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Richard Branson is looking for Britains best business ideas

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    Pitch to Rich 2015 launched 24th March. This is your chance to pitch your business idea to Richard Branson. The ten best pitches will win a share of more than £1,000,000 in prizes. You’ll have until 5th May to submit your pitch and get enough votes to get you through to pitch to Rich at the live finale in June.

    See the TV advert for more information:

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      Written by Chris

      March 27th, 2015 at 2:00 pm

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      Door Knobs and Internal Door Handles for Your Home

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        Handsome Handles stock an abundance of door furniture pieces to suit your property needs. They appreciate that everyone’s requirements are different and always look to offer an expansive range of choice. Amongst their many areas of expertise are their internal door handles and door knobs; plenty of which are sure to catch your attention.

        Existing home design style and individual preferences are the two most common factors influencing the final decisions that their customers make on these pieces; as they continue to diversify the products they offer. Contemporary or traditional; lavish or to a budget; Handsome Handles are sure to be able to help you give your property a makeover.

        With that in mind, they’ve taken a selection of their door knobs and door handles and looked at them in more detail for you; analysing where they could best fit within your home. This should give you an idea of the potential for some of the door furniture available from Handsome Handles:

        Decorate Your Living Room with Door Knobs

        From highly decorative traditional pieces; through to slickly-stylised and cutting edge modern designs; Handsome Handles door knobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you match them to your home. For those with older properties and living rooms with high ceilings, one of their Aydon door knobs could be the perfect way to match the feel of the existing decor.

        On the other end of the scale, a contemporary room with polished wooden tiling would be better matched to an unusual design such as one of Handsome Handles ice bubble crystal pieces. The choice really is endless and it all depends on your own individual taste.

        Door Handles for Your Bathroom

        Handsome Handles regularly mention their bathroom door handles in their blog; and when you see the impressive pieces that they have in stock it’s easy to understand why. Matching particularly well to new homes designed with both eyes on contemporary design are their polished chrome door handles. Shimmering in appearance and perfect for adding that extra touch of class, they work seamlessly with wood effect vinyl and white ceramics.

        Kitchen Handles

        As one of the most frequented rooms in your home, Handsome Handles understand that the appearance of your kitchen needs to be just right. They have a number of pull kitchen handles suitable to match either new or existing furniture, so you can be confident in finding the door furniture you require from them.

        Pewter effect, polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel are just some of the many material choices on offer to you. Even if Handsome Handles don’t have the exact piece that you’re after, they’ll do their utmost to source it for you and help ensure your long-term satisfaction.

        Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

        To find out more about any of the products Handsome Handles stock and supply, you can get in contact with them. Whether it’s door handles, door knobs – or other pieces such as their door knockers – that you’re after; they can offer you more advice on how best to integrate new door furniture into your home.


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          Written by Chris

          March 25th, 2015 at 11:28 am

          Carpet Cleaning Sheffield and Chesterfield Team do the Job Again

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            Carpet cleaning Sheffield and Chesterfield experts Cleanwise Carpet Care recently satisfied yet another client in the local area. Once again evidencing their ability to carry out the highest standard of work, they recently shared images of the job taken as it was in progress. When looking at these, you can see the difference they can make to your property.

            This particular job for these carpet cleaners in Sheffield was on behalf of an elderly lady who needed her lounge carpet thoroughly cleaning. With lots of carers coming and going the work was absolutely essential; as the carpet in question had become particularly messy as a result of the frequent use. Cleanwise were delighted to be able to provide the expected standard of service.

            Carpet Cleaning Sheffield for Your Domestic Property

            The job provided another great example of how this carpet cleaning Sheffield can benefit domestic properties – and Cleanwise Carpet care could help transform yours too. They understand that a busy working life can make addressing deep cleaning issues less of a priority for you; but it needn’t be the difficult situation that you imagine.

            They make the whole process swift and simple; always ensuring that your carpets are ready to use again within hours thanks to their quick drying times. Couple this with their use of 100% safe detergents – and their expert powers of stain removal – and you’ll realise that there really is no better company to choose for the ongoing care of your carpets.

            Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Your Chesterfield Property

            Cleanwise Carpet Care also provide their comprehensive services to the commercial industry; with plenty of businesses benefiting from their carpet cleaning in Chesterfield and Sheffield. They know that any costs to a business have to be justified; and provide this in an unrivalled way. Not only can Cleanwise save you the potentially huge costs of new carpets, they do this at a budget priced to your needs.

            By offering a service that fits flexibly around your own schedule, they also take away the stress of worrying whether you’ll have to close during cleaning times. This means that you can get the cleaning done in the evening if needed; saving you any profits that you would lose if you had to temporarily shut down. All these benefits just go further towards enhancing the widening appeal of Cleanwise.

            Barnsley and Rotherham Carpet Cleaners

            With over 15 years of experience working within the industry, it’s understandable that Cleanwise Carpet Care have continued to expand. They now have carpet cleaners in Barnsley and Rotherham – as well as their Chesterfield and Sheffield carpet cleaners – so if you reside within any of those areas then they’ve got you covered.

            The priority of the Cleanwise team is to return your commercial and domestic properties to the most impressive state possible; whilst doing it at a price that’s accessible to everyone. Choosing them is a decision that’s sure to leave you satisfied and if you’re interested in finding out more you can reach them on 0114 2348875 for a chat.


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              Ground Source Heat Pumps: What are the Benefits?

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                Lower Your Fuel Bills

                Ground source heat pumps are a highly economical way of providing both heating and hot water to your property. Installing one in your home could lower your fuel bills, especially if you replace conventional electric heating with one. You can also be confident that by generating your own heat, you will not be subject to the inevitable rising costs of fossil fuels.

                Replace Your Conventional Boiler

                The heat generated by the ground source heat pump can replace a conventional boiler, providing immediate hot water and working optimally in conjunction with under-floor heating, and large radiator central heating systems.

                They Can Provide All Your Heating and Hot Water

                A ground source heat pump should provide a complete solution to all of a domestic property’s heating and hot water needs. It is, therefore, a suitable replacement for conventional oil, LPG, gas and electric heating systems. Also, a ground-source heat pump  can be used 24 hours a day, all year round, as the ground stays at a fairly constant temperature throughout the year.

                Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

                Ground source heat pumps produce no carbon emissions on site. They do need electricity to run, but if you’re using photovoltaic panels, or another source of renewable energy, they are totally carbon neutral.

                Income Through the Renewable Heat Incentive

                Ground source heat pumps can be designed, supplied and installed in domestic properties, and qualify for payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which will provide you with an income throughout the year for powering your heating. This government run scheme provides users of renewable heat technology with payments over a 20 year period.

                Ground Source Heat Pumps are Low Maintenance

                As the mechanism of a ground source heat pump is similar to a refrigerator, there are very few moving parts and processes that can go wrong. They are also fully automated, which means once they are installed, the system can work independently to provide heating and hot water to your home.  Ground source heat pumps require less maintenance than combustion based heating systems, and there is very little maintenance needed.

                Ground source heat pumps use a network of pipes buried beneath the ground to extract heat. The pipes draw ground heat up into a heat exchanger which can then be utilised to heat radiators or under floor heating systems and provide hot water in your home.

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                  Planer Blades to Suit Your Needs

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                    The process of choosing new tools needs to be carried out in a way that suits you. It also helps if you can do this whilst working to a budget; which is something that Knife-Point fully understand. Their highly-reputable knife blades are always top quality and are sure to deliver satisfaction to you.

                    As the leading Sheffield-based supplier of an impressive variety of excellent tools, you can be sure that you’re accessing top quality products when you choose to purchase from Knife-Point. That is particularly true of their fantastic planer blades, which have a number of benefits attached to them. This supplier have picked out 3:

                    Excellent Woodworking Planer Blades

                    Having the confidence to implement your tools in the most difficult situations can be highly-satisfying. For those working within the industry, excellent woodworking planer blades are the means towards obtaining the satisfaction of the customer. When you need to add that truly bespoke touch to a job, there really is nothing better than Knife-Point’s hand-honed and finished planer blades.

