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Excellent Rug and Carpet Cleaners in Barnsley

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    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s rug and carpet cleaners can make a real difference to homes in Barnsley, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Rotherham. It’s vitally important that you stay on top of the cleanliness of your property and Cleanwise provide you with a comprehensive service that stands out clearly from anything available to you on the competitive market.

    Their Barnsley carpet cleaners are highly-skilled and have access to the most innovative equipment available. As such, they are able to secure the future of your carpentry investments with long-lasting treatment processes that you will feel the benefit of for many years. Cleanwise make the state of your property their top priority so you can be confident in the work that they do.

    No Matter the Surface We Can Help

    Cleanwise’s cleaning services have been designed to work for a whole variety of rugs and carpets. They know that each individual property will have different requirements and have developed their cleaning products so that they can help you no matter what materials your investments are made from.

    Whether you have oriental or area rugs; or carpets made from unusual materials, Cleanwise’s intense cleaning treatments will extend their life and leave them fresh and clean. Further to this, their rapid drying times reduce the risk of any colour bleeding.

    Carpet Cleaners in Barnsley at a Great Price

    Cleanwise Carpet Care’s carpet cleaners in Barnsley are incredibly cost-effective. In more ways than one they will save unnecessary expenditure for you; which is always beneficial when you’re juggling the financial costs of running your own property. They’ve always looked to provide a widely accessible pricing plan to help them to earn the trust of their customers.

    You simply won’t find another company that carries out the same quality of work that they do for such great value. Further to this, their carpet cleaning treatments are so effective that they can very often remove the need for you to replace your carpets; which can be an incredibly costly process.

    Incredibly Diverse

    Cleanwise make it all about returning your rugs and carpets to the condition that they deserve to be in. Offering stain and odour removal – as well as the elimination of growth of mould and mildew – their Barnsley carpet cleaners are extensively experienced in providing solutions to a whole variety of related issues.

    During any treatment work that Cleanwise carry out, they use 100% safe detergents so you can be sure that the work that they do is of the quality that you and your family deserve. They also clean in pairs to get the job done right.

    Carpet Cleaning Barnsley from Cleanwise

    To find out more about Cleanwise’s carpet cleaners in Barnsley, don’t hesitate to contact them today. One of their dedicated team can advise you on the best treatments for your rugs and carpets and help you get your property back in the condition that you desire it to be found in. You can reach them on 0114 2348875.

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      Countless Benefits Attached to Snap Off Blades

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        Snap off blades are extremely useful as they are versatile enough for use across a variety of trades. It’s easy to see why they’ve proven to be so popular over the years and Knife-Point supply them in abundance. As industry-leading providers of knives and blades to customers in Sheffield and beyond; they form one of this company’s cornerstone products.

        Knife-Point have put together a little guide surrounding why snap off blades are well worth your investment. Reasonably priced and available in a wide variety of sizes; there’s no better place to get yours than from them:

        Extremely Versatile

        One of the strongest points of snap off blades is that they can be used by tradesman working across a variety of different industries. Graphic arts, crafts, packaging, flooring and roofing are just some of the many fields of work that these tools are used within; so you can be sure that you’ll be purchasing a knife that’s up to the standards you require.

        Variety of Size

        Knife-Point stock these blades in a whole variety of sizes. 9mm, 18mm and 25mm are just some of the blade lengths that you can access through them; giving you the freedom of choice you need when it comes to choosing a products that you know will enable you to carry out the quality of work that you require.

        Great for Saving Money

        One of the most attractive features of these blades in comparison with competitive tools is that you can save money thanks to the fact that these particular types of knives are long-lasting. With sections that literally ‘snap off’ when you require them to; it’s like you’re using a new blade over and over again.


        As sections can be broken off as and when they become unusable, the need to look for new tools and frequently change your blades is removed. This is a real positive, as it can save you time and allow you to focus your concentration on the task in hand. When you need to, just snap off the used section to reveal a brand new cutting edge.

        Snap Off Blades Top Quality from Knife-Point

        All of Knife-Point’s snap off blades are impressively sharp; guaranteeing that the work that you carry out with them will be of excellent quality. With blades manufactured from hardened and tempered carbon steel, the versions of this tool that they supply are absolutely uncompromising in the quality that they deliver.

