Ground Source Heat Pump Installations and the Financial Rewards from the Renewable Heat Incentive

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    The Thomas family receive £3,706 per year from the renewable heat generated in their five bedroom bungalow from their ground source heat pump installation. They live in rural Scotland, which meant that previously they had to rely on oil heating which was costing them more than £3000 per year. But now, instead of paying for their energy use, they are earning nearly four thousand pounds a year from the renewable heat incentive.

    Subsidies from the Renewable Heat Incentive

    The couple receive money from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which pays them per kilowatt hour for the heat generated by their ground source heat pump. They also get a few hundred pounds a year from the subsidies that are linked to their solar heat generation through the solar panels that they have had installed on their roof.

    Ground Source Heat Pump and Solar Panels

    Mr and Mrs Thomas’ calculations estimate that over the course of the seven years that their payments will continue, they should be able get a total income of approximately £26,000, provided that they use and generate the same level of energy in that time. Considering that it only cost them £14,000 to have the ground source heat pump and solar panels installed, they will have received a return of nearly 100% on their original outlay costs.

    The Telegraph reports that Mr and Mrs Thomas have installed a ground source heat pump to provide heating for their bungalow, as well as solar panels which provide them with hot water. They even have a small wind turbine to provide them with electricity, which means that their home is completely carbon neutral.

    The Domestic RHI

    The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive rate for ground source heat pumps is 18.8p/kWh, and is paid over seven years.  As long as your system is installed by a MCS approved company, it will qualify for the domestic RHI.

    Get Paid for Running Green Heating Systems

    According to the newspaper, there are 22,590 families in the UK that are earning money from Renewable Heat Incentive payments for running green heating systems such as biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps and solar panels in their home.

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