                    Offering Choice to Sheffield and the Rest of the UK

                    With Knife-Point, you get wide product choice no matter the blade you require. When it comes to these tools in particular though, you’d be hard pressed to find a better offering to you elsewhere in Sheffield and the UK. With blades manufactured from T1 18% Tungsten HSS – suitable for four-sided moulders and surface thicknesser machines – it’s easy to see why their popularity is continuing to grow.

                    Varying Size and Dimensions

                    No matter the size, dimension or quantity of planer blades that you’re searching for; you can be sure that Knife-Point will have them in plentiful supply. They understand the importance of providing their customers with the choice that they need and this has been a key factor towards them becoming the leading supplier in the Sheffield area and beyond.

                    Tightening Your New Planer Blades

                    When it comes to actually changing any handheld blades, it’s always worth following expert advice. Knife-Point continue to provide this to their valued customers; as your safety is their concern as well. From basics such as making sure that there’s no power coming to the tool prior to changes; through to taking care when tightening your newly-fitted blades; they’ve made sure to cover every angle in this comprehensive planer blades guide.

                    Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

                    To find out more about what sort of products are available to you from Knife-Point why not contact them today? One of their dedicated and friendly team will be able to discuss your requirements with you and make sure that when it comes to making any purchases they’re the right ones for the job.

                    Alternatively, why not take a look through the rest of their site. Swann Morton, Stanley knife blades, trimming knife blades and snap off blades are just a selection of the many other fantastic tools that Knife-Point continuing to offer to their customers.


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                      Written by Chris

                      March 23rd, 2015 at 3:43 pm

                      A Twist on the Traditional: Nottingham Wedding Photography

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                        Fun Fair Wedding Photos

                        This gorgeous collection of images was taken in a fair ground, and I absolutely love the vibrant colours and lights that are captured in them. The juxtaposition of the traditional white wedding dress with the beautiful jewel like coloured lights and rainbow coloured sweets adds a whole new dimension to this couple’s wedding photographs. As you can see, the bride in one of these images is driving a retro style bumper car, surrounded by neon lights. I really like this image; it’s obvious that she’s having fun!

                        A Chesterfield in the Garden

                        Here’s another example of wedding photography with a twist, and one of my personal favourites. This image features a happy couple sitting on a Chesterfield sofa. The sofa was deliberately placed outside the wedding venue on the grass of the front lawn. I like the way that both the bride and groom are staring directly at the camera, and the casual way that the bride has placed her head on her husband’s knee, with her wedding dress falling gentle across the sofa. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the bride is wearing colourful trainers, another fun and cheeky feature of an already quirky composition.

                        Silhouettes in the Rain

                        Another example of a slightly out of the ordinary wedding shot, this couple stand silhouetted under an umbrella, covered while the rain falls around them. There’s something almost theatrical about this image, with the illumination of the rain drops and the striking contrast between light and dark. It’s also incredibly romantic, giving the idea that they couldn’t care less about the rain as they are so in love.

                        Professional Wedding Photographer in Nottingham

                        As a professional wedding photographer in Nottingham and Mansfield, it’s James Davies’ job to reflect the uniqueness of a wedding in his photography. Of course, no two weddings are the same, and he really enjoys capturing the intimate moments that make a wedding truly unique. Traditional wedding photography can be really beautiful, but sometimes James really enjoys thinking outside the box and encouraging clients to have some fun with the location and composition of shots. So here are a few examples of my wedding photography where he have pushed the boundaries a little to create photos with a difference.

                        If you would like to see some more examples of my wedding photography, please feel free to take a look at my wedding photography gallery. If you’re looking for an experienced and professional wedding photographer Nottinghamvisit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for a 2015 brochure.

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                          Green Heating Systems that Qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

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                            The initiative was launched in November 2012 for non-domestic properties, and since then a total of 7675 businesses have installed renewable heating technologies under the don-domestic scheme. The majority of these installations have been for small biomass boilers, which account for 87% of all measures fitted. When this figure includes medium and large biomass boilers, however, this technology accounts for 94% of total installations.

