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Green Heating Systems that Qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

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    The initiative was launched in November 2012 for non-domestic properties, and since then a total of 7675 businesses have installed renewable heating technologies under the don-domestic scheme. The majority of these installations have been for small biomass boilers, which account for 87% of all measures fitted. When this figure includes medium and large biomass boilers, however, this technology accounts for 94% of total installations.

    The payments available through the renewable heat incentive scheme for both non-domestic and commercial installations make renewable technology such as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and biomass boilers attractive options.

    According to the latest Government statistics, almost 22,000 households in the UK have now installed green heating systems that qualify for the renewable heat incentive scheme. The Department of Energy and Climate Change issued statistics recently that showed that there have been 21,932 accredited renewable heat incentive installations of technologies including heat pumps, solar thermal systems and biomass boilers.

    The Renewable Heat Incentive

    The renewable heat incentive is designed to promote the installation of a variety of renewable heat technologies. Households and businesses that install green heating systems are rewarded with financial payments from the renewable heat incentive through separate domestic and non-domestic renewable heat incentive schemes. Since it was officially launched in April 2014, 6,244 households have been accredited.

    Biomass Boilers and Heat Pumps

    According to the stats, of the 21,932 installations, 36% of the total accounts for air source heat pumps, biomass boilers claim 28% of accreditations, solar thermal technologies make up 21% of the market, and ground source heat pumps make up 15%.

    Paul Thompson, head of policy at the Renewable Energy Association said “It is encouraging to see that not only has the 20,000-accreditations milestone been reached but the rate of uptake is rapidly increasing. This is hopefully a trend that will continue.”

    Low Carbon, Affordable Heating

    As biomass installers, Phaseline Renewables see these figures as incredibly encouraging and illustrative of the increased uptake in renewable heating technologies such as biomass boilers and heat pumps. There is obviously a big demand for low carbon, affordable heating in domestic properties throughout the UK, allowing people to move away from fossil fuels.

    To find out how much you could earn from the RHI, why not try a renewable heat incentive calculator? To find out more about the payments that you can receive through the installation of renewable heating technologies and the Renewable Heat Incentive, please contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email them

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      Biomass Boilers Are a Great Option for Growers

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        Phaseline Renewables are experts in the installation of biomass boilers and are well placed to advise on renewable energy technology. Biomass heating is both an environmentally and financially sound decision to make; and this is particularly relevant to horticultural businesses.

        The industry is particularly well suited to the technology and is really buying into the sector of biomass systems at the moment. This in turn has led to large increases in growing; resulting in UK producers gaining a competitive equality with the Dutch and those further afield.

        Easy Access to Fuel with Rural Locations

        For horticultural businesses, access to fuel sources is fairly straightforward, as they are often located in rural places. Biomass boilers use a variety of different fuels including wood chip, wood pellets and general waste material. The advantage here is that this type of fuel is often plentiful and cheap in large scale nursery environments.

        Renewable Heat Incentive Payouts

        There tends to be a constant demand for heat with horticultural businesses, which means that not only is the equipment used all year round; it also generates a sizable financial payback from The Renewable Heat Incentive. This government led scheme pays a subsidy for each kilowatt-hour of qualifying renewable heat output, making a biomass boiler a great investment.

        Reduction of Emissions

        In addition to saving lots of money on heating bills with a biomass boiler, horticulturalists are also cutting down on their Co2 emissions. Not only is this great for the environment, it’s also a great angle to use in marketing material. Saving energy in this way can even be pitched to big buying organisations as an advantage over competitors.

        Lots of Storage Space

        Horticultural businesses tend to have plenty of room, meaning that the biomass boiler itself can be stored easily, as well as the fuel. There’s usually convenient access for delivery vehicles too.

        Horticulture Week Article

        Biomass technology was described as a good option for growers in a recent article in Horticulture Week. According to the online magazine, UK poinsettia growers have urged supermarkets to stop importing the plants and buy British instead. The long term decline in growing of poinsettias has recently ended, largely thanks to many nurseries installing biomass boilers.

        Hill Brothers is currently growing 750,000 poinsettias for Sainsbury’s and has installed a new biomass boiler this year. Director Greg Hill said “Retailers interested in supporting UK horticulture should certainly look at British-grown.”

