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4 Benefits of Having a Biomass Boiler Installed in your Home

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    Low Carbon Fuel

    Wood is classed as a ‘low carbon’ fuel that produces only a fraction of the emissions of fossil fuels, therefore heating a building with a biomass boiler is a great way of helping to reduce the amount carbon that is released into the atmosphere.

    The main difference between fossil fuels and biomass fuels is the type of carbon that is emitted: fossil fuel releases fossilized carbon and biomass fuel releases contemporary carbon. Burning wood returns contemporary carbon to the atmosphere, recently taken up by a growing plant. This contemporary carbon is then taken up by replacement growth. But burning fossil fuels results in converting stable carbon which was sequestered millions of years ago into atmospheric carbon dioxide.

    Integrate Biomass Boilers with Existing Heating Systems

    Biomass boilers will replace existing fossil fuel boilers, whether that is gas, oil, LPG,  and provide all your space, under floor and water heating.  They can also be integrated with a gas boiler or electric fire.  Assuming that Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) are fitted, then the TRV will shut off as the room is warmed up by the biomass heating system.

    Payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

    In addition to the financial benefits of saving money on fuel, people who have biomass boilers installed also qualify for payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This is a government backed scheme that is aimed at encouraging investment in renewable energy such as biomass boilers. For systems that are eligible for the scheme, a fixed and index linked income is awarded for every kWh of heat generated.

    Save Money on Fuel

    The savings that can be made by heating your home or business using a biomass boiler are significant, especially for those that use a lot of heat. Using oil, gas or electricity can be expensive, and as the worldwide demand for fossil fuels increases, it’s likely to rise further in the near future.

    There are many excellent advantages to biomass boilers. For many heat users, the combination of payments from the renewable heat incentive, as well as lower heating costs, makes the initial investment worthwhile. Paybacks can be achieved in less than 5 years, and return on investment from biomass boilers can be significant. For an accurate estimate of the amount of money that you could save and earn from a biomass installation, feel free to use our Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator.

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      Biomass Installers Yorkshire Back Government Support for Renewable Energy and Biomass Energy Crops

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        As biomass installers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are understandably in support of the latest news that fields used for the generation of sources of biomass energy used in biomass boilers Yorkshire will still be eligible for subsidiaries. The latest government switch with regard to renewable energy is the abolition of the subsidies available for farmers who have fields filled with solar panels.  But it’s great that the government are continuing to support farmers who grow biomass crops, and recognising the importance of the UK’s food and farming industry, worth £97 billion to the economy.

        Biomass Fuel from Energy Crops

        Energy crops are grown for use as fuel. This means that they deliberately have a high output per hectare, with low inputs. Conventional forestry operates on a long time scale; therefore, income from the trees as biomass fuel is likely to take many years. But if the production of timber is primarily for energy, the timescale does not need to be quite as long. The trees can be harvested for biomass when they are only a few years old. Therefore, short rotation operations in fast growing trees are great for use as biomass fuel.

        Using Trees as a Source of Biomass Fuel for Biomass Boilers

        Perhaps the most obvious source of biomass is that which is produced from trees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that trees have to be chopped down either; wood fuel can be derived from the thinning or trimming of woodlands as part of conventional forestry practice and the sustainable management of woodland. Biomass can also be derived from the management of parks, gardens and transport corridors, as well as from tree surgery operations. Biomass fuel which is obtained from trees can be described as ‘virgin wood’, provided that they have not been used for another purpose.

        Fuelling a Biomass Boiler Yorkshire with Agricultural Residues

        There are a variety of agricultural residues that can be used as a source of energy for biomass boilers. There are many agricultural crops and processes that yield residues that can potentially be used for energy applications. For example, dry residues from arable crops can be used, such as straw or husks. Wet residues can also be used; these are residues and wastes that have high water content as collected. Obviously, wet residues will need to be processed, as they are generally energetically inefficient for combustion or gasification.

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          Save Money and the Environment with the Renewable Heat Incentive

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            Heating for homes and businesses can effectively be paid for using green technology systems. That is because of the renewable heat incentive, which has been designed to help those using technologically-advanced systems such as ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

            The services provide a genuine alternative to gas and oil; and are rapidly becoming more prominent within the mainstream industry of energy production. Commercial and domestic savings are repeatedly being made by businesses and customers throughout the UK thanks to the RHI scheme.

            It makes Phaseline very proud to be part of this low carbon emission movement; with their services enabling people and business to maximize their potential to help reduce damage to the environment. Also open to landlords and those building their own homes, it is easy to see why the renewable energy sector is becoming increasingly responsible for raising employment statistics by up to 100,000 jobs in the UK.

            All Aboard with the Renewable Heat Incentive

            There really has never been a better time to consider the installation of a biomass boiler for your home or business.

