Sheffield energy assessor, Furniss Property Ltd

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    Furniss Property Instruction Ltd is a Sheffield based energy assessor, run by John Furniss, who provide Energy Performance Certificates for domestic and commercial property owners. The company has a strong client base, and has been providing EPCs to estate agents, letting agents, private landlords, solicitors and members of the public since 2007.

    But this expertise is not the only string to John Furniss’ bow. John specialises in energy efficiency and has personally helped hundreds of residential and business customers save money on their gas, electric, phone, broadband and mobile bills. He guarantees to offer customers the UKs cheapest utility deals, and can even provide people with cash back cards offering 3% to 7% off shopping and petrol.


    John is one of 40,000 individual distributers of The Utility Warehouse, and is a member of the Sheffield BNI group ‘Professionals’.  His place in the group as a utility broker is perfect, as both BNI and The Utility Warehouse rely on word of mouth referrals.

    “It sounds corny but, it really does bring me joy to be able to show people how much they can save. I just love to see their faces when I tell them,” says John.

    “I am a genuine customer myself, and very happy with the service,” continues John. “People recommend all sorts of things that they enjoy; a good film, a good book, there’s power in recommendation. As I’m a happy customer myself, I can recommend The Utility Warehouse easily, and most importantly, genuinely.”

    And he does just that. John recommends The Utility Warehouse to friends, family and colleagues, and he gets paid to do it. Not only do customers save money on utility bills, they only get one bill a month which covers everything, making it easier to budget and less hassle.

    Which? Magazine has named The Utility Warehouse as a recommended provider for Home Phone Services and Broadband Providers, and best energy provider. The Utility Warehouse deal is the only one that offers free calls from landline to mobile. “None of the other providers even come close,” says John proudly.

    “My advice is free, use and abuse me, I don’t mind!” continues John happily. “If I can’t save them money, I’ll tell them. It’s still free, and you’ve lost nothing. Most of the time I can help, but if not, they’ve got the peace of mind that they are already getting a good deal.”

    John insists that utility savings can be made on all types of property. Fellow BNI member and happy customer Wendy Caulton says, ‘John does a fantastic job and I recommend him to everyone. He has literally saved me a fortune! I went to him with a utility bill of £700 for one month, he gave me advice, sorted everything out for me, and I now pay a total of £1,200 per year for the same service.’

    Visit the Furniss Property Instruction website for more information, or find out more about The Utility Warehouse from our previous blog post ‘The Utility Warehouse Discount Club: ‘It pays to be a member.’

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