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Swann Morton Understand the Importance of Accuracy

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    Knife-Point are the best in the business at providing affordable blades in an array of different options. They are experts at meeting an entirety of customer requirements and that has been the case for many years. The Swann Morton blades available there are a perfect example of stocked products that can guarantee that accurate work is carried out.

    With many years of experience in the industry – and with carbon steel and stainless steel blades on offer – it makes complete sense to obtain their products through Knife-Point. They are a supplier of many different blades and can offer expert opinion on how to make the right decisions for a whole range of individuals.

    The Knife-Point website is the perfect place to find a wide range of knife products – and at a reasonable price as well. They are experienced in working to meet the requirements of many different customers; and have been successfully doing just that for decades.

    Swann Morton Show Way Forward

    Choosing Swann Morton products really is a no brainer – it guarantees successful end results. Whatever the size, whatever the quantity; you are sure to find not only the best scalpel blades, but also the best handles to fit them. The specialty of Knife-Point is that they are able to offer such choice in the blades and other knife products that they have available.

    For interior design scholars and professionals, Swann Morton are simply invaluable as a supplier of these products. In the productions of careful models – which are so important within the industry – accuracy is everything and their blades can help ensure this.

    Minimizing Error

    Producing high-class model replicas for a client is a whole different ball game, and there is no excuse for inaccuracy. As a student there is at least some leeway for error; but the move into the professional world means that there is no room for mistakes.

    If you are one of these people, make sure you are using the best tools available to you – Swann Morton products can lead to success. For designers in all walks of life, at whatever career stage they may be at, the fine details are the difference between success and failure.



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      Kitchen Showroom Sheffield Enhancing Public Image

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        The Traditional Furniture Company is consistently continuing to grow; with new client relationships being started all the time. Those relationships are then worked on to ensure that satisfaction remains a constant. They are able to ensure happiness through their ability to adapt to new design innovations, and this is backed up by their new showroom extension.

        This will enable new customers to see even more of the expansive choices that are available to them. As a commonly chosen room for refurbishment, it is essential have this variety to make their decision from. Right from the finest quality European Oak furniture in our oak shaker collection; through to the highly glossed acrylic units in their contemporary kitchens Sheffield collection; the sheer variety that they offer is truly unique.

        Kitchen Showroom Sheffield Refurbishments

        Beautiful kitchen furniture has been a constant theme at the kitchen showroom Sheffield of the Traditional Furniture Company over the years. In order for this to continue, Traditional Furniture have learnt that they must constantly adapt and enhance their public image. With their stunning bespoke kitchens Sheffield furniture to back them up, it is easy to do.

        Taking that into consideration, the Traditional Furniture Company have recently sold the upstairs displays at their kitchen showroom Sheffield. They have done this so that they can showcase new and exciting designs through replacement displays; that will showcase evident progressive improvement. They don’t sit still; and that has enabled them to always keep ahead of their competitors.

        Top of the Pile for Kitchens Sheffield

        Traditional Furniture works with all of their customers to carefully develop any ideas that they may have; whilst offering expert opinion and advice every step of the way. They are proud to offer exclusive free design services for all customers; including blue print design and revolutionary CAD images.

        This only further goes towards evidencing the lengths that they will strive towards to ensure that they continue to stay an industry leader in the field of kitchens Sheffield design. Couple this with the expansive range of product choice available and it’s easy to see why so many people in the area – and further afield – are choosing to take them on. Why not get in touch with them today.


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          Avoid a Dated Home by Upgrading Your Door Handles + Door Knobs

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            Inspiration can sometimes be difficult to find when it comes to improving and updating your home. With expense and day-to-day upheaval two of the commonly related concerns; it can be difficult to know how to make sure you renovate your home in a successful and affordable way.

            Installing new door knobs and door handles within your home is a great way to put this into practice. Both of these design features can add an element of class to your home without burning a hole in your wallet in the process.

            Easy to Browse

            Detailed material descriptions can also help you narrow down how best to complement existing material choices for home features already in place. All of Handsome Handles products are listed with detailed dimensions, so it’s easy to browse through their website to obtain measurements which can help you to visualize how each of their products could fit into your home.

            Through their expansive collection of door handles and door knobs you are certain to find the products that are most perfectly suited to you. Traditional, contemporary or a blend of the two; Handsome Handles stock products that are suitable for meeting any number of interior design styles.

            Ensuring Home Value Longevity with New Door Handles + Door Knobs

            Modernizing your home is becoming more important in terms of the long term view for sell-on value within the property market. For homeowners; steadily improving the small features of your home is a great way to gradually ensure that it does not become dated.

            There are a few simple things to consider once you’ve decided to upgrade the door knobs and door handles within your home The material used for each of these products – and the subsequent finish – are both vitally important decisions to make.

