Ifonly Consulting with Ian Franklin

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    Ian Franklin set up Ifonly Consulting in 2007, and has 20 years experience working in the public and private sectors as an occupational psychologist. As an independent consultant, Ian is a specialist in a number of areas including the application of business psychology to work situations.






    Based in Sheffield, Ifonly Consulting  can help businesses to facilitate organisational change, improve team performance, staff development and selection, and use psychometric testing ethically. Ian specialises in usability testing, user centred design process and standards, user requirements gathering, integrating user experience with organisational e-commerce strategy, and understanding the impacts of consumer behaviour.

    “It’s sad to say this but work can be a miserable experience for some people”, says Ian. “This is often not to do with the actual work they are doing, it’s due to the people they work with. I can help people work better together, to understand each other, and therefore make work a better experience for everyone. I can help people to be more productive, get more satisfaction out of their work and make work a happier place to be for as many people as possible.”

    By adopting a coaching model rather than a management consultancy model to his practice as an independent consultant, Ian believes that this approach enables collaboration, client independence and long term sustainability of solutions.

    Ian Franklin is an interesting and insightful man, and takes a very thoughtful approach to his work. He insists that psychology is just common sense, although shrewdly admits ‘but common sense is not common practice’.

    But choosing the right person to bring about positive changes in your business is not a simple decision. “The psychology informed industry can be a minefield,” says Ian. “It can be tricky to discern the qualified professional from the person who has attended a weekend workshop and fancies having a go at ‘being a psychologist, counsellor, coach etc’. Anyone can call themselves a ‘management consultant’, which seems to cover a multitude of sins.”

    In the UK, psychologists are regulated by the British Psychological Society and it takes at least seven years of training including post-graduate qualifications and closely supervised practice before the BPS accredits someone as a Chartered Psychologist.


    Only people with this designation should be considered “real” psychologists, and not everyone with a psychology degree attains this accreditation. A first (Bachelor level) degree, for example, is not enough to ensure professional practice.

    Not only does Ian Franklin tick all the above boxes, he also has levels A and B certificates in psychometric testing, is a Registered Ergonomist with the Ergonomics Society, and IfOnly Consulting has professional indemnity cover to provide psychological services to the public and organisations.

    Ifonly provide a variety of services including:

    • Group facilitation and workshop design
    • Organisational culture change
    • Creating commitment to behaviour change
    • Team working performance improvement (especially projects teams and virtual teams)
    • Individual development supported by psychometric testing
    • User/Customer participation in service design (bricks and mortar and web)
    • Technology usability and user performance impacts

    If you would like more information about Ifonly Consulting and the possible ways that Ian could help your business, visit the website at http://www.ifonlyconsulting.com

    Ian Franklin is also a member of BNI. If you are interested in meeting Ian, or think that your local business could benefit from BNI membership, come along as a visitor to meet the group and introduce yourself. Meetings are held at Beauchief Golf Course on Abbey Lane, Sheffield at 7am on a Tuesday morning.  Attending the meeting is by invitation only, so if you would like your name putting on the guest list, please call Seven Creative on 0114 383 0711.

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