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Incredible German Contemporary Kitchens in Sheffield

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    Last month, the Traditional Furniture Company announced the introduction of their new German kitchen range. The collection is full of fantastic contemporary kitchen designs that are sourced from Germany, which will provide you as the customer with an impressive range of choice. You’ll never be short of styles to choose from.

    The range can help a variety of people, depending on the scale of the changes required. All the furniture within the range has been manufacture through precision German engineering, so you can be sure that it really is of only the highest quality. Every aspect of kitchen design is considered, to ensure that the finished furniture always remains consistent.

    Make Your Kitchen the Centre of Your Home

    Through the installation of one of these kitchens, you can create a stunning feature room to wow guests visiting your home. Whether that’s through beautifully-formed curved island pieces, or highly-glossed cabinets, the choice really is yours. Through speaking to the Traditional Furniture Company about the collection, you’ll realise the impressive scope that it provides for you and your home.

    Functionality and form are considered in equal measure, so that your new kitchen will be both aesthetically-beautiful and entirely logical. The handless range of furniture encompassed within the range has been strategically designed, so that it enables you and your guests to interact with your kitchen in an ergonomically-considered way.

    Matching a Variety of Kitchen Budgets

    There really is something for everyone. No matter the budget, Traditional Furniture can match your requirements down to a tee. They’re extensively experienced in producing a whole variety of contemporary kitchens, with appropriate designs across both this and their other highly-demanded collections. They understand the importance of choice and always look to provide it in abundance.

    You can find out more about how the Traditional Furniture staff implement the latest technological innovations by paying them a visit at their kitchen showroom in Sheffield. There, you’ll be able to speak with a dedicated member of their passionate kitchen design team; who will only be too happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    Kitchen Showroom Sheffield Opening Hours

    You can find them at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street, where they’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday, 10-3 on Saturday and by appointment only on Sunday. Alternatively, if you’d rather get in touch by phone, you can give them a call on 0114 2852762.

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      Exquisite Kitchens Sheffield Workmanship

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        We will imminently be building another exciting kitchens Sheffield project; further adding to our impressive portfolio of work. CAD images now available on our website perfectly showcase the detail that we go into for each customer’s individual kitchen designs.

        As the centerpiece of our long-standing business, our bespoke kitchens are a joy to behold. By sharing examples of our work in this field with the general public; we are confident that many new customer relationships will be born.

        Bespoke Kitchens Sheffield Cornerstone of Our Long-Standing Business

        Our expansive range of handmade furnishings that we are able to produce – done to only the highest standard – enables us to tackle any number of exciting projects. One of the things that we find most refreshing is the constant challenge that is presented to us by each and every customer through their own unique design ideas. We take great satisfaction from bringing those kitchens Sheffield dreams to reality.

        We pride ourselves on being able to provide affordable luxury to our customers. The high aesthetic quality of all of our bespoke kitchens Sheffield furnishings are guaranteed to shine within your home; impressively catching the eye of visitors.

        We can confidently design and manufacture a whole host of kitchens Sheffield furnishings; bespoke to the individual. Our success comes from our ability to adapt to new technologies; whilst continuing to embrace new materials and design concepts.

        Finding the Right Style for Each Individual

        Our reputation and experience help us to fit the best materials to your design ideas; whether they are traditional or more contemporary. We are vastly experienced in matching the right materials to the right property, so that our customers are best able to showcase the look they desire.

        Islands – such as the one detailed in the accompanying images – and appliances can also both be incorporated into the grander-scheme of your kitchen design – the possibilities are simply endless.

        If there are existing features – such as impressive beams – within your current kitchen; we can work your new kitchen design around them; whilst ensuring they remain as charming features within your new room.

        Kitchens Showroom Sheffield Showcasing Our Work

        Our showroom is open 9-5 Monday to Friday, from 10 until 3 on Saturday and on Sunday by appointment only. If you stop in to see us you will meet one of our extremely dedicated team, who will only be too happy to help you start on your kitchen journey today.

        If you would like to find out more; and make the first steps towards your new kitchen, you can find a number of ways to contact us via our website here. Alternatively, you can visit us at the fantastic kitchen showroom Sheffield at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street.



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