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How Architectural Glass Has Become Integral to Modern Property Design

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    “The use of glass does compel us to go new ways.”

    Those were the words once famously stated by the architectural mastermind Mies van der Rohe; and they ring especially true in the modern world of design. With thermal and light benefits in abundance, architectural glass is now becoming increasingly commonplace within property design – and Diverso have capitalised on this to great effect.

    Their architectural features provide home and business owners with a great chance to revolutionise their properties. Glass balconies and glass staircases are just two examples of their products that could help to beautifully contemporise your own property; as they continue to design manufacture and install glass features of the highest standard.

    Glass Balustrades and Glass Doors Perfect for Internal Light Transmissions

    Diverso look to provide home and business owners with a service that enables them to make a contemporary property statement; that fits seamlessly within the grander make-up of a building. Whether the commission is for a new or existing build, you can be sure that whichever of Diverso’s architectural glass features you choose; it will emanate class, elegance and style.

    Diverso’s glass staircases, glass doors and glass balconies are 3 of their products that work particularly well internally. They can be strategically designed to blend within any number of interior design schemes and are tailor-made to add that true wow-factor to a property. Diverso’s interior glass features are also ideal for maximising the distribution of natural light; which has been linked to a number of health benefits.

    Visually Stunning Interior Features

    For property exteriors, Diverso can carefully design stunning structural glass balconies to help you to embrace the surroundings of your home in a wonderfully-panoramic way. Diverso’s exterior features will ensure your home radiates as a beacon of design excellence in your area.

    Whilst Diverso specialise in producing visually stunning pieces, they also feel it’s equally important that the services they provide work practically. Whichever of their glass features you choose, you can be sure that their staff will intelligently consider both form and functionality in equal measure.

    Advanced CAD Technology

    They consistently do this through the implementation of high-tech 2D and 3D CAD drawings. These enable them to help their clients visualise any one of their glass features in-situ; and help them to ensure that they exactly fulfil your requirements.

    If you’re looking to make an architectural statement at your home or business, Diverso are perfectly placed to help. Their bespoke glass features have been satisfying property owners in Cheshire, Sheffield, Harrogate, Alderly Edge and London for many years; as they continue to provide a service that resonates with the very nature of exclusivity.

    Cheshire, London, Sheffield, Alderly Edge, Harrogate and More

    You can give Diverso a call on 01433 695577, where they’ll gladly advise you on how they can help you move forward. Alternatively, if you’d rather get in touch via email, you can reach them via


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      Changing Your Home’s Door Knockers: 4 Reasons You Should

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        There are so many ways you can upgrade your home. This is equally relevant whether you’re moving into a new property or renovating an existing one. One fast and easy way you can make changes is to purchase new door knockers. With that in mind, Handsome Handles have put together a list of 4 reasons why they think it’s a great idea to embrace the change:

        Door Knockers can Match Contemporary and Traditional Properties

        Each and every home is different. But that certainly doesn’t mean that the appropriate products to match aren’t out there on the available market. As time has gone by the choice of door knockers available to consumers has increased; and there are now designs that can be matched to both contemporary and traditional property design schemes – see Handsome Handles for more.

        They’re a Famous Home Feature in the UK

        Some of the most famous UK properties have iconic door knockers at their entrances. A great example of this is the lion head door knocker that can be found at number 10 Downing Street. Door knockers like this have formed a vital part of the make-up of the nation’s properties for centuries and that is a tradition that we as homeowners should hold on to. Even if you’re property is exclusively modern, you can still find an appropriate door knocker.

        It’s Not Expensive to Add New Door Knockers

        One thing holding people back from making improvements at their property is the money that they have to pay out to do so. Yet door knockers needn’t fall into this category of prevention. There are a vast array of these products that are available to you, the majority of which are purchasable for an extremely cost effective outlay – so don’t let the money factor hold you back.

        The Initial Investment Could Inspire More

        You may see a cast iron door knocker that you like that encourages you to delve into past traditions of interior design within your home. Or, a strikingly-modern door knocker – made from a contemporary material such as polished chrome – might inspire you to embrace modern design trends. The choice really is endless and what starts out initially as a minor investment could lead to inspiration being provided for an entire property makeover.

        Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

        Once you’ve made the decision to change the door knockers at your property, there’s only one supplier to turn to. Handsome Handles are vastly experienced in providing customers with an extensive array of door knockers to choose from, all of which can enhance your property.

