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Ensure the Future of High Street Shopping with Great Shop Signs Sheffield

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    shop signs Sheffield city centre Whether it is rejuvenated by the integration of homes into the shopping mix, or as a result of the upturn in the economy, the British High Street is definitely on the road to recovery. People assumed that with the rise of internet shopping and out of town developments, the high street would be reduced to practically nothing.

    But there is growing optimism about the evolution of the high street and its ability to adapt. According to the Daily Telegraph, a recent report shows that 44 new independent shops opened every day last year and retail sales were up 1.7% last months and 3.7% on this time last year.

    Sheffield City Centre and it’s Shop Signs

    It’s been dominating the news for a while now that high streets up and down the country are suffering from the effects of the recent recession, the decrease in footfall, and the lack of sales. Newspapers are covered with depressing shots of empty shop fronts and headlines scream about the death of the high street. Sheffield city centre has lost a few shops, admittedly, and there are still several Sheffield shop signs that hang over empty windows and rundown buildings with nothing to show inside.

    Professional Sign Makers Sheffield

    But it’s not all bad news, and as professional sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio is very glad to hear it! A recent article in the Daily Telegraph claims that life is returning to Britain’s high streets due to new planning rules that make it easier to convert empty shops into homes. The paper reports that having more homes near and even in the high street help to develop a buzz in the area, and also provide a readymade consumer market right there on the doorstep. This is obviously great news!

    Brandon Lewis, the Minister for High Streets says: “To attract people in to the high street, we want them to be exciting and vibrant places to eat and drink, spend leisure time and use practical services as well as shop.” And what else do they need? Great shop signs of course!

    Make Your Business Stands out with a Good Shop Sign Sheffield

    Image Sign Studio have the skills and experience to design and manufacture a wide variety of shop signs Sheffield to ensure that your business adds to the vibrancy of the streets of the steel city.  Call them today on 0114 261 7617 to get in touch and chat to a member of their friendly team of professional sign makers Sheffield.

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      Written by Chris

      June 29th, 2014 at 4:16 pm

      Door Knobs and Door Knockers Great Way to Successfully Add Home Value

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        delamain door knobDoor knobs and door knockers are a fantastic way to encourage visitors to enter your home. They may only seem like a very small component within your home; but they provide you with the platform to make that vital first impression – something that is likely to be the key to successfully selling your home.

        At Handsome Handles; we allow you to do this swiftly and succinctly – for an extremely reasonable price. Our aim is to make things like home improvement become something that you can enjoy rather than stress about. Our products are there to make your life easier.

        As home improvements of recognized value, door knobs and door knockers have plenty of long term benefits. The influence that they may have on the sale value of your home may surprise you; and will leave you realizing how important taking the time to invest in the smaller aspects of your home can be.

        Products to Match the Style of Your Home

        Through our extensive range of door knobs and door knockers; we offer fantastic variety to our customers. We can help you to achieve the home-style effect that you desire; whether that be traditional, modern or a perfect match of the two.

        The relatively minor outlay that you may make on our products will pale in comparison to their long lasting benefits with regards to home value. If you are looking to sell; or simply just to enhance the long-term value of your home, our products will pay dividends upon purchase.

        From exquisite door knobs; such as the Delamain Ringed Knob – part of the Delamain Range; through to door knockers full of intrigue; like the Lion Head Door Knocker by Carlisle Brass, we are extremely confident that you will find a product that is perfect for you.

        Experienced in Providing Door Knobs and Door Knockers

        All of the products that we offer at Handsome Handles are guaranteed to be of only the highest quality. We’re sure that you will recognize our ability to provide an extremely varied range of products; all of which can be perfectly matched to your home.

        Even if there is a particular door knob or door knocker that you require that you can’t find in our stock; we will often still be able to source it for you. Bold or subtle; large or small; we provide the perfect platform to reasonably add home value with our products. You can get in touch with one of our dedicated team on 07961832812; or alternatively you can reach us via our contact page.

