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Swann Morton Blades and 5 Interesting Facts About Them

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    Swann Morton knife blades always come with the highest standards of quality attached to them. Through the combination of traditional blade making methods and the most innovative technology, the manufacturing of these tools meanings they draw plenty of interest.

    Medical professionals are examples of the many types of individuals who can benefit from Swann Morton products, but what exactly is it that makes them so appealing?

    Leading Sheffield-based supplier of these knife blades Knife-Point are well-placed to explain. Their experts have put together a short article surrounding 5 interesting facts about Swann Morton products; which help to put the appeal of this most-reputable manufacturer into context:

    Product Sterilisation Unit

    Fascinatingly, the installation of one of the first gamma irradiation plants in the world during the 1960’s gave Swann Morton absolute self-sufficiency with relation to the sterilisation of their products. Now updated to sterilise products on a mass-basis, the unit forms part of a fantastic state-of-the-art irradiation centre completed with a microbiological laboratory.

    Worldwide Interest

    When you see how widely-spread Swann Morton’s reach is with their products it’s easy to understand how they’ve continued to grow as they have. Incredibly, their knife blades are used in over 100 countries around the world; with the quality of the products always remaining at the same high standard. This consistency has been a big contributor towards their ever-increasing profile.

    Surgeons Rely on Swann Morton Blades

    As well as for other common uses such as crafting and design work, Swann Morton blades have become vitally important with relation to surgical application. Medical professionals worldwide rely on them to work to the highest standards, which is an accolade in itself.

    Nearly a Century Since Sheffield Inauguration

    As the brand is close to reaching a century since it was initially established, they must have been doing a few things right over the years. One of the ways they’ve been able to remain such a presence is down to their undying commitment to their customers; which is something Knife-Point themselves also hold dear as they continue to supply their products to their own clients.

    Many Handles and Blades to Choose From

    Never underestimate the pull of excellent product choice. For the consumer, it heightens their purchasing experience; whilst as the seller it gives you more chance of achieving client satisfaction. Swann Morton have recognised this and now offer over 70 individual shapes of blades; as well as close to 30 product handles to choose from.

    Stanley Knife Blades as Well as Swann Morton

    Knife-Point also continue to supply planer blades, trimming knife blades, snap off blades and Stanley knife blades to their clients throughout the UK. Each range comes with their attached seal of approval and we’re sure that once you’ve used them as your supplier, you’re sure to keep going back. Call 07737133030 to speak to an expert from their team today, or email

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      Written by Chris

      June 30th, 2015 at 2:58 pm

      Inspirational Ideas for Outfits and Accessories for Flower Girls and Bridesmaids

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        If you have set the date for your wedding and are in the process of choosing your own unique details for your big day, here’s a selection of ideas for your bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories that may just provide you with some much needed inspiration. My job as a professional wedding photographer in Nottingham and Mansfield means that I have been lucky enough to witness a great many weddings. As a photographer, I always keep my eyes open for the unique details of the day; everything from flowers and food, to groomsmen and bridesmaids outfits.

        Flowers Girl Dresses in Teal with Matching Accessories and Fur Stoles

        It’s all about the accessories in these flower girls’ outfits. I love the cute fur stole fastened around their little shoulders and the sash style waist bands in matching teal. The little handbag also looks great with such a vibrant colour, illustrating how the little details can really bring an outfit together.

        Strapless Bridesmaids Dresses in Blue

        These lovely bridesmaids’ dresses are in a rich blue, and if you look closely, they complement the little purple-blue flowers in their bouquets. Strapless dresses are a popular choice for both brides and bridesmaids; they create a very elegant and sophisticated silhouette that’s just perfect for the occasion. The bridesmaids in this picture wear matching pearl necklaces which were given to them as gifts on the day, which is a lovely, sentimental touch that finishes the look off nicely.

        Purple Flower Girl Dresses with Floral Details

        This is a particularly lovely example of flower girl dresses. The beautiful purple fabric had a way of catching the light so that it almost looked pink to create a two toned effect. Delicately gathered at the waist, each dress had a trio of fabric flowers to form a kind of mini bustle at the base of the back section. They’ve teamed these gorgeous dresses with little white ballet pumps and a floral headband to complete the look.

