Into Professional admin and language support services.

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    Janita Maarenen is the Managing Director of Into Professional, a multi lingual business service specialising in administration and language support services. The company offer a comprehensive translation and interpreting service, including proofreading and interpreting British Sign Language. They are able to work with most global business languages, as well as a good range of smaller languages and dialects.

    Janita’s ambitious approach to her business is infectious, and she is keen to share her aspirations with others. “I think that more UK companies should consider exporting”, says Janita. “Exporting can have many advantages for businesses. Primarily, it can help companies increase turnover. Access to Europe can be achieved in days as it is an open market. This gives you a market place of 500 million people.”

    Janita insists that working with Into Professional will help a business to grow, and provide the business with more scope to increase turnover. She claims with confidence: “It is possible to increase a company’s productivity by 34% in the first year. Working on an international scale also helps to smooth seasonal and economic changes.”

    People are often put off by the barriers of exporting. Janita has it covered. “The main concern is that of language barriers,” says Janita. “Of course, we can solve this easily.” Janita is confident that any issues regarding currency, finding new customers and suitable partners, and building relationships with decision makers can all be solved. “Companies that export can overcome all of these problems, and we can help them do it,” she insists.

    Into Professional are able to translate global languages over a wide variety of industries. The company has extensive professional experience in market research, engineering, manufacturing, games and applications, as well as specialising particularly in Nordic languages. Janita considers her regular work with freelancers a huge advantage to her business. “I can choose the right people, with the right skills for each individual project.”

    Standards remain high as each linguist is selected with strict criteria. Linguists always work in their native language and are required to have relevant experience, expertise and qualifications in the subject they are dealing with. In addition, Into Professional are committed to following the guidelines of the European Quality Standard, a specific European standard for translation services.

    Into Professional is a company that is constantly growing. Their areas of expertise are expanding rapidly as they add linguists and subject specialists to their data base. And with Janita’s ambition and drive it’s hardly surprising. “Love what you do, and the passion will take you far,” says Janita enthusiastically.

    For more information about Into Professional and the ways it can help your business, contact Janita on 07762141950 or email

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      Written by Chris

      May 15th, 2012 at 12:51 pm