        They’re also a popular supplier choice for customers looking for door knobs and door handles, both of which can provide further cost-effective property additions. To speak to them further about their impressive array of products, you can call them on 07961 832812, or 01246 731481.



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          Written by Chris

          November 20th, 2014 at 11:23 am

          Swann Morton Blades – 5 Great Reasons to Choose Them

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            Swann Morton blades from Knife-Point are consistently delivering on customer satisfaction, thanks to the high quality of blades on offer. Here are 5 great reasons why Swann Morton blades from Knife-Point are well worth your consideration.

            Many Professions Use Them

            There are a number of industries that are benefiting from the obvious quality of Swann Morton blades. Right across the health sector; surgeons, GP’s and nurses are just some of the many people that have incorporated the products into their day to day work. Those in the arts and crafts industry are finding these knife blades to be equally beneficial to them.

            Worldwide Demand

            Swann Morton’s emphasis on high quality products has ensured that their reach has extended far beyond the Steel City. Through the combination of the latest technologies and traditional blade making skills, this manufacturer produces knives that are right at the pinnacle of tools within the industry. Overseas distributors with supporting local customer bases are continuing to further the brand.

            Swann Morton Were Established in 1932

            Swann Morton was founded in Sheffield in 1932; and over the time that’s accumulated since that date, they’ve become an industry leader in the supply of knife blades. The brand name is widely respected, thanks to their production of knives that adhere to the highest standards of quality, consistency, precision and reliability.

            Matched to Many Handles

            Knife-Point stock packs of original, new and sealed Swann Morton blades that are suitable for fitting to the No.3, No. 3L. No.5, No.7, No.9 and B3 handles – as well as more similar ones. So you can always be sure that you’ll get your hands on blades that are the most appropriate for the tools that you own.

            Cost-Effective Solutions

            At Knife-Point, you can buy these blades in a whole variety of quantities. The order quantities have been devised with the needs of the customer in mind, ensuring that a whole variety of different order requirements can be met. It is little wonder that Knife-Point and Swann Morton have become such a winning combination.

            Contact Knife-Point for Swann Morton Knives, Stanley Knife Blades + More

            To speak to Knife-Point about their Swann Morton knife blades; as well as many more of their products – including Stanley knife blades and snap off blades – you can give them a call on 0114 2507554. Alternatively, why not drop us them email to

            Knife-Point are an extremely reputable knife supplier in the Sheffield area and beyond and you can be safely assured that you’ll be receiving only the highest levels of customer service if you choose them. Their knowledge of the industry is extensive and you can always feel reassured that their staff will be able to answer any queries that you may have in a highly satisfactory manner.


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              Changing Your Home’s Door Handles – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

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                Making your home stand out from the crowd in a cost effective manner can be a difficult task. So have you considered altering the smaller features? Door handles present a great opportunity to upgrade your home; and with that in mind here’s a list of 5 great reasons why you should consider changing yours.

                They Evidence Your Consideration of the Minor Details

                Door handles are also a great way to impress visitors to your home. They evidence your consideration of the minor details and can help you to form a reputation amongst your friends as an advocate of classy contemporary interior design.

                They Present an Extremely Reasonable Way to Upgrade Your Home

                One of the greatest strengths of installing new door handles is that they are an extremely cost effective product. For the impression that they can leave on visitors, the relatively small outlay that is required to purchase them pales into insignificance. You’d be hard pressed to find another feature at your home which could be successfully upgraded in such a cost effective manner.

                They Can Bring Your Property into the 21st Century

                For many homeowners one of the most occurring difficulties that they face is that their property has begun to look dated. For those people, it can be difficult to know where to start with regards to a home facelift, but we at Handsome Handles are experts in the supply of a whole range of contemporary door handles that can stylishly bring your home into the 21st century.

                Door Handles Present a Whole Variety of Potential Ways to Add Property Character

                Even if you’re not looking to sell, don’t underestimate the appeal that can be generated through the introduction of new internal and external door handles in your home. From wing shaped handles on a backplate, through to Cinco lever handles on rose, the choice with Handsome Handles truly is expansive; and should provide you with all the potential you need to make a great character statement at your property.

                Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

                Door knobs, door knockers and door handles are all extensively stocked by Handsome Handles. If you’d like to speak to them more about any of their products, you can get in touch via 07961832812, or 01246 731481. One of their dedicated and friendly customer service team will be delighted to take your call.

