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House Clearance Sheffield Comment on Rubbish Problem in Sheffield City Centre

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    A pile of waste has built up in Sheffield city centre in recent weeks, leading to problems with vermin and the spread of rubbish throughout the street. The Sheffield Star has reported that John White, who works at Cutlers’ Hall in the city centre said: “This rubbish has been lying around for a few weeks. You would think this sort of behaviour would be stamped on quickly.” The O2 phone shop on Fargate in Sheffield city centre has been accused of leaving huge piles of rubbish behind their shop, adding to the litter problem in the city.

    House Clearance Sheffield Experts

    As house clearance Sheffield experts, Clearance and Clean Up have noticed that Sheffield city centre has been plagued by unwanted waste and rubbish recently, most of which lies around for weeks before it is removed. There has also been an issue with the homeless ripping open the bin bags in their search for food and valuables, therefore spreading the rubbish around further.

    A spokesman from 02 has responded to the complaint and admitted that they were responsible for the rubbish. John Mailey from 02 said “Unfortunately, there was a misunderstanding between the waste company and the landlord, who manages the collection of waste from our shop, resulting in a missed collection. The problem has been resolved and the waste cleared. We apologise if this may have caused any inconvenience.”

    The Keep Britain Tidy Campaign

    Keep Britain Tidy was created 60 years ago, and wants more government action on litter instead of leaving it to local authorities. Some councils hand out hundreds of fines a year for littering, while others tread more carefully because of negative publicity. More than 63,000 fines were handed out in councils in England in 2012.

    Unfortunately, litter is a problem all over the UK. According to a recent survey by Keep Britain Tidy, almost two thirds of us are litter bugs. However, only 28% are actually willing to admit that they drop their rubbish. A massive £1bn a year is spent on collecting litter in England alone, and the survey expressed particular concern over the amount of littler created by cigarettes, fast food, soft drinks, sweet and chocolate bar wrappers and crisps packets.

    Clearance and Clean Up house clearance Sheffield dispose of waste correctly, including recycling as much as they can. All of their prices include labour and disposal fee, there are no hidden charges, and you can rest assured that your waste goes to a proper licensed disposal facility.

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      4 Varied Ways to Improve Your Home Including New Door Knockers

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        There are a number of ways you can achieve success when it comes to making an impression on visitors to your home. By thinking outside the box and embracing more unusual elements of interior decor and spatial design; you will not only wow your guests, you’ll also realise the highest levels of personal satisfaction too.

        Divide up Your Rooms

        Ideal for creating spaces within spaces, room dividers are enjoying a resurgence in the world of contemporary interior design. Using them within your home can be a great way to evidence your knowledge of the latest trends; whilst there are a number of ways they can be implemented. Shelving units and curtains are just two of many potential ideas.

        Unusual Lighting Fixtures

        When integrated well, unusual lights can impressively stand out within the grander interior scheme of your property. They can act as artistic pieces and also enable you to get creative. Whether it’s small lights running up a false tree, or industrial chrome and nickel fixtures that look like they’ve been lifted straight from the factory floor, the choice you make really is dependent on your taste.

        Use Stained Glass

        If you want your home to truly stand out from those of your friends and family, then sometimes you have to push the boundaries. Stained glass windows are being tipped to make something of a comeback and they are another great suggestion for making a lasting impression. Not only can they look great, they can also help make use of natural light in an attractive way.

        Door Knockers can be Great

        Handsome Handles regularly help their clients to add more unusual features to their homes with their impressive door knockers. Available in a variety of designs, they are particularly attractive as a property upgrade option due to their price. Whilst some of the other items on this list may require more significant investment, Handsome Handles door furniture can help you make great changes on a smaller budget.

        They have designs based around both traditional and contemporary decor ideas and should be able to provide you with the perfect piece to match your own home. Lion’s head and giant hand door knocker designs are just two of the choices available to you with them.

        Sheffield-Based Door Knobs and Door Handles Supplier

        As well as supplying a number of wonderful door knockers to their clients in Sheffield and Rotherham, Handsome Handles also offer plenty of choice with other door furniture too. Their door handles and door knobs are always popular with their customers, as they present another way you can make cost-effective changes to the decor of your property.

        To find out more, you can get in touch with them today. Once you do, they can either help you make the purchases that you require or offer their expert advice on which pieces from their product ranges would be most suitable for your home. You can reach Handsome Handles by calling 07961 832812.