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          Written by Chris

          June 28th, 2014 at 12:03 pm

          Testimonial for Commercial Photographer Sheffield from Howard Civil Engineering

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            Head of Business Development at Howard Civil Engineering, Sean Dalton was kind enough to provide Footprint Photography with a testimonial for their work, and said “The images that Nick has produced for us met and exceeded the specification that we gave to him and we are delighted with the results. We plan to use Footprint Photography again and have no hesitation in recommending Nick and his company for any type of commercial, civil engineering or construction photography.

            Commercial Photography Sheffield for Branding and Marketing Material

            Footprint Photography were recently contacted by Howard Civil Engineering, specialists in substructure, superstructure and infrastructure, who are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Naturally, as a commercial photographer in Sheffield, they were delighted to be part of such a great assignment.

            As a commercial photographer Sheffield, they have the pleasure of working all over Sheffield and Yorkshire, helping businesses to look good in their marketing material through great images.

            Photographs for Howard Civil Engineering

            The company were going through a process of rebranding and part of that process included the imagery that will be used on the new website and other marketing material and literature.

            As each site was uniquely different, they had a brief to work to at each location, and had to liaise with the Site Manager to be given access to walk round the site. At each location were given a site safety induction and showed around the site, after which they took off around it to take plenty of photographs that could be used in their marketing material.

            Footprint visited a few sites on behalf of Howard Civil Engineering. One was based in Leeds, a project for TPP which is in its early stages. They also visited the West Yorkshire Police PFI site at Carr Gate Lane in Wakefield on two occasions, and a large retail development at Monk’s Cross in York.

            Howard Civil Engineering Corporate Head Shots

            Footprint were also asked to take some head shots of the staff at Howard Civil Engineering, which we did with pleasure!

            Commercial Photography for Construction Companies and Civil Engineering

            As commercial photographers Sheffield, Footprint has plenty of experience taking photographs on construction sites for civil engineering companies such as Howard Civil Engineering. If you need quality photographs for you website, brochures or other marketing material, Footprint Photography can help. Contact them by calling 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876. Alternatively, you can email:

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              Pellet Biomass Boiler Lincolnshire Pays Homeowner over £10K per Year

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                Phaseline Renewables were contacted by Mr. & Mrs. Harris regarding a biomass boiler Lincolnshire installation for their listed home in Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Mr. & Mrs. Harris’ existing oil boiler was getting old and very unreliable. Due to this, the boiler was no longer generating enough power to adequately heat their large listed property.

                RHI Payments from Biomass Boiler Lincolnshire

                Mr. & Mrs. Harris will be paid for every kilowatt-hour of heat that their system produces, making it a really great alternative to heating systems fueled by gas and oil.

                As you will see from the figures below, the renewable heat incentive can be a fantastic investment opportunity, especially for a property so large. The figures below show just how significant their annual RHI income is:

                Annual Domestic RHI Payments                  £10,227.87

                Annual Fuel Savings                                     £816.00

                Total RHI Payments (7 Years)*                   £78,370.67

                Total Fuel Savings (20 Years)**                  £38,512.96 

                Total Financial Generation (20 Years)       £116,883.63

                Payment levels and fuel pricing correct at time of publication

                * assumes 3% inflation

                ** assumes 4% oil inflation against 3% pellet inflation

                Save Money on Fuel with Biomass Boilers Lincolnshire

                The couple were attracted to the idea of having a biomass boiler installed in their home by the potential fuel savings, but also by the payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive that they would receive. On a property of this size, the RHI payments were likely to be significant, therefore, a biomass boiler could provide them with a regular income too.

                Froling P438kW Pellet Biomass Boiler

                Since installing this system, Mr. & Mrs. Harris have told us that their house has never been warmer. They are also very pleased because their fuel bills are now significantly less than when they were on oil fired heating.

                Our experienced biomass installers at Phaseline installed a Froling P4 38kW pellet boiler and 3.6 tonne bagged silo in the old coal store of the house.  The boiler is linked to the main heating systems via a plate to plate heat exchanger, which allows the boiler circuit to be pressurised and the existing heating circuit to remain open vented.