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                  Spectacular Glass Balcony Case Study

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                    Architectural features company Diverso recently designed, manufactured and installed a stunning glass balcony for a very satisfied client in the Islington area of London. As specialists in the creation of interior and exterior features for properties, Diverso relished the opportunity to carry out the work for this particular customer and the end result was exemplary.

                    The job initially required the removal of an existing balcony structure; something which presented no obstacle for the reputable firm. In its place, a stunningly-smart glass balcony was installed. The standard of work that was implemented was impeccable, as it continues to be every time Diverso are hired.

                    Glass Balcony Looks Stunning In-Situ

                    Initially, there were a few issues that arose, but these were dealt with in a typically impressive manner. That is of little surprise given how the firm’s reputation has grown since its inception. The glass base for the balcony turned out to be too large, but Chris at Diverso resolved the problem ‘professionally and swiftly changed it,’ according to the client.

                    The glass balcony looks absolutely stunning in-situ; and is sure to earn Diverso further business for those looking for similar products. There really is no better feeling than relaxing in the outdoors from the comfort of a beacon of architectural design; and that is exactly what Diverso’s glass balconies allow their clients to do.

                    Contemporary Glass Balconies

                    Contemporary glass balconies form part of Diverso’s exclusive unique glass range, which also includes frameless glass doors, glass floors and glass balustrades. As property owners continue to look for innovative ways to modernise their properties, architectural glass is continuing to prove increasingly popular and Diverso are the industry leader in the field.

                    Diverso offer stunning exclusivity across all their ranges; and it is little wonder that so many new home and business owners are looking to hire them. From stunning cantilever oak and glass feature staircases, to smoothly sculpted architectural aluminium conservatories, there really is something for every property owner.

                    Architectural Features in Cheshire, Sheffield, Alderly Edge and More

                    Although this installation took place in London, there are many other UK locations where Diverso are able to work with clients. Cheshire, Sheffield, Derbyshire, Harrogate and Alderly Edge are just some of the other places where their services are in high demand.

                    Diverso are also experts in the production of architectural aluminium features and wonderful feature staircases. To speak to Diverso about any one of their ranges, you can reach them on 01433 695577. A member of their dedicated customer service team will be only too happy to take your call and start you on your journey to reinvigorating your property today.

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                      Glass Features Contemporising UK Properties

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                        Diverso’s architectural glass features are tailor-made to help property owners make an architectural statement at their home or business. Not only do they fluidly function within the grander scheme of varying interior designs, they are also aesthetically stunning. It is little wonder that they have been helping us to deliver customer satisfaction for many years.

                        Diverso offer a full spectrum of impressive glass solutions that are perfect for adding a true touch of exclusivity to your property. Architectural glass is becoming ever more prevalent in modern property design; and they are highly skilled in its design and application. Through their wonderful array of products including frameless glass doors, glass balconies and glass balustrades; they are sure to impress.

                        Frameless Glass Doors Help Clients to Admire the Outdoors

                        In addition to this, they are able to advise their clients on which of their glass features would be best suited to meet their needs. One of the greatest qualities of architectural glass is that it allows property owners to explore the panoramic side of design. Through carefully placed frameless glass doors you can turn your home into a theatre from which to admire the outdoors. For those living in the countryside in particular, they are simply ideal.

                        Diverso’s glass floors are also great for the interiors of homes and businesses; and can really help to give properties that wow-factor. When combined with one of their feature glass staircases – or feature staircases with glass balustrades – their clients find that they can contemporise their properties in an aesthetically-astonishing way.

                        Glass Balconies Are Simultaneously Sleek and Stylish

                        For those focused on enhancing the exterior of their property, Diverso’s glass balconies are equally impressive. Simultaneously sleek and stylish, they allow their clients to enjoy the experience of the outdoors from the comfort of a real architectural beacon of excellence. There are many fantastic examples that you can view in their unique glass gallery.

                        Diverso take great pride in being able to offer their services right across the country. All of their unique glass products are perfect for clients in Sheffield, Cheshire, London, Harrogate, Derbyshire and many more UK locations.

                        Contact Diverso Today

                        Diverso would love the opportunity to speak to you more about their unique architectural glass features. They can help you to visualise further how they could work for you at your property; and advise you on the products that would be best suited to you. You can also speak to them about any of their other stunning ranges, including their feature staircases and aluminium solutions.