        Wedding Photographer Nottingham and Mansfield

        If you’re looking for a Nottingham wedding photographer, I can help. Please visit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure. If you would like to see more examples of my work, or you’d like to discover more great ideas for bridesmaids and flower girl outfits, please feel free to take a look at my wedding photography gallery.

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          Choosing Between Contemporary and Traditional Door Knockers

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            When adding new door knockers to your home, there are a variety of things to consider. Material, style and cost all important; whilst it’s almost impossible to make the right calls without focusing on whether you want your new door fixtures to be traditional or contemporary.

            You don’t want any new purchases to clash with your existing property, so this needs to be thought about carefully. If you’re happy with your home’s wider design scheme and just want to add new door knockers, then make sure you match like with like.

            Or, if you’re starting from scratch and completely renovating your home, then spend some time deciding whether you want to go down the contemporary or traditional route. Once you’ve done your research, the following advice from Handsome Handles will help you with the path you end up going down.

            Plenty of Traditional Door Knockers

            Handsome Handles have a number of traditional door knocker designs which have been influenced by famous pieces throughout history. Lion’s heads, giant hands and Georgian-infused selections are just examples of the many potential products that are available to you with them; giving you the freedom you need when it comes to any purchases.

            As well as the sculpted appearance of any piece you choose, what you’ll often find yourself studying most is the materials used to make them. Black iron and antique brass are both giveaways for popular traditional door knockers.

            A Range of Modern Door Knockers

            A common feature of contemporary properties is that they can be noticeably striking in their design. That pristine, stylised style can be beautifully refreshing, so it’s essential that it’s not spoilt through lack of consideration for finishing touches like the door knockers.

            To give yourself the best chance of successfully integrating any new door furniture, you’d be wise to look into products made from materials such as polished chrome and satin nickel. These are specifically-tailored for modern properties and are sure to have the desired effect.

            Door Handles and Door Knobs

            As well as Handsome Handles door knockers, they also continue to supply an impressive range of door knobs and door handles to their clients. Also available for both modern and contemporary homes, they can help you to find appropriate internal and external fittings.

            Further to this, if Handsome Handles don’t have the product in stock that you’re searching for, they will always go out of their way to source it for you. For them, it’s all about providing an unrivalled service that will leave you feeling confident enough to tackle any door furniture upgrades that you’re keen to make.

            Sheffield and Rotherham Based Door Knockers Supplier

            To find out more about any of the door furniture products at Handsome Handles, why not contact them today? A helpful member of their team will be able to provide you with the best advice as they continue to remain the leading provider of door knockers, door knobs and door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

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              Keep the News Page of Your Website Updated – It’s Important!

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                It can be really discouraging for potential customers when they check out a company’s news page only to find that it hasn’t been updated for months. It really doesn’t make a good impression and you may find potential customers asking themselves a few questions. Are they not very busy? Have they gone out of business?

                A news page is a common feature on many websites, and used properly, is a great addition to your site. If you have a news page on your website, ask yourself honestly – when was the last time it was updated? If you can’t remember when you last put an article or news bulletin on it, you need to act fast!

                You may have been meaning to update the content on your news page, but maybe it keeps getting put to the bottom of the list. In order to keep it up to date, you need to set aside a block of time during the week to make sure this all important task is carried out. That means posting regular articles that inform customers and readers of your latest news, products, services, event etc. And you’ll benefit from it too – not only do potential customers see interesting, relevant content; search engines love fresh content.

                Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Website

                Keeping visitors coming back to your website is also something to consider. Your regular customers may be very familiar with your site, but why not give them something new to read on their next visit? Loyal customers will be genuinely interested in your news, so adding fresh material to your site on a regular basis means that will come back to see what’s going on.

                You might not think that you have anything to talk about and may worry about generating ideas, but there are lots of things you could write a short article about. Sharing testimonials is a great idea, as is sharing and commenting on industry news, welcoming a new member of staff – you get the idea!

                Blog Post Writer and Copywriter Sheffield

                If you’ve been meaning to add regular articles to your news page, or simply update your website copy or but never quite got round to it, we can help. Our blog writing service means that we can even write regular news articles on your behalf, ensuring that you’ve always got fresh content. Call us on 0114 383 0711 or email us at

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                  Custom Handmade Furniture to Set Your Property Apart

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                    Excellent hosting, great cooking and your property’s interior are just some of the ways in which you can leave a lasting impression on those visiting your home. The latter is a specialty of Paul Bloom, who intricately design handmade furniture to enhance every type of home. It’s impressive and you’re sure to see the value in their work.

