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Snap Off Blades From This Supplier Are Top Quality

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    For a number of years, Knife-Point have been delivering satisfaction to their customers. A big part of the reason that they’re able to do this is thanks to their commitment to provide a knife supply service that offers great choice, value and quality.

    Regardless of the knife blades that you purchase from them, Knife-Point remain committed to providing you as the client with the tools that are best suited to you. As a result of this, they’re now widely recognised as the leading supplier in the Sheffield area.

    Taking a closer look at their snap off blades range in particular, they’ve put together a list of some of the positives you can reasonably expect to come attached when you choose them as your knife blade provider.

    The Best Quality Products on the Market

    By continuing to offer the best quality products on the market to their customers, Knife-Point have been able to build up long-lasting relationships with a great deal of them. Their clients recognise the excellent standard of knife blades on offer with this company; leaving them confident to keep coming back once they’ve implemented any purchases from them in their line of work.

    Sharp Pricing

    When browsing the Knife-Point site, it will be immediately obvious to you how competitively-priced their products are – regardless of the ones that you require. With relation to their snap off blades, you can purchase these tools from them in a whole host of different quantities; safe in the knowledge that the price is sure to match the service.

    Leading Customer Service

    One thing you can be absolutely sure of when you choose Knife-Point is that the service you receive will be truly unrivalled in its quality. Now with over 30 years experience working within the trade, you’d be hard pressed to find a knife blades supplier that’s able to offer the levels of professionalism and commitment that their team are able to do on an ongoing basis.

    Rapid Deliveries

    When you purchase anything online, it’s always an added bonus if you can receive the product in question quickly. That’s why Knife-Point’s rapid delivery times continue to remain important to them as a company. They make it a priority to fulfil any orders they receive in a timely manner, so that you can gain access to the tools you require and carry out the work you need to.

    Manufacturer Choice for All Clients

    It’s important to Knife-Point that they continue to offer manufacturer choice to their customers. By doing so, they’re able to give those looking to purchase from them the best chance of gaining access to top quality. Olfa and Stanley are the two most notable of these; and Knife-Point offer a number of replacement blades to fit handles from these well-know companies.

    Snap Off Blades and Trimming Knife Blades

    To find out more about their snap off blades(NewArticleURL) – or other products such as their trimming knife blades – you should get in contact with them today. Call 07737133030 to find out more; or drop them an email to

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      Written by Chris

      July 31st, 2015 at 2:11 pm

      Door Knobs Can Help to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home

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        It can be rewarding to make successful investments in your property. There a number of ways in which you can achieve success; and the size of any project that you undertake is likely to be influenced by the budget you have available to you.

        If you want to make changes but don’t have endless amounts to spend, the products available with Handsome Handles are absolutely perfect. Ideal for implementation right throughout your home; their door knobs, door handles and door knockers are continuing to deliver long-term satisfaction to their clients. Offering plenty of scope for you to stamp your own individual interior design taste on your home, each of their ranges features products of great value and style.

        With that in mind, Handsome Handles have put together some more information surrounding their door furniture; to help give you an idea of which would be most suitable pieces for helping you to improve your own home with:

        Door Knobs

        No matter the style of your property, door knobs always present a great way to invest – simply because there are so many different routes you can go down. For Handsome Handles, the key factor towards providing satisfaction with this range has been the choice they can offer – both in decor and material terms. With everything from ornate polished brass and chrome designs through to sleek and slender pieces made from satin; they remain confident you’ll find the right ones for you with them.

        Carlisle Brass and M Marcus Door Handles

        When it comes to door handles, the possibilities are wide-reaching, as there are designs suitable for doors and furniture right throughout your home. From aesthetically-pleasing upgrades for your kitchen and bathroom furniture; through to replacement handles for doors themselves, you can be sure that Handsome Handles will be able to assist you. Their M Marcus and Carlisle Brass door handles are always particularly popular with their customers.

        Door Knockers

        With a focus on the exterior of your home, Handsome Handles also have many years experience when it comes to the supply of door knockers to their customers. As one of the first things that people are likely to notice about your home, these property features may seem insignificant; but they can in fact be the most important contributor towards you leaving a positive first impression on your visitors. With an abundance of both traditional and contemporary designs, Handsome Handles can help.

        Find Out More from Our Team Today

        To find out more about how Handsome Handles could help you to upgrade your property for a relatively minimal investment today, why not call their helpful and friendly team? You can reach them on 01246 852 770.

        Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through their impressive choice of products, you’d be well advised to go and check out their website – There, you’ll be able to find the inspiration you need and decide on the door furniture that you think is most suitable for you to purchase.

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          The Importance of Ongoing Organic Content Creation for SEO Campaigns

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            Driving high-quality traffic to your site is the primary goal of any SEO campaign. Through the combination of organic, high-quality content – and white-hat link building techniques – you can give yourself the best chance of doing this on an ongoing basis.

            To help you achieve your ranking goals, it pays to have an experienced company doing the work that you require. With that in mind, Seven Creative are perfectly placed to help; and continue to offer Sheffield SEO services to businesses on both a monthly and one off basis.

            Focussing on the production of shareable, engaging website copy; they have a proven track record when it comes to successfully ranking sites across a wide spectrum of trades. With that in mind, this company have put together a guide to help explain why organic content should continue to form the cornerstone of your SEO campaign.

            Getting Site Visitors to Engage for Longer

            Focussing on the production of content that offers genuine value to your target website users can benefit you in a number ways. Primarily, it will ensure that you’re providing your potential customers with useful information; that will ultimately persuade them to choose your services. As a result of this, it’s likely that those users will engage with your site for a longer spell of time.

            Google will look fondly upon this; as the longer a visitor spends on your site, the more the search engines will flag it as a valuable source of information. Finally, if the traffic you receive likes the content, they’re more likely to delve into the deeper structure of your site. This means a reduced bounce rate and more subsequent points scored with the search engines.

            The Benefits of External Linking

            If and when other web users start to link to your site, the subsequent SEO benefits can see you rise further up the ranking positions. If people see value in your business blog copy, they may feel compelled to share it across social media and other bookmarking sites; which can only have a positive effect.

            Not only will the links built back to your site by this activity act as golden flags to the search engine algorithms, they will also raise exposure of the shared content you’ve written and get in front of more potentially high-value website visitors.

            Meta Data, Image Optimisation and More

            A steady stream of site pages – that you can carefully optimise for SEO purposes – will come as a result of continued organic content production. Each new page presents a chance to for you to integrate search terms that you wish to be found for; whilst the accompanying meta data you can fill in is another factor the search engines will be weighing up when debating the value of your site.

            Every page of copy that you produce can also be optimised with relevant images, which when added correctly can also give your site a boost. As long as you consistently stick to good practices, you’re sure to see an improvement for your website in the search engine ranking positions.

            Contact These SEO Experts in Sheffield for Assistance

            When implemented well, SEO can become a profitable long-term investment for your business. To speak to one of the SEO experts in Sheffield at Seven Creative about tailoring a campaign to suit your needs, give one of their team a call today on 0114 383 0711.

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              Make the Most of Summer with These Bespoke Conservatories

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                The record temperatures recorded just under a month were more than welcome, after plenty of time spent enduring grey skies and plenty of rain. Hot weather and sunshine can be a real mood-booster, so it was great to see. To help you enjoy such spells of heat, bespoke conservatories are perfect; and Diverso continue to provide them to their clients.

                Emanating class, luxury and contemporary design excellence; their bespoke conservatory range has been satisfying property owners throughout the UK for many years. Expertly combining the most innovative manufacturing techniques with carefully-selected materials, the team at Diverso are well-accustomed to delivering long-term satisfaction with these architectural features.

                Bespoke Conservatories for All Different Types of Social Occasions

                One of the most appealing things about bespoke conservatories is that they’re perfect for social occasions with friends and family. Providing a luxury connection to your property’s exterior space, our installations are commonly chosen by those who love hosting barbeques and garden parties. Time spent with loved ones is invaluable and with your own bespoke conservatory design you’re sure to be encouraged to share in your new investment with those closest to you.

                Lazy Summer Evening Enjoyment with Diverso’s Assistance

                Another attraction attached to having a bespoke conservatory at your property is that it gives you an excuse to extend those summer get-togethers long into any lazy summer evenings. Rather than having to retreat to your interior dining space, you can extend your interaction with the outdoors from the comfort of this versatile form of extension.

                A bespoke glass conservatory will hold some of the heat from the daytime sunshine, meaning that as the cooler night air begins to arrive; you can remain snug and warm within your classy new architectural feature. With the introduction of comfortable chairs and sofas, you and your guests can then finish your wine before moving on in to enjoy the nightcap of your choice; all within a relaxing living space.