            It was back in April that the scheme was launched for the residential sector; and homes throughout the UK have been joining the revolution ever since. Financially, the rewards are excellent. That is backed up by the fact the renewable energy industry has received over £30 billion pounds of investment since 2010.

            More and more people are continuing to get on board with a range of renewable energy possibilities; as the technology continues to advance. It was only this week that a new Government report was released detailing how water sources throughout the country could be used as a renewable energy source; further evidencing the growing interest in the renewable energy sector.

            The carbon neutrality that comes hand in hand with biomass boilers is vital for taking care of the environment through the reduction of Co2 emissions. The positive environmental impact that comes alongside choosing renewable energy resources is also particularly significant.

            Calculate Savings with the RHI Calculator

            As industry leaders in the installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire; Phaseline are pleased to be able to offer a renewable heat incentive calculator service on their website. This RHI calculator enables interested domestic and residential parties to receive an accurate estimation of the potential savings you could make – and resultant payments you may be entitled to receive as a direct result of the renewable heat incentive.


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              Log Biomass Boiler Yorkshire Generates Significant Income from Renewable Heat Incentive

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                For those people who have their own wood source such as logs, log gasification boilers are great options. Biomass log boilers are very attractive option for those that live in rural areas, and those who have good access to logs that can be sourced from their land. By using logs that you source yourself, you could reduce your potential fuel cost to nothing, while receiving an income from the renewable heat incentive.

                Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

                Taking into account the renewable heat incentive payments and the fuel savings from a log boiler, the total financial generation can be very impressive. Mr Rymer from Hull contacted Phaseline as he wanted to heat his property using logs, hoping saving money on his bills and earning money from the renewable heat incentive.  It was the perfect solution for this customer, as he was lucky enough to have a good supply and availability of logs. The ability to use this supply to provide all of his heating and hot water would save him a significant amount of money on his annual heating bills.

                Annual Fuel Savings from Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

                Annual Domestic RHI Payments                     £6,623.38

                Annual Fuel Savings                                        £1,188.94

                Total RHI Payments (7 Years)*                       £50,751.40

                Total Fuel Savings (20 Years)**                      £31,947.16

                Total Financial Generation (20 Years)            £82,698.46

                Payment levels and fuel pricing correct at time of publication

                * assumes 3% inflation

                ** assumes 3% gas inflation against 3% log inflation

                40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler

                Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline Renewables installed a 40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 log gasification boiler alongside an AKVA EK3000 accumulator tank.  Accumulator tanks are used as the main heat storage for biomass boiler systems, and they help the log fired boiler to efficiently store large volumes of primary heating water.

                Accumulator tanks are able to store heated water for long periods of time due to their high levels of thermal efficiency. They are a great way to get the very best out of your biomass log boiler, as this customer was pleased to discover! Mr Rymer’s accumulator tank then feeds the hot water system of the main property via a 20 meter underground pipework run.

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                  Case Study: Pellet Biomass Boiler Installation at Westbrook House, Sheffield

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                    The Westbrook House project was a real test of Phaseline Renewables technical and installation abilities, and they are proud that the system was installed and commissioned on time and on budget. As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, they have plenty of experience installing biomass boilers in a variety of commercial and residential properties.

                    Phaseline were asked to install a biomass system in Westbrook House in Sheffield. The building itself consists of an 18th Century Grade II listed building with a modern extension to the rear of the property.  For the past fifteen years it had been used as the office headquarters for several local businesses, until it was purchased and turned back into residential accommodation.

                    Regular Renewable Heat incentive Payments

                    This was a very challenging project for the biomass installers Yorkshire, because the original building is Grade II listed. This meant that they had to be incredibly sympathetic with their design so that the original features of the building were not compromised in any way.

                    The site consists of two town houses and six apartments. Phaseline installed an 180kW Lewis BioEnergy system in order to generate enough energy to heat all of the properties. This not only generates the system owner a significant income from the renewable heat incentive each year, it also ensured that their building complies with the stringent building regulations relating to sustainable energy production. The plant room is in the cellar of the main building, with an additional plant room in a central location within the modern extension.

                    Biomass Pellet Silos Stored Underground

                    Each flat and house has its own heating and hot water control through individual Heat Interface Units installed within each property. These HIU units are metered so the landlord can calculate how much he needs to charge each tenant for energy usage per month.

                    The council would not allow the property owners to install an external pellet hopper, so to get around this Phaseline installed two 5.2 tonne underground pellet silos with an automatic vacuum transfer system feeding pellets from the silos to the cellar plant room. The silos are filled with pellets through manhole covers in the main car park.

                    Experienced Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                    To find out more about biomass boilers and the renewable heat incentive, contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at


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