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82mm Planer Blades Help You to Carry Out Specific Work

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    It is essential for us to provide you with products that enable you to carry out the highest standard of work possible. At Knife-Point; we understand the importance of correct tool maintenance; and why if you take the time to carry it out, it will pay dividends for you in the long run.

    You can take maintenance precautions such as implementing the use of an oiled whetstone to care for your blades, as well as ensuring you work the blade with a pushing action. Taking note of advice like this will ensure that your blades work at optimum capacity. Subsequent end product quality will benefit from the accuracy this will ensure.

    Planer Blades Specifically Designed for Your Individual Tasks

    Background in Europe and Asia has ensured that the best elements of woodworking tool design have been put to use to produce products like our 82mm planer blades. For thousands of years, hand planers have been heavily used within the woodworking industry; and have evolved over time to be the useful tools they are in the present day.

    It is widely known that woodworking planer blades a predominantly used to flatten the surface of a piece of timber. This in turn reduces the thickness of the wood itself; with the main use of the technique being to produce horizontal, inclined or vertical surfaces that are both flat and smooth.

    We Take Pride in Our HSS Planer Blades

    Many of our planer blades are manufactured in T1 18% Tungsten HSS (High Speed Steel); and as such are of extremely high quality. Each piece is supplied hand honed and finished; which enables us to provide you with a perfectly sharp edge; free of nicks and burns.

    Many of our planer blades are suitable for all types of planers; including four-sided moulders to surface thicknesses machines. We offer bars in a variety of lengths; which are each tailored to be suited to individual bespoke requirements.

    Planer Blades From Experienced Providers

    You can be sure that our vast product ranges will encompass what you are looking for; so don’t hesitate to pay us a visit. We stock an impressive variety of planer blades – including our 82mm planer blades – so there is no doubt that we will be able to provide the tool most suitable for you.

    We have many years experience in the trade, which has helped us to emerge as an industry leader. Because of this, we are able to meet demands for specific knife products, which will enable you to carry out the work exactly as you wish to.


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      Shop Sign Sheffield for Meadowhall Clothing Alterations ‘Sewfast’

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        Sewfast is a small shop on the lower Arcade in Meadowhall, very close to Marks and Spencer. It offers a clothing alteration and repair service, as well as an express alteration service for jobs that just can’t wait. They also offer a full dry cleaning and laundry service for clothing, and a specialist cleaning service for household items such as curtains and duvets.

        CNC Routered Shop Sign for Sheffield Businesses

        The shop sign for Sewfast was fabricated using a state of the art CNC routering machine. The letters are fine and exceptionally detailed and there are ornate flourishes to the letters, a stitching effect on the word ‘fast’ and a fine sewing needle completing the sign with an interesting underline.

        LED Shop Sign Sheffield

        The use of white LED lights behind the lettering creates an attractive and eye-catching shop sign, which really stands out in Meadowhall despite the fierce completion from a number of high street brands.

        This computer numerically controlled system uses computer software to control the movement of the CNC machine, resulting in a high quality, professional and flawless finish to any shop sign. It can fly through a variety of materials including aluminium dibond, plexiglass, Foamex, correx, aluminium, Perspex, plastics and even wood, and is, therefore, perfect for cutting panels, cutting shapes, stencils and fret cut sign trays.

        The level of accuracy attained using a CNC routering machine is above and beyond what could be achieved by hand, making this method a fantastic option for any shop sign Sheffield.

        CNC Routered Shop Sign Maker Sheffield

        Image Sign Studio’s sign making services include design and manufacture in a variety of different materials and a range of different techniques. As professional sign makers Sheffield, they have an on-site flat bed CNC routering machine that can be used to make beautiful shop signs. They also have extensive experience designing and manufacturing shop signs Sheffield, including CNC routered signage and LED illuminated shop signs.

        If you are starting a business and want to stand out from the crowd with a great shop sign Sheffield, or you are an established business thinking of a refurbishment or rebrand, Image Sign Studio can help. For more information about the options available, or for some friendly advice and guidance from their expert team, call Image Sign Studio, professional shop sign makers in Sheffield on 0114 261 7617.

