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Door Knobs Require These Considerations

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    Making decisions on new door furniture needn’t be a time consuming task. The team at Handsome Handles – the leading supplier of door knobs and more to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas – are always putting useful advice on their blog which you can use. Their recent guide to important decisions to make when choosing new door knobs is particularly useful:

    What Material Do You Want

    Handsome Handles have so much choice that you really can tailor your material decision to your individual needs. Black iron, polished chrome and antique brass products are just some of the many options for customers to choose from.

    What Style Are You Searching For

    It’s also vitally important that you choose the right style of door knobs to ensure a seamless transition of the new products into your home. Handsome Handles have pieces to match both contemporary and traditional properties; with everything from antique to slickly-stylised designs available to you.

    How Important is Their Upkeep to You

    It always pays to give some thought to whether you mind putting a small amount of effort into product upkeep upon purchasing. Some of Handsome Handles designs possess a distressed finished and are designed to wear over time as part of the intended long-term effect; but others such as those made from polished brass will need looking after in their own way.

    How Are They Going to Fit Within Your Home

    This may be a decision to take before or after you choose your new door knobs. You may like a design so much that you’ll work to fit it within your interior design scheme once you’ve purchased the product. Or, alternatively, it may be essential to you that you only make a decision if you know exactly where your new pieces will fit within your property.

    Do You Want Your New Door Knobs to Be Sprung

    In order to turn, door knobs rely on a spring inside the latch mechanism. Contemporary designs can sometimes have a spring in the backplate of the knob itself and these are classed as sprung products. Unsprung products tend to rely on the spring in the latch doing the work. We can advise you on this matter further when you get in touch with us.

    Handsome Handles Door Handles and Door Knockers

    Handsome Handles also have a variety of door knockers and door handles available to their customers. They aim to provide more choice so that they’re able to deliver on satisfaction and that’s why they’re always looking to expand our ranges. Even if you can’t find the product you’re after in their stock they can usually source and supply the piece you’re after instead.

    To find out more about any of Handsome Handles products you can give them a ring on either 01246 731481 or 07961 832812.



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      Written by Chris

      January 30th, 2015 at 10:42 am

      These Bespoke Conservatories Can Benefit Your Property

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        Diverso always aim to offer their clients an exclusive service with their architectural features. They have been designed to enhance the home lives of people looking to upgrade their properties and ranges such as the one including their bespoke conservatories perfectly encapsulate the greatest elements of contemporary design.

        One of the many strengths of Diverso is their ability to work to meet a budget. They have experience helping a whole host of clients, so it’s well worth exploring the options available to you through them. This is particularly true with a bespoke conservatory designed by their team and here are some points that could persuade you to purchase one:

         Throw a Celebratory Event

        British weather can be extremely changeable and we’re currently going through a colder spell. Yet the summers are becoming increasingly warm and a bespoke conservatory can be a great way to take advantage and host a garden party. Functioning as a temporary bar and seating area; it could provide your guests with extra space to mingle and socialise within.


        Busy and stressful working lives mean that we can fail to take the proper time to relax. Through the installation of one of Diverso’s glass conservatories; you can add the perfect peaceful haven to your home. Within your new space you can enjoy tranquillity and reap the health benefits of natural lighting. Reading a book, taking a nap and stargazing are just some of the many possibilities.

        Why Not Host a Coffee Morning

        A bespoke conservatory provides the ideal space within which you can socialise with family and friends. A great way to do this can be to have a relaxing coffee morning; as you and your guests take the time to catch up whilst enjoying well-lit space and potential views from your home (particularly perfect for countryside property owners).

        Indoor Plant Growing

        Another way to optimise one of Diverso’s orangery conservatories is to use it as a plant-growing room. Since their inception, orangery conservatory designs have been put to use in this way; as the natural lighting and thermal properties of an insulated conservatory can provide the perfect conditions for growing – just another great excuse for you to extend your home.

        Let Diverso Tell You How a Bespoke Conservatory Could Work for You

        With highly-skilled architects and designers working within the Diverso team they’re sure to be able to offer useful advice. If it’s not with one of their bespoke conservatories; then it may well be with one of their many other impressive architectural offerings.

        Feature staircases, glass balconies and frameless glass doors are some of the property solutions that they provide; as they continue to transform domestic and business livelihoods. To speak to their team about any of the features mentioned here, you can reach them on 01433 695577.

