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Could The Key to the Safety of Dementia and Alzheimer Sufferers Be Door Knobs?

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    Studies show that 3 in 5 people that suffer with dementia often ‘wander’ off and can consequentially become lost. However, it isn’t the act of ‘wandering’ off that is usually the problem, it is unfortunately their inability to return. A person with Alzheimers may not be able to recall the information containing their name or address and will often, sadly, become disorientated, despite being in a familiar place. ‘Wandering’ is not connected to the level of care put in place by the caregiver, but can actually still occur even under the supervision of the most diligent of Dementia and Alzheimer carers presence.

    Door Knobs Prevent ‘Wandering’

    It is interesting that door knobs have been suggested as being a preventative for ‘wandering’ sufferers. Clearly, it is not being suggested that a person suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers is ever ‘locked’ in a room, but specific fixtures of door knobs seem to be becoming prevalent in their safety promotion and the safety of others around the sufferers. It has also been found that these new door knobs have reduced carers levels of stress because they drastically decrease the frequency that ‘wandering’ occurs. Camouflaged door knobs have been recently been trialled – which is where door handles are painted the same colour as the door or the walls in the room so that they blend in with their background and become camouflaged and therefore harder for the escapee to escape. However, this is not seen to be unsafe because if there was ever to be an emergency, the handle remains evident, just like any normal handle, from the outside of the door, permitting easy emergency access. An alternative option is to use child-proof door knobs which can increase a sufferers’ safety. A third idea is to use a device connected door knob. This is a door knob which lets off a signal when a door or window is opened. This could be a bell or a buzzer, which can be located above a window or door in order for the carer to be made aware every time the patient has exited a room by either of these methods.

    Handsome Handles and Door Knobs For Your Home

    Finding the correct door knobs for your home is clearly extremely important. If this article has made you think about changing the door knobs and door handles in your home, we are here. Our professional staff here at Handsome Handles will be happy to help you find the appropriate door knobs and door handles to fit perfectly for your home. To contact us at Handsome Handles, please phone us on 07961 832 812 or alternatively email us at

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      Door Knobs Can Help to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home

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        It can be rewarding to make successful investments in your property. There a number of ways in which you can achieve success; and the size of any project that you undertake is likely to be influenced by the budget you have available to you.

        If you want to make changes but don’t have endless amounts to spend, the products available with Handsome Handles are absolutely perfect. Ideal for implementation right throughout your home; their door knobs, door handles and door knockers are continuing to deliver long-term satisfaction to their clients. Offering plenty of scope for you to stamp your own individual interior design taste on your home, each of their ranges features products of great value and style.

        With that in mind, Handsome Handles have put together some more information surrounding their door furniture; to help give you an idea of which would be most suitable pieces for helping you to improve your own home with:

        Door Knobs

        No matter the style of your property, door knobs always present a great way to invest – simply because there are so many different routes you can go down. For Handsome Handles, the key factor towards providing satisfaction with this range has been the choice they can offer – both in decor and material terms. With everything from ornate polished brass and chrome designs through to sleek and slender pieces made from satin; they remain confident you’ll find the right ones for you with them.

        Carlisle Brass and M Marcus Door Handles

        When it comes to door handles, the possibilities are wide-reaching, as there are designs suitable for doors and furniture right throughout your home. From aesthetically-pleasing upgrades for your kitchen and bathroom furniture; through to replacement handles for doors themselves, you can be sure that Handsome Handles will be able to assist you. Their M Marcus and Carlisle Brass door handles are always particularly popular with their customers.

        Door Knockers

        With a focus on the exterior of your home, Handsome Handles also have many years experience when it comes to the supply of door knockers to their customers. As one of the first things that people are likely to notice about your home, these property features may seem insignificant; but they can in fact be the most important contributor towards you leaving a positive first impression on your visitors. With an abundance of both traditional and contemporary designs, Handsome Handles can help.

        Find Out More from Our Team Today

        To find out more about how Handsome Handles could help you to upgrade your property for a relatively minimal investment today, why not call their helpful and friendly team? You can reach them on 01246 852 770.

        Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through their impressive choice of products, you’d be well advised to go and check out their website – There, you’ll be able to find the inspiration you need and decide on the door furniture that you think is most suitable for you to purchase.

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          Door Knobs Worth 2 Million Pounds Purchased by Builder

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            After stumbling across a 12-tonne load of scrap metal, Brian Cairns was understandably euphoric to hear it contained door knobs worth £2million. Within the collection – which he paid £20,000 for – were a collection of vintage pieces which he has since had valued at the incredible multi-million pound sum.