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          Written by Chris

          July 31st, 2014 at 11:26 am

          Door Knobs and Internal Door Handles – Knowing Which Material to Choose

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            door knobsAfter you’ve decided that you want to change the door knobs and interior door handles in your home; it can sometimes initially be difficult to decide how to best progress forward. We have plenty of expertise in helping our customers to do exactly this; and are experienced in providing the right advice for new and existing customers.

            Upgrading the make-up of your home needn’t be a daunting task; and can be extremely rewarding. Door knobs or door handles; you can be sure of consistency with Handsome Handles. You just need to make the most important decision – what is the best material for you to use?

            Passionate About All Our Work

            Whichever products you set your sights on; you can be sure to receive only the highest quality of door handles and door knobs from Handsome Handles. We are vastly experienced in offering the widest range of choice; with excellent standards of customer service. We’re passionate about what we do; and that is one of the key reasons we continue to be an industry leader.

            You can find much more information about our products via our website –; including information on how to best care for your products once they’re installed within your home. Alternatively, why not give us a call? You can reach us on 07961832812.

            Satin Nickel Just One of Many Door Knobs and Internal Door Handles

            To decide on the right material for your new door handles and door knobs it is beneficial to understand the effect each material can give. At Handsome Handles we stock an entirety of internal door handles and door knobs made from a vast range of materials – ensuring that there will always be a fantastic product for you.

            You need to narrow down your search based on the design scheme of your home. With products made from materials including brass, chrome, satin nickel, iron, bronze; we make this easy. For example, with contemporary home designs, polished brass mixes particularly well with wooden doors made from beech or pine. Polished chrome is also extremely popular for the more modern side of home design.

            Highlights from Interior Design History

            Not everyone is looking to renovate their home with contemporary ideas though; and for those people we have equally as much choice. On the traditional side of the scale; both Florentine bronze and black iron are excellent choices to help you express a passion within your home for previous historical highlights from design history.

            The latter is something that is particularly popular within our Tudor collection; which is a durable malleable iron range hand made using traditional casting methods. The black iron products within this collection are perfect for restoration projects and traditional home renovation schemes looking to take inspiration from historical home design.

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              Written by Chris

              July 29th, 2014 at 5:21 pm

              Website Photography Tips from Footprint Photography, Corporate Photographer Sheffield

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                You may be tempted to attempt to take your corporate photographs yourself if you have a tight budget. But unless you have all the necessary equipment and knowledge, it’s not as easy at looks. Setting up the lighting correctly is a big job in itself, and then there’s the editing afterwards.

                Unless you are very confident with these things, it’s worth investing in a professional corporate photographer Sheffield to take on the task for you. It’s likely to be one of the best investments you can make for the future of your business.

                The Importance of Professional Images

                It doesn’t matter what you sell, or what services you provide, images are incredibly important. Some smaller businesses may opt for stock images, but they run the risk of being too generic, and have more than likely been used before somewhere else on the web. You need images that are true to your business and that will establish credibility, which is where Footprint Photography Corporate Photographer Sheffield can help.

                Think Carefully about Colour Palette and Style

                If you have an existing website and are looking to compliment the site with great corporate photography, it’s a good idea to consider the overall style and colour palette of the website when thinking about your images. It’s important that they complement each other and work well together.

                A website can be seen as an online shop window, and one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have. As an experienced corporate photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography fully understand the importance of making your website look as professional as possible, and that’s why we take great pride and effort in what we do.

                Websites are great places for customers to get a first impression of you and find out about what your business can offer in the way of products and services. They may not buy from you initially, but they will be able to make an informed judgement about you from your website. That’s why it’s really important to make the very best impression possible. Part of this is displaying great pictures on your website.

                Corporate Photographer Sheffield

                If you are looking for a professional corporate photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography can help. They can take quality photographs for you website, brochures or other marketing material. Contact them by calling 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876. Alternatively, you can email:

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                  Written by Chris

                  July 29th, 2014 at 4:04 pm

                  Tidy up Your Garden in a Flash with 3 Tips from Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                    There are lots of simple things that you can do to tidy up your garden quickly, create a lasting impression on your guests, and allow you to enjoy your garden over the summer. We all know that keeping a garden well kept and tidy requires a lot of work. Keeping on top of all these tasks can seem daunting, especially when everything grows so quickly during the summer months.

