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Exquisite Kitchens Sheffield Workmanship

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    We will imminently be building another exciting kitchens Sheffield project; further adding to our impressive portfolio of work. CAD images now available on our website perfectly showcase the detail that we go into for each customer’s individual kitchen designs.

    As the centerpiece of our long-standing business, our bespoke kitchens are a joy to behold. By sharing examples of our work in this field with the general public; we are confident that many new customer relationships will be born.

    Bespoke Kitchens Sheffield Cornerstone of Our Long-Standing Business

    Our expansive range of handmade furnishings that we are able to produce – done to only the highest standard – enables us to tackle any number of exciting projects. One of the things that we find most refreshing is the constant challenge that is presented to us by each and every customer through their own unique design ideas. We take great satisfaction from bringing those kitchens Sheffield dreams to reality.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide affordable luxury to our customers. The high aesthetic quality of all of our bespoke kitchens Sheffield furnishings are guaranteed to shine within your home; impressively catching the eye of visitors.

    We can confidently design and manufacture a whole host of kitchens Sheffield furnishings; bespoke to the individual. Our success comes from our ability to adapt to new technologies; whilst continuing to embrace new materials and design concepts.

    Finding the Right Style for Each Individual

    Our reputation and experience help us to fit the best materials to your design ideas; whether they are traditional or more contemporary. We are vastly experienced in matching the right materials to the right property, so that our customers are best able to showcase the look they desire.

    Islands – such as the one detailed in the accompanying images – and appliances can also both be incorporated into the grander-scheme of your kitchen design – the possibilities are simply endless.

    If there are existing features – such as impressive beams – within your current kitchen; we can work your new kitchen design around them; whilst ensuring they remain as charming features within your new room.

    Kitchens Showroom Sheffield Showcasing Our Work

    Our showroom is open 9-5 Monday to Friday, from 10 until 3 on Saturday and on Sunday by appointment only. If you stop in to see us you will meet one of our extremely dedicated team, who will only be too happy to help you start on your kitchen journey today.

    If you would like to find out more; and make the first steps towards your new kitchen, you can find a number of ways to contact us via our website here. Alternatively, you can visit us at the fantastic kitchen showroom Sheffield at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street.



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      Horsham Retail Outlet to Feature Bespoke Kitchens Sheffield

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        Great developments just keep on coming at Traditional Furniture. We couldn’t be happier to be able to inform you of the news that we have now reached an agreement with another retail outlet; that will be opening imminently in Horsham.

        The new unit will see some of our fantastic bespoke kitchens Sheffield on show; and is the latest in a string of exciting news pieces coming out of the Traditional Furniture Company. The past few months have seen our business continue to grown exponentially; and it is great to be a part of.

        Some of the fantastic news has included the addition of a fifth kitchens Sheffield range of bespoke German furniture, imminent extension plans for our kitchen showroom Sheffield and a continuing partnership with a local Sheffield artist called Liam Jacobi.

        New Retail Outlet Eagerly Anticipated

        The new retail outlet will be based in Horsham; which is a historic market town in West Sussex, England. We’re convinced that the locals are going to love our work once it is on show to them. We know that new customers will want to take us on to build them their kitchens; and we will be throwing ourselves head first into ensuring they stay highly satisfied because of the work that we do.

        The converted chapel has over a thousand square feet of ground floor space; providing an excellent platform from which the public can view our work. We’re absolutely sure that this partnership will be swiftly followed by even more great news over the summer of 2014.

        A selection of our bespoke kitchens Sheffield designs will be showcased in the outlet building; which was formerly used as a chapel. We’re ecstatic that our work will be in show to an entirely new audience; and are excitingly anticipating its reception in the public eye.

        Customer Delight

        There are so many reasons why we have decided on this new business venture. We’re very comfortable in the knowledge that any new audiences will appreciate the levels aspire towards to achieve customer satisfaction through one of our bespoke kitchens Sheffield. Matching our products to customer requirements, knowledge of only the best materials and decades of industry experience are just some of our key selling points that support our extreme confidence.

        We always enjoy the challenge that every new customer brings to us; as there are always new perspectives on kitchen design that we are yet to see. Our satisfaction comes from knowing that whatever dreams you have for your kitchen, we can bring them to fruition.

        You Can Visit Our Existing Kitchen Showroom in Sheffield

        The Horsham partnership is drawing steadily nearer; but in the meantime you can still visit our existing showroom in Sheffield. This will allow you to view our work from your own, first-hand perspective; allowing yourself to see the levels of ergonomic excellence and aesthetic class that shine through in every one of our products.