        Planer Blades and Swann Morton Knives

        It may be that you need more than just snap off blades. If this is the case, Knife-Point can definitely help with their impressive supply of knives. Planer blades – as well as Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades – are just some of the many more examples of tools that you are able to purchase from them. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can give them a call on 07737133030; or drop them an email to


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          Written by Chris

          February 24th, 2015 at 4:00 pm

          Chrome Door Knockers for Your Home

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            As a material, polished chrome is ideally suited to those who are looking to contemporise their homes. It resonates perfectly with modern design styles and Handsome Handles supply these door furniture pieces in abundance. You’re sure to be impressed by the choice that they offer.

            With plenty of attached benefits, it’s little wonder that the South Yorkshire based business regularly receive so much interest from their customers in Sheffield, Rotherham and beyond for their door knockers. Still undecided whether they’re the right products for you to modernise your home with? Here are some reasons to persuade you otherwise:

            Modern Door Knockers

            The cool tones will blend perfectly on the exterior of a modern property. Polished chrome is ideal for those interested in contemporary property design upgrades. This plating material has been cleverly developed to work as a slickly-stylised surface that is great for showing off within the grander scheme of your home.

            Great Design Choice

            Perhaps a ring door knocker would work well for your home? Or maybe you’d prefer a narrower design. Whatever your requirements may be, you can be sure that Handsome Handles will point you towards the most appropriate products. They have so many great chrome door knockers; all of which have been designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of differing properties.

            Integration with Existing Materials

            Chrome also blends well with a number of different door materials. Each home has its own unique touch and it only makes sense that you’d want to make sure that any new products you add seamlessly transition into your overall property scheme. Having the peace of mind that this is covered with chrome door knockers is highly satisfying.

            Ability to Resist Weather

            In general, chrome can operate well as a weather-resistant surface. If you live on the coast for example, you’ll need door knockers that don’t react to the surrounding air; and for that chrome plating is ideal. It’s worth bearing in mind that deposits will accumulate over time on external fittings and Handsome Handles always recommend regular cleaning with a non-abrasive wax polish. By doing this you can ensure that your chrome door furniture remains in a quality condition.

            Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers

            Handsome Handles also supply a number of carefully-crafted door knobs and chrome door handles to their customers. They’ve always found that by providing homeowners with access to the full spectrum of door furniture, they’re able to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction to them. This is one of the many reasons that they’ve become the go-to supplier in the area.

            You can contact Handsome Handles today to discuss any of the products discussed in this article. When you do, a friendly and professional member of their experienced team will be able to deal with your enquiry. Ring 07961 832812 or email them at


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              Wedding Photography Nottingham: Tips for Choosing a Wedding Gown

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                From gorgeous gowns to intricate embellishments, take a look at this lovely selection of inspirational images that may just help you along in your quest to find the perfect wedding dress!

                As a professional wedding photographer covering the Nottingham and Mansfield area, James Davies has the pleasure of seeing a selection of absolutely beautiful wedding dresses. For many women, choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions that a bride can make for her big day. If you’ve set a date and still need to decide on a dress, he’s put together a few examples of some of the wedding dresses that he’s been lucky enough to photograph.

                Lace-Up Corset Style Wedding Dress

                A popular detail on wedding dresses from several eras, the corset style of a lace up back adds instant glamour and elegant detail to a dress. Back closures on women’s clothes were traditionally a sign of wealth in centuries gone by, implying that the wearer had a servant that would help her to dress. You may make do with a willing bridesmaid these days, but the effect is still stunning! Using a thin sash of material, the dress is tied up at the back in a criss-cross fashion in the same way that a corset is fastened. This example includes delicate silk ribbon which contrasts beautifully with the floral appliqué and intricate beading on the bodice and skirt.

                Veiled Traditional White Wedding Gown

                A traditional white wedding gown with a simple veil is the perfect choice for a classic and timeless look. This gorgeous gown has a full skirt achieved with a layering effect using net and voile, perfectly complimenting the sheer fabric detail on the bodice and the elegant flowing effect of the veil.

                50’s Style Wedding Gown

                This 50’s inspired dress with lace detail and eye catching fascinator is a winning look. The ankle length skirt with its visible lining adds a touch of vintage glamour, and gives the bride the opportunity to show off her beautiful shoes! I love the way that she has chosen a bright floral bouquet to compliment her on trend lip and nail colour, instantly adding a modern twist to this classic look.

