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How to Add Users to your Google Analytics Account

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    If you want someone else to be able to view or use your Analytics account then you should carry out the steps below:

    1. Log in to your analytics account at

    2. Go to your account dashboard or the dashboard for the domain you want to share access to

    3. Click on “Admin” at the top right of the screen (see below)








    4. On the next screen, click on “Users” (see below)














    5. On the next screen, click on “+New User” (see below)










    6. Insert an email address (or choose from one you have used previously) and assign them as either a user or administrator, then press “Create User” (see below).

















    TA DAH!!

    The added user can now use view your analytics reports

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      Written by Chris

      April 26th, 2012 at 2:34 pm

      AWB and Son Electrical cover all the bases

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        For a man who took part in Iron Man and was a part of the Army’s Parachute Regiment, you’d think being an electrician would be a bit tame for Michael Baillie. But Michael’s career as an established electrician in Dinnington is going from strength to strength.  

        Michael runs A W B and Son Electrical; a domestic, industrial and commercial electrical firm based in Dinnington. Originally working as an electrician in the army and completing an apprenticeship with a local firm of electricians, Michael’s self started family run business is now thriving.

        As well as his regimented commitment to his business, Michael Baillie credits some of his success to BNI. AWB and Son have been trading for five years, but he insists that in the last six months since he joined the Sheffield BNI chapter ‘Olympians’, his business has doubled.

        Michael and his staff are all members of Competent Persons Schemes and are NAPIT approved electricians. As an organisation committed to household safety, customers can be sure that AWB and Son is competent as a registered installer, and that all the work they do will comply with industry regulations. This allows customers to notify the local council with confidence and certification that the completed work is up to the required standard.

        Michael’s commitment to his profession is second to none. “I always carry the 17th Edition of Wiring Regulations with me on jobs. It’s like my Bible for the business!” says Michael. “ If you employ an electrician to do some jobs for you and they don’t get out this book, you really need to ask them why.”

        “I also use On Site Guides everyday as a point of reference,” Michael continues. “And I always provide anyone I work for with a certificate to prove that the work has been completed to regulatory standards.”

        AWB and Son can carry out a variety of jobs including full and part rewires, solar installations and PAT testing. They have experience working with wind turbines, fire alarms, central heating and emergency lighting, to name a few.  It’s safe to say the team at AWB and Sons have ALL the bases covered!

        If you are interested in, or think that your local business could benefit from BNI membership, come along as a visitor to meet the group and introduce yourself. Meetings are held at Beauchief Golf Course on Abbey Lane, Sheffield at 7am on a Tuesday morning, or at Green’s Gym on Napier Street, Sheffield at 7am on a Wednesday morning. Attending the meeting is by invitation only, so if you would like your name putting on the guest list, please call Seven Creative on 0114 383 0711

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          Written by Chris

          April 25th, 2012 at 12:15 pm

          Freelance Research Consultancy with Julie Harrington

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            Resourceful Research is a Freelance Market Research agency based in Chesterfield. Run by Julie Harrington, Resourceful Research Consultancy was formed in 2011, with a focus on freelancing for larger market research agencies and providing tailor made research solutions.

            Julie has 13 years experience of managing research studies including surveys and evaluations, and has worked with various clients including L’Oreal, Royal Mail and Learn Direct. She has an Honours degree in Business Studies, Foundation, Certificate and Diploma in Market Research and is also a full member of the Market Research Society.

            Julie insists that it is very important for businesses to do research and gather feedback, in order to offer customers the best products and services.

            “I am able to asses a business in order to help them understand the market that they are embarking upon, and help them to understand the needs of their potential and existing customers,” says Julie. “This way, they can be sure that their products and services are designed appropriately, and using this research they can plan accordingly.”


            To understand the market, and the customers’ needs, a number of questions need to be answered:

            What is the customers’ understanding of your products or services?