            Speak to a Member of the Dedicated Team

            Style of product is vitally important; and alongside the material choice, this gives you the best opportunity to be expressive in your decision making. From intricately design Aydon door knobs – cast in polished brass, polished chrome and antique brass; to satin chrome and Apollo Atlanta door handles on a backplate, Handsome Handles offer extensive choice.

            They use their many years of experience to work with you to decide on the door handles and door knobs that would be best suited to your home. To find out more through speaking to a member of the dedicated Handsome Handles team, you can call 07961832812. If you’d rather contact them online, you can do so by visiting the contact page on the Handsome Handles website.

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              Written by Chris

              August 28th, 2014 at 2:54 pm

              Advertise your Business with Vehicle Livery and Shop Signs Sheffield

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                Vehicle livery is a fantastic way of reinforcing your business branding. By making your vehicle unique and extending your branding through vehicle livery, you’re sure to get noticed. Your shop sign Sheffield will inevitably make an impression on customers and potential customers, and car or van graphics will help to reinforce this impression when people see your business vehicles travelling around the local area. It’s a sure fire way to make sure your business sticks in their minds!

                Reinforce Branding Through Company Vehicles

                The consensus among the general public is that people tend to have a more favourable opinion of a company if they have seen their branding through company vehicles. Not only does it establish a sense of trust as potential customers can see that the business is active in the area, people feel that the company is well established and being used by local people.

                Signage Sheffield and Vehicle Livery

                The expert staff at Image Sign Studio are professional sign makers Sheffield, and their high quality vehicle graphics are available in a wide range of colours. They can also be made to fit any vehicle, whether it is a car, van, truck or lorry. We can produce full colour logos that are printed onto vinyl and then applied to the vehicle, or we can use vehicle wraps to wrap your entire car or van in vinyl for full coverage. This method includes wrapping the sides, front, rear and roof of your chosen company vehicle.

                One of the great things about vehicle signage Sheffield is that it is an incredibly cost effective way of advertising your business. Vehicle graphics from Image Sign Studio are high quality and reasonably priced, ensuring maximum exposure and a great advertising opportunity. As your business vehicle is likely to be seen on the roads by thousands of people, the price of vehicle livery is a relatively small outlay when you consider the amount of advertising it will provide your business with.

                Compliment your Shop Sign Sheffield

                As professional shop sign makers, Image Sign Studio has plenty of experience creating a variety of signage for a range of local businesses.  Shop signs are a great way of attracting customers and making an impression on the high street, but vehicle livery is another great way of using signage to reinforce the branding of your business and compliment your existing shop sign Sheffield.

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                  Written by Chris

                  August 28th, 2014 at 1:04 pm

                  Increase in Tenants Sharing Houses Puts Strain on Landlords: Rubbish Removal Sheffield Can Help

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                    Living with colleagues or friends, or renting a room in a shared house is now a common way of living for millions of people across the UK. According to recent findings published in a variety of British newspapers, more people in the UK are living in shared homes than ever before. Sharing a house can be a really convenient way of living too, as you can split rent, bills and council tax between those living in the house, saving money.

                    House Sharing Tenants and the Strain on Landlords

                    But this rise of house sharing tenants means that landlords are busier than ever. With house members coming and going every few months, it’s understandable that there will be a certain amount of rubbish, unwanted possessions and old furniture to dispose of on a regular basis. Often tenants leave behind a fair amount of rubbish and items that they no longer want or need, and it is often left to the landlord to take care of it.

                    Rubbish Removal Experts in Sheffield

                    A landlord may choose a skip to remove the unwanted items and waste from the property. A permit from the council may be needed to have a skip on the side of the road outside the property and this can take some time to arrange. Also, there are several items that can’t be placed in a skip, such as electrical items and white goods. As rubbish removal experts in Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up can offer a cheaper and quicker alternative.

                    Alternative to Skip Hire: Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                    But with rubbish removal Sheffield experts Clearance and Clean Up, our polite, helpful and uniformed staff will not only do all the lifting and shifting for you, but also have a full waste carriers licence so that the waste is taken away legally. It’s a quick and efficient way to get rid of any rubbish or unwanted furniture or possessions left behind by a tenant, and it’s often cheaper too.

                    If you are looking for house clearance or rubbish removal Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up can help. We provide a reliable and efficient service, making us the perfect choice for a mobile skip hire alternative. Contact us on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email us on

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                      Rooted in Sheffield: Carbon Steel Snap Off Blades

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                        It will always be true that the quality of the tool will have the biggest influence on the standard of the product. This is true whatever trade you work in; and it is something that Knife-Point have understood in a way that has enabled them to become an industry leader in the Sheffield area.