                Experienced Wedding Photographer in Nottinghamshire and Mansfield

                If you are getting married and are looking for an experienced wedding photographer Nottinghamshire, James Davis Photography can help.

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                  Devon Villagers See Energy Bills Drop by 60% After Installation of Ground Source Heat Technology

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                    The Western Morning News reported that each flat in the complex has been fitted with a ground source heat pump which will provide all of the hot water and heating to the residents of the buildings. The new ground source heat pump installation is said to have halved the energy costs in comparison with the electric heating systems that were replaced.

                    Upgraded from Night Storage System to Ground Source Heat Pump

                    Elderly residents in the village of Holsworthy in Devon, many of whom live in the Westward Housing’s Croft House development have had their heating upgraded from a night storage system to a ground source heat pump, which has upped the levels of comfort, as well as significantly reducing their energy bills.

                    Ground source heat pumps are a highly economical way of providing both heating and hot water to a property. They use a network of pipes buried beneath the ground to extract heat. The pipes draw ground heat up into a heat exchanger which can then be utilised to heat radiators or under floor heating systems and provide hot water for a building.

                    Savings on Electricity and Heating

                    Head of Investment at Westward Housing Joshua Jackson expressed his delight at the positive changes that the ground source heat pump has made to the complex.  “We have already received glowing praise from our customers regarding the real savings they are making on their electricity bills since the ground source heat pumps have been installed,” he said.

                    A ground source heat pump should provide a complete solution to all of a domestic property’s heating and hot water needs. It is, therefore, a suitable replacement for conventional oil, LPG, gas and electric heating systems. The heat generated by the ground source heat pump can replace a conventional boiler, providing immediate hot water and working optimally in conjunction with under-floor heating, and large radiator central heating systems.

                    Ground Source Heat Pump Installers Sheffield and Yorkshire

                    This news story is a great example of the way that ground source heat pumps can cut energy bills while providing heating and hot water to a building. As experts in the installation of ground source heat pumps in Sheffield and Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are happy to provide more information. Feel free to call them on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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                      Carpet Cleaning Chesterfield Has Many Benefits

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                        The benefits of carpet cleaning Chesterfield are far-reaching. Cleanwise Carpet Care’s innovative services will ensure that the carpets at your property receive comprehensive cleaning treatments; ridding your home of odours, stains and dirt. They complete work quickly and their fast drying times will cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day life.

                        Cleanwise Carpet Care are able to do this thanks to the application of the most powerful extraction equipment; as their carpet cleaners in Chesterfield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield professionally transform your home. To help give you peace of mind when it comes to choosing them they’ve put together a guide to some of the things you can look forward to when you choose their domestic carpet cleaning Chesterfield:

                        Lingering Odours

                        There are a number of things that can cause odours to linger within your home. Pets, liquid spillage and food that’s become engrained in your carpets are all common contributors; but Cleanwise Carpet Care’s odour removal techniques will ensure that your home gets back to smelling fresh.

                        Patches of Pet Urine

                        Perhaps the most difficult smell to live amongst; pet urine is an odour that you’ll want to remove and often a stain that you’ll be desperate to clear. Cleanwise deal with urine affected carpets on a daily basis and know that cleaning with standard household products simply doesn’t do enough. Their professional team have over 15 years experience dealing with such issues.

                        Stains that won’t go Away

                        Cleanwise offer both stain removal and stain protection. This way, they can remove any existing marks on your carpet and do their best to help prevent future problems from occurring. The stain guard that comes with your carpets can wear away quickly and their stain protection is ideally-placed to replace it.

                        Rug Dirt

                        Vacuuming both sides to remove engrained dirt, grooming to restore pile and the optional application of stain guard protection are just some of the many techniques Cleanwise apply to cleaning domestic rugs. Additionally, their quick drying times will reduce the risk of colour damage and even restore the rich colours of your rugs.

                        Mildew and Mould

                        The benefits of Cleanwise Carpet Care’s quick drying times are not just limited to causing minimal disruption. They also enable them to offer a service which will eliminate the growth of mould and mildew; which is essential for the health of you and your family.

                        Carpet Cleaning Chesterfield from Experienced Company

                        Cleanwise Carpet Care’s Chesterfield carpet cleaners are extensively experienced in both domestic and commercial property cleaning services. They can transform the state of your carpets and upholstery to help you leave a lasting impression on your guests; whilst removing the need for you to spend money on buying expensive new floor material.