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          These 3 Different Styles of Door Knockers Perfect for Traditional Front Doors

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            Taking the decision to upgrade the door knockers at your home can be great for both your own peace of mind and the state of your property. But how do you know which are the right alterations to make? The Handsome Handles team stock all types of door furniture and are sure to be able to advise you which of their products would work best for you.

            Part of the advice that they will offer to you will surround what materials your new pieces of door furniture are made from. They stock both contemporary and traditional door knockers, so they’re bound to be able to help you; but for older properties they have specific pieces that will be better suited to you. Here’s their guide to which materials could work best for your home:

            Door Knockers Made from Black Iron

            Black iron has roots based in the Victorian era and is perfect for blending with traditional property designs. As such, the material matches perfectly to homes that are either over a century old or ones that have been designed to mirror dwellings from that age.

            With designs such as lion’s head door knockers and hand door knockers, Handsome handles have got plenty of products to help you. All ornate and beautifully designed, they have been designed to enhance your home in the most impressive of ways.

            Door Knockers Made from Antique brass

            For Georgian-style homes, antique brass could be the perfect material for you. This particular era from our history roughly covered the years between 1714 and 1830 and has plenty of impressive home design ideas attached to it.

            Handsome Handles supply a number of painstakingly casted antique brass pieces that have all be designed to enhance your home. Even if you can’t see the product you’re after within their range of stock, they can often try and source it for you.

            Door Knockers Made from Satin Nickel

            Satin nickel is a relatively recent material for door knockers, it works particularly well with traditionally designed doors. Its appearance has a dull shine that contrasts with shimmering contemporary door furniture and is therefore better matched to older doors. Satin nickel is commonly applied to brass as a brush finish and is fairly similar in appearance to stainless steel.

            Door Knobs and Door Handles Too

            This is just advice on how these materials are typically used, but that is not to say that they can’t be incorporated within modern home design schemes. Other factors such as the design of the door knocker and its size have an important role to play in the overall effect given off; and it’s always worth referring to Handsome Handles for their knowledge.

            They also stock a variety of door knobs and door handles; all designed to give you as the customer the greatest choice possible. Their experience comes from providing their customers with door furniture that best matches your home.




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              Written by Chris

              January 29th, 2015 at 1:09 pm

              Carpet Cleaning Sheffield Team Offer 4 Superb Services

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                When you choose to hire the Cleanwise Carpet Care team you can expect to receive the highest standards of customer service. Their professional employees will always implement excellent workmanship and it’s easy to see why this company have become so popular for their upholstery and carpet cleaning in Sheffield.

                With a variety of services on offer, Cleanwise offer plenty of choice to their customers. End of Tenancy, commercial and domestic carpet cleaning are all well within their realms of capability; so you can be sure to find a service that is best matched to you. With that in mind, Cleanwise Carpet Care have put together a guide to their various offerings:

                Carpet Cleaning Sheffield for Home

                Spills, pet urine and stubborn stains can all be simply dealt with to improve your quality of life. Cleanwise Carpet Care’s Sheffield carpet cleaners are trained to provide you with a service that will benefit your home in a number of ways. Rug cleaning treatments, stain protection and odour removal are all well within the capabilities of their team; as they look to inject your property with a new lease of life.

                Get Your Upholstery Cleaned

                They also offer an upholstery cleaning service, which could be suitable for your home or business. The Cleanwise motto of ‘restore don’t replace’ will resonate with plenty of homeowners; as any opportunity to save money can be invaluable. With their stunning upholstery offering they enable you to protect your interior investments and save you splashing out on expensive new furniture.

                Office Carpet Cleaning Sheffield

                In a recent article on their website Cleanwise detailed how their Rotherham carpet cleaners could inject your office with a new lease of life and benefit your business for the long term. A healthier working environment, reinforcing the identity of your brand, improved cleanliness for employees and financial savings are just some of the many positives you can look forward to if you choose this service.

                Carpet Cleaning for the End of a Tenancy

                Perfect for landlords looking to attract new tenants to their property, Cleanwise’s End of Tenancy carpet cleaning service can make the key difference between securing good and bad tenants.  To get the individuals in your property that you best see fit, it’s important to make an excellent impression on them. Freshly cleaned carpets and upholstery are a great way to do this and they can help.

                Rotherham, Barnsley and Chesterfield Carpet Cleaners

                If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the services that Cleanwise Carpet Care offer you can give them a call on 0114 2348875. A member of their team will be able to discuss which of their cleaning packages is the most appropriate to you and your home or business.