            Cairns told the Independent: “I bought it all for scrap but I started looking into what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles. These are items that you would never have thought you would have the chance to buy. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. I think I was just lucky.”

            500-Mile Journey to Transport the Haul

            The door knobs were found within what was a larger haul of door fittings, with 655,000 brass objects – including screws and hinges – hidden within. The antique door knobs themselves are worth around £150 each. The Italian company who produced the pieces went out of business 55 years ago, adding to the value of Mr. Cairns discovery.

            To transfer his findings to go on sale at Jarrow Auction Rooms, the builder had to hire two seven-and-a-half tonne lorries. The 500-mile journey took over 2 days to complete, as the sheer weight of the contents forced a maximum average speed limit of 20mph to be imposed.

            Thankfully, Handsome Handles have door knobs available to you that won’t burn such a big hole in your pocket as these! With pieces designed to meet all different types of budgets, you can be sure of finding satisfaction with them.

            Traditional and Modern Door Knobs

            Their primary aim is to provide their clients with cost-effective door furniture that can help them to make any desired improvements to their home. Whether that be a traditional or contemporary property, they have so much choice available to you that you can feel confident that they’ll have the suitable products designed to match your needs.

            Handsome Handles continue to be able to offer such choice thanks to their ability to source a variety of door knobs that offer choice with relation to both design style and material choice. Both of these will form a vital part of the decisions you’ll need to make on the products you end up purchasing.

            Door Handles and Door Knockers Available

            The impressive stock ranges at Handsome Handles aren’t purely limited to their door knobs. They also continue to supply a number of fantastic door handles and door knockers to their clients too, as they continue to satisfy the varying requirements of a number of different homeowners in the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

            To find out more, why not get in touch with them today? One of the professional and friendly Handsome Handles team will be able to assist with any queries that you may have; and advise you on the best decisions you can make for you and you interior property design scheme. You can reach them by calling 07961 832 812.

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              Written by Chris

              June 12th, 2015 at 10:15 am

              Door Knobs That Are Ideal for Edwardian Homes

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                Homeowners are continuing to take influence from the Edwardian era. When there has been a particular design period that’s made such a good impression, it’s easy to see why. There are a number of different things you can do to best capture the feeling of the era for your own home, which Handsome Handles have looked at in more detail.

                As experts in the supply of decorative door furniture pieces – including door knobs – Handsome Handles have a measured understanding of how to integrate new ideas within your home. The suggestions they’ve detailed below should help you successfully implement Edwardian style. Combine all these things together and you’ll be well on your way towards satisfaction:

                Do Your Research and You’ll Be Successful

                If you want to be successful with the changes that you make, it pays to improve your knowledge of the Edwardian era. Whilst traditionally these types of homes were found in the suburbs, the style of them is being adopted by families across all residential areas. As long as you get the interior right, you’ll be on the right track and there is plenty of helpful advice in the Handsome Handles blog.

                Make Sure You Keep Rooms Light

                Well-lit spaces have always been a key feature of Edwardian homes. You can adopt them for your own property through careful interior decoration and the capture of natural light. By combining the right paint for your walls with cleverly positioned fixtures you can make the changes required.

                Door Knobs Influenced by the Edwardian Era

                Handsome Handles have a number of Edwardian-influenced door knobs that can help you to capture the decor of the era. Designed to complete a room with a measured finishing touch, each of the unique designs they supply to their customers have their own individual charms – it just depends on your personal taste as to which one you choose.

                Delicately-Crafted Furniture

                Delicately-crafted pieces of furniture can help capture Edwardian period design to the best possible effect. By carefully integrating them within select rooms in your home, you can impress guests and ensure that your property stands out of a beacon of historical class. Quirky furniture and cushioned benches are both great ideas.

                Decorative, Patterned Flooring

                Decorative, tiled flooring is well-known as a feature of properties influenced by this era. The pattern you choose is entirely down to you, but there are particular styles that work better than others. It’s well worth you checking out a few to see which would work best for your own home. You can make your own decor unique by adapting this to tiling or decorative carpets.

                Door Knockers and Door Handles from Handsome Handles

                Handsome Handles continue to offer the finest door furniture to homeowners looking to make property upgrades. As well as their Edwardian range, they have more fantastic door knobs in supply; as well as a number of door handles and door knockers too. To speak to them about how they can help you decorate your home today, call them on 07961 832812.

