Total peace of mind with Valley Services

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    Valley Services are a plumbing, heating and property service covering Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Manchester. Managing Director David Smith started off in the world of plumbing and heating services over 26 years ago, and has since established a reliable and successful company.

    David Smith is out and about fixing people’s plumbing and heating problems on a daily basis. “With responsive repair, sadly we’re going back to other peoples mistakes,” says David. “When something isn’t done properly for whatever reason, someone’s got to pick up the pieces at the other end.” Thankfully David and the team at Valley Services are fully qualified and equipped to come to the rescue.

    “It’s often the case that customers want a very cheap price, the cheapest of the cheap,” says David. “But these cut prices are often reflected in the job, and when it all goes wrong, we have to step in. It’s far more logical to pay for a quality service. The best value is getting it done right, straight from the beginning. It might cost you more at the time, but you’ll the peace of mind that it’s been done properly. In the long run you’ll save a fortune!”

    Valley Services cover a wide range of services ranging from plumbing and gas, electrical and heating, locksmith services, as well as working with letting agents and private landlords.

    David insists that the key to a successful job is project management. “You get the right people in at the right time, doing the right job,” explains David. “As the Managing Director I can choose who I work with and I only employ competent, experienced engineers and customer services staff. My lads are very professional, they do a quality job, and they’re proud of it.” Valley Services are also VIP partners with Vaillant, and offer a full 7 years parts and labour warranty on their boilers.

    Visit the Valley Services website for more information or you can contact Valley Services via via telephone on 0800 612 5050 or
    or text on 88008

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      Written by Chris

      June 19th, 2012 at 12:09 pm