        Biomass Boiler Quotations for Free From Phaseline

        With the installation of one of Phaseline’s biomass boilers,  you will be entitled to payments through the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, and could also save a substantial amount on your fuel costs. If you would to find out more about biomass boilers, or receive a free quotation, you can contact Phaseline today on 0114 2945500 or email them at


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          Written by Chris

          February 6th, 2015 at 12:22 pm

          7 Must Read Facts about Biomass Boilers and the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

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            There are a number of technologies that are eligible for the renewable heat incentive, and the scheme can be an excellent investment for future income and for saving money on energy bills in the future. As professional biomass installers Lincolnshire, Phaseline Renewables have advised lots of people about the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the domestic renewable heat incentive.

            Eligible Technologies for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

            The technologies that are eligible for the renewable heat incentive include air source heat pumps, ground and water source heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass boilers.

            Eligible People for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

            The following people are eligible to apply for the RHI:

            • Owner occupiers (including second homes)
            • Private landlords
            • Social landlords
            • Self-builders
            • Legacy (those who installed eligible renewable heat measures between 15 July 2009 and 8 April 2014)

            Government Funded Financial Support Programme

            The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government led scheme designed to promote the uptake of renewable heat technologies, such as biomass boilers, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. It is the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat that pays participants of the scheme to heat their buildings.

            Tariff Rates for the Renewable Heat Incentive

            The domestic renewable heat incentive tariffs are as follows:

            • Air source heat pumps 7.3p/kWh
            • Biomass boilers and biomass pellet stoves with back burner 12.2p/kWh
            • Ground source heat pumps 18.8p/kWh
            • Solar thermal technologies 19.2p/kWh

            Calculate Earnings and Savings With The Renewable Heat Incentive Calculator

            As experienced biomass installers Lincolnshire, we know it is well worth taking a look at a renewable heat incentive calculator to give you an idea of how much money your biomass boiler installation could generate for you and how much you could save on your energy bills.

            Get Paid Quarterly for Seven Years

            The renewable heat incentive payments are quarterly, in arrears, from Ofgem. They rise every year in line with the retail price index and although they are paid over the course of seven years, the rates have been calculated over the expected 20 year life of the systems.

            Make Sure you Have a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate

            To be eligible to join the domestic renewable heat incentive, you must get a domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to prove that your property has been assessed as a domestic dwelling, and that your renewable heating system will only be used to heat a single property. Without an EPC, you won’t be able to apply and can’t join the scheme.

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              Save Money and the Environment with the Renewable Heat Incentive

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                Heating for homes and businesses can effectively be paid for using green technology systems. That is because of the renewable heat incentive, which has been designed to help those using technologically-advanced systems such as ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

                The services provide a genuine alternative to gas and oil; and are rapidly becoming more prominent within the mainstream industry of energy production. Commercial and domestic savings are repeatedly being made by businesses and customers throughout the UK thanks to the RHI scheme.

                It makes Phaseline very proud to be part of this low carbon emission movement; with their services enabling people and business to maximize their potential to help reduce damage to the environment. Also open to landlords and those building their own homes, it is easy to see why the renewable energy sector is becoming increasingly responsible for raising employment statistics by up to 100,000 jobs in the UK.

                All Aboard with the Renewable Heat Incentive

                There really has never been a better time to consider the installation of a biomass boiler for your home or business.

                It was back in April that the scheme was launched for the residential sector; and homes throughout the UK have been joining the revolution ever since. Financially, the rewards are excellent. That is backed up by the fact the renewable energy industry has received over £30 billion pounds of investment since 2010.

                More and more people are continuing to get on board with a range of renewable energy possibilities; as the technology continues to advance. It was only this week that a new Government report was released detailing how water sources throughout the country could be used as a renewable energy source; further evidencing the growing interest in the renewable energy sector.

                The carbon neutrality that comes hand in hand with biomass boilers is vital for taking care of the environment through the reduction of Co2 emissions. The positive environmental impact that comes alongside choosing renewable energy resources is also particularly significant.

                Calculate Savings with the RHI Calculator

                As industry leaders in the installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire; Phaseline are pleased to be able to offer a renewable heat incentive calculator service on their website. This RHI calculator enables interested domestic and residential parties to receive an accurate estimation of the potential savings you could make – and resultant payments you may be entitled to receive as a direct result of the renewable heat incentive.


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