                    Crafted to perfection, Paul Bloom continues to produce bespoke pieces for an endless variety of specific rooms and projects. Traditional, contemporary and new-build interiors are all within their capabilities and they relish the challenge that each new project presents to them. Stunning furniture is an art-form and providing their clients with access to such work remains a source of great satisfaction to them.

                    Handmade Furniture Production Experience

                    With so much experience when it comes to handmade furniture production, Paul Bloom are able to deliver long-term satisfaction to their clients. For them, the key to this continues to revolve around their ability to transcend luxury. True class can be difficult to find and by regularly evidencing it in their work, Paul Bloom are continuing to draw interest throughout the UK.

                    Through the combination of beautiful materials, innovative manufacturing methods and master craftsmanship; their impressive handmade furniture stands out within what is always a competitive industry. For those that want something to help set apart the appearance of their home, there really is nothing better.

                    Modern Contemporary Furniture Generating Interest

                    Paul Bloom’s modern contemporary furniture always generates plenty of customer interest. Delicately produced using specially selected timbers, it’s sure to enhance the experiences of your visiting friends and family; whilst your own quality of life within is likely to be improved as well.

                    To truly encapsulate contemporary property design, it has to become synonymous throughout your home. Every detail is equally important; which means that the overall success of a project could ultimately be decided by the handmade furniture that you choose. Paul Bloom’s master craftsmen firmly understand this and will make sure you receive the quality pieces you need.

                    Handmade Furniture Sheffield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and London

                    Working from design to installation, their team can provide you with the reassuring, stress-free property improvement service that you crave. So whether it’s for your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom; don’t hesitate to choose them when it comes to hiring the experts that you need.

                    They’re continuing to produce stunning pieces for property interiors throughout the UK, leaving behind clients that are truly satisfied. Sheffield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow and London are some of the many areas within which they work and if you’re interested in finding out more about what they do you should contact them today.

                    As well as their custom handmade furniture, Paul Bloom also produces a range of breathtaking oak structures using the finest grades of wood. Their technical and considered approach is sure to add detail and strength to any frame and once again they can help every step of the way. Gazebos and carports are just two suggestions for how these features could work for you.


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                      Beautiful Bespoke Kitchen Furniture Can Enhance Your Property

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                        Upgrading your property with luxury interior design can improve the value of your home and your quality of life. For any investments that you decide on, you’ll want to make sure that they’re tailored to secure your long-term satisfaction. One way you can do this is through employing the services of a company that understand truly hand-crafted quality and class.

                        With that in mind, Paul Bloom is ideally-placed to help. They have over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of pristine interior features – including stunning bespoke kitchen furniture  – and always work to go beyond the expectations of their customers.

                        Wonderfully-Crafted Kitchen Projects

                        Paul Bloom manage projects from start to finish and are continuing to satisfy their clients throughout the UK. Sheffield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, London and Derbyshire are just some of the locations they continue to produce their work; but they will always do their utmost to help people outside of these areas too.

                        Paul Bloom’s reputation as master craftsmen has been forged through the continued standards of excellence they apply to everything that they do. They help property owners with projects from minor alterations through to full kitchen re-fits for new build homes; and will always do their utmost to work within a specified budget.

                        Specialising in both traditional and contemporary kitchen furniture, they can adapt the style of their work in line with the existing interior scheme of your property. No matter the scale of the installation, every item of bespoke kitchen furniture Paul Bloom manufactures will receive their equal care and attention during its production.

                        Bespoke Modern Dining Furniture

                        One way Paul Bloom continues to achieve their impressive results is through the continued use of only the finest, internally-licensed, sustainable timbers. Typically implementing solid woods such as oak, maple and walnut in their work; their handmade kitchen furniture is sure to leave you satisfied once in place.

                        This is never more relevant than with their modern dining furniture pieces; which are always of particular interest to homeowners that they work with. They can provide a great focal point of design for any living space within your property and are sure to be the envy of visiting friends and family.