                        To reach Diverso by phone, you can give them a call on 01433 695577. If you’d rather get in touch via email you can contact them at Whichever method you choose, you’ll be dealing with a friendly and helpful member of their team who will start you on your journey towards your revolutionised property today.


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                          Planer Blades Have Changed Significantly Over Time

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                            There are a range of different types of planer blades on the market and Knife-Point are able to supply the best of them. From a planer blade bar length – fully hardened and triple tempered for maximum service life and toughness – through to tungsten carbide blades that have been specifically designed to fit AEG and Black & Planer planers, you’ll always be getting a high-end product.

                            Knife-Point offer fantastic product flexibility; and it’s not hard to understand why that has seen them become so popular with both new and existing customers. With an ever-expanding repertoire of blades that come in all different shapes and sizes, you’ll always be satisfied.

                            Knife-Point Are the Industry Leader in the Supply of Planer Blades

                            Modern planer blades guarantee high quality work when implemented correctly. All you need to do is to decide which type of blades you require; and from which supplier you’d like to purchase them. There are plenty of these great products being offered by a number of different companies, but how do you know which is the right one for you?

                            As the industry leader in the field, Knife-Point are sure to deliver only the uppermost levels of customer satisfaction. Competition is fierce between knife manufacturers and suppliers; and Knife-Point have risen to the top of the pile thanks to their ability to offer expansive choice through their blades which are tailor made to fit a whole variety of machines.

                            Power Planer Blades

                            The manufacture of woodworking planer blades has naturally evolved alongside technological developments. Previously, it was the case that woodworking planers were handheld tools, but this has changed as time has progressed. Contemporary power planers are now the relative tool of choice; and the standard of work being produced with them is benefiting.

                            The modern tools can also be operated both manually and electronically dependent on the job in hand. A planing platform commonly accompanies these power planers. This means that sections of wood can be adjusted more quickly and accurately, subsequently improving the end results.

                            Knife-Point Specialise in Planer Blades, Swann Morton Blades and Stanley Knife Blades

                            Undisputed quality is a given when you choose to purchase from Knife-Point. With blades from a whole range of suppliers they’re experts in finding the right tools for our customers, so they’re likely to be able to help.

                            To get in touch with Knife-Point about any of their products – such as their Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades – you can reach them by calling 0114 2507554. A dedicated team member will only be too happy to speak to you and begin a happy new customer-client relationship in the process


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                              Refresh Your Property Decor with Black Iron Door Handles

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                                Handsome Handles offer commendable choice across their range of door handles. From their Barley Twist door handles on a backplate, through to their Curly Tail door handles on a backplate, the choice that they offer is particularly inviting. As a company they take great pride in their ability to be able to source some of the most unusual door handles around.

                                That uniqueness that is evident across all their door handles is a selling point which is particularly appealing to customers. If the gothic style of these more traditional door handles doesn’t appeal to you, then Handsome Handles also offer a wide variety of contemporary products that may be better suited to you.

                                Black Iron Door Handles Perfect for Property Owners

                                For those aiming to make a strong interior design statement at their home, black iron door handles from Handsome Handles could be the perfect product. As one of the most reputable industry suppliers, Handsome Handles offer real choice with their products that allow property owners to add real character to their homes.

                                Black iron is a material that it steeped in history; and has design undertones that are both historical and classy. If you’d like to give your home a tinge of the Gothic age, or if you’re decorating a new property from scratch, black antique iron door handles from Handsome Handles are well placed to help.

                                Sheffield + Rotherham Supplier of Door Handles

                                If you’re looking to change the door handles at your home, then there’s only one supplier to go to. Handsome Handles offer stunning variety throughout their product ranges, and present you with a choice that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Their products are perfectly placed to allow you to make some fancy changes at your property in a cost-effective manner, and it’s easy to see why they’re the industry leader in the Sheffield and Rotherham area.

                                It can be extremely rewarding to make your home wonderfully unique. For many people, changing the interior of their property can be a daunting task, but that needn’t be the case. The smaller details present a great opportunity to give the inside of your home a makeover; and internal door handles and external door handles provide a great place to showcase new features.

                                Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers Pride of Handsome Handles

                                To speak to Handsome Handles more about their expansive variety of door handles– as well as any of their fantastic door knobs and door knockers which you can read more about in this blog -you can give them a call on 07961832812.

                                Handsome Handles will be able to help you resolve any enquiries that you may have. For those wishing to contact them via their website you can instead look to get in touch by visiting their contact page.