            What needs do your customers have and what is the best way to meet those needs?

            What is the best way to reach/communicate with your target audience?

            What do they think of your offering compared with competitors?

            Why would they rather use you than competitors?

            How would they find out about you?

            What factors are important in helping them to choose between you and your competitors?

            “This information gives businesses a better understanding of their customers’ needs, and ultimately gives them the insight they need to be able to design the products and services they offer around those needs. That means that marketing campaigns will be better targeted, and therefore more cost effective,” says Julie.

            Resourceful Research is also able to evaluate the after affects of the changes that have been made to a business, by way of monitoring customer feedback, impact and business performance. This way, a company can gauge the satisfaction of their customers, improve on anything they may not be entirely happy about, and improve their communication with customers in a way that really shows them they care. Julie can assess and evaluate the achievements of marketing campaigns, and can use the research to look into the possible expansion of a business too.

            Resourceful Research is very flexible with its services, and able to offer tailored solutions suited to the aspects of your business you intend to improve. Julie is able to guide you through the whole process, or join you to work in areas you need her most.

            Julie can help at all stages, including:

            -Initial consultation in order to understand your business and assess your needs and objectives from research.

            -Design and set up surveys and questionnaires.

            -Carry out the process of conducting the survey.

            -Analysis of the data and the reported outcomes.

            “I have been asked by larger companies who have the resources to conduct surveys themselves to join them at the analysis and reporting stage. I am able to take their findings and help them make sense of them, from analysing the data collected to writing comprehensive reports regarding this data,” says Julie.

            Who can Resourceful Research help?

            -Any business that needs feedback on their performance.

            -Any business looking to understand more about their market and customers.

            Julie’s advice and skills are invaluable to any business. As a direct result of her research, she is able to answer the fundamental questions that are necessary for the success of a business. She is also able to assess their ability to meet the needs of customers, and ensure those customers are satisfied.

            To find out more about Resourceful Research and how Julie can help you and your business, visit, contact Julie by phone on 0781 3742761, or email

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              Written by Chris

              April 24th, 2012 at 2:58 pm

              Internet freedom with Liberty ICT

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                Getting the most out of your computer system is all about freedom. Freedom to use the internet with peace of mind, knowing that your protected data stays just that: protected. It’s also nice to know that if something does go wrong, you have an expert on the end of the phone who can help you immediately.

                Liberty ICT is a well established and reputable IT Consultancy firm based in Worksop, specialising in IT supply, installation, and support. With over 150 clients, Liberty only uses Certified Microsoft Professionals with more than 10 years experience. As well as IT support, the company also sell high quality branded computer desktops, servers and laptops.


                Liberty offer a variety of services including:

                -Configuration of computer systems

                -Solutions to problems with viruses

                -PC support to keep systems running smoothly for less than 50p a day

                -Solutions to problems with slowness

                -Recovery of lost data

                -Designing IT solutions for clients

                -Providing scalable, powerful and reliable equipment

                Sales Director Richard Siddall has 20 years experience in the industry. “We take care of the day-to-day IT support and operational management of your computer network,” says Richard. “We can offer a single point of contact for your IT support, supply and installation. We give our clients the reassurance that whatever the problem, whatever the issue, we are here to help.”

                “We fix over 95% of problems within one hour, without even coming on site. What’s more, 30% of problems are fixed in just 5 minutes. This means less downtime, fewer wasted hours, and greater reliability. Reassurance, guaranteed.” Putting it simply, Richard says “We troubleshoot problems and make them go away!”

                And if you thought IT was a boring subject, Richard has a story that may just change your mind. “I worked on a project in 2004 that was slightly unusual. I was approached by the owner of a 40 room, 18th Century house in Old Cotes, Nottinghamshire. The man in question told me stories of what he believed to be a haunting in the property. He had witnessed a piano that had played by itself, and on one occasion, he had had a set of brass scales mysteriously thrown at his head. Despite the owner refusing to set foot in house, I was asked to install low light security cameras and digital video recorders in the rooms in order to “watch ghosts”.

