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Website Photography Tips from Footprint Photography, Corporate Photographer Sheffield

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    You may be tempted to attempt to take your corporate photographs yourself if you have a tight budget. But unless you have all the necessary equipment and knowledge, it’s not as easy at looks. Setting up the lighting correctly is a big job in itself, and then there’s the editing afterwards.

    Unless you are very confident with these things, it’s worth investing in a professional corporate photographer Sheffield to take on the task for you. It’s likely to be one of the best investments you can make for the future of your business.

    The Importance of Professional Images

    It doesn’t matter what you sell, or what services you provide, images are incredibly important. Some smaller businesses may opt for stock images, but they run the risk of being too generic, and have more than likely been used before somewhere else on the web. You need images that are true to your business and that will establish credibility, which is where Footprint Photography Corporate Photographer Sheffield can help.

    Think Carefully about Colour Palette and Style

    If you have an existing website and are looking to compliment the site with great corporate photography, it’s a good idea to consider the overall style and colour palette of the website when thinking about your images. It’s important that they complement each other and work well together.

    A website can be seen as an online shop window, and one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have. As an experienced corporate photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography fully understand the importance of making your website look as professional as possible, and that’s why we take great pride and effort in what we do.

    Websites are great places for customers to get a first impression of you and find out about what your business can offer in the way of products and services. They may not buy from you initially, but they will be able to make an informed judgement about you from your website. That’s why it’s really important to make the very best impression possible. Part of this is displaying great pictures on your website.

    Corporate Photographer Sheffield

    If you are looking for a professional corporate photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography can help. They can take quality photographs for you website, brochures or other marketing material. Contact them by calling 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876. Alternatively, you can email:

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      Written by Chris

      July 29th, 2014 at 4:04 pm

      Reflect High Quality Workmanship with a Great Commercial Photographer Sheffield

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        Footprint commercial photographer Sheffield has the skills and experience to make your business look great, whether you work in construction, retail or manufacturing.  They have extensive experience taking photographs for a wide variety of businesses throughout South Yorkshire, and they can do the same for your business too.

        Project the Right Impression with Quality Commercial Photography

        Footprint Photography has plenty of experience taking outstanding photographs for a variety of businesses. As a commercial photographer Sheffield, they work with a wide variety of businesses all over South Yorkshire and the UK. They even travel abroad sometimes!

        All these businesses they work for have one very important thing in common – they want their company to look fantastic in their commercial photography, showing off their products and services, and giving the public a great impression of the business as a whole. Good commercial photography is an excellent way of promoting your business, gaining new customers and developing your brand.

        Commercial Photography Sheffield for Bespoke Tailor

        In a blog post last month, we focussed on the commercial photographs that Footprint took for Howard Civil Engineering. But this month, the subject of the blog article couldn’t be more different! They had the pleasure of working with Manoj, who is a very talented, bespoke tailor based in Broomhill, Sheffield.

        Manoj offers a bespoke, personal service to a number of discerning clientele. His services include a full range of men’s and women’s tailoring services, a clothing alteration service and even an in-house stylist who can advise on clothing and colour.

        Manoj’s business is all about exceptionally high quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail, and understandably he wanted this to come across in the commercial photography we would carry out for him.

        Enhance Marketing Material with Commercial Photography Sheffield

        The photos taken by Footprint highlight Manoj’s attention to detail and reflects the advanced skills needed for the spectacular work he does for his clients. We especially love the images of the vintage sewing machine and thread reels, reflecting Manoj’s traditional skills and good old fashioned values. They also took some great shots of the other items in his sewing room, and some action shots of Manoj cutting fabric. Manoj intends to use the images for a variety of marketing material to promote his business, including his website, business cards and flyers.

        So, if you are looking for a professional commercial photographer Sheffield, Footprint Photography can help. Email Nick at, or call them on 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876 to find out more.

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          Sheffield Commercial Photographer Advises on the Importance of Effective Business Promotion

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            Commercial photography should play a major role in your marketing material, as the images you select for your business marketing can make a huge difference to how your company is perceived by others. Attractive and eye catching images are the key to attracting new customers and ensuring that your business stands out from the crowd. It’s really important that you have a competitive edge over others, and commercial photography is a great way to achieve this.

            Choosing a Commercial Photographer in Sheffield

            It is absolutely crucial for your business that you choose an experienced commercial photographer in Sheffield to make the very best of what your business has to offer. Whether it is for your  website or your brochure, great commercial photography can project a professional image of your company, making a positive first impression on potential and existing customers.

            A good commercial photographer will take the time to figure out the requirements of the business and analyse what it is that the client is trying to achieve. The photographer can then successfully develop an understanding of the brand, how the company wants to portray itself, and deliver results accordingly.

            Strengthen Your Brand with Great Commercial Photography

            There’s no way that a company can stand out from the crowd if their website or promotional marketing material is simply full of stock images that have been bought from one of the many stock libraries available online. In the long run, the use of stock images can cost the business a lot more than hiring a professional commercial photographer. This is due to the damage that stock images can do to your brand and your corporate identity.

            Great businesses have strong brands. A good way to push your brand is to have something that is immediately recognisable and unique within the market place. Therefore, it makes sense for your commercial imagery to be fully in line with your company’s brand and kept consistent.

            Sheffield Based Commercial and Corporate Photographer

            As a commercial photographer in Sheffield, Footprint Photography has plenty of experience with event, product and corporate photography. We endeavour to make your business look as good as possible with professional commercial photography that will not only boost your brand, but ensure that you are a step ahead of your competitors too. Email Nick at, or call us on 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876 to find out more.

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              5 Top Tips for Effective Headshots from Sheffield Corporate Photographer

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                As a professional corporate photographer in Sheffield, Footprint Photography are well aware that corporate head shots are a must for any career minded professional looking to make the right impression in the business world. Whether it’s for promotional material, your company website, or your LinkedIn profile, here are our top tips on getting it right.

                1.      Hire a Professional

                If you want your head shots to look professional, think about hiring an experienced corporate photographer. Bear in mind that if you want to project a quality image of your company, you’ll need quality images of your staff too!

                2.      Consistency

                From the point of view of the company or business that you work for, it’s essential to get employee portraits just right because they may be seen by many people, including both current and potential clients. It is really important to achieve a consistent look in all the head shots taken, so that they not only project a positive image of the individual, but about the brand of the business as well.

                3.      Portray the Right Image

                A warm smile and smart attire in your photograph will reflect your trustworthiness, friendliness and professionalism, inspiring confidence in your abilities to potential customers and clients. A good corporate head shot will give the viewer an insight into your personality at a glance. Very important!

                4.      Position

                There are no real dos and don’ts for corporate headshots, it really depends on what your business is hoping to achieve. For the more traditional headshots, it’s a great idea to position the subject of the photo at an angle to the camera, with their head turned towards the corporate photographer. This achieves a more natural looking head shot, and avoids making it look more like a mug shot!

                5.      Clothing

                Clothing is another important consideration for your headshot. With the right outfit, your face will command attention and the clothing itself will become secondary. Solid dark suits with well fitting, light coloured blouses or shirts work very well. Wearing the wrong clothing can take the attention away from where you want it, which is on you and your face; so try to avoid bold patterns and stripes, loud ties or flashy jewellery.

                If you are looking for a corporate photographer in Sheffield or Chesterfield, Footprint Photography can help. We are experienced in photographing the employees of a wide variety of businesses, ensuring that their corporate headshots make the right impression. Email Nick at, or call us on 01909 519 874 or 07964 109 876.

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