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Biomass Installers Derbyshire Fit Trianco Pellet Biomass Boiler in Hulland Ward

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    Biomass boilers work by using wood pellets which are filled into a chamber, either manually or using a hopper, where an electric probe ignites the wood. The combustion of the biomass fuel is carefully monitored using a micro compressor and a thermometer, allowing adjustments to be made to the fuel supply and speed of the fan in accordance with the needs of the property.

    The burning of this biomass fuel then creates hot gasses, which pass through the heat exchanger and allow the heat to be used in your central heating system. Biomass boiler fuel can be in the form of logs, waste wood, straw or biomass pellets.

    Professional Biomass Installers Derbyshire

    As professional biomass installers in Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables recently installed a 25kW Trianco Greenflame pellet boiler for Mr. & Mrs. Hutchings in their home in Hulland Ward, Derbyshire. The pellet biomass boiler is fed by a bulk 3.5 tonne hopper and Trianco’s vacuum transfer system.  The vacuum transfer pipework is located underground to avoid any obstructions.

    Eco Friendly Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

    All Greenflame products are MCS accredited and compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive, making them fully eligible for government grants. As expert biomass installers Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables know that Trianco Greenflame pellet boilers are one of the most successful ranges in the UK. So this model was a great choice for Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings to have in their home.

    Income from the Renewable Heat Incentive

    The renewable heat incentive scheme has been a huge boost for domestic biomass boiler installations. The financial rewards offered by the scheme are substantial, making the income from the renewable heat incentive a fantastic financial investment.

    As well as payments from the renewable heat incentive, their biomass boiler Derbyshire is significantly cheaper than their old oil boiler, therefore Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings are also saving a considerable amount on their fuel as opposed to mains gas, oil or LPG.

    The biomass boiler system installed by Phaseline Renewables means that the couple are now receiving an annual income from the RHI scheme. Renewable heat incentive payments are made to those who choose to generate their own renewable heat, in Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings case, from their biomass boiler in Derbyshire.


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