                    But if you want to get your garden looking neat and tidy in a jiffy, here are 3 simple tips from Clearance and Clean Up rubbish removal Sheffield that will transform your garden for a fast make over.

                    Use Pots and Planters for Splashes of Colour

                    Choose a tall plant as the centrepiece for the pot, and surround with trailing plants and colourful annuals. Or, you could select one large, bold plant per pot for an eye-catching statement. This is a great tip for adding colour and interest to your garden, and it’s really simple and easy to do.

                    Invest in a Flowing Vine Plant and a Trellis

                    Trellises are a great way of adding a little architecture to your garden, adding a focal point or marking an entrance. They look really lovely when covered with flowering vine plants.

                    Do Some Pruning and Trimming

                    When you look out over your garden, it’s likely that you’ll notice the overall effect rather than all the little details. Improving the overall effect by tidying up your flower beds and borders, running the lawnmower over the lawn and trimming the hedge can have a dramatic effect. These are all easy actions that can make messy areas look tidy and well-cared for with minimum effort.

                    Garden Clearance Services and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                    You may have some garden waste that you need to clear after your makeover, and as experts in house clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield, Clearance and Clean-Up can help. Whether your garden is small or very large, overgrown or perfectly landscaped, their professional garden clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield services are quick and efficient.

                    Prices include the cost of labour and disposal, and their garden clearance truck is the same volume as two builders skips! For garden clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield, contact Clearance and Clean Up on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email them on

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                      Written by Chris

                      July 29th, 2014 at 12:25 pm

                      Log Biomass Boiler Yorkshire Generates Significant Income from Renewable Heat Incentive

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                        For those people who have their own wood source such as logs, log gasification boilers are great options. Biomass log boilers are very attractive option for those that live in rural areas, and those who have good access to logs that can be sourced from their land. By using logs that you source yourself, you could reduce your potential fuel cost to nothing, while receiving an income from the renewable heat incentive.

                        Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

                        Taking into account the renewable heat incentive payments and the fuel savings from a log boiler, the total financial generation can be very impressive. Mr Rymer from Hull contacted Phaseline as he wanted to heat his property using logs, hoping saving money on his bills and earning money from the renewable heat incentive.  It was the perfect solution for this customer, as he was lucky enough to have a good supply and availability of logs. The ability to use this supply to provide all of his heating and hot water would save him a significant amount of money on his annual heating bills.

                        Annual Fuel Savings from Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

                        Annual Domestic RHI Payments                     £6,623.38

                        Annual Fuel Savings                                        £1,188.94

                        Total RHI Payments (7 Years)*                       £50,751.40

                        Total Fuel Savings (20 Years)**                      £31,947.16

                        Total Financial Generation (20 Years)            £82,698.46

                        Payment levels and fuel pricing correct at time of publication

                        * assumes 3% inflation

                        ** assumes 3% gas inflation against 3% log inflation

                        40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler

                        Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                        The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline Renewables installed a 40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 log gasification boiler alongside an AKVA EK3000 accumulator tank.  Accumulator tanks are used as the main heat storage for biomass boiler systems, and they help the log fired boiler to efficiently store large volumes of primary heating water.

                        Accumulator tanks are able to store heated water for long periods of time due to their high levels of thermal efficiency. They are a great way to get the very best out of your biomass log boiler, as this customer was pleased to discover! Mr Rymer’s accumulator tank then feeds the hot water system of the main property via a 20 meter underground pipework run.

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                          Keeping Your Planer Blades in Great Working Condition

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                            Keeping Your Planer Blades in Great Working Condition

                            As a rule of thumb; planer blades tend to be sturdy and resistant to heavy duty work – as long as they are properly maintained. If they are not, then understandably the work that you carry out will suffer as a result. Understanding why it is important to properly maintain your woodworking tools is the most important step to take.

