Refurb of Derbyshire Grade 11 Listed Building Includes Ground Source Heat Pump

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    As professional installers of ground source heat pumps, it’s great to see a listed property being retrofitted with renewable energy technology such as a ground source heat pump. It’s proof that not only modern buildings are compatible with renewable energy technology and that it can be fitted relatively quickly and easily even retrospectively.

    The property is Goosehill Hall, a Grade 11 listed building located in the village of Castleton in Derbyshire. It has recently been refurbished, and as part of the project, a new heating system has been installed which includes a ground source heat pump. Underfloor heating has also been installed on the downstairs floor of the property, but could not be installed upstairs due to the absence of a void between the downstairs ceiling and the upstairs floor. Instead, radiators that are compatible with heat pumps were used.

    New Heating System and Ground Source Heat Pump

    The new heating system and ground source heat pump installed in Goosehill Hall qualifies for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. The domestic RHI is a government run scheme that provides users of renewable heat technology with payments over a 20 year period. Ground source heat pumps can also help reduce your fuel bills as home owners will benefit from savings through lower running costs.

    Ground source heat pumps use a network of pipes that are buried beneath the ground near a domestic property to extract heat. The pipes draw the ground heat up into a heat exchanger which is then utilised to heat radiators or under floor heating systems and provide hot water. They are a highly economical way of providing both heating and hot water to a property.

    The heat generated by the ground source heat pump can replace a conventional boiler, providing immediate hot water and working optimally in conjunction with under-floor heating, and large radiator central heating systems. A ground source heat pump should provide a complete solution to all of a domestic property’s heating and hot water needs. It is, therefore, a suitable replacement for conventional oil, LPG, gas and electric heating systems.

    Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Sheffield and Yorkshire

    Our team have extensive experience installing ground source heat pumps in domestic properties and offer free quotations. For more information about having an ground source heat pump installed in your home, call Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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