Freelance Research Consultancy with Julie Harrington

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    Resourceful Research is a Freelance Market Research agency based in Chesterfield. Run by Julie Harrington, Resourceful Research Consultancy was formed in 2011, with a focus on freelancing for larger market research agencies and providing tailor made research solutions.

    Julie has 13 years experience of managing research studies including surveys and evaluations, and has worked with various clients including L’Oreal, Royal Mail and Learn Direct. She has an Honours degree in Business Studies, Foundation, Certificate and Diploma in Market Research and is also a full member of the Market Research Society.

    Julie insists that it is very important for businesses to do research and gather feedback, in order to offer customers the best products and services.

    “I am able to asses a business in order to help them understand the market that they are embarking upon, and help them to understand the needs of their potential and existing customers,” says Julie. “This way, they can be sure that their products and services are designed appropriately, and using this research they can plan accordingly.”


    To understand the market, and the customers’ needs, a number of questions need to be answered:

    What is the customers’ understanding of your products or services?

    What needs do your customers have and what is the best way to meet those needs?

    What is the best way to reach/communicate with your target audience?

    What do they think of your offering compared with competitors?

    Why would they rather use you than competitors?

    How would they find out about you?

    What factors are important in helping them to choose between you and your competitors?

    “This information gives businesses a better understanding of their customers’ needs, and ultimately gives them the insight they need to be able to design the products and services they offer around those needs. That means that marketing campaigns will be better targeted, and therefore more cost effective,” says Julie.

    Resourceful Research is also able to evaluate the after affects of the changes that have been made to a business, by way of monitoring customer feedback, impact and business performance. This way, a company can gauge the satisfaction of their customers, improve on anything they may not be entirely happy about, and improve their communication with customers in a way that really shows them they care. Julie can assess and evaluate the achievements of marketing campaigns, and can use the research to look into the possible expansion of a business too.

    Resourceful Research is very flexible with its services, and able to offer tailored solutions suited to the aspects of your business you intend to improve. Julie is able to guide you through the whole process, or join you to work in areas you need her most.

    Julie can help at all stages, including:

    -Initial consultation in order to understand your business and assess your needs and objectives from research.

    -Design and set up surveys and questionnaires.

    -Carry out the process of conducting the survey.

    -Analysis of the data and the reported outcomes.

    “I have been asked by larger companies who have the resources to conduct surveys themselves to join them at the analysis and reporting stage. I am able to take their findings and help them make sense of them, from analysing the data collected to writing comprehensive reports regarding this data,” says Julie.

    Who can Resourceful Research help?

    -Any business that needs feedback on their performance.

    -Any business looking to understand more about their market and customers.

    Julie’s advice and skills are invaluable to any business. As a direct result of her research, she is able to answer the fundamental questions that are necessary for the success of a business. She is also able to assess their ability to meet the needs of customers, and ensure those customers are satisfied.

    To find out more about Resourceful Research and how Julie can help you and your business, visit, contact Julie by phone on 0781 3742761, or email

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      Written by Chris

      April 24th, 2012 at 2:58 pm