                            The payments available through the renewable heat incentive scheme for both non-domestic and commercial installations make renewable technology such as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and biomass boilers attractive options.

                            According to the latest Government statistics, almost 22,000 households in the UK have now installed green heating systems that qualify for the renewable heat incentive scheme. The Department of Energy and Climate Change issued statistics recently that showed that there have been 21,932 accredited renewable heat incentive installations of technologies including heat pumps, solar thermal systems and biomass boilers.

                            The Renewable Heat Incentive

                            The renewable heat incentive is designed to promote the installation of a variety of renewable heat technologies. Households and businesses that install green heating systems are rewarded with financial payments from the renewable heat incentive through separate domestic and non-domestic renewable heat incentive schemes. Since it was officially launched in April 2014, 6,244 households have been accredited.

                            Biomass Boilers and Heat Pumps

                            According to the stats, of the 21,932 installations, 36% of the total accounts for air source heat pumps, biomass boilers claim 28% of accreditations, solar thermal technologies make up 21% of the market, and ground source heat pumps make up 15%.

                            Paul Thompson, head of policy at the Renewable Energy Association said “It is encouraging to see that not only has the 20,000-accreditations milestone been reached but the rate of uptake is rapidly increasing. This is hopefully a trend that will continue.”

                            Low Carbon, Affordable Heating

                            As biomass installers, Phaseline Renewables see these figures as incredibly encouraging and illustrative of the increased uptake in renewable heating technologies such as biomass boilers and heat pumps. There is obviously a big demand for low carbon, affordable heating in domestic properties throughout the UK, allowing people to move away from fossil fuels.

                            To find out how much you could earn from the RHI, why not try a renewable heat incentive calculator? To find out more about the payments that you can receive through the installation of renewable heating technologies and the Renewable Heat Incentive, please contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email them

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                              Bespoke Conservatory with Many Benefits

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                                Diverso take great satisfaction from providing their clients with access to affordable property luxury. They also like to offer a service that delivers that little bit extra. With that in mind, a remodel of your home can be a great way to increase the amount of light that it captures.

                                One way you can make changes effectively is through the implementation of a bespoke conservatory; which Diverso can design and install to the highest standard for you. With so many benefits attached to these architectural features they’re confident that you’ll see the value in their work.

                                As Diverso continue to combine the most innovative construction methods with the appropriate materials, they’re successfully enhancing a variety of properties with these features. Here are some of the many reasons why they’re proving to be so popular:

                                The Implementation of Architectural Glass

                                Having a space in your home where you can unwind and let the world drift by can be simply invaluable. One of Diverso’s bespoke conservatories can provide this to you and significantly improve your quality of life in the process. By cleverly implementing architectural glass they can maximise the natural light that your property captures; optimising your new room for relaxation in the process.

                                If you’re one for hosting guests, then a bespoke conservatory can also provide a great way to leave a lasting impression too. One of these breathtaking architectural features can enhance the experience of everyone present within it; so you can be sure that if you choose one it will become an envious point of discussion.

                                Natural Lit Bespoke Conservatories Linked to Positive Mental Health

                                Research has shown that organic light can improve happiness, health and calmness; whilst it can also make you more productive – ideal if you want to use your new bespoke conservatory as a home office. This is partly down to the added doses of vitamin D you’ll receive as a result of increased exposure to sunlight.

                                Even more beneficial are the effects that a bespoke glass conservatory can have on your mental state of mind. It’s been extensively proven that naturally-lit spaces are a positive mood enhancer; so what better way to put this advice into practice than with a property extension that captures exterior light and reduces your reliance on artificial lighting.

                                The benefits really are endless and Diverso will always look to match your individual design to the appropriate budget you’re working to.

                                Consider a Glass Balcony from Diverso

                                If you’re looking to make additions other than a bespoke conservatory; there’s no shortage of fantastic options available to you with Diverso. Glass balconies, glass doors and feature staircases are some of the many other impressive features their customers continue to request from them.