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          Written by Chris

          May 29th, 2015 at 11:10 am

          Bathroom Fitters in Sheffield Continue to Lead the Industry

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            Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom fitters in Sheffield are continuing to lead the way for bathroom installation in the area. Their unrivalled standards of service and competitive pricing have helped them to grow into the company they are today; but why should you choose their team. Here are 5 guarantees that always come attached to their services:

            High Level of Skill

            Each member of Pryor Plumbing’s team is highly-skilled and extensively trained; meaning that they have the required ability to keep you satisfied. No matter the scale or requirements of the job, you can be sure that they’re capable of doing the work that you require. They’ve seen and resolved it all, so you can feel confident that they’ll deliver.

            Full Transparency in Their Work

            If you’re looking for more reassurance, then Pryor Plumbing have a number of testimonials from their clients on this website to back up their quality. They offer these for everyone to see in the interest of full transparency, so that you can read about what they do from the perspective of people just like you. Something that stands out across each success story is their professionalism, which they take particular pride in.

            Eye-Opening Quality at Bathroom Showroom Sheffield

            Pryor Plumbing’s stunning bathroom showroom in Sheffield allows you to witness their work in-situ. Open 10-4 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; as well as 10-3 on Saturday’s; they’re always delighted to welcomes new faces and offer their expert advice on how they can help you to upgrade your property today.

            Bathroom Fitters in Sheffield Providing Full Service

            From idea inauguration to completion, Pryor Plumbing’s Sheffield bathroom fitters continue to offer the full bathroom installation service. Design, plumbing, plastering and tiling are all well within their capabilities; whilst they’re also able to site-manage all the required electrical work – which can save you plenty of money and remove the inconvenience of finding another tradesman.

            Great Variety of Choice

            It’s vitally important to Pryor Plumbing that they’re able to provide plenty of choice to their customers. With that in mind, they have partnerships with a number of leading bathroom manufacturers through their online bathroom store Pryor Bathrooms. These include Merlyn, Vado and Roca products. They will always look to tailor your project to your needs and this helps them to do it.

            Get in Touch with These Sheffield Bathroom Fitters

            Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom installation service continues to form one of their showpiece offerings. They’re extremely passionate about what they do and are sure you’ll see the value in their work. They’ll always work to meet the budget that you have available and provide you with a wonderful new room.

            Pryor relish the challenge that each new project presents to them and will always do our utmost to leave you satisfied. To find our more – and speak to one of their expert Sheffield bathroom fitters – why not contact them today? You can do so by calling 07814 193 439; or by dropping them an email to

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              Purpose-Built Bathroom Showroom Sheffield

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                Pryor Plumbing & Heating continue to offer fantastic bathrooms to homeowners in the Sheffield area. Their services are perfect for making changes to tired and dated spaces, or for those who are looking to fit a brand new property. To help give their customers a feel of what they do, Pryor Plumbing continue to showcase their work at their stunning bathroom showroom in Sheffield.

                If you’re looking for expert bathroom fitters in Sheffield, then there really is no better place to go. Purpose-built to give you a taste of the potential for their unique designs, the showroom is sure to fill you with inspiration and leave you inspired to tackle property upgrades. When you reach this point, Pryor Plumbing’s experienced plumbers in Sheffield will only be too happy to carry out any work for you.

                Get a Wonderful New Bathroom in Sheffield

                Your bathroom is a place to relax and escape from the troubles of the world. To make sure that your new bathroom in Sheffield fulfils these needs, it’s essential to get the tone of your new room’s design right. Everything from the colour scheme you choose; to the fittings that you add in will influence the overall success of the installation.

                Researching contemporary design trends can help you to make confident decisions and ensure successful end results. On top of this, the expert knowledge that Pryor Plumbing continue to provide will help to make the process even simpler. So whether it’s tiles, white furnishings or stunning glass that takes priority for you, Pryor will be able to provide the solution.

                Bathrooms to Suit Your Budget

                For them, it’s all about providing long-term satisfaction to each and every one of their clients. They want you to remain happy with your investment for years to come, so it’s vitally important to them that they provide you with a bathroom installation that’s perfectly matched to your home. They do this through the combination of expert application and impressive manufacturer deals.