                        Paul Bloom Relish a Challenge

                        Nothing gives Paul Bloom more satisfaction than bringing the threads of people’s initial ideas to final realisation; and they relish the challenge that each new project presents to them. Their pure passion for what they do is evident in each beautifully-crafted piece of handmade furniture that they produce and we’re confident that you’ll see the value their work.

                        You can contact them today to find out more. An experienced and attentive craftsman from the Paul Bloom team will be able to answer any questions that you may have about how their work could fit within your own home. You can send them your enquiry via email to; or phone them directly on 01624 861 094.


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                          Benefits of Window Graphics and Your Sheffield Shop Sign

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                            There are many benefits to window graphics. They are a very cost effective way of decorating the front of your shop. Unlike a shop sign Sheffield, the level of installation is minimal, and digital printing means that the possibilities are almost endless.

                            Because you’re not breaking the bank with a window graphic, if you change your mind or fancy a different look in a few months, you need not worry. They can be changed relatively easily, and can give you a degree of flexibility should you decide to promote a particular offer or service for a particular period of time. As experienced sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio can offer you expert advice on how to achieve a great window manifestation, and catch more passing trade by doing so.

                            Enhance Your Brand

                            Window graphics are a great way of complimenting your existing shop sign Sheffield, and adding another dimension to the exterior of your shop and the way that your brand is perceived. Here at Image Sign Studio, we can use a range of different materials including vinyl lettering and full colour pictures to make your window graphic.

                            We also have one way vision material which allows you to see out of the shop front, but people cannot see in; therefore passersby only see the graphic on the window. There’s a massive colour choice available for the vinyl too, and we are able to print any specific artwork onto it. There’s also the option of vinyl window graphics with a frosted effect so something a little different.

                            Custom Window Graphics

                            Here at Image Sign Studio, we spend our days designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of shop signs Sheffield. Something that is becoming ever more popular in the world of signage Sheffield is the use of window graphics.

                            If you’re anything like us, you’ll love having a good look in the shop windows as you pass, so no doubt will give window graphics with the same attention as you would a shop window display. More and more people are catching on to the fact that their shop windows are a brilliant place to advertise their products and services, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Sometimes simple lettering is all that’s needed, but many people go for graphics that really make an impression.

                            Window Graphics and Shop Sign Makers in Sheffield

                            For more information about the design and manufacture of window graphics for your business, or to find out about a shop sign Sheffield, contact Image Sign Studio on 0114 261 7617 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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                              Heat Pump Market Boosted by Construction Industry Development

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                                The heat pump market is being boosted significantly at the moment by increasing development in the construction industry, and complying strict building requirements by governments. The results were carried out in the Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 – 2025, and reveal that the global heat pump market is driven by the growing demand for technology that uses renewable energy resources and emits less CO2. Therefore, the latest trend in the global heat pump industry shows a shift towards green technology.

                                The Shift Towards Air Source Heat Pumps

                                The shift towards green technology and the installation of air source heat pumps is understandable considering the many benefits of them. As air source heat pump installers, Phaseline Renewables are well aware of the many benefits, and keen to educate potential customers on the difference that they can make to your home. One of the main draws is the promise of lower heating bills, brought about by the fact that they are cheaper to run than electric heating and boilers. The fuel for an air source heat pump is the air; therefore, there are no expensive fuel costs.

                                Air source heat pumps are also incredibly efficient; they are able to extract heat from the air even in temperatures of -25. As they produce fewer carbon emissions, air source heat pumps are also very friendly to the environment. They take approximately a quarter of the amount of energy to produce the same level of heat for a building; therefore their use reduces the pressure on fossil fuel stores.

                                The major drivers for the growth in the heat pump market include increasing investments, government policies, and rising prices for oil and natural gas. However, there are restraints in the global heat pump market. The growth in the market is negatively impacted by lack of consumer awareness, disruptive and expensive installations in existing properties, along with social and technical difficulties.