                “I embedded a live feed from all 16 cameras to a website,” continues Richard.  “The public could pay a subscription fee to gain access to the feed, and become ghost watchers themselves. It was incredibly successful and the website received 250,000 hits in just 10 months. The client made thousands of pounds from the subscription fees, but was still too afraid to set foot in the house after the previous goings on!”

                Of course, Richard is also an expert on the everyday computer problems. And he has a few words of warning for anyone looking to buy a new laptop.

                “The computers you see in PC world for £300 may seem like a bargain. But what you’re actually buying is a computer made by a firm that has paid a fee to be able to put the brand name on the machine. What’s inside is something different altogether. If you’re not paying £500 for a laptop, you’re not getting the brand; it’s a simple as that.”

                And it’s not just choosing a new laptop that can be problematic. Richard also recommends that people no longer use Windows 98. “I come across clients who have lots of problems with it,” says Richard. “Unfortunately, if you know what you’re doing, it’s possible to hack into Windows 98 in less than 15 seconds. The support and protection for the software are no longer running, therefore your computer can be hacked, virused, or scammed.”

                To keep your data protected, or to find out more about how Liberty ICT Limited can help you and your business, contact Richard on 07980 285 817, or email





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                  Written by Chris

                  April 17th, 2012 at 12:32 pm

                  Paul to the rescue with PAD Financial!

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                    Trying to figure out the best deals on mortgages and insurance can be very confusing. With information fired at you from every angle, you may find that you are left with more questions than answers.

                    Who has the best deal? How much will it cost? Where do I apply? How long will it take? Who should I deal with? What happens if I get it wrong?!

                    Here’s the man with all the answers!

                    Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial is an experienced mortgage broker with a string of industry related qualifications including certificates in Mortgage Advice and Practice, Regulated Customer Care and Regulated Equity Release.

                    And this guy really knows his stuff. “I find the money to enable people to buy and refinance property. Then I advise on the right insurance to make sure they can keep it should the worst happen. I do all the research, get all the facts and advise my clients on the best deal to suit them.”

                    He makes it sound so simple, doesn’t he?

                    That’s because he’s an expert, priding himself on offering informed advice to get the best deal for his customers. “I can offer the whole spectrum of advice, and I always endeavor to give the best possible advice to anyone I speak to,” says Paul. “People have a natural tendency to pick the headline grabbing rate without sifting through the information and properly checking the small print. That’s where I can help.”

                    With regard to industry regulation, Paul admits that there are lots of hoops to jump through, but insists it all helps to provide a better service for his customers and security for his business. PAD Financial is an appointed representative of HomeLoan Partnership Limited (HLP), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This provides the company with extra protection for its clients, better buying power, and in turn, better deals.

                    Paul’s promises
                    “I’ll guide you through all the costs involved and help you make the right, informed decisions.”

                    “I’ll tell you who has the best deal.”

                    “I’ll help you manage your case to fit in with your timescale.”

                    “I’ll keep you fully updated as you go along and help overcome any hurdles that get in our way.”

                    Whether you would like to discuss mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, Paul will do the research and determine the best product for you, and explain all the reasons why. He’ll even handle the application process and all the paperwork for you to ensure it’s all set up correctly. Paul insists that with his help, it really can be an easy step by step process.

                    “I had a case recently where a client received their home insurance renewal reminder through the post and simply contacted me to discuss the options. I was able to assess their position and source my insurers to find the best and most appropriate cover at the best price. I then reviewed the insurance with the client, completed the application on the clients behalf, and sent them all the paperwork.”

                    Paul can discuss mortgage options, liaise with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, and of course clients. “I will be your one point of contact. You can phone, fax, post, Skype or Facebook me, you’ll never be on hold to call centers, or left in the dark,” insists Paul.