                Online RHI Calculator

                If you would like to know how much money you could save and earn by having a biomass boiler installed in your home, we have a handy RHI calculator on our website. For advice and guidance about biomass boilers Lincolnshire and the Renewable Heat Incentive, feel free to contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500, or email us at

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                  Why Should You Use Clearance and Clean Up for your Office Clearance Sheffield?

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                    Office Clearance Sheffield Recycle or Reuse as Much as Possible

                    Clearance and Clean Up make sure that they recycle and reuse as much as possible when they carry out office clearances Sheffield. They often find that in most cases, waste from office clearances can be recycled or reused, and they endeavour to do so as much as possible. Clearance and Clean Up have excellent relationships with many charity outlets, and if your items can be reused, they will ensure that they are. If not, they will be recycled and made into new item in order to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

                    30 Day Payment Terms

                    We offer all commercial and business customers 30 day payment terms on all the work we carry out. This is great news for businesses moving offices or relocating, as it means that they can get settled in to their new accommodation before they sort out the bill, taking the pressure off considerably!

                    Safely Dispose of Confidential Waste

                    During the course of running a business, it’s inevitable that paperwork will stack up. Understandably, some of this paperwork may be confidential, and will need to be disposed of appropriately. As experts in office clearance in Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up are able to dispose of your confidential paperwork sensitively, and provide all necessary paperwork to prove safe and environmentally friendly disposal.

                    Equipped to Take Items of any Size

                    Whether it is a large table from a boardroom and multiple desks, or electrical appliances and paperwork, they are able to take away items of all shapes and sizes.

                    Fully Compliant with the Waste Electrical Directive

                    Clearance and Clean Up’s office clearance teams are fully compliant with the waste electrical directive this ensures that waste electrical (WEEE) is directed away from landfill.

                    As specialists in office clearance in Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up have carried out an extensive number of office clearances throughout South Yorkshire.

                    Office Clearance Sheffield for Relocating Businesses

                    If you are moving offices or relocating, and want to ensure that the process is as stress free as possible, office clearance Sheffield services from Clearance and Clean Up can help. Call them today for a free site visit on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email them on

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                      Case Study: Pellet Biomass Boiler Installation at Westbrook House, Sheffield

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                        The Westbrook House project was a real test of Phaseline Renewables technical and installation abilities, and they are proud that the system was installed and commissioned on time and on budget. As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, they have plenty of experience installing biomass boilers in a variety of commercial and residential properties.

                        Phaseline were asked to install a biomass system in Westbrook House in Sheffield. The building itself consists of an 18th Century Grade II listed building with a modern extension to the rear of the property.  For the past fifteen years it had been used as the office headquarters for several local businesses, until it was purchased and turned back into residential accommodation.

                        Regular Renewable Heat incentive Payments

                        This was a very challenging project for the biomass installers Yorkshire, because the original building is Grade II listed. This meant that they had to be incredibly sympathetic with their design so that the original features of the building were not compromised in any way.

                        The site consists of two town houses and six apartments. Phaseline installed an 180kW Lewis BioEnergy system in order to generate enough energy to heat all of the properties. This not only generates the system owner a significant income from the renewable heat incentive each year, it also ensured that their building complies with the stringent building regulations relating to sustainable energy production. The plant room is in the cellar of the main building, with an additional plant room in a central location within the modern extension.

                        Biomass Pellet Silos Stored Underground

                        Each flat and house has its own heating and hot water control through individual Heat Interface Units installed within each property. These HIU units are metered so the landlord can calculate how much he needs to charge each tenant for energy usage per month.

                        The council would not allow the property owners to install an external pellet hopper, so to get around this Phaseline installed two 5.2 tonne underground pellet silos with an automatic vacuum transfer system feeding pellets from the silos to the cellar plant room. The silos are filled with pellets through manhole covers in the main car park.

                        Experienced Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                        To find out more about biomass boilers and the renewable heat incentive, contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at


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                          Reuse and Recycle with House Clearance Sheffield

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                            Whatever the reason for your house clearance Sheffield, it is crucial to ensure that whoever carries out the clearance does so in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. There are many benefits to recycling, many of which are outlined in the article below.