                Whichever one you choose, you can expect to be taken care of by their team throughout. Their priority is to exactly satisfy your cleaning requirements. Cleanwise Carpet Care work right across much of the South Yorkshire area and have carpet cleaners in Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield.


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                  Choice and Quality with Swann Morton

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                    For the best knife blades around look no further than Swann Morton. Their excellently manufactured products can be purchased from Knife-Point; who are a well-renowned supplier of the blades. Based in Sheffield, they also deliver to a variety of other locations – making them popular with a whole host of individuals.

                    It is their Swann Morton blades that commonly prove to be one of their most popular client purchases and with so many benefits attached it’s easy to see why. So that you can find out more about how these knife blades can benefit you, Knife-Point have put together a list of 3 common groups of people using them:

                    Group 1

                    Swann Morton knife blades can be utilised by those working across a number of professions; with graphic design, architecture and flooring just some of the many diverse examples. The fact that they can be applied to so many different tasks forms a big part of their appeal.

                    They can assist when it comes to carrying out tasks that require the utmost accuracy and are sure to leave you and your client satisfied with the end results after they have been utilised.

                    Group 2

                    Hobby-crafting has become a popular pastime and Swann Morton’s brand of knives are often the tool of choice for people carrying this hobby out.

                    Whether you’re a card maker looking to carefully-cut individual pieces for your final design; a model maker who needs each of the pieces of your overall design to be absolutely perfect; or a photographer accurately cutting prints; Swann Morton’s knife blades can help in every way.

                    Group 3

                    For those designing models that need to impress tutors, products that need to secure them good grades and many other tasks which require the best tools in order for them to shine.

                    The accuracy that comes attached to Swann Morton blades also makes them incredibly appealing to such students. Those studying architecture, graphic design and textiles are great examples of the sort of people who regularly implement these products and it’s easy to understand why..

                    Stanley Knife Blades and Swann Morton Particularly Popular

                    Even if you can’t see the blade you desire throughout the Knife-point website, they’ll often be able to source the one require. Whatever your requirements, be sure to give them a call today.

                    Their product choice from great UK manufacturers doesn’t just stop with Swann Morton. Stanley knife blades and snap off blades can also be found it plentiful supply; so you’re bound to find the right tool no matter your trade.

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                      Written by Chris

                      January 26th, 2015 at 4:42 pm

                      Increase Sales from Your Retail Shop with an Illuminated Shop Sign Sheffield

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                        Low Maintenance LED Lighting

                        LED illuminated shop signs are extremely low maintenance. With their long life spans and excellent energy efficiency, it’s easy to understand why they have fewer maintenance demands than other systems. LEDs never burn out and they are easy to clean. As they don’t need any major protection from the elements, they are perfect for outdoor environments such as on shop fronts.

                        Greater Design Options With Illuminated Shop Signs

                        LED lighting is very versatile and offers a wide range of design options that just aren’t available with neon and fluorescent signs. LEDs are composed of multiple, separate lights, as opposed to glass tubes, and can be programmed to flash, fade, or even light up!

                        Increased Visibility

                        As well as drawing attention to your retail premises, light makes things easier to see. So whether you want to give customers who are trying to find you a helping hand, or attract the attention of passersby, lighting a sign can help.

                        Get Noticed at Night Time

                        If your shop is open at night, a lit up shop sign will attract business. But even if your business is only open in the day time, illuminated shop signs serve as a silent billboard to people passing on foot or in vehicles in the evening, and they may wish to return during normal working hours.

                        Energy Efficient LED Lit Signs

                        The LED bulbs used in our illuminated shop signs are guaranteed for 50,000 hours, and very cheap to run, especially when you compare them to conventional fluorescent tube lighting. Not only do LEDs outlast other bulbs, they don’t have any gases that can leak out and cause dimness, so they maintain a better level of brightness throughout their life spans. We use reliable electrical components of the highest quality, so that your shop sign will always shine brightly!

                        Now that Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, you may be turning your attention to increasing sales from your retail shop by getting noticed on the high street. Illuminated shop signs Sheffield are a fantastic way to overhaul the look of your retail premises that will ensure you not only make a great first impression, but also that you stand out from surrounding businesses.

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                          Domestic Biomass Boiler Installer Testimonials

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                            Biomass boilers operate in the same way as conventional gas, oil or LPG fired boilers, but they run off a renewable, sustainable product that is manufactured in the UK. They typically run off logs, wood chips, pellets or straw bales, and will heat hot water and run a central heating system too.