                Thanks to the vast experience Pryor have built up over many years, they’re continuing to do this for property owners throughout the entire Sheffield area. No matter your budget, they can tailor their work to suit, providing your property with the touch of contemporary design class that it deserves.

                Bathrooms Sheffield from Pryor Plumbing

                If you’re interested in finding out more about their services, you can pay them a visit at their bathroom showroom in Sheffield today. By doing so, you can witness for yourself how impressive their work can be; whilst you’ll also be able to pick their brains and get help when it comes to making decisions on what changes to make.

                Alternatively, you can speak to Pryor over the phone by calling 07814 193 439; or drop them an email to However you choose to proceed with this company, you can be sure that you’ll always be met with friendly and professional advice; to help you gain access to the perfect bathroom today.

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                  Top Quality Carpet Fitting with These Trimming Knife Blades

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                    By following a set regime, carpet fitters can make sure they always work to a high standard. Taking responsibility for everything from training to the tools that you use should stand you in good stead. Knife-Point have taken a look at 5 points which are worth bearing in mind – including the use of trimming knife blades

                    Take Care to Select the Right Staff

                    Make sure you have the right team behind you. In all likelihood, you’ll be working with at least one other person – whether it’s for carpet fitting at commercial or domestic premises – so it pays to pick your staff wisely. If you have confidence in their ability and have made sure that they’re well trained, you shouldn’t run into any difficulties.

                    Tailor to the Size of the Job

                    For cost-effectiveness, you need to pick the size of your team appropriately. If you’re just fitting carpets for a couple of rooms in a small home, you’re not going to need more than a couple of pairs of hands. In contrast to this, if you’re working on a carpet refit for large commercial premises, then one or two people aren’t going to be enough for you to carry out the work quickly.

                    Great Materials Pay Dividends

                    Better materials will ensure a higher standard of completed work. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on the products that you source; you just need to research where you get them from. By doing so, you’ll learn where you can get the best deals; both for your finances and those of your customers.

                    Trimming Knife Blades from Knife-Point

                    Making sure you have the right tools is perhaps the most important factor in any carpet fitting job. When cutting materials, it’s essential that you’re able to work precisely and for the implementation of the work there is no better product than Knife-Point’s trimming knife blades. With plenty of choice available to you – both in size and quantity – they’re sure to be ideal.

                    Customer Testimonials are Invaluable

                    With every job you work on you’ll want to make an impression and when you do this, it makes sense to record the happiness of the customer. Simply asking them to put a few words together for you is easy to do and it could well pay dividends for you in the long run. A great way to help you get repeat custom is through the publication of client testimonials on your website.

                    Excellent Trimming Knife Blades from Sheffield Supplier

                    Knife-Point also offer a number of other cutting tool ranges to their customers, as well as their trimming knife blades. Snap off blades and planer blades are two other examples of products that our popular with their clients. To find out more, why not give them a call today on 07737133030?

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                      Written by Chris

                      May 26th, 2015 at 12:58 pm

                      Nottingham Wedding Photographer Engagement and Pre Wedding Photography

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                        As a professional wedding photographer in Nottinghamshire and Mansfield, I have come across lots of people who are slightly uncomfortable at having the camera pointed at them. It can be even more daunting to have someone you don’t know very well pointing that camera at you. That’s why I think it can be a good idea to schedule in a little pre-wedding photography session so that you can get to know me, get comfy with me, and allow me to get a feel for what you hope to achieve from your wedding photography on your big day.

                        A pre wedding or engagement photo shoot is a fantastic way to get you and your partner ready for your official wedding photography. Some people are total naturals when it comes to having their photo taken, and really enjoy the process. But for others, it can mean feeling a little self conscious and uncomfortable!

                        Steph and Joel’s Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography Session

                        This is a great example of an engagement shoot that I was lucky enough to capture in some beautiful photographs of a bride and groom to be. We ventured into a wild flower project run by Donaster Council, and then moved on to Kings Wood outside Bawtry to capture the golden glow from the setting sun. I’m particularly fond of the shot of Steph and Joel bathed in sunlight surrounded by an array of beautiful, colourful flowers. I love the way that the evening sun illuminates their figures and intensifies the vibrancy of the flowers.

                        Getting Used to Being in Front of the Camera

                        Pre-wedding or engagement photography sessions are a great way to ease you in to your wedding photography. Establishing a rapport is really important in helping you to achieve natural, relaxed wedding photography that you can look back on with pride. My aim is to put you at ease in front of the camera so that you can fully relax and enjoy being photographed. It’s also the perfect opportunity to have some fun, play around with ideas you may have, and find out exactly what works best for you!