                Holding Heat to Extend the Evening

                Through clever positioning of Diverso’s bespoke conservatories; this company able to provide property owners with a space that remains comfortable right throughout the year. Combining carefully-selected materials with their extensive knowledge of how to best implement these architectural features, the bespoke conservatories that they design are perfect for those looking for a true touch of property class.

                Glass Balconies and Feature Staircases

                To find out more about Diverso’s bespoke conservatories, why not contact them today? A professional and attentive member of their team will be able to further advise you on how they could adapt their range to your own property; and explain all the other values attached to the service – including the added property value that you’ll enjoy upon installation.

                As well as their bespoke conservatory range, Diverso also offer a number of other architectural possibilities to home and business owners in Sheffield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, London and many other UK locations. Stunning glass balconies and breathtaking feature staircases are just two examples of these.

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                  Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pump System Options Explained

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                    All types of systems have their advantages, and as heat pump installers in Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are here to talk you through the different options so that you have a better idea of what would be most suitable for you and your home. There are a variety of system options available for both air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps in domestic properties.

                    Bore Hole Ground Source Heat Pumps

                    Bore hole ground source heat pumps draw heat from the ground via a bore hole that is drilled directly into the earth. This type of heat pump is perfect for domestic environments where there is little space, although due to the nature of the work required, the holes will need to be drilled between 50 and 100 metres down.

                    Slinky Pipe Ground Source Heat Pumps

                    Ground source heat pumps consisting of a slinky pipe use a method by which the pipe is looped in a trench, allowing a large amount of pipe to be inserted into quite a small area. This is a lower cost option, as coiling the pipe is a very effective and convenient way of collecting heat from the ground.

                    Straight Pipe Ground Source Heat Pumps

                    Ground source heat pumps consisting of a straight pipe are laid in narrow trenches, therefore require more land than other types. This means that the collection of heat is spread over a larger area, making them more efficient.

                    Lake Source Ground Source Heat Pumps

                    This type of ground source heat pump extracts heat from lake. It’s perfect if your home is located next to a large expanse of water, as the method doesn’t need a huge amount of drilling equipment. It also means that the pipe work can be laid quite close together due to the high conductivity of the water. Air to Water Air Source Heat Pumps for Domestic Properties

                    Air to water air source heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air and then feeding it into your wet central heating system. These types of systems are better suited to home that have under floor heating systems or larger radiators, due to the fact that the heat they produce is cooler than that from a conventional boiler in a standard heating system.

                    Air to Air Systems for Domestic Properties

                    Air to air systems, as the name suggests, use the heat from the outside air to heat the air in your home by feeding it inside using fans which circulate the warm air around your home. But they are not just used to heat your home in winter; they can also be used to circulate cool air around your home in summer, like an air conditioning unit. The only down side is that this type of system cannot be used to produce hot water.

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                      Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer Nottingham

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                        I thought I’d briefly touch upon the importance of hiring a professional for the job, as opposed to leaving it to your guests or letting a friend with a good camera have a go at it for you. Many people describe their wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives, so it makes sense to want to record that day in stunning wedding photography. As a professional wedding photographer Mansfield and Nottinghamshire, here are my thoughts on why I think that hiring a professional is a good idea.

                        Insurance and Back Up Equipment

                        A professional wedding photographer will be covered for all eventualities. That means a spare camera, back up batteries, and back up memory cards. The chances that they will actually be needed are slim, but they are there. It’s the same with insurance; if something goes wrong, a professional is covered. Personally, I am fully insured for both liability and professional indemnities.

                        An Experienced Wedding Photographer Has Been to Numerous Weddings!

                        An experienced wedding photographer will have a good idea of the ins and outs of a wedding day and everything that goes along with them. I’ve been to countless weddings, and photographed many more, therefore I know just where to look and when! Whether it’s sneaking in the perfect romantic shot of a tender moment between the bride and groom, or catching a mother in law wiping the tears from her eyes, I’ll be there and ready with the camera. These moments are priceless, I want you to remember them.

                        More Than Just a Camera

                        Although having a great camera is a good place to start, beautiful wedding photography is about so much more than that. Professional photographers have spent hours training, and clocked up even more hours in experience, making them experts at what they do. From composing a shot to editing it afterwards, these skills take time, effort and a pinch of talent to perfect.