                            82mm planer blades are just one example of woodworking tools that need to be kept sharp. If they are not, your end product will suffer significantly. The result for taking care of maintenance issues can only be positive; and will help you achieve the best possible end product result. It will also showcase your knowledge of issues surrounding in quality control and help you impress in the process.

                            No Better Place to Get Your Planer Blades

                            Here at Knife-Point we stock an entirety of different blades. Thanks to our incredible range of products, you will always find the right tool with us – no matter what trade you work in or task you need to carry out. We are confident that you will come back to us time and time again; thanks to our dedicated, experienced team. You can view all of our products here, at

                            Without understanding both the importance of keeping your planer blades in good condition – and also how best to utilize it – not only will your planer blade not work properly, it will also subsequently result in you being unable to produce a high standard product.

                            Understanding Planer Blades Maintenance

                            If ones of your planer blades requires maintenance, then you will need to follow a number of simple steps to carry out the job successfully. There are a number of resources available to tell you how you can do it best; which include guidelines on using an oiled whetstone, the importance of removing chips on the blade and ensuring that the blade is worked with a pushing action and not a pulling action

                            When it comes to understanding whether your product needs to be maintained, it is helpful to do your research (we often provide advice through this blog). Perhaps the best way to test the sharpness of the blade is by tilting it up to the light. By observing how the light reflects off the bevel of the blade, you can gauge its condition. If the blade is sharp, then the bevel will appear flat.

                            Take Time to Maintain Your Planer Blades

                            It is useful to wait a few seconds when you start up your planer to carry out work. This enables the motor to reach full speed; and the blade can now be eased into contact with the material. From this point, you can push forward at a steady pace, ensuring that you continue to apply pressure on the front of the planer as it meets your piece of work.

                            When actually implementing the use of planer blades proper balance is essential. Distribution of body weight – by keeping your feet apart in a comfortable position – enables you to maintain the closest control when using a wood planer. Naturally, the end product will emanate accuracy and quality as a result.


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                              Increase Brand Exposure with a Projecting Shop Sign Sheffield

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                                Projecting shop signs are very effective for shops that are located on a narrow street. For shops in this position, their main shop sign may not be as visible as signs on shops located on a wider street, reducing the amount of passersby that are exposed to the brand.

                                Projecting shop signs can, therefore, be an excellent solution, as they protrude from the building at an angle, enabling it to be seen at a distance from either end of the road. A projecting outdoor sign is a great addition to your main shop sign, and another measure to ensure that your sign doesn’t get lost in the array of other business signage around it.

                                Illuminated Projecting Shop Sign Sheffield

                                This projecting shop sign for a hairdresser in Sheffield called Halo is a great example of the impact that the illumination of a sign can make. This particular sign projects from the wall seamlessly, with the bracket carefully hidden to create a modern, simplistic effect.

                                Illuminated projecting signs are also great for increasing the visibility of your business at night time, or in times of bad weather and poor visibility. The panels themselves can be manufactured in a range of sizes, and the graphics and text can be printed directly onto both sides for maximum advertising opportunity.

                                In this case, the LED lights have been placed inside the PVC box, creating an impressive glow that really makes an impression. The effect of the light behind the letters is very striking; especially as the last letter in the word HALO is white, allowing the light to shine very brightly in comparison to the other elements of the sign.

                                Shop Sign Maker Sheffield

                                Image Sign Studio are very aware of the importance of having a good looking shop sign Sheffield to make the very best impression of your business. In addition to your main shop sign, you may also consider a projecting shop sign for your business, increasing the number of potential customers that may see your shop sign as they walk up and down the street.

                                Types of Projecting Shop Signs Sheffield

                                As experienced shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio are able to design and manufacture a variety of projecting outdoor shop signs Sheffield, including fixed projecting signs, hanging projecting signs and illuminated projecting signs.