                        To find out more and speak to one of their carpet cleaners in Chesterfield today, you can call them on 0114 2348875. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to







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                          Department of Energy and Climate Change Aim to Reduce Greenhouse Gas with Biomass Boilers

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                            The installation and use of biomass boilers to provide heating and hot water to properties across the UK is a great way to increase the use of low-carbon technologies. Bioenergy is renewable energy made from biomass, which is organic material derived from plant or animal matter.

                            According to the website, “Bioenergy has the potential to provide about 30% of the 2020 target through biofuels, biorefineries and the recovery of energy from the biomass portion of waste (including anaerobic digestion.) The Department of Energy and Climate Change supports the large-scale generation of biomass electricity through the Renewables Obligation. It also supports large- and small-scale generation of biomass heat through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

                            Biomass Energy Helps Climate Change Aims

                            The latest reports concerning the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions show that biomass energy could play a part in helping us to reach the 2050 climate change targets set out by the government. A recent paper claims that biomass heating could be a long-term, low carbon heating solution, and suggests that the UK government should go to greater lengths to support it. The paper claims that the government who see the low energy resource as limited should reconsider evaluating its role so that it could be a new sector for 2020 and beyond.

                            The 2008 Climate Change Act was established by UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change as the world’s first legally binding climate change target. The policy aims to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, with a 20% reduction target set for 2020.

                            Energy Efficient, Low Carbon

                            The UK Government are trying to achieve this reduction through action at home and abroad. According to the website, “Moving to a more energy efficient, low-carbon economy will help us meet this target. It will also help the UK become less reliant on imported fossil fuels and less exposed to higher energy prices in the future.”

                            Biomass Boiler Installers in Yorkshire and the UK

                            If you would like to find out more about using sustainable fuel such as biomass, Phaseline Renewables offer free quotes and advice. Call them on 0114 294 5500, or email them at for more information about the domestic and commercial installation of biomass boilers.

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                              These Stanley Knife Blades Safety Tips Are Great

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                                Knife-Point supply Stanley knife blades to their customers and have been doing so for many years. The blades are suitable for use across a variety of trades; making them highly appealing to a number of people. They deliver consistent quality and it’s little wonder that they’ve consistently proven to be so popular.

                                When implementing Stanley knife blades during working tasks it’s absolutely essential to stay safe. You can do this by following the advice of Knife-Point, who have generously put together this safety guide for you to follow:

                                Locking Stanley Knife Blades

                                First and foremost, it’s essential that you ensure that replacement blades are locked into place when it comes to changing your Stanley knife blades. As long as you fasten the sharp end to the handle, you’ll be able to ensure total control over the job that you’re carrying out.

                                Knife Retraction

                                It may sound simple but plenty of people have been hurt simply because they’ve not remembered to draw the blade back into its handle after use. If you leave it showing, someone could easily be cut; so this is advice that’s well worth making part of your routine when using any sort of blade.

                                Sharp Blades

                                A worn blade can spell trouble. If you’ve not changed your existing blades for a long time, you’re running the risk of slippage during implementation. By frequently changing your tools, this problem can be avoided to guarantee that you remain in total control. If the blade is tearing rather than cutting, it needs replacing.

                                Pull the Knife Towards You

                                When making a cut on a flat surface, it’s vital that you pull the knife toward you; rather than pushing away in the opposite direction. Again, it’s all to do with remaining in control of the work you’re doing. According to advice on the Stanley website; “a pulling motion is stronger and more positive than pushing the knife away from you and the knife is less likely to slip.”

                                Have Patience

                                If you’re in a rush, it can be tempting to speed through the work that you’re carrying out. It’s always more important that you take your time; particularly when it comes to cutting thicker materials. Show patience and cut deeper into the material with each pass.

                                Adopt the Correct Position

                                Another useful tip is to kneel or stand to one side of the line of the cut you are making. This advice should be applied when you’re making cuts on a surface below you.

                                Knife-Point Also Supply Swann Morton Blades

                                Top quality products, choice of blades and long-lasting tools are some of the many benefits attached to the knives that Knife-Point supply. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are just two examples of the countless reputable cutting tools that you can buy from them.You can reach Knife-Point on 0114 2507554 or 07737133030.