                    And Paul is such an expert that pension companies have even used Paul as an adviser when their clients ask mortgage questions.

                    So it seems Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial, can guarantee the answers to all the difficult questions! If you have any questions regarding mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, contact Paul on 07968 365 722, email or visit


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                      Written by Chris

                      April 10th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

                      The Utility Warehouse Discount Club: ‘It pays to be a member.’

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                        When you’ve got eight different bills stacked on your kitchen table that have all been delivered in the same week, it can be tempting to put off opening them for as long as your conscience will allow. And sorting out the payments can be just as daunting: cheque, direct debit, the list goes on.

                        Wouldn’t it be a lot less stressful to receive just one envelope, one bill, which includes your home phone, mobile, internet, gas and electricity, all in one?

                        Enter The Utility Warehouse.


                        The Utility Warehouse are a UK based PLC company who started in 1996, and now have over 400,000 customers. Their continued success  is admirable, considering that they have grown through word of mouth alone, without advertisements on TV or even in the press.

                        But this success is hardly surprising, as they can provide commercial and residential customers with average savings of 25% off their utility bills. As well as this, they were awarded Company of the Year 2009 at The Financial Times Awards, and Best Telecommunications Company in 2011 and 2012.

                        Simon Platt of The Utility Warehouse says, ‘We are the only company to supply energy and telecommunications all through one bill. It’s a great convenience, and makes life much easier to budget’.

                        And Which? Magazine agrees. They have named The Utility Warehouse as a Which? Magazine recommended provider for Home Phone Services and Broadband Providers.

                        ‘We offer great value for money and good customer service,’ says Simon. As The Utility Warehouse has UK based customer support, values customer satisfaction highly, and doesn’t tie people in to long contracts, people don’t stay because they have to; they stay because they want to.

                        Not only do they offer great promotions, (for example: save money or double the difference), as part of the Discount Club, they also offer a cash back card run by Mastercard. You simply top up your card with funds, and when you use it at a partner store, you get cash back that pays towards the cost of your utility bills. And they offer new customers up to £200 to cover the cost of terminating their existing contracts with other suppliers.

                        Participating stores include the likes of M&S (5% cash back on everything in store), and Sainsbury’s, among many others.

                        Utility Warehouse customer Clair Day is really happy with the service. ‘When we heard about The Utility Warehouse, we didn’t realise how much it was possible to save. The cash back deducted from your utilities is a great feature, as you can shop in your favourite places, and get money off your bills by doing so. I even save when I get my groceries or fill up the car with fuel, it’s great.’

                        And the advantages can be redeemed through online shopping too. A simple click through The Discount Club website to the participating retailer of your choice, and the discount off your utility bill is specified automatically at the checkout.

                        Membership also includes access to The Utility Warehouse Clubhouse search engine, ‘findmethecheapest’. This great service scours the internet to find you the cheapest price on anything from shoes to lawnmowers, regardless of current partners. ‘It saves time, you get the best prices and you get the results straight away,’ says Simon.

                         The Utility Warehouse offers customers a variety of advantages, including the following:

                        -Save money or get back Double the Difference

                        -The UK’s cheapest mobiles – guaranteed!

                        -Which? Recommended Provider for Home Phone and Broadband

                        -10% extra discount on Gas and Electricity

                        -Cash back on shopping and petrol

                        -Unlimited free calls

                        -UK’s cheapest online shopping

                        -Award-winning customer service

                        -One bill for all your utilities!

                        Simon says, ‘Customers stay with The Utility Warehouse because they’re happy and because they get loads of great benefits. Not because they’re tied into long contracts that they can’t get out of. It’s easy, flexible and fits perfectly into your normal life.’

                        To start saving today, contact The Utility Warehouse on 0114 2557777 or visit

                        Alternatively, email Simon Platt at










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                          Written by Chris

                          April 3rd, 2012 at 2:39 pm