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    Seven Creative

    Seven Creative

    About Seven Creative

    Seven Creative is a full service marketing agency based in Sheffield, UK.

    We specialise in business design and web solutions such as web design, search engine optimisation, ecommerce and general business design services.

    Established in 2004, we’ve grown to become a highly respected agency with customers all over the UK and Europe including Sheffield cathedral, Thomas Rotherham College, East Peak Innovation Partnership and Sheffield University to name just a few.

    The company was established by husband and wife team Chris and Clair Day who, after becoming increasingly frustrated by a poor general level of service within the industry, decided a new approach was needed. Their ethos is to empower the customer and provide a transparent, personal service, allowing the customer to be involved in all aspects of the design and marketing process.

    Prior to co-founding Seven Creative, Clair worked for Landrover UK as the marketing manager for the North of England. Chris, having originally studied art & design, came from a background in web design, sales and business marketing both in London and Sheffield.

    About this website

    Our main business website address is www.sevencreative.co.uk and houses all the usual stuff including information about services and portfolios.

    This website, loosely referred to as our blog, is for everything that doesn’t quite fit in the main website including articles, tutorials, opinions and archive newsletters.

    The site also provides a useful marketing tool for our customers as an area to post their business profiles and website links.

    As a customer of Seven Creative, any content or articles you’d like to posted here, send them over and we’ll put them up for you

    Want to know why you should choose us to build your website?

    Seems like every man and his dog says they can build you a website these days and to be honest, it’s not difficult to get ‘something’ on-line.

    A successful website, however, is a sales and marketing tool which needs to be carefully planned and designed using years of industry marketing experience if it’s going to be successful and this is not something a university can teach you.

    What many people don’t also understand is that a website is only one step of a long journey. It’s frustrating to see how many people get that first step wrong and maddening to see how many people don’t even understand that this is just one step of many.

    Here at Seven Creative; between us we have qualifications in Art and graphic design; and bachelor and masters degree’s in IT, Business and marketing. besides that, and possibly the most important qualification, is the work experience in sales and marketing and years working in the industry.

    There’s no question that we’re fully qualified and massively experienced in our field so we can confidently say that we are great at what we do. More importantly, however, we also love our job!

    On the other hand though, we’re bound to say that we’re great at what we do – after all, everyone would say that! So, don’t take our word for it, have a look at what our customers have say about us:

    Business profiles, case studies and testimonials

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