                        The fantastic range of snap off blades that Knife-Point stock is unrivalled. Olfa, Stanley and Sheffield blade replacements are stocked; ensuring that you will always have the freedom of choice to obtain the product that is best suited to you.

                        Included in their range of stock are replacement snap off blades in sizes that include 18mm, 9mm and 25mm replacements. It is always worth your consideration to order in bulk as this can save you added costs in the long-term.

                        Snap Off Blades Stock Variety

                        Knife-Point’s blades are perfectly stocked in protective plastic jobs – and are also lightly oiled – ensuring that once you receive them they have been prepared and stored in a way that makes them perfect for carrying out only the best work once you receive them.

                        They are also suitable across a whole range of industries – it just depends what you are looking for. Flooring, roofing and carpet fitting are trades where these tools are commonly implemented; whilst arts and crafts tradesman also consider them to be vital to their work.

                        Successfully resolving a whole range of queries is vital to everything that Knife-Point do. Their vastly experienced team are experienced in finding the right products to meet an entirety of customer demands – ensuring that you will always leave satisfied.

                        Snap Off Blades Always in Constant Demand

                        Knife-Point has an extensive variety of snap off blades products from the home of steel – Sheffield; as well as similar products from reputable suppliers such as Olfa.

                        Whatever the blade that you require, they will do our utmost to supply you with the product that is most suitable for your individual needs.

                        Tempered carbon steel that has been hardened is used to make the Sheffield blades; ensuring that these cutting tools are impressively sharp. This is such a vital quality for cutting tasks; as accuracy is always of paramount importance for tasks that require this sort of blade.




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                          Written by Chris

                          August 21st, 2014 at 2:58 pm

                          The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Provides this Business with £23K per Year – Find out How

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                            The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive aims to increase the proportion of heat generated from renewable sources by offering a financial incentive that is made payable over the course of a number of years. The heat sector is heavily dominated by fossil fuel technologies, but by driving this change, the RHI can help the United Kingdom to meet targets laid out by the EU to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security for the future of the planet. It also has potential to develop a number of ‘green jobs’ across the country, reducing unemployment and creating opportunities.

                            How are Payments from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Administered?

                            The subsidy available is paid out over the course of twenty years to eligible, non-domestic generators of renewable heat. Ofgem is in charge of implementing and administering the scheme on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

                            The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is open to the non-domestic sector, which broadly includes industrial, commercial, public sector and not for profit organizations that have eligible installations, such as biomass boilers for example. It is also available to producers of biomethane. In this context, a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects.

                            199kW Lewis BioEnergy Boiler Fitted by Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                            Mainline Mouldings are a picture frame moulding and framing supplier based in Nottinghamshire. They offer one of the widest ranges of quality picture frame mouldings and picture frames in the UK, and are used by picture framers, art galleries, photographers, artists and hobbyists.

                            The company approached Phaseline Renewables regarding the possible installation of a biomass boiler for their business after we installed a 180kW commercial system at the neighboring JIT Logistics facility.  Mainline Mouldings were in the process of starting the extensive job of doubling the size of their commercial warehousing, and they needed a new heating system to cope with this project.

                            The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline installed a 199kW Lewis BioEnergy boiler cascade system, alongside a 10 tonne bulk pellet hopper and automatic auger feed system. The boilers heat the main warehouses using water to air fan heaters, and heat the office blocks using a traditional radiator circuit.  They also provide all the hot water requirements for the kitchen, toilets and break-out room.

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                              Save Money and the Environment with the Renewable Heat Incentive

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                                Heating for homes and businesses can effectively be paid for using green technology systems. That is because of the renewable heat incentive, which has been designed to help those using technologically-advanced systems such as ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

                                The services provide a genuine alternative to gas and oil; and are rapidly becoming more prominent within the mainstream industry of energy production. Commercial and domestic savings are repeatedly being made by businesses and customers throughout the UK thanks to the RHI scheme.

                                It makes Phaseline very proud to be part of this low carbon emission movement; with their services enabling people and business to maximize their potential to help reduce damage to the environment. Also open to landlords and those building their own homes, it is easy to see why the renewable energy sector is becoming increasingly responsible for raising employment statistics by up to 100,000 jobs in the UK.

                                All Aboard with the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                There really has never been a better time to consider the installation of a biomass boiler for your home or business.

                                It was back in April that the scheme was launched for the residential sector; and homes throughout the UK have been joining the revolution ever since. Financially, the rewards are excellent. That is backed up by the fact the renewable energy industry has received over £30 billion pounds of investment since 2010.

                                More and more people are continuing to get on board with a range of renewable energy possibilities; as the technology continues to advance. It was only this week that a new Government report was released detailing how water sources throughout the country could be used as a renewable energy source; further evidencing the growing interest in the renewable energy sector.