                                To find out more about any of the services available with Diverso you can get in touch with them today for an initial chat. This will usually cover how they could contemporise your property with one or more of their architectural features. You can give them call on 01433 695577; or drop them an email to



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                                  Stylish Door Knockers to Add a Touch of the Unusual

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                                    Being able to add a personal touch to your property can be invaluable. Handsome Handles understand this and have a variety of impressive door furniture pieces to help satisfy this need. Door knockers and door knobs are just two examples of these products that can help you to transform the grander scheme of your home.

                                    It’s little wonder that the customers of this supplier find them to be so popular. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at some of the door knockers options available to you with Handsome Handles:

                                    Conversation Starters

                                    Handsome Handles highly-unusual door knockers have been designed to meet the requirements of property owners who want to leave a noticeably lasting impression on guests visiting their home. Traditionally designed as talisman features to protect properties from evil, they’re a great conversation starter!

                                    Polished Chrome Um Door Knockers and More

                                    Satin chrome and Florentine bronze are just some of the many options available to you with um door knockers. When used in the right way, these door furniture selections can work appropriately for both older and more modern homes; leaving you free to use them as you wish.

                                    Sleek and Slender Stainless Brass

                                    Manufactured by the highly-reputable Carlisle Brass, Handsome Handles find that these pieces are always popular with their customers as they provide the potential to make classy, reasonable upgrades. Sleek, slender – and available in stainless brass – Handsome Handles doctor designs take elements of traditional door knocker style and add a contemporary spin.

                                    Matched to Modern Homes

                                    Antique brass and satin chrome versions of this design are all on offer to you with this business; giving you plenty of choice to make the right call. Manufactured by M. Marcus, they work particularly well with modern homes. Handsome Handles retro style door knockers are available in a variety of materials and match well to all exterior property doors.

                                    Kitchen Door Handles, Carlisle Brass Handles and More

                                    To find out more about any of the products covered here why not give Handsome Handles a call? You can reach them on 07961 832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop them an email to One of their dedicated members of staff will be able to provide you with guidance surrounding choosing the right products for you.

                                    Handsome Handles’ door knockers, decorative door knobs and Carlisle Brass door handles are all currently popular with their customers. These products can also provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your home whilst meeting a reasonable budget, so it’s understandable why they’ve become so popular.




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                                      Groomsmen Outfit Ideas from Nottingham Wedding Photographer

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                                        Floral Buttonholes

                                        A classic traditional male accessory at a wedding is the floral buttonhole, seen here in pale pink. The groom wears the same shade and complementing the pink of the groomsmen’s ties, which ties everything in nicely. I particularly like the way that the groom wears grey with a darker tie and brown shoes, a refreshing contrast to the dark navy of his groomsmen.

                                        Blue Suits and Leather Shoes

                                        This is lovely example of a great colour scheme for groom and groomsmen. I really like the royal blue of the groomsmen’s suits, complete with tan leather belts and shoes and complimented by pale blue silk ties and handkerchiefs. The groom himself wears a blue suit in a slightly darker shade, and tan brogues with blue detail to subtly distinguish him from his groomsmen.

                                        Bow Ties and Chequered Waistcoats

                                        This great waistcoat and bow tie ensemble was sure to make a big impression on this groom’s big day. We loved the quirky floral fabric of the bow tie and the clashing checks of the waistcoat – it just worked! You’ll notice beautiful little leather covered buttons and a pocket watch chain add to this distinctly vintage look. I ensured that the bow tie was the focal point of this photo by getting the groom to casually tweak it as he stood, drawing attention this particular accessory and guiding the eyes up towards his face.

                                        It’s not just the ladies that have a lot to think about when it comes to wedding dresses and bridesmaids outfits – oh no! Groomsmen and grooms have also got their work cut out for them when it comes to looking smart and stylish on the big day. As a professional wedding photographer in Nottingham and Mansfield, James Davies has had the pleasure of photographing some really fantastic groom and groomsmen outfits, some of which are classic and traditional, and others quirky and individual!

                                        Professional Nottingham Wedding Photographer

                                        If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Nottingham or Mansfield, James can help. Please visit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for his 2015 brochure. If you would like to see more examples of his work, including plenty of stylish grooms and groomsmen, please feel free to take a look at his wedding photography gallery.

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