        Our bespoke kitchens Sheffield are available in an entirety of designs – traditional, modern or a blend of the two. You can come and visit us at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street. We’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday, 10-3 on Saturdays and by appointment only on Sundays.



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          Fantastic Extension for Handmade Kitchens Sheffield Showroom

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            To add to the recent trend of exciting Traditional Furniture Company news; we can now officially inform you that we are currently sat waiting in anticipation for planning permission that will allow us to build a new extension to our kitchen showroom in Sheffield.

            It will provide an excellent addition to our current showroom and we’re really excited to move forward with it. Recently; we brought you the news of the impending addition of a fifth furniture collection – a bespoke German range – into our handmade kitchens Sheffield ranges.

            Kitchen Design Innovators

            It is the German collection which will provide the central point for the new showroom extension; and we’re convinced that it will prove to be extremely popular. It will also showcase our position as leaders in the world of contemporary design production – further enhancing our reputation for staying at the forefront of exciting innovations within the world of design; whilst adding to our contemporary kitchens Sheffield existing products.

            As always; we will do all that we can to ensure we meet the same targets that we always strive to achieve when producing any of our bespoke furniture ranges. Ergonomics, aesthetics and expansive choice are all of equal importance; and are the vital factors that contribute towards our continuation forward in the design world.

            As a business that provides itself on driving forward in the design world, we’re sure that these latest bits of news will be popular with both new and prospective customers. We’re incredibly excited to starting gauging the public reaction to both pieces of news.

            Existing Showroom Also Gets Makeover

            In addition to the exciting new extension plans; we’ve also got news for you surrounding the ongoing sale of our existing showroom displays. We can exclusively reveal that both displays that we were looking to sell have both now been grabbed by customers.

            As a result; they are set to be succeeded by some fantastic new traditional displays at the existing showroom building – ensuring that once the extension is built, customers will be able to see first-hand a whole range of our bespoke furniture – right through from the traditional to the contemporary.

            Ambition, Expert Opinion and Desire

            We are vastly experienced at working with new customers to match the products that are best suited to them – helping to bring to life their vision for their dream kitchens in the process. We have worked in the industry for over 25 years; enabling us to build a reputation enhanced through our ambition, expert opinion and desire to meet the needs of our customers.

            We will always look to meet any number of requirements; striving to leave our customers satisfied for the long term – something that we guarantee with our bespoke furniture. Any customers or UK retailers that are interested in our products can reach one of our dedicated design team on 0114 2852762.

            The showroom can be found at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street. We’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday, 10-3 on Saturday and by appointment only on Sunday. Get in touch to start on your journey towards your dream kitchen today.



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              Age UK and Kitchens Sheffield Manufacturers Traditional Furniture Company Working in Tandem

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                It always gives us great satisfaction to know that people feel reassured when choosing us as a company. Recently; we have finished the initial design work for the new Age UK offices in Sheffield. We are delighted to be producing the work for Age UK; which will provide another example of the sort of high quality work that we are associated with producing.

                We are delighted that this project gives us a chance to showcase our work to the Sheffield public. With our work in the public eye, visitors to Age UK Sheffield will see first-hand the quality of work that we regularly produce. The bespoke, experienced touch that we bring to all our pieces of furniture are what help to set us apart as a company.

                Delighted to be working with Age UK

                With many elderly people feeling vulnerability and isolation as part of their everyday lives; Age UK work to reduce these factors in people’s lives; helping them to get the most out of life and increasing their levels of independence in the process. We’re delighted to be working with Age UK towards the final production of this work; and are extremely excited to see it take shape.

                As a company; we use SolidWorks and 20-20 Fusion FX to produce the design work for our customers. SolidWorks enables us to create 1:1 images; which can then be sent to the factory so that a cutting list can be developed. Fusion FX enables us to create the office plans that go alongside this. We also use Blue Print design methods; and all of these factors combine to allow us to produce the best design work possible for those that choose to take us on.

                Long-Lasting Customer Satisfaction

                We understand why the customer is the most important factor in every single project that we take on. It is vital to us that every customer leaves with long-lasting satisfaction; so we always strive to meet any design requirements that may be asked of us. If you have an idea, we can produce it for you. We love the exciting challenge of each and every project that we take on; and this will be exactly the case with Age UK.

                Why not come and visit us at our showroom ; where you can see our kitchens Sheffield as well? You can find us at Bralea Court on Bamforth Street, Sheffield. We’re open 9-5 Monday to Friday, 10-3 on Saturdays’ and on Sundays’ by appointments only. Alternatively; call our team on 0114 2852762. They will always be happy to take your call.

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