                                Heat pumps are devices that are used to transfer heat from one area to another. Owing to their high operating efficiency and lower maintenance cost, they act as an eco-friendly substitute for cooling and heating residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

                                Air Source Heat Pumps and the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                The domestic RHI rate for air source heat pumps is 7.3p/kWh, paid over seven years.  This figure is based on the deemed output (from your energy performance certificate), rather than measured, but with extra payments for metered properties. If you would like to find out how much you could save on your fuel costs and earn through the installation of an air source heat pump and the Renewable Heat Incentive, please call us on 0114 294 5500 or email us at

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                                  Sheffield Flat Named Most Disgusting by National Press, Report House Clearance Sheffield

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                                    According to an article in a national newspaper, 2C in the Froggatt Apartments at Endcliffe Village in Sheffield contains an indoor compost heap, empty beer cans, piles of rubbish, and a stolen traffic cone. The flat has been named the most disgusting student flat in Britain.

                                    The images show a communal kitchen area strewn with week’s worth of dirty cooking equipment and utensils, empty bottles and left over, decaying food. The living room is littered with empty bottles of wine, beer cans, glasses and mugs, as well as playing cards – apparent evidence of drinking games before their nights out at the student union. However, they do have a large plasma screen TV, which sits on top of an empty beer keg.

                                    As experts in rubbish removal and house clearance Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up see a great many flats and houses in need of a good clear out and clean, but we can’t say we’ve ever come across an indoor compost heap before! But students are notorious for being untidy and living in unsanitary conditions, to the point where it has become an ingrained cultural joke.

                                    University Student Accommodation

                                    The University of Sheffield has an excellent reputation for its student flats, with the newly built Endcliffe Village housing more than 3,000 of the university’s students in a complex of flats and apartment buildings. An en suite single room in one of the flats in the Froggatt building costs students £5,294.94 for 42 weeks of the academic year.

                                    One resident of the flat defended the mess by saying that the stacks of filthy cutlery and plates that have been turned into ashtrays ‘adds character’, while another admitted the only time the sink has been emptied was when someone urinated in it.  It’s got so bad that even the cleaner refuses to enter the kitchen, calling it “a disgrace”. According to the article, the flat has failed its last 2 communal area inspections.

                                    House Clearance Services in Sheffield

                                    Clearance and Clean Up have cleared many houses and flats over the years, including some that are much worse than this example! If you need a house clearance Sheffield, or are looking for the best way to dispose of rubbish or unwanted items, Clearance and Clean Up can help. We carry out full and part house clearances, and rubbish removal services, and are able to take away single items or multiple truck loads.

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                                      Nottingham Wedding Photographer Suggests Inspiring Ideas for Wedding Cakes

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                                        If you’re in the process of planning a wedding and struggling for ideas for your wedding cake, we’ve picked out a few of our favourites that will definitely inspire you (and probably make you hungry!) Here at James Davies wedding photography in Nottingham, we’ve been lucky enough to see our fair share of absolutely amazing wedding cakes.

                                        Quirky, Personalised 3 Tiered Wedding Cake

                                        For those looking for something a little different, this quirky wedding cake is sure to make an impression on your guests. We love the fact that it is just so personal; the cake toppers lovingly crafted into miniature versions of the bride and groom from icing are gorgeous. The middle layer has been designed to resemble a tree trunk with the couple’s initials carved into it to look like wood. It’s even complete with knots and grain to create the effect of bark. The woodland feel is continued in the top and bottom tier, which are decorated with large white flowers made from icing, and blades of grass around the base.

                                        Traditional Tiered Wedding Cake with White Royal Icing

                                        Tiered cakes have always been a traditional wedding staple, and this gorgeous example is a beautifully classic example. Finished with deep purple ribbon to compliment the day’s accessories, this cake also features delicate hearts finely crafted from white icing to add interest and testure to each individual cake. Topped with a trio of white roses, this is a gorgeous example of a classic and elegant tiered wedding cake.

                                        Modern Floral Tiered Wedding Cake

                                        This gorgeous wedding cake is a contemporary twist on a classic tiered design. Although the white royal icing, ribbon and tiered arrangement are very traditional, this couple have opted for a modern floral design that cascades down the length of the cake. The large yellow gerberas, orange roses and splashes of green foliage all delicately crafted from sugar icing make for a bright, cheerful cake with plenty of personality.

                                        Professional Nottingham Wedding Photographer

                                        If you would like to see some more examples of Nottingham wedding photography from James Davies, including plenty more wedding cakes, please feel free to take a look at his wedding photography gallery. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced wedding photographer Nottinghamvisit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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