                            As experts in biomass boilers, Phaseline Renewables have plenty of experience in their installation for homes and businesses in Yorkshire and across the UK. Biomass boilers will provide your home or business with heating and hot water, in place of a gas boiler or other type of boiler, and are becoming a popular, environmentally friendly choice for many people.

                            Biomass Boiler Installation, Lincolnshire

                            Barry Hannington, from Grimsby in Lincolnshire was also very pleased with our work. He said: “Phaseline Renewables worked hard to install my boiler and pellet hopper in time for Christmas. The standard of workmanship was very good and customer service was excellent.”

                            Biomass Boiler Installers Derbyshire

                            Phaseline Renewables have installed a wide range of biomass boilers in a variety of properties, and are constantly receiving positive feedback from our customers regarding our skill and expertise. One of our previous customers, Stephen Oliver, from Wyaston in Derbyshire said: “I chose Phaseline for my biomass boiler installation after doing a lot of research. I have not been disappointed. They have great customer service and the system is performing very well. The team understood what my requirements were, put together a compelling business case and the installation went very smoothly, despite some unexpected ground conditions when installing underground pipework. Neighbours and friends have been very interested in what I have been doing with the new biomass boiler and I have unhesitatingly recommended Phaseline to them.”

                            The Renewable Heat Incentive

                            We are also able to give advice on the financial advantages of a biomass installation, and have plenty of experience and knowledge navigating the ins and outs of the commercial and domestic renewable heat incentives. David Emery from High Bradfield in Yorkshire said: “Excellent and friendly team to help work the business/financial case for the boiler and very competent and courteous locally based team to perform the installation itself – tidied up nicely and showed me how to use all new features and answered all questions I had.”

                            Finally, another recent testimonial from Stephen Beckett in Retford, Nottinghamshire read: “Excellent knowledge of the product and advice given was personalised, which I always appreciate. Fitting went without a hitch and after sales follow up has been good.”

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                              Rotherham Carpet Cleaners and 5 Ways They Can Enhance Your Office

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                                Taking responsibility for the upkeep of your office can pay dividends in the long run. It will benefit not only your employees but also the grander make-up of your business. A sure way to carry out any ongoing cleaning and maintenance is to hire the services of Cleanwise Carpet Care, who are perfectly placed to provide you with a highly-satisfactory solution.

                                Their Rotherham carpet cleaners are unique in the sense that they truly do have access to industry-leading equipment that they are able to utilise with the utmost skill. This has enabled the Cleanwise team to ensure customer satisfaction for the entirety of their existence and with that in mind; they’ve put together a list of 5 reasons to choose their commercial carpet cleaners in Rotherham.

                                Revolutionise Your Brand

                                Maintaining the identity of your brand is absolutely essential to ensuring the success of your business. The importance of the finer details should never be understated and if you want to leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors to your premises, clean and well-maintained carpets are a great place to start.

                                A More Positive Working Environment

                                One of the many positive factors attached to Cleanwise Carpet Care’s commercial carpet cleaning in Rotherham and beyond is that it promotes a healthier working environment. Everyone likes to feel comfortable in their office surroundings and regular cleaning is essential from both a quality of life and health point of view.

                                Better Conditions for Employees

                                Keeping your employees happy will heavily contribute to their productivity. If they’re working in surroundings that they feel uncomfortable within, they’re unlikely to pay you back with a high work ethic. Cleanwise Carpet Care can help you make sure that you stay on top of the carpet cleaning at your business in a cost-effective manner that will leave those working for you feeling positive.

                                Maintenance of Your Investments

                                A key attached benefit to choosing Cleanwise Carpet Care’s commercial carpet cleaning service is that it’s a great way to protect decor investments that you’ve made at the premises. If you’ve already shelled out on expensive carpets and upholstery, you’re going to want to ensure the longevity of such additions. Their experienced team can help you do this and give you peace of mind when it comes to maintaining the value of your purchases.

                                Increased Sums of Money to Invest Elsewhere

                                Thanks to the fact that Cleanwise Carpet Care’s service is extremely cost-effective, they’re able to save you money. Those financial benefits come from two things. Firstly, they provide a service that means you can keep your current carpets and also refresh their image in a highly-successful manner. This in turn means that because you don’t have to carry out replacements, you’re free to use that money elsewhere.

                                Look No Further Than Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Rotherham

                                You can contact Cleanwise Carpet Care today to speak to them about their commercial carpet cleaning in Rotherham. They also offer a variety of domestic cleaning services; as well as an End of Tenancy package for landlords. To find out more, call 0114 2348875.