                        Wedding Photographer Mansfield and Nottingham

                        In addition to my wedding photography services, I also offer a variety of optional extras. These include pre-wedding engagement shoots and a range of bespoke wedding photography albums, books, and framed pictures. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced wedding photographer Nottinghamvisit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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                          Unique Details in Wedding Photography Nottingham

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                            As a wedding photographer in Nottingham and Mansfield, I know exactly how important my job is when capturing the unforgettable moments of a wedding day. Although the day may pass in a whirlwind of emotions and excitement for the happy couple and the guests, I make it my job to record those special details so that everyone can look back on the photos with admiration and joy.

                            Place Holders and Table Settings

                            This lovely collection of images shows a selection of details from a recent wedding. I particularly like the close up of the table setting, showing a cute slate heart as a place holder, simple white linen and classic cutlery. The focus of this photograph is on the detail of the table setting, with the rest of the scene slightly out of focus to accentuate the focal point. Images of details such as the signs for the reception area and the venue add personal touches to details of the day that may be overlooked otherwise. It’s all about the detail!

                            Handmade Wedding Accessories

                            One of my personal favourites and something of an inspiration to me were the delicate handmade details of this wedding day. Everything from the bridesmaid’s dresses and groom’s ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs, to the bunting, table decorations and wedding favours were all designed by the bride and created by her Mother. Needless to say, details such as this cannot be overlooked in great wedding photography, and I did my very best to do them justice.

                            Lego Cufflinks and Colour Co-ordinated Accessories

                            This quirky image is a great example of the importance of capturing the details in my wedding photography Nottingham. These fantastic groomsmen have all embraced a Lego cufflink theme in hot pink and royal blue, adding a quirky, individual touch to something that could so easily be overlooked. They also match the colour scheme of the wedding, tying in with everything from socks, ribbons and accessories.

                            Wedding Photographer Mansfield and Nottingham

                            If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Nottingham or a wedding photographer in Mansfield, I can help. As you can see, I go to great lengths to capture the unique details of your day, meaning that you can look back on your photos and remember the special touches for years to come. Please visit the Contact Page of the website to get in touch, or to make a request for our 2015 brochure.

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                              Options for Biomass Boiler Installation for Commercial and Domestic Properties

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                                In essence, the process carried out in each different type of biomass system is the same, and involves burning biomass fuel in an enclosure with a restricted airflow. The heat generated can then be used to provide heat for the room it stands in (a stove) or, by heating water and pumping it through pipes to several rooms (a boiler). The process is incredibly versatile, and isn’t even limited to one property. For example, biomass boilers can provide heat to several buildings from the same boiler, otherwise known as district heating. When it comes to the installation of biomass boilers in both domestic and commercial properties, there are a variety of options that are available.

                                Straw Biomass Boilers

                                Straw boilers are a great option for commercial premises. In this case, the biomass boiler is filled with dried cereal, linseed, bean or rape straw. This can be very convenient for farm owners, for example, because they may have access to a regular straw supply, meaning they’ll save on their fuel costs. Substantial space is needed to store the straw bales, and care needs to be taken to ensure that the straw is weathered and dried correctly.

                                Log Burning Boilers

                                Another option for biomass boiler installation is a log burning boiler. These need to be filled by hand, therefore they require more work than pellet boilers. Logs should be loaded into the boiler at least once a day, and usually just one batch will be sufficient to heat the hot water cylinder in order to meet the hot water and heating requirements of a domestic property. Although a fair amount of fuel is needed to heat a whole house, logs are generally cheaper than biomass pellets, and very handy if you have a good supply in your local area.

                                Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

                                Biomass pellet boilers use wood pellets as fuel, which are made up of compressed sawdust and wood shavings. Wood pellets are handy in domestic environments because they take up very little space compared to wood chip or logs, and they have a higher energy content.

                                The most common and easy to install choice for homeowners, pellet boilers are very convenient and require little maintenance. Biomass pellet boilers are available with either manual loading facilities, or automatic loading facilities. Automatic loading biomass boilers will refill the system automatically at regular intervals, and manual boilers are refilled by hand. Annual servicing is needed for pellet boilers, as well as regular ash removal to keep the system clean and running efficiently.

                                Biomass Installer Yorkshire

                                As biomass installers in Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are incredibly knowledgeable about the different options available to commercial properties and home owners.

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                                  Written by Chris

                                  July 28th, 2015 at 3:33 am

                                  Shop Signs Sheffield Report on the Fight to Save Devonshire Street in Sheffield City Centre

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                                    There have been more than 20,000 objections to the controversial plans, also previously reported by experts in shop signs Sheffield Image Sign Studio. Sheffield Council plan to knock down the shops on Devonshire Street and replace them with shops, restaurants and flat.