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                                  Sheffield Trimming Knife Blades

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                                    Knife-Point are experts in the manufacture of trimming knife blades. They craft blades that are made to suit the demands of many different customers; ensuring that they have become the go-to supplier for many people. Here are 5 reasons why Knife-Point’s trimming knife blades are great:

                                    They’re Suitable for Handles from Many Different Manufacturers

                                    Knife-Point’s concave, hooked and straight blades are made to fit a whole variety of hand tools; including those from established manufacturers such as Stanley, Stanley FatMax, Dolphin, Allegro, Shark and many others.

                                    By providing their customers with blade-fitting versatility they know that they are helping to keep them satisfied in the process. This is particularly important to them, as they want to build up client relationships that can continue to develop over time.

                                    They Stock Concave, Hooked or Straight Trimming Knife Blades

                                    One of Knife-Point’s strongest selling points is that they are able to manufacture and supply a variety of trimming knife blades – with each blade type designed to be suited to differing tasks. They offer hooked, concave and straight blades to their customers; with each of those blades made to the highest of standards.

                                    Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel

                                    Many of Knife-Point’s trimming knife blades are manufactured in the home of steel – Sheffield. With a rich history in steel manufacture, Sheffield has forged a great reputation for high quality steel blades; and Knife-Point take pride in being the industry leader in the area.

                                    Hardened and tempered carbon steel is used to make their heavy duty, high quality blades – ensuring that the blades are able to withstand the most arduous materials and the most difficult of tasks.

                                    Different Quantities and Sizes

                                    Knife-Point always aim to provide their customers with the greatest choice possible. With that in mind, they supply blades in a variety of lengths; each suited to different tasks. They offer plenty of scope for buying in bulk; but have no minimum order values – they’re very flexible.

                                    Transferrable Across Different Trades

                                    Another great thing about these blades is that they can be used across a whole variety of different trades. Knife-Point understand that each job requires a specifically-tailored blade; and they have adapted their range of knives to compensate for this.

                                    Professionals working within trades such as flooring, roofing, warehousing and subcontract packing are all benefiting from our trimming knife blades. Equally, craft workers and graphic artists also find them to be particularly useful as well.

                                    Trimming Knife Blades, Snap Off Blades + More

                                    To speak to a member of the Knife-Point team about any of the products mentioned you can reach them on 0114 2507554. You can also discuss any of their other fantastic blades – such as their snap off blades – with them.


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                                      Aesthetically Beautiful Aluminium Architectural Features

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                                        Offering fantastic architectural solutions through their bifolding doors, feature staircases and many more wonderful products; Diverso continue to set the benchmark for stunning contemporary design. They offer a truly exclusive service; and are regularly able to provide home and business owners with only the highest standard of work.

                                        They can meet the needs of an entirety of clients – it’s little wonder that they’ve established themselves as an industry leader in Sheffield, Cheshire, Harrogate, Derbyshire and many other UK locations. Designed to contemporize homes and businesses in an aesthetically-beautiful way; Diverso’s aluminium solutions have been helping to set their business apart from the crowd for many years.

                                        Aluminium Bifolding Doors + Aluminium Conservatories

                                        Diverso always aim to perfectly blend form and functionality with every one of their architectural aluminium features. That is immediately evident with their aluminium doors, aluminium bifold doors, aluminium conservatories and aluminium feature doors.

                                        Perfectly matched to suit those who are renovating an existing property; or people who are starting from scratch, Diverso tailored all their work to specifically match the varying needs of their clients. They love the challenge that each new project presents to them; and revel in their ability to deliver only the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

                                        Embrace the Panoramic

                                        Diverso have helped an impressive variety of clients with their aluminium architectural features. For home owners working in picturesque settings, Diverso’s aluminium conservatories can be designed to embrace panoramic views in breathtaking fashion.

                                        Or, for businesses looking to make a property statement that will draw customers in, their external glass roofing could be equally perfect. Whatever the requirements, you can always be sure that Diverso will deliver on their promise of providing exclusive, jaw-dropping design solutions.

                                        Feature Glass Staircases Equally Impressive

                                        You can reach Diverso by phone at 01433695577, where a member of their dedicated team will only be too happy to take your call. Alternatively, why not take a look at their entire range of products at

                                        From the aluminium solutions mentioned here, to luxurious feature glass staircases, Diverso are sure to be able to match you to one of their extraordinary services. So, if you’re a home or business owner in the UK that’s looking to revolutionise your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Diverso.

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