                        Nottingham and Mansfield Wedding Photography

                        If you’d like a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot, or you’re looking for a Nottingham wedding photographer, I can help. Please visit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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                          Sheffield City Centre Transformation Completion Date Announced

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                            Recent reports claim that the new and long awaited Sheffield retail quarter will be finished by 2021, including 50 new shops, 120 flats, and up to 2,300 car parking spaces. The scheme is set to cost a huge £480 million, but is estimated to create up to 2,500 new jobs in the area.

                            The director of capital and major projects Nalin Seneviratne said: “2019 is when the bulk of the scheme is going to be completed, the final parts by Easter 2010, it might even be by 2020.” He also commented that the timing was ‘perfect’ because it was post recession and the retail industry had changed.

                            Failed Sevenstone Scheme Replaced with New Plans

                            The designs will replace the failed Sevenstone scheme between Pinstone Street, Moorhead and Barker’s Pool, and residents have been urged to put their thoughts across in order to help to ‘shape’ the project before the outline plans are finalised. Councillor Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for business, said: “This is the chance for people to play a major part of what the city will look like in the next 20, 30, 40 and 50 years.”

                            Sheffield Residents Voice Scepticism

                            However, as we’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts, Sheffield residents seem to be incredibly dubious about whether or not the plans will actually be put into fruition, with one comment to the story simply reading ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’. Despite the positivity from Sheffield Council, however, the article in the Sheffield Star reveals that although there has been some interest from developers and retailers, the scheme is yet to confirm an investor.

                            Local People Contributing to Design

                            As professional shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio think that it’s an interesting idea to ask the residents of Sheffield to be able to contribute ideas towards the designs. The people of Sheffield really care about this space, and the new plans would mean that the city centre would have an amazing retail space. Plans also include a new cycle hub, facilities for ‘click and collect’ online ordering, and a food court.

                            Shop Sign Makers in Sheffield

                            Image Sign Studio are experts in shop signs Sheffield and welcome the new plans to bring more retail outlets to the city centre. Putting Sheffield on the map as a desirable shopping location to rival that of Leeds and Birmingham is a really fantastic idea, and they sincerely hope that the plans and developments are a viable and realistic way to rejuvenate the centre of Sheffield.

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                              Written by Chris

                              May 26th, 2015 at 11:41 am

                              These Feature Staircases and Glass Balconies are Fantastic

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                                At Diverso, exclusivity is synonymous with the work that they do. As they continue to provide property owners throughout the UK with luxurious architectural features – that truly enhance the appeal of their homes or businesses – it’s easy to see why their reputation for excellence continues to grow.

                                By consistently staying ahead of contemporary design trends, Diverso are able to provide a service to satisfy your investment cravings. Two ways they do this include the design and manufacture of their glass balconies and feature staircases. Both have plenty of attached appeal, depending on what you’re looking to add to the grander make-up of your property.

                                Beautiful Glass Balconies for Your Home or Business

                                As we begin to approach some spells of warmer weather, Diverso’s glass balconies can come in particularly handy. When added to your residential property, they can simultaneously help you to enjoy the outdoors and admire surrounding views. What better way can you think of to enjoy the summer months than from your own crafted platform extended out from your home?

                                Similarly, for businesses, glass balconies can also be taken advantage of during warmer weather. Pubs and restaurants looking to make an impression on their clients can use one from both an aesthetic and practical perspective. Not only will an impressive feature such as this draw more attention, it could also be used as an outdoor space optimised as a beer garden to drive more profits.

                                These Feature Staircases are Stunning

                                As a truly breathtaking interior design piece for your home, it’s hard to think of a better addition than one of Diverso’s feature staircases. Designed and manufactured from the most cutting-edge materials, each one that they produce is tailored to the scheme of the property that it’s going to be housed within.

                                It’s hard to think of a better way to impress friends and family who come to visit your home than with an addition like this. Similarly, if you’re looking to invest in a property to sell on, you’re also sure to receive plenty more interest if one of Diverso’s feature staircases has been installed within. The positives are endless and this company can design your own to match the budget you have available.