                            There are lots of reasons why you may be looking for a Sheffield house clearance service. You may have lost a friend or a family member and need help clearing their home, or perhaps you are a landlord who needs to get a property into top shape for your next tenant. It may be that you have recently moved and need your unwanted items taking away, or perhaps you just want to de-clutter.

                            House Clearance Sheffield Promotes Reuse and Recycle

                            Clearance and Clean Up endeavour to reuse as many items as possible from our house clearance Sheffield services. They can do this because they have established good relationships with many charity shops all over the South Yorkshire, including Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley. If you want to be reassured that your house clearance items are being reused by people that need them, or even being recycled for their raw materials and made into new items, then they are the house clearance Sheffield company for you.

                            Reduce Landfill with House Clearance Sheffield

                            Targets set by the Landfill Directive aim to reduce the amount of waste going into land fill by implementing a Landfill Tax in 1996, but the amount of waste going into landfill remains a problem, with approximately 44% of industrial and commercial waste ending up here.

                            According to the Environmental Association, “Landfill is still the principal means of managing most of the waste, although land filling of municipal waste has decreased (in England) from 79% in 2000/01 to an estimated 55% at the end of 2007.”

                            Sending items to landfill may have been the easy option for many in the past as it was cheap and there was plenty of space available in old quarries. But as this space began to run out, and the full effect of the biodegradable waste on the atmosphere was discovered, reusing and recycling waste became a top priority.

                            Ethical House Clearance Sheffield

                            If you are looking for an ethical house clearance Sheffield company who aims to reuse and recycle as much as possible from their house clearances, Clearance and Clean Up can help. For house clearance Sheffield, please call them on 0114 403 1021 or email

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                              Written by Chris

                              June 19th, 2014 at 10:16 am

                              Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Help Design and Architecture Students Excel

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                                For design students; the constant pressures of having to meet deadlines; alongside working the late nights that ensure they can meet them; can make the little things so much more valuable. If you are a design student, taking a course such as architecture or product design, you will understand the emphasis that it constantly placed on achieving accuracy in your work. It can be the single most important factor between obtaining poor and excellent grades.

                                You can ensure that your are well on the road to the latter by taking accuracy seriously, and you can do this through the choice to use Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades in your work. This will pay off in the long run; helping you to achieve an excellent impression in the process. An example of this being put into practice would be a product design student who is making a scale model.

                                The quality of the components making up the model will be the difference between its success and failure. As such; the standard of your cutting blades will be the decisive factor towards that model making a good impression; and in the process could be the main thing that ensures your concept bears fruit.

                                Don’t Waste Time

                                If you are a student who finds yourself in this situation; evidencing that you are able to work to only the highest levels of accuracy – right from the off – could be the key contributing factor towards your idea’s success.

                                Wasted time having to remanufacture models because they haven’t been cut accurately can be extremely demoralizing. Achieving precision first time is endlessly satisfying; and understanding that you can do this through purchasing the best cutting tools is invaluable.

                                By taking ownership of the importance of attention to detail; you are also making your own life easier in the process. When dealing with the pressures of university life; taking such measures can be extremely rewarding.

                                Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Always a Sharp Choice

                                Blades from both of these established producers can ensure that the level of your work is only of the highest standard – helping to ensure good grades in the process! Consistency and quality of finish are two qualities that will shine through in the components that make up your product.

                                Having taken the time to research and understand the importance of accuracy; you need to do the same thing when deciding on the tools that you should use in your work. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are guaranteed to help you achieve the quality that you require. With many years of experience, it is easy to understand why they have been such successful suppliers for so long.

                                Industry Leaders

                                At Knife-Point; we understand the importance that needs to be placed on meeting the individual needs of each and every customer. We can always ensure that you get your hands on the knife products that will allow you to achieve the greatest success in the tasks you are carrying out – whatever they may be.

                                Both of these established manufacturer’s blades can be bought in an array of different quantities; directly from us here at Knife-Point. We are vastly experienced knife providers; with extensive knowledge of both the supply and production of a whole host of blades.

                                Our passion and dedication shines through in every customer transaction that we enter in to; and our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are able to provide you with any number of products that will allow you to carry out high quality work.


