ABC Insolvency Services – ‘Making life easier’

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    Geoffrey Belk is a partner of ABC Insolvency Services.  With not only a Law degree, but a Masters in Commercial Law too, Geoffrey has helped hundreds of people who are insolvent to live debt free.  “Our purpose is to change as many lives as possible by taking our respected clients to the summit of a debt free life, whilst seeking to clear the path of stress and worry that precedes it,” says Geoffrey.

    Based in Sheffield, ABC Insolvency service various PLC companies and have worked with Debt free Direct and Invocas. It’s obvious that Geoffrey really enjoys the positive effect he can bring about on someone’s life.

    “The effects of debt on a person can be enormous,” says Geoffrey. “It can cause all kinds of negative feelings; stress, anxiety, guilt, anger, and even depression. By helping to control their debt their self esteem is raised, and I can help the individual and their families to regain control of their future.”

    Unlike a lot of insolvency firms, ABC Insolvency work in the interests of the client, not the creditor. “You’re in safe hands with us,” says Geoffrey, “We put the client first, not the creditor, and that’s what makes us different.”

    Geoffrey is an expert in advising people what action to take regarding their debts. From informal solutions such as debt management plans to formal solutions such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcy, ABC can give impartial, expert advice that changes people’s lives for the better.

    If you would like more information about ABC Insolvency Services Sheffield, contact Geoffrey Belk at

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