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                  Written by Chris

                  May 15th, 2015 at 11:32 am

                  Consider New Door Knobs When You Move Home

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                    Moving home requires you to carefully consider a number of factors. You’ll want to make sure that you make all the right decisions to guarantee your happiness in your humble new abode. With that in mind, Handsome Handles have put together a guide that looks at some of the main areas to focus your energy on to give yourself the best chance of a smooth transition (including door knobs):

                    Consider the Costs

                    Firstly, work out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your new property. That shouldn’t just include the upfront costs; as it’s likely that you’ll also want to add your own personal touch to your new home once you’ve moved in. Make sure to consider both factors within your overall budget and you should be fine.

                    What Design Scheme are you after?

                    You’ll be able to tailor your potential interior design scheme around the money you have available – once you’ve worked out how much you can afford to spend. Perhaps you just want to make minor changes to the existing property scheme? Or maybe you have your eye on completely renovating one or two rooms? The potential is limitless and this should be a process you enjoy.

                    Where is the Property?

                    Make sure you consider the area that you’re buying your property in. For some, this is even more important than the house itself. Whether it’s because you want to be in the catchment area for a certain school, or nearby to the countryside for lazy summer strolls; the requirements will be different for everyone.

                    Value Accumulation

                    If you’re a seasoned property developer, or perhaps just someone who sees your new home as a partial investment, it’s worth taking into consideration how your new home can be maximised to increase in value whilst you live there. It might seem strange to think about leaving the place you’re only just buying; but some sort of long-term plan could pay dividends for you further down the line.

                    Minor Details Such as Door Knobs

                    One way to add such value is through careful consideration of the minor details. Handsome Handles looked at a budget for implementing larger-scale property changes, but small features can be altered and replaced far more easily – with great effect. New door knobs are a great example of this.

                    They can help to add a real touch of class to your home in a cost-effective manner; so choosing to purchase them is an easy decision. For all your door furniture requirements, Handsome Handles are perfectly placed to help.

                    Handsome Handles Supply Door Handles and Door Knockers too

                    Handsome Handles also stock and supply a number of other relatable pieces, such as their door handles and door knockers. Each of their ranges comes with fantastic choice attached, meaning that you’ll have the freedom to purchase the products from them that exactly meet your individual requirements. To find out more, call them today on 07961 832 812.



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                      Written by Chris

                      April 16th, 2015 at 11:14 am

                      Door Knobs and Internal Door Handles for Your Home

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                        Handsome Handles stock an abundance of door furniture pieces to suit your property needs. They appreciate that everyone’s requirements are different and always look to offer an expansive range of choice. Amongst their many areas of expertise are their internal door handles and door knobs; plenty of which are sure to catch your attention.

                        Existing home design style and individual preferences are the two most common factors influencing the final decisions that their customers make on these pieces; as they continue to diversify the products they offer. Contemporary or traditional; lavish or to a budget; Handsome Handles are sure to be able to help you give your property a makeover.

                        With that in mind, they’ve taken a selection of their door knobs and door handles and looked at them in more detail for you; analysing where they could best fit within your home. This should give you an idea of the potential for some of the door furniture available from Handsome Handles:

                        Decorate Your Living Room with Door Knobs

                        From highly decorative traditional pieces; through to slickly-stylised and cutting edge modern designs; Handsome Handles door knobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you match them to your home. For those with older properties and living rooms with high ceilings, one of their Aydon door knobs could be the perfect way to match the feel of the existing decor.

                        On the other end of the scale, a contemporary room with polished wooden tiling would be better matched to an unusual design such as one of Handsome Handles ice bubble crystal pieces. The choice really is endless and it all depends on your own individual taste.

                        Door Handles for Your Bathroom

                        Handsome Handles regularly mention their bathroom door handles in their blog; and when you see the impressive pieces that they have in stock it’s easy to understand why. Matching particularly well to new homes designed with both eyes on contemporary design are their polished chrome door handles. Shimmering in appearance and perfect for adding that extra touch of class, they work seamlessly with wood effect vinyl and white ceramics.

                        Kitchen Handles

                        As one of the most frequented rooms in your home, Handsome Handles understand that the appearance of your kitchen needs to be just right. They have a number of pull kitchen handles suitable to match either new or existing furniture, so you can be confident in finding the door furniture you require from them.

                        Pewter effect, polished chrome, satin chrome and satin nickel are just some of the many material choices on offer to you. Even if Handsome Handles don’t have the exact piece that you’re after, they’ll do their utmost to source it for you and help ensure your long-term satisfaction.

                        Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

                        To find out more about any of the products Handsome Handles stock and supply, you can get in contact with them. Whether it’s door handles, door knobs – or other pieces such as their door knockers – that you’re after; they can offer you more advice on how best to integrate new door furniture into your home.


