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Oak Structures Perfect for Luxury Property Investment

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    Paul Bloom’s fantastic range oak structures have taken contemporary property design in the UK to new heights. Offering luxury, class and long-term satisfaction; these architectural features have continued to form one of their cornerstone ranges; and the company are always keen to produce their work for new clients.

    Each new commission presents an exciting opportunity to apply their bespoke touch to a new property; with no design ever the same. Whilst the end results are always tailored to the client, it goes without saying that the quality remains of the highest level for all of the stunning oak structures that they design and manufacture.

    No matter how grand the project, you can feel confident that the experienced Paul Bloom team will able to help you. Whether you’re looking to extend, or build within exterior property space, they have the ability to deliver the inspiring end results that you desire.

    Property Extensions with Perfect Subtlety

    For any property extension project, subtlety is vital. It will be often be the case that any desire to invest has been fuelled by an ambition to improve the overall aesthetic quality of a home. When taking this into consideration, it makes no sense to begin a project without consideration of how it’s going to work with the grander scheme of the existing building.

    Once this has been decided on, things can be progressed. With the Paul Bloom team, bespoke conservatories and porches are just some of the many ways in which their clients decide they want to extend.

    Exterior Oak Structures Offer Variety of Possibilities

    In addition, Paul Bloom also produce oak structures for exterior property spaces. Swimming pool buildings, gazebos and garden structures are just a few examples of these; whilst they also regularly carry out conversion work on a variety of existing buildings. It really just all depends on the needs of the client.

    However they end up moving forward with you, you can be sure that they’ll consult with you throughout every step of the design and installation process. Their priority is to provide you with a truly luxury finished article and ongoing client interaction forms an essential part of their ongoing success.

    Sheffield, Cheshire and Alderley Edge Projects

    Cheshire, Alderley Edge and Sheffield are just a selection of the many different areas up and down the country within which Paul Bloom continue to implement their work. They regularly field enquiries from a number of different locations and you can feel confident that their team will be happy to install within your own location.

    Contact Paul Bloom for More on Oak Structures

    As well as their painstakingly-crafted handmade oak structures, Paul Bloom also offer a number of other services to UK property owners; including handmade kitchen furniture and bespoke joinery. To find out more, you should get in touch with them today. You can do so by calling 01433 749 998; or via an email to

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