                                The carbon neutrality that comes hand in hand with biomass boilers is vital for taking care of the environment through the reduction of Co2 emissions. The positive environmental impact that comes alongside choosing renewable energy resources is also particularly significant.

                                Calculate Savings with the RHI Calculator

                                As industry leaders in the installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire; Phaseline are pleased to be able to offer a renewable heat incentive calculator service on their website. This RHI calculator enables interested domestic and residential parties to receive an accurate estimation of the potential savings you could make – and resultant payments you may be entitled to receive as a direct result of the renewable heat incentive.


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                                  Door Knockers Allow Affordable yet Excellent Home Improvement Potential

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                                    cast iron door knockersBeing the one who stands out from the crowd has always been an attractive proposition for many people. This is just as relevant when it comes to home design improvements. With so many people wanting to make sure their home is the most unique, it is often the ones who best understand how to achieve this in a cost-effective way that come out on top.

                                    With that in mind; why not considering bringing new door knockers into the design make-up of your home? They are products that allow you to make bold changes without reckless expenditure, providing plenty of scope for change within your home.

                                    Limitless Potential

                                    Handsome Handles understand that every perspective on design is different; and that everyone – particularly those looking to stand out – need choice of product to make an informed and highly satisfactory decision. There is limitless potential, with their extensive product ranges catering to many different tastes.

                                    Handsome Handles stock everything from the unusual to the pristine – providing you with the freedom of choice to make changes to your home in the way that is best suited to your individual tastes. All of the door knockers on offer at Handsome Handles allow customers to add that special touch of affordable luxury to their homes.

                                    Meeting Popular Demand

                                    Maybe you want your home to stand out in a more subtle way? We can meet demand like this with products such as our polished brass postal door knockers. Similarly, the Wealden door knocker from Carlisle Brass and Ludlow Foundries might be equally as perfect – it all depends on how you wish to make a statement.

                                    You can impress visitors with one of Handsome Handles lion head door knockers – based around a popular English national symbol. Alternatively, why not create a more medieval feel at your home with one of the products from the black iron range. The dark casting resonates with themes from historical home design and could really help to ensure your home stands out to visitors.

                                    Get in Touch with us for Door Knockers Today

                                    You can be sure of obtaining only the highest quality of door knockers from the team at Handsome Handles. Through calling via 07961832812 – or getting in touch via the contact page – you can speak to one of the dedicated team to find out plenty more about Handsome Handles products. You’ll be amazed at the potential for positive change at your home.

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                                      Written by Chris

                                      August 12th, 2014 at 12:22 pm

                                      3 Ways to Free up Space at Your Home with Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                                        Clearance and Cleanup are experts in rubbish removal Sheffield; and are excellently placed to help people claim back areas of their home lost to clutter. They can remove unwanted junk; reinvigorating your home in the process.

                                        As the ultimate place to recuperate, it is vital that your home is a place to relax and not stress. However, unwanted clutter can make this seem impossible; with a busy working life and family commitments making it difficult to find time to spend organizing your home.

                                        Garage Space

                                        Garages are a common place for storing old junk; and it’s common for home owners to get to a stage where the garage has become over-cluttered. Whether you want the space back to park your car in, or perhaps fancy turning it into a home workshop, don’t hesitate to contact Clearance and Cleanup to help you resolve the manner professionally. You can take that space back with rubbish removal Sheffield services; to clear unwanted rubbish and free up the room for you once again.

                                        Opening up Rooms

                                        Perhaps one room has become filled with clutter and you want to take it back? Maybe you’ve recently upgraded your home and have old furniture claiming loads of space? Clearance and Cleanup’s services can help remove unwanted clutter; from old beds and mattresses to home office junk. That feeling of getting a room back in your home can be endlessly satisfying. The task of claiming back a room within your house can seem daunting; but they can help to make it a stress-free experience.

                                        Attic Mess to Loft Conversion

                                        Commonly the most used place within a house to store old items; an attic clearance can be a great way to free up home space. It may be that it’s simply full of old clutter that has felt too daunting to tackle. Clearance and Cleanup can make the process hassle-free; leaving you free to use the attic space for an exciting project such as a loft conversion – allowing you to reinvigorating your home

                                        House Clearance and Rubbish Removal Sheffield Services

                                        Clearance and Cleanup always issue you with a waste transfer note upon completion of the work; which is required by law and confirms to you that they’re dealing with any rubbish and junk in the correct manner. With plenty of local charity and material recycling station contacts; Clearance and Cleanup always make sure to dispose of any waste in a responsible and sustainable manner.

                                        With specialist, uniformed and friendly staff – who do all the lifting and shifting – they help to make the process of clearing your home a simple task. You can speak to a member of the dedicated team on 0114 4031021; or contact via email at to find out more about rubbish removal Sheffield services.


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