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                          Written by Chris

                          March 25th, 2015 at 11:28 am

                          Decorative Door Knobs for Your Home

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                            For improving property aesthetics, door knobs are ideal. They present a way to make property upgrades in a cost-effective manner and are ideal for adding decorative effect. With limitless choice, Handsome Handles are the leading supplier of these door furniture pieces and have been so for many years.

                            As such, they are well placed to advise on which door knobs from their range are most appropriate for you. They’ve put together a guide surrounding some of the designs most popular with their clients; as they continue to deliver satisfaction and excellent customer service to everyone that chooses them.

                            Chrome is Contemporary

                            Handsome Handles have recently taken a look in their blog at how polished chrome can be a great material choice for door knockers and door handles; but it can also work perfectly for door knobs. Ideally, you should look to implement chrome designs within more modern homes. They work particularly well inside cutting-edge bathrooms and kitchens; complimenting ceramic and metal features within the make-up of these rooms.

                            Door Knobs from the Georgian Era

                            The Georgian era has always proven to be highly-influential on door knob design. As is often the case, when a property feature has made a significant impression throughout history it tends to remain in people’s minds. Designs such as Handsome Handle’s Georgian Mortice door knob are continuing to prove to be of great interest for those altering their homes with a traditional touch.

                            Guaranteed Quality from Delamain

                            The Delamain range from Carlisle Brass is regularly a source of interest for those looking to add unusual door furniture pieces to the interior of their homes. At Handsome Handles, they have all sorts of door knobs from this product range and can confidently find the right design for you. The Delamain wooden products they stock are well worth a look from you.

                            Rustic Black Iron

                            The design of contemporary black iron door furniture has been heavily-influenced by the Victorian-era. Door knobs made from this material work perfectly within stately home properties and homes which combine high ceilings with wooden floors. Handsome Handles can advise you on the reasons why their customers continue to choose black iron door furniture and explain why they think these types of door knobs would or wouldn’t work for your own home.

                            Door Handles and Door Knockers From Handsome Handles

                            Handsome Handle’s expertise in door furniture supply doesn’t just stop at door knobs. They also stock a variety of door handles and door knockers; all of which can add value and a touch of class to your home. With everything from period door furniture borrowing from designs throughout British history, to strikingly-contemporary pieces to bring your home into the 21st century, they can always help.

                            You can discuss any queries that you may have with a member of Handsome Handles highly-professional team on 01761 832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, why not send them an email to


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                              Written by Chris

                              March 2nd, 2015 at 10:46 am

                              Door Knobs Require These Considerations

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                                Making decisions on new door furniture needn’t be a time consuming task. The team at Handsome Handles – the leading supplier of door knobs and more to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas – are always putting useful advice on their blog which you can use. Their recent guide to important decisions to make when choosing new door knobs is particularly useful:

                                What Material Do You Want

                                Handsome Handles have so much choice that you really can tailor your material decision to your individual needs. Black iron, polished chrome and antique brass products are just some of the many options for customers to choose from.

                                What Style Are You Searching For

                                It’s also vitally important that you choose the right style of door knobs to ensure a seamless transition of the new products into your home. Handsome Handles have pieces to match both contemporary and traditional properties; with everything from antique to slickly-stylised designs available to you.

                                How Important is Their Upkeep to You

                                It always pays to give some thought to whether you mind putting a small amount of effort into product upkeep upon purchasing. Some of Handsome Handles designs possess a distressed finished and are designed to wear over time as part of the intended long-term effect; but others such as those made from polished brass will need looking after in their own way.

                                How Are They Going to Fit Within Your Home

                                This may be a decision to take before or after you choose your new door knobs. You may like a design so much that you’ll work to fit it within your interior design scheme once you’ve purchased the product. Or, alternatively, it may be essential to you that you only make a decision if you know exactly where your new pieces will fit within your property.

                                Do You Want Your New Door Knobs to Be Sprung

                                In order to turn, door knobs rely on a spring inside the latch mechanism. Contemporary designs can sometimes have a spring in the backplate of the knob itself and these are classed as sprung products. Unsprung products tend to rely on the spring in the latch doing the work. We can advise you on this matter further when you get in touch with us.

                                Handsome Handles Door Handles and Door Knockers

                                Handsome Handles also have a variety of door knockers and door handles available to their customers. They aim to provide more choice so that they’re able to deliver on satisfaction and that’s why they’re always looking to expand our ranges. Even if you can’t find the product you’re after in their stock they can usually source and supply the piece you’re after instead.

