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Biomass Boiler Installation Derby

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    When you take into account the Renewable Heat Incentive payments and the fuel savings, the total financial generation from a biomass boiler over a number of years can be substantial.

    Biomass Installers Sheffield

    As professional biomass installers in Sheffield, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables carried out a recent biomass installation for Mr and Mrs Smith in Derby. The couple had an old oil fired boiler that had seen better days; it was very old and really on its last legs. They replaced their old boiler with an OkoFEN PES56 45-56kw wood pellet biomass boiler.

    Biomass Boiler With Bulk Hopper

    For ease of automation, the Smiths opted for a 5-6.2 tonne bulk hopper to feed their biomass boiler so that they would not have to manually fill it themselves on a regular basis. This uses a vacuum transfer system to lift the pellets from the store in to the boiler, making it hassle free for the couple. OkoFen are a leading Austrian manufacturer of biomass boilers with an outstanding reputation for manufacturing pellet boilers.

    Domestic Renewable Incentive

    The idea of a biomass boiler installation caught their attention due to the rising cost of oil and the uncertainly of its cost in the future. Mr and Mrs Smith had also heard of the domestic renewable heat incentive, which would help to pay for the system and earn them money too. They saw the installation of the biomass boiler, therefore, as a fantastic investment opportunity, and were taken with the idea of regular financial payments from the RHI scheme. The biomass boiler now provides heating and hot water for the couple’s large detached barn property, which, due to its significant size, generates a healthy renewable heat incentive payment.

    RHI Payments and Fuel Savings

    The biomass boiler installation will see Mr and Mrs Smith £11,000 per year better off. This is due to the savings that they will make by not using oil, and paying for pellets to run the boiler instead, and payments that they will receive from the renewable heat incentive through the government scheme.  Over the course of 20 years, the couple will generate almost a 50% return on their initial investment.

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      Biomass Boilers and the Renewable Heat Incentive for Poultry Farmers

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        There are lots of advantages to investing in biomass boilers for use on poultry farms. As experts in biomass boilers, Phaseline Renewables think that all businesses who rely heavily on generating heat should consider the option of a commercial biomass boiler. Not only is it a positive step for the environment, it also has the potential of drawing in a significant income. Added to the savings made in fuel, biomass boiler installations for commercial farms in the UK have never been a more attractive prospect.

        Derbyshire Farm Earns £250,000 per Year from the Renewable Heat Incentive

        According to an online article by Farmers Weekly, a poultry producer in Derbyshire is getting an additional income of a quarter of a million pounds per year after the farm installed a total of 11 biomass boilers.

        The one million pound investment of 11 199kW biomass boilers was made by Overbrook Farms in Derbyshire at the end of 2012, generating £250,000 per year of extra revenue from the Renewable Heat Incentive. Overbrook Farm runs 25 poultry sheds over 3 sites and produces 6.5 million birds a year. But the benefits of the biomass installations doesn’t stop there; the boilers are also saving the company more than £90,000 a year in fuel costs.

        The farm decided against the installation of one large biomass boiler, which would receive a reduced tariff, in favour of 11 smaller biomass boilers of 199kW, in order to heat 23 sheds spread across three farms. This was a calculated decision, as boilers of under 200kW are eligible for the highest tier payments. Installing several smaller biomass boilers is also a smart move with regard to productivity, because it reduces the risk of the whole system breaking down due to the boiler failing.

        Reduced Carbon Dioxide Production from Biomass Boilers

        According to Mr Allsop, another advantage of the biomass system is that it produces far less carbon dioxide than their old gas heating. Not only does this help to reduce the carbon footprint of Overbrook farms, it also means that the chicks getter a healthier start in life. This is due to the fact that carbon dioxide has the effect of suppressing the growth of chicks in the first few days of their lives. Therefore, the reduction in carbon dioxide means that the welfare of the birds has improved, and performance of the farm has improved too.

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          Biomass Installers Derbyshire Fit Trianco Pellet Biomass Boiler in Hulland Ward

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            Biomass boilers work by using wood pellets which are filled into a chamber, either manually or using a hopper, where an electric probe ignites the wood. The combustion of the biomass fuel is carefully monitored using a micro compressor and a thermometer, allowing adjustments to be made to the fuel supply and speed of the fan in accordance with the needs of the property.

            The burning of this biomass fuel then creates hot gasses, which pass through the heat exchanger and allow the heat to be used in your central heating system. Biomass boiler fuel can be in the form of logs, waste wood, straw or biomass pellets.

            Professional Biomass Installers Derbyshire

            As professional biomass installers in Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables recently installed a 25kW Trianco Greenflame pellet boiler for Mr. & Mrs. Hutchings in their home in Hulland Ward, Derbyshire. The pellet biomass boiler is fed by a bulk 3.5 tonne hopper and Trianco’s vacuum transfer system.  The vacuum transfer pipework is located underground to avoid any obstructions.

            Eco Friendly Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

            All Greenflame products are MCS accredited and compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive, making them fully eligible for government grants. As expert biomass installers Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables know that Trianco Greenflame pellet boilers are one of the most successful ranges in the UK. So this model was a great choice for Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings to have in their home.

            Income from the Renewable Heat Incentive

            The renewable heat incentive scheme has been a huge boost for domestic biomass boiler installations. The financial rewards offered by the scheme are substantial, making the income from the renewable heat incentive a fantastic financial investment.

            As well as payments from the renewable heat incentive, their biomass boiler Derbyshire is significantly cheaper than their old oil boiler, therefore Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings are also saving a considerable amount on their fuel as opposed to mains gas, oil or LPG.

            The biomass boiler system installed by Phaseline Renewables means that the couple are now receiving an annual income from the RHI scheme. Renewable heat incentive payments are made to those who choose to generate their own renewable heat, in Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings case, from their biomass boiler in Derbyshire.


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