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Beautiful Bespoke Kitchen Furniture Can Enhance Your Property

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    Upgrading your property with luxury interior design can improve the value of your home and your quality of life. For any investments that you decide on, you’ll want to make sure that they’re tailored to secure your long-term satisfaction. One way you can do this is through employing the services of a company that understand truly hand-crafted quality and class.

    With that in mind, Paul Bloom is ideally-placed to help. They have over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of pristine interior features – including stunning bespoke kitchen furniture  – and always work to go beyond the expectations of their customers.

    Wonderfully-Crafted Kitchen Projects

    Paul Bloom manage projects from start to finish and are continuing to satisfy their clients throughout the UK. Sheffield, Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, London and Derbyshire are just some of the locations they continue to produce their work; but they will always do their utmost to help people outside of these areas too.

    Paul Bloom’s reputation as master craftsmen has been forged through the continued standards of excellence they apply to everything that they do. They help property owners with projects from minor alterations through to full kitchen re-fits for new build homes; and will always do their utmost to work within a specified budget.

    Specialising in both traditional and contemporary kitchen furniture, they can adapt the style of their work in line with the existing interior scheme of your property. No matter the scale of the installation, every item of bespoke kitchen furniture Paul Bloom manufactures will receive their equal care and attention during its production.

    Bespoke Modern Dining Furniture

    One way Paul Bloom continues to achieve their impressive results is through the continued use of only the finest, internally-licensed, sustainable timbers. Typically implementing solid woods such as oak, maple and walnut in their work; their handmade kitchen furniture is sure to leave you satisfied once in place.

    This is never more relevant than with their modern dining furniture pieces; which are always of particular interest to homeowners that they work with. They can provide a great focal point of design for any living space within your property and are sure to be the envy of visiting friends and family.

    Paul Bloom Relish a Challenge

    Nothing gives Paul Bloom more satisfaction than bringing the threads of people’s initial ideas to final realisation; and they relish the challenge that each new project presents to them. Their pure passion for what they do is evident in each beautifully-crafted piece of handmade furniture that they produce and we’re confident that you’ll see the value their work.

    You can contact them today to find out more. An experienced and attentive craftsman from the Paul Bloom team will be able to answer any questions that you may have about how their work could fit within your own home. You can send them your enquiry via email to; or phone them directly on 01624 861 094.


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