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                                  Written by Chris

                                  February 16th, 2015 at 1:50 pm

                                  A Beautiful Glass Staircase Should be the Focal Point of Your Property

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                                    Making a certain architectural feature the focal point of your room could be a great decision to make. It’s a great way to make a bold interior design statement and for the application of such work there really is no-one better suited to the task than Diverso. They offer a truly unique service to their clients and are sure to leave you impressed with their standards of service.

                                    They have an abundance of property improvement options available to you – such as their beautiful glass staircase range – which will give you plenty of scope for choice when it comes to deciding on the path to take. Read on for more:

                                    How Beautiful Glass Staircases Can Transform Your Home

                                    Everyone wants to impress visitors visiting their home. That’s where Diverso’ beautiful glass staircases can help. Not only will they take the best concepts of contemporary design and transform them into a breathtaking new feature for your home; they’ll also ensure that your new interior piece strategically distributes natural lighting.

                                    It’s basically a great way to brighten up your property. Diverso can even take this further with one of their glass balustrade designs. Further to this, they’re always clever in the way that they use space. They take care to make sure that your new home feature doesn’t intrude within your area of living.

                                    CAD Images for Your Feature Staircases

                                    You could also implement one of Diverso’s feature staircases at your business premises. If you own an office and are looking to boost the productivity of your employees, it has been proven that more natural light can improve working output. A feature glass staircase is perfect in relation to this.

                                    Diverso will make sure that you’re consulted with throughout every step of the design stage. Their impressive 2D and 3D CAD images will help you to visualise the work in-situ; ensuring that any new additions made are carefully planned. Once installed, your impressive new feature staircase is also guaranteed to impress clients coming to your place of work.

                                    Frameless Glass Doors, Glass Balconies and Bespoke Conservatories

                                    Diverso give form and functionality equal priority and understand exactly how to make property additions that satisfy each and every one of their clients. To find out more about how they could help you revolutionise your home or business today, you can call them on 01433 695577.

                                    Diverso also offer a number of other stunning architectural features to their clients. If a beautiful glass staircase doesn’t suit you, there are many other ways they could help enhance your property. For interior enhancements, their frameless glass doors are simultaneously subtle and stunning and are an excellent way to contemporise.

                                    Alternatively, if you’re looking to focus more on the exterior of a building, then their bespoke conservatories and glass balconies are great for connecting with the outdoors. Opening up your house to more sunlight and the addition of a relaxation space are just some of the many attached benefits.



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                                      Industrial Action at Sheffield’s Waste Recycling Centres Report Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                                        It has been suggested that a major shake-up needed at a number of the Sheffield based waste recycling centres, with Union bosses suggesting that they would be better off being taken over by a local charity after a long running dispute.

                                        Sheffield Waste Recycling Centres

                                        The paper reported that industrial action had been held at the five centres last year, which are operated by the sub-contractor The Green Company on behalf of Sheffield Council and Veolia, over pay, conditions and claims of bullying. The action, however, has been suspended for negotiations since November last year.

                                        Household Waste Recycling Centres in Sheffield

                                        There are several different site locations throughout Sheffield that are used for the disposal of waste. Household Waste Recycling Centres, which are more commonly known as tips and dumpits, allow Sheffield residents to safely dispose of a variety of different waste items, such as garden waste, furniture, including sofas, beds and mattresses, and electrical equipment including fridges, freezers, TVs, light bulbs and batteries. It is recommended by the local council, however, that a skip should be hired for renovation or construction waste, rather than taking this to a recycling centre.

                                        According to the Sheffield Star, the union called on the local council last week to act, and claimed that The Green Company was using new staff on zero hour contracts, as well as unpaid workers referred by the probation service, to try to break the dispute. Sheffield Council said that it would be seeking action, and that the local authority “could no longer have confidence” in the ability of the Green Company to manage the centres, or act as a “responsible provider of public services.”

                                        Although profit from The Green Company goes to the charity Salvaire for intended use as grants from charities, GMB has controversially revealed that 35 per cent of the budget in fact goes on management costs and wages. The GMB organiser at Sheffield Council, Peter Davies said: “It is a charity model that isn’t working – the trustees are in London, it is faceless.”

                                        Services for Waste Clearance and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                                        As rubbish removal Sheffield experts, Clearance and Clean Up know that it isn’t always convenient or appropriate to take lots of items down to the tip. It can be a huge chore, especially when lifting and shifting, loading vehicles, transport and vehicle size may be issues. And there are occasions where the council will recommend hiring a skip, which can be expensive.

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