                                To find out more about any of Handsome Handles products you can give them a ring on either 01246 731481 or 07961 832812.



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                                  Written by Chris

                                  January 30th, 2015 at 10:42 am

                                  Important Advice on Caring for Your Door Handles

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                                    Taking care of your door handles once their installed in your home needn’t be a time consuming process. By managing their upkeep, you can ensure their longevity and keep the aesthetical appearance of your property up to scratch. Handsome Handles are the leading suppliers of door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas and they’ve put together a tailored care guide:

                                    How to Care for Antique Brass

                                    For internal antique brass door handles, you simply need to wipe over internal fittings with a soft, non-abrasive cloth; buffing as you clean. It’s worth bearing in mind that over time, distressed finishes are naturally intended to wear to enhance the aged appearance. This may result in colour variation and is not a sign that your door furniture needs replacing.

                                    How to Care for Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome

                                    Both polished chrome and satin chrome are extremely durable and hard wearing materials that have been designed to last the test of time. The only likely care that it will require is the removal of finger marks on polished services. A good way to deal with this is through lightly dusting your chrome door handles with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. You should always avoid using wax polish with this material.

                                    How to Care for Satin Nickel

                                    For satin nickel, the care requirements depend on whether the fittings are internal or external at the property. If they are indoors, simply wipe over the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and buff gently until you get a shine. For external fittings, you will need to sparingly apply a high quality wax polish; which you will need to buff gently with before it dries and causes smears.

                                    How to Care for Polished Brass

                                    It’s vital that you don’t use any metal or spray polishes here as the girt or solvents commonly found in these products can damage the material. The technique of buffing with a soft non-abrasive cloth is common to polished brass care treatment, but there are other things to consider for the maintenance of external fittings. They need to be wiped over with a good wax polish, before the wax dries and causes any smears.

                                    How to Care for Black Antique

                                    Any form of iron can be viable to rusting, so a lot of the door handles that Handsome Handles supply have been covered by zinc plating and powder coating to prevent this as much as possible. For ongoing care, a light oiling may be required occasionally to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, any harmful deposits which cause corrosion can be removed through wiping with a lightly oiled cloth.

                                    Handsome Handles Also Offer Door Knobs and Door Knockers

                                    Handsome Handles also stock a wide variety of door knobs and door knockers, providing you with plenty of scope for home improvement. If you’d like to find out more about any of their products you can reach them on 07961832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, you can drop them an email to


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                                      Written by Chris

                                      January 20th, 2015 at 12:14 pm

                                      Improve Your Home with One of These 3 Styles of Door Handles

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                                        Handsome Handles are extensively experienced in the supply of both contemporary and traditional door handles. As a supplier, they have forged their reputation on being able to provide their customers with choice that they simply couldn’t find elsewhere.

                                        To help you understand the differences between the door handles that they supply, they have put together a list of 3 of their most notable types of relative products. Each is explained in detail to help you to decide on the best ones for you and your home.

                                        Plenty of Variety with Door Handles on Backplate

                                        Black iron and antique brass are just 2 of the many materials used to make the impressive variety of door handles on backplate that Handsome Handles stock. They have a range of styles suitable for a whole host of interior designs, so you’ll be able to find the product your after.

                                        Handsome Handles have handles matched to both lengthier and shorter backplates, the choice simply depends on what it is that you require. Curly Tail, Art Deco and Edwardian handles are just a small sample of the sort of styles that have available.

                                        An Abundance of Lever on Rose Door Handles

                                        Handsome Handles lever on rose designs can be easily supplied to meet your needs. Particularly prevalent within contemporary homes, they resonate with elements of minimalistic interior design.

                                        From satin nickel to stylised, stainless steel, they stock an abundance of lever on rose door handles suitable for a variety of individuals. Each design has been ergonomically-sculpted to perfection, with functionality always receiving the same consideration as form.

                                        A Variety of Pull Door Handles

                                        These are another great option for you with relation to interior property renovations. They provide a great way to make an impression on visitors to your home and offer a completely different option from the other two styles featured in this article.

                                        As is the case with all the door handles that Handsome Handles supply, you have the option of both classic and modern styles; with polished brass, polished chrome, satin nickel, antique brass and satin chrome all popular choices with their customers.

                                        Door Handles, Door Knockers and Door Knobs from Handsome Handles

                                        To find out more about how Handsome Handles door handles could work for you and your home, you can give them a call on 07961832812. They also have an abundance of door knobs and door knockers in stock, which could be equally perfect for sprucing up your home.


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                                          Written by Chris

                                          December 17th, 2014 at 4:04 pm