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                                  Rubbish Removal Sheffield Report Fall in Deliberate Fires on Bins and Rubbish

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                                    Just last week, fire fighters were called to a fire at a disused council depot in Sheffield, for the second time in only four days. Fire crews managed to out the flames in the building on Gayton Road, Pitsmoor, and a police investigation will follow. Fire fighters were also called to an arson attack the week before after a pile of rubbish was deliberately set alight on Fenton Way in Rotherham.

                                    Sheffield and South Yorkshire see Falls in Arson Attacks

                                    The Sheffield Star has reported that fire chiefs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire are finally bringing down the number of arson attacks in the area. Initial figures suggest that the number of fires that were started deliberately across the UK dropped significantly last year compared with the previous year.

                                    Arson Reduction Projects

                                    The Chief fire officer of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Jamie Courtney, said: “We have a number of arson reduction projects which are working quite well and the number of deliberate fires is reducing – we will never get rid of them completely.”

                                    According to the latest figures, arson attacks at homes, buildings and on cars have fallen from 753 in 2013 to 619 up until November 2014. In addition, the number of minor fires started in bins and involving rubbish or grass has dropped from 2,982 to 2,382. As rubbish removal Sheffield experts, it’s encouraging to hear that arson attacks are falling, especially in the instances where rubbish and bins are being set fire to. It’s a real shame that people see rubbish as an opportunity to commit arson, and we make it our mission to ensure that rubbish is removed from sites all over South Yorkshire, including Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley.

                                    Sheffield Rubbish Removal Services

                                    Clearance and Clean Up’s rubbish removal Sheffield services are available to anyone who has unwanted rubbish, garden trimmings and other unwanted objects. Unfortunately, arson attacks on rubbish and garden waste are still a problem in the area, and disposing of this type of waste as soon as possible is a wise move.

                                    This company work throughout South Yorkshire and Derbyshire to reduce the amount of waste and rubbish in the area, regularly covering Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. Their rubbish removal prices are based on the volume of waste cleared, and heavy loads such as brick, rubble or soil are charged by weight depending upon the material removed.

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                                      Important Advice on Caring for Your Door Handles

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                                        Taking care of your door handles once their installed in your home needn’t be a time consuming process. By managing their upkeep, you can ensure their longevity and keep the aesthetical appearance of your property up to scratch. Handsome Handles are the leading suppliers of door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas and they’ve put together a tailored care guide:

                                        How to Care for Antique Brass

                                        For internal antique brass door handles, you simply need to wipe over internal fittings with a soft, non-abrasive cloth; buffing as you clean. It’s worth bearing in mind that over time, distressed finishes are naturally intended to wear to enhance the aged appearance. This may result in colour variation and is not a sign that your door furniture needs replacing.

                                        How to Care for Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome

                                        Both polished chrome and satin chrome are extremely durable and hard wearing materials that have been designed to last the test of time. The only likely care that it will require is the removal of finger marks on polished services. A good way to deal with this is through lightly dusting your chrome door handles with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. You should always avoid using wax polish with this material.

                                        How to Care for Satin Nickel

                                        For satin nickel, the care requirements depend on whether the fittings are internal or external at the property. If they are indoors, simply wipe over the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and buff gently until you get a shine. For external fittings, you will need to sparingly apply a high quality wax polish; which you will need to buff gently with before it dries and causes smears.

                                        How to Care for Polished Brass

                                        It’s vital that you don’t use any metal or spray polishes here as the girt or solvents commonly found in these products can damage the material. The technique of buffing with a soft non-abrasive cloth is common to polished brass care treatment, but there are other things to consider for the maintenance of external fittings. They need to be wiped over with a good wax polish, before the wax dries and causes any smears.

                                        How to Care for Black Antique

                                        Any form of iron can be viable to rusting, so a lot of the door handles that Handsome Handles supply have been covered by zinc plating and powder coating to prevent this as much as possible. For ongoing care, a light oiling may be required occasionally to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, any harmful deposits which cause corrosion can be removed through wiping with a lightly oiled cloth.

                                        Handsome Handles Also Offer Door Knobs and Door Knockers

                                        Handsome Handles also stock a wide variety of door knobs and door knockers, providing you with plenty of scope for home improvement. If you’d like to find out more about any of their products you can reach them on 07961832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, you can drop them an email to


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                                          Written by Chris

                                          January 20th, 2015 at 12:14 pm