Success for Sheffield networking group

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    Members of a Sheffield based networking group have passed over a quarter of a million pounds worth of business between them in the last 6 months.

    BNI-Fusion-networking-group-sheffieldThe Fusion group of BNI currently has 24 members, and the growth and success of their group has even prompted them to move to a new venue. The group now meet on Wednesday mornings at the Kenwood Hall, a Victorian style Sheffield hotel, for a weekly breakfast meeting of networking and referral passing.

    John Parkin of Equate Mortgages, the group’s mortgage advisor, is taking over the position of Chapter Director from April.  John says, “I’m really pleased to have the privilege of running the group. Our group is effectively a business itself where every member or shareholder is looking for business for each other. You can see from the figures that it really works!”

    BNI is the most successful business referral organisation in the world and as an organisation they pass £304 million worth of business per year in the UK and Ireland alone. The Fusion group of BNI are topping the charts in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire as the most successful group in the region.

    BNI meetings provide a structured business environment for local business owners to network, learn new marketing skills and develop relationships. “Word of mouth is the most cost effective way to get new business,” says John. “We’ve passed almost £300,000 of business between us in the last few months, and we’re looking to increase that.”

    BNI member and director of Seven Creative web agency Clair Day said, “We’re incredibly proud of the amount of business we’ve passed between our members. And as our group continues to grow, the figures are set to rise. The success of my business is a testament to the power of word of mouth marketing and the commitment of the members.”

    As the flagship group for South Yorkshire, John is confident about the future growth and success of Fusion.  “If you would like more business, come down and meet us and see what we do” says John. “We’re always looking for quality businesses to pass work to!”

    The Fusion Group of BNI meet at The Kenwood Hall Hotel at 7am every Wednesday morning. The Kenwood Hall Hotel is located on Kenwood Road, Sheffield, NS7 1NQ.






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