                                    Only a few weeks ago, we reported on the latest plans to demolish shops on Devonshire Street in Sheffield. Campaigners have been fighting ever since to save them from being bulldozed, and have now raised £15,000 in order to launch a legal battle.

                                    Raising Money for Legal Costs

                                    The campaigners have been trying to raise the money needed for the legal costs for a judicial review to overturn the decision to knock the shops down. The money will cover the costs in case permission for a review of the case is refused, and has been raised through a variety of fundraising events and activities including an art auction, gigs, and online crowdfunding from those who support the campaigners.

                                    According to Sheffield Council, they have been put in a difficult position regarding Devonshire Street and expressed clearly that their hands have been tied by government requirements. Sheffield City Councillor, Leigh Bramall, said: “Although technically we make the decision on planning applications, our hands are tied by the stringent planning laws set out by the government. If we did not follow these laws we would be putting the Council under a big risk of being taken to an appeal by the developer, to be heard by the National Planning Inspectorate, which would mean that the Council would be overruled and the development go ahead, but with the Council facing huge legal bills. What we need to see is the Council being given the powers to make the decisions to shape the future of our high streets, so we can make the decisions locally, listening to the views of local people rather than having to follow arbitrary rules made up by bureaucrats in Whitehall.”

                                    Save Devonshire Street

                                    The head of Save Devonshire Street Nick Roscoe said “The community has shown it is totally behind us and I think if there is any chance of holding the council to account then we have got to take it.” There has also been an organised protest outside Sheffield Town Hall, in which hundreds of people attended to protest against the scheme to convert the shops into flats and restaurants. Campaigners were out in force to make it known that they disagreed with the plans, saying that the shops on Devonshire Street are part of the city’s heritage.

                                    Shop Sign Makers in Sheffield

                                    For help and advice on the manufacture and installation of your new shop sign Sheffield, get in touch with Image Sign Studio on 0114 261 7617 or email us at



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                                      UK Property Owners Can Benefit from M Marcus Door Handles

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                                        Handsome Handles continue to offer the best choice when it comes to door furniture. Designed to ensure long-term satisfaction, their quality products have been satisfying property owners in Sheffield, Rotherham and throughout the UK for many years. To decide on the features that could improve the aesthetics of your own home, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider.

                                        The existing interior design scheme of your property and which you rooms you want to house any door furniture in will both be important in the decision making process. The budget you have available to spend will also play a part; but with so many reasonably priced door handles, door knobs and door knockers available with Handsome Handles, we’re confident you’ll be able to justify any purchases that you make with them.

                                        Plenty of Different Styles to Choose From

                                        Manufacturing innovation is evident across all Handsome Handles’ product ranges – including their wonderful door handles selection. Designed to add class and quality to the home they’re chosen for; each of the designs that they stock have their own unique charms and characteristics.

                                        Right throughout there’s an abundance of different materials for you to choose from; giving you the best possible chance of success when it comes to integrating new door handles into the grander make-up of your property.

                                        Modern and Old M Marcus Door Handles

                                        Carefully-selected to give you the best possible chance of finding the right door furniture for your home, Handsome Handles’ M Marcus door handles are continuing to satisfy both their new and existing customers. With pieces suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, they’ve got something for every type of property owner.

                                        Whether you’re searching for black iron designs – such as their smooth Ashfield M Marcus door handles; or strikingly modern features – like their polished chrome M Marcus Ambassador door handles on a backplate; Handsome Handles are sure to be able to help.

                                        External and Internal Door Handles

                                        Everyone has their own requirements when it comes to the search for things to improve their own property. With door handles, the requests Handsome Handles receive regularly vary from internal to external designs.

                                        Each of these two have their own characteristics; and have been manufactured so that they best function in-line with their placement within the environment of your property. For advice on which types of door handles would be most suitable for you, a member of their team will be able to help you if you get in touch.

                                        You Should Check Out These Door Knobs and Door Knockers Too

                                        It’s not just door handles that Handsome Handles stock and supply. They also offer fantastic choice with relation to door knockers and door knobs too; both of which can improve your home in their own unique ways.

                                        To find out more, you can contact the team at Handsome Handles today. You can do so by calling 07961 832 812; or by dropping them an email to

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