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                                  Written by Chris

                                  July 23rd, 2014 at 3:35 pm

                                  Experts in Office Clearance Sheffield Share Top 4 Tips on Moving Offices

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                                    Correct Handling of Sensitive Documents

                                    For documents that you need to keep, make sure they are clearly labelled to prevent them being misplaced. For those that can be destroyed, ensure that they are done so in the correct manner. Any archived files should be removed, clearly labelled and stacked neatly.

                                    Take care when packing and sorting out what to keep and what to dispose of. There may well be a number of sensitive documents containing private information or customer details, and you need to ensure that they are treated appropriately.

                                    Specify a Completion Date

                                    A sensible way to ensure that your office is cleared on time is to agree a date by which it needs to be cleared and work back from there. It’s worth leaving a few days spare in case the clearance overruns; it’s easy to underestimate just how much needs to be done.

                                    Tackle the Office Clutter

                                    When packing, deciding what to bin and what to keep, and generally sorting through the contents of your office, start small. Empty drawers, clear desktops and tackle bookcases first. Getting these smaller items out of the way will allow room for moving furniture and shifting larger items such as desks, shelving units and chairs.

                                    Waste Reporting and Compliance

                                    As a company, you have a duty of care to make sure that your waste is disposed of in the correct way. As experts in office clearance Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up posses a full waste carriers licence and are compliant with the waste electrical directive to ensure that electrical waste (WEEE) is directed away from landfill.

                                    It’s absolutely essential that office moves are carried out quickly and efficiently to minimise delays on the business, which can be costly. There are some simple things that you can do to make sure your office move is as stress-free as possible.

                                    Whatever the reason for your office move, businesses need to consider the best options for the process of relocating the location of their company in order to reduce the amount of hassle and fuss.

                                    If you are planning on an office move or relocation of your business, there’s a simple way to ensure that the process is as stress free as possible. The office clearance Sheffield services from Clearance and Clean-Up are fast and efficient, meaning that your business will be back up and running in your new office in no time. Call them today for a free site visit on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email them on

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                                      Bernard Matthews Turkey Farms Install Biomass Boilers in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

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                                        Phaseline Renewables are well aware of the many benefits that a biomass boiler can bring to a business, and Bernard Matthews are the latest business to make a financial investment with the installation of biomass boilers on their turkey farms. They are also taking care of the environment with their reduction in CO2 emissions.

                                        Energy from Renewable Sources Such as Biomass Boilers

                                        As experienced biomass installers Lincolnshire, Phaseline Renewables think that Bernard Matthews has made a great decision as a business to aim to generate as much of their energy as possible from renewable sources. It will be a fantastic achievement for them to be able to reach their goal of generating 100% of their energy sustainably by 2016.

                                        Largest Turkey Producers in Britain Choose Biomass Boiler Lincolnshire

                                        Bernard Matthew Turkey Farms are the largest turkey producers in Britain, with 56 farms throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire, farming over 7 million turkeys each year.

                                        Based near Norwich in Norfolk, Bernard Matthews Limited employs just over 2000 people across East Anglia and is a totally integrated food business, allowing for full traceability of all its products and farms.

                                        179 Biomass Boilers Across Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

                                        The news broke in March of this year that 179 biomass boilers are due to be installed across 21 of Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms. The company aim to reduce emissions and the installations will also help them to achieve fuel savings against their current costs.

                                        Until now, Bernard Matthews used liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a fuel. But by installing biomass heating systems they will be able to make significant savings, both in fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The systems will initially be powered by wood chip, but from 2015, new EU regulations mean that poultry litter can also be used as fuel.

                                        Benefits of Biomass Boilers Lincolnshire

                                        There are several other benefits to Bernard Matthews in using a dry heat biomass system to generate fuel for their farms. A system such as this improves the circulation of heat, which in turn reduces the in-house ammonia levels, reduces ventilation requirements and increasing litter quality. The project will also create around 51 jobs, including nine full time permanent positions.

                                        Biomass Installers Lincolnshire

                                        Of course, If you would like to find out more about how your business or home could benefit environmentally and financially from using sustainable fuel such as biomass, Phaseline Renewables, biomass installers Lincolnshire, offer free quotes and advice. Call them on 0114 294 5500, or email us at for more information.

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