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                                  Achieving Craft Perfection Through Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

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                                    The world of work is always varied; and accuracy can never be overstated. In trades such as the craft industry, this takes up even more relevance. There are few things worse than knowing that you have wasted your time on a piece of work; only for it to go to waste thanks to the poor quality of cutting tools like knives. Stanley knife blades and Swann Morton knives can ensure you are able to obtain the essential precision for carrying out hobby craft tasks.

                                    Keeping your blades sharp is so important in industries that include the production of card making, model making and artwork. Anything other than the best knife tools will result in the creation of a product that is severely lacking in quality.

                                    Recognized Reputation

                                    Craft industry professionals and those interested in craft that may be working on projects for sectors such as card production and model making; will see the obvious value in these sentiments – Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades have been helping them to achieve great results in their work for many years.

                                    The benefits of using knife blades from established manufacturers are obvious. They have a reputation that has been founded through years of dedicated work; which has enabled them to guarantee quality assurance. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are excellent examples of this.

                                    The Cost of Inaccuracy

                                    Achieving consistency and a quality finish is so important in craft production. It is a profession that requires serious care; and thorough and comprehensive attention is vital. For example; a card maker whose products evidence inaccuracy when cutting features would see their business sales substantially drop.

                                    Inaccurate features on craft products can leave customers feeling extremely dissatisfied; and resultantly sales of their products would be significantly affected. The knife chosen by the craft artist making the card can be the difference between achieving success and failure in their business.

                                    Experience Pays

                                    Here at Knifepoint we stock products by a whole host of manufacturers; ensuring that you will always be able to find the knives and knife blades that are best suited to you. We manufacture our own knives as well; further evidencing the professional versatility of our products.

                                    With many years of valued experience in the manufacture of knives; we continue to be a leader of knife supply within the area and further afield. Our quality and dedication towards what we do is just one of the many reasons that our customers continue to come back to us.

                                    Both Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades can be used in the production of a whole host of materials; including paper, card and plastics. Blades can be bought in packs; and are often made to be easily swapped around; ensuring only the highest quality of work is being undertaken when using them.




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                                      Environmental and Financial Benefits of Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

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                                        With the introduction of the renewable heat incentive, biomass boilers are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the UK. They are also a great investment too. As experienced biomass installers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are obviously very aware of the many fantastic benefits of having a biomass boiler installed in your home, both financially and environmentally.

                                        Environmentally Friendly

                                        By releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, you are helping to prevent the so called ‘greenhouse effect’, which is causing the global climate to rise in temperature over time. There are many problems with this, and anything that can be done to prevent it is essential for the future of the planet and the health of the inhabitants.

                                        Biomass Boilers are Carbon Neutral

                                        The only carbon cost involved is in the cutting down of the trees, transporting the wood and processing the wood into the pellets or chips which are used to fuel the boiler. Biomass is virtually carbon neutral. This is because the burning of biomass releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it had absorbed while it was growing.

                                        Sustainable Wood Pellet Fuel Supply

                                        Creating a market for wood encourages woodland owners to improve the management of their woods and forests, which has significant environmental benefits. If managed correctly, biomass is a sustainable fuel source, as trees are planted in order to replace the ones that are used. Also,

                                        Big Savings on your Energy Bills

                                        Wood pellets used to fuel biomass boiler are a lot cheaper than fuels such as oil and LPG. Also, fossil fuel prices are set to rise heavily over the coming years, whereas sustainable fuel sources such as wood are unlikely to inflate as fast.

                                        Payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                        One of the main financial benefits of a biomass boiler installation is the payment received from the renewable heat incentive. This new Government backed scheme makes renewable heating technologies such as biomass boilers a fantastic investment opportunity, as you are paid for every kilowatt-hour of heat that your system produces. This energy can be used in your own home, but if you are connected to a heat network you might be able to get more payments for exporting extra energy to the grid.

                                        If you would like to find out more about using sustainable fuel such as biomass, Phaseline Renewables offer free quotes and advice. Call us on 0114 294 5500, or email us at for more information about the domestic and commercial installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

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