together with its playful quality appeals to a range of people within our integrated world; the chic, the stylish, the playful, the subtle and the visual.

                About Janet Wass’ new website

                Janet initially approached us in despair for some advice has her ‘web developer’ hadn’t done what they said they would do and she was left with an ineffective and non-functional website.

                From our experience, this is quite a common story, however, this didn’t change the fact that she had ended up with a site that was effectively useless so we rebuilt it providing her with a well search-engine-optimised website that allows her to edit and update every part of her website.

                Here’s what she said about working with us

                “I approached Seven Creative after I experienced difficulties with my existing website.  Both Clair and Chris offered fantastic help and advice – going above and beyond what I would ever have expected.  Because of this, I decided that I would have my website rebuilt by them.

                I can honestly say that it was a decision I have never regretted – I now have a website that I looks completely professional, that is easy to navigate around, and that I can completely content manage myself.  I am absolutely thrilled with it!

                Clair and Chris are completely professional and obviously work extremely hard to produce websites that are tailored to their clients’ needs.  I am so impressed with the speed they created my website and how approachable and understanding they were.  They fully explained technical issues in a way that I could understand and responded instantly to my requests for modifications – actually, I saw the site change whilst I was on the phone making the requests – that really is great service!

                I am now really proud of my website and have Seven Creative to thank for this – I think it goes without saying that I would wholeheartedly recommend their service!” – Janet Wass, 2010

                Visit Janet Wass’

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                  Written by Chris

                  July 6th, 2010 at 10:37 am