                                Glass Balconies, Feature Staircases and Bespoke Conservatories from Diverso

                                Diverso’s expertise is significant and they continue to design a variety of architectural features for clients across Sheffield, Cheshire, Alderley Edge, London and other locations throughout the UK.

                                As well as their glass balcony and feature staircase concepts, Diverso are also experts in the design and installation of bespoke conservatories. These present another great way for you to improve your existing home and impress those who come to visit.

                                To find out more, there are two ways you can contact them today. You can do so by calling 01433 695577. Alternatively, why not drop them an email to Whichever method of contact you choose you can be sure that you’ll be met with equal professionalism.


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                                  Air Source Heat Pumps Made up 45% Share of Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Installs

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                                    In February 2015, air source heat pumps made up a 45% share of the domestic renewable heat incentive install charts. According to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine, records show over 400 applications submitted for new domestic air source heat pump applications, and the second month in a row that they have been the most popular technology in the domestic renewable heat incentive.

                                    Air Source Heat Pump Installations

                                    The renewable heat incentive pays owners of renewable technology such as air source heat pumps for every unit of heat produced for up to seven years. The domestic renewable heat incentive can make the installation of such technology a great financial investment, and one that will continue to pay out for a number of years. To be eligible for the scheme, you’ll need to have a Green Deal Assessment carried out on your home, and employ an approved MCS installer to be eligible. The domestic RHI rate for air source heat pumps is 7.3p/kWh, paid over seven years.

                                    Second Most Popular Technology

                                    Air source heat pumps have been the second most popular technology since the launch of the renewable heat incentive scheme, with 29% of new installations and February’s 402 installations outstripping 384 in November.

                                    Air Source Heat Pumps and my Home

                                    In order to be able to have an air source heat pump installed in your home, firstly you need to own your own home. If you rent, however, you must make sure that you have the permission of the landlord. In order to be eligible for claiming the payments from the government, you must have a certain level of insulation in your home. You must also have enough outdoor space to be able to accommodate the air source heat pump, and currently heat your home using oil, solid fuel, LPG or electricity.

                                    Installers of Air Source Heat Pumps Sheffield and Yorkshire

                                    As renewable energy products, air source heat pumps installed by Phaseline Renewables will qualify for the renewable heat incentive. Their team have extensive experience installing air source heat pumps in domestic properties and offer free quotations. If you would like to find out how much you could save on your fuel costs and earn through the installation of an air source heat pump and the Renewable Heat Incentive, please call them on 0114 294 5500 or email them at




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                                      Biomass Boiler Installation Derby

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                                        When you take into account the Renewable Heat Incentive payments and the fuel savings, the total financial generation from a biomass boiler over a number of years can be substantial.

                                        Biomass Installers Sheffield

                                        As professional biomass installers in Sheffield, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables carried out a recent biomass installation for Mr and Mrs Smith in Derby. The couple had an old oil fired boiler that had seen better days; it was very old and really on its last legs. They replaced their old boiler with an OkoFEN PES56 45-56kw wood pellet biomass boiler.

                                        Biomass Boiler With Bulk Hopper

                                        For ease of automation, the Smiths opted for a 5-6.2 tonne bulk hopper to feed their biomass boiler so that they would not have to manually fill it themselves on a regular basis. This uses a vacuum transfer system to lift the pellets from the store in to the boiler, making it hassle free for the couple. OkoFen are a leading Austrian manufacturer of biomass boilers with an outstanding reputation for manufacturing pellet boilers.

                                        Domestic Renewable Incentive

                                        The idea of a biomass boiler installation caught their attention due to the rising cost of oil and the uncertainly of its cost in the future. Mr and Mrs Smith had also heard of the domestic renewable heat incentive, which would help to pay for the system and earn them money too. They saw the installation of the biomass boiler, therefore, as a fantastic investment opportunity, and were taken with the idea of regular financial payments from the RHI scheme. The biomass boiler now provides heating and hot water for the couple’s large detached barn property, which, due to its significant size, generates a healthy renewable heat incentive payment.

                                        RHI Payments and Fuel Savings

                                        The biomass boiler installation will see Mr and Mrs Smith £11,000 per year better off. This is due to the savings that they will make by not using oil, and paying for pellets to run the boiler instead, and payments that they will receive from the renewable heat incentive through the government scheme.  Over the course of 20 years, the couple will generate almost a 50% return on their initial investment.

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