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Litter Dumped on Streets of Sheffield, Report Rubbish Removal Sheffield Company

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    Fly-tipping is the illegal deposit of waste on land not permitted to receive it, and can be liquid or solid in nature. Fly-tipping differs from littering in that it invariably involves the removal of waste from premises where it was produced with the deliberate aim of disposing of it unlawfully, or as a result of legitimate outlets not being available.

    Professional Providers of Rubbish Removal Sheffield

    As professional providers of rubbish removal Sheffield, a recent article in the Sheffield Star caught Clearance and Clean Up’s eye as it addressed the worsening problem of fly tipping in some areas of Sheffield. A campaign carried out by the newspaper called ‘The Star’s Your Right to Know’ campaign showed that the problem affects residents right across the city, with discarded bags, rubble and industrial waste even seen in beauty spots. According to council officers, a total of only 27 convictions for the offense of fly tipping have been secured, as it often happens during the night and is therefore difficult to prove.

    Avoid Unofficial Methods of Disposal

    Fly tipping is Sheffield is more prevalent on roads close to parks and green spaces, according to figures obtained from Sheffield Council. Mike Parry, manager of the council’s environmental enforcement team urged people not to use unofficial methods of disposal, as often these so-called firms take money and then dump the waste. “Sometimes we can trace waste back to the household or business and they then run into difficulties. In good faith they have paid someone to take it away and think it will be disposed of properly, but it has been dumped,” he said.

    According to the Sheffield Star, the staff at Abbeydale road firm Hadfield Electrical have been forced to take litter home to dispose of, as the bins outside their premises are constantly filled during the night. Hadfield Electrical staff member Lee Warner said “It happens every week – during the night when there is nobody here. We’ve got used to it. The binmen came on Monday and didn’t take the rubbish. We take some stuff home and put it in our own bins. Every now and then we have to go to the tip but we can only go so many times.”

    Discarded Household Waste

    The problem is particularly bad on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield, a busy street lined with business and houses. In the last three years alone, 100 complaints have been made to Sheffield Council regarding the discarded litter on this road, more than any other road in the city. A particularly bad spot in this area is at the back of Broadfield Park, just off Abbeydale Road, where it has been reported that there is a pile of discarded bricks, as well as household waste, several margarine tubs and a fire extinguisher. Along the nearby riverside there are carrier bags and lots of bottles and cans.

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      Industrial Action at Sheffield’s Waste Recycling Centres Report Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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        It has been suggested that a major shake-up needed at a number of the Sheffield based waste recycling centres, with Union bosses suggesting that they would be better off being taken over by a local charity after a long running dispute.

        Sheffield Waste Recycling Centres

        The paper reported that industrial action had been held at the five centres last year, which are operated by the sub-contractor The Green Company on behalf of Sheffield Council and Veolia, over pay, conditions and claims of bullying. The action, however, has been suspended for negotiations since November last year.

        Household Waste Recycling Centres in Sheffield

        There are several different site locations throughout Sheffield that are used for the disposal of waste. Household Waste Recycling Centres, which are more commonly known as tips and dumpits, allow Sheffield residents to safely dispose of a variety of different waste items, such as garden waste, furniture, including sofas, beds and mattresses, and electrical equipment including fridges, freezers, TVs, light bulbs and batteries. It is recommended by the local council, however, that a skip should be hired for renovation or construction waste, rather than taking this to a recycling centre.

        According to the Sheffield Star, the union called on the local council last week to act, and claimed that The Green Company was using new staff on zero hour contracts, as well as unpaid workers referred by the probation service, to try to break the dispute. Sheffield Council said that it would be seeking action, and that the local authority “could no longer have confidence” in the ability of the Green Company to manage the centres, or act as a “responsible provider of public services.”

        Although profit from The Green Company goes to the charity Salvaire for intended use as grants from charities, GMB has controversially revealed that 35 per cent of the budget in fact goes on management costs and wages. The GMB organiser at Sheffield Council, Peter Davies said: “It is a charity model that isn’t working – the trustees are in London, it is faceless.”

        Services for Waste Clearance and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

        As rubbish removal Sheffield experts, Clearance and Clean Up know that it isn’t always convenient or appropriate to take lots of items down to the tip. It can be a huge chore, especially when lifting and shifting, loading vehicles, transport and vehicle size may be issues. And there are occasions where the council will recommend hiring a skip, which can be expensive.

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          Rubbish Removal Sheffield Report Fall in Deliberate Fires on Bins and Rubbish

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            Just last week, fire fighters were called to a fire at a disused council depot in Sheffield, for the second time in only four days. Fire crews managed to out the flames in the building on Gayton Road, Pitsmoor, and a police investigation will follow. Fire fighters were also called to an arson attack the week before after a pile of rubbish was deliberately set alight on Fenton Way in Rotherham.

            Sheffield and South Yorkshire see Falls in Arson Attacks

            The Sheffield Star has reported that fire chiefs in Sheffield and South Yorkshire are finally bringing down the number of arson attacks in the area. Initial figures suggest that the number of fires that were started deliberately across the UK dropped significantly last year compared with the previous year.

            Arson Reduction Projects

            The Chief fire officer of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Jamie Courtney, said: “We have a number of arson reduction projects which are working quite well and the number of deliberate fires is reducing – we will never get rid of them completely.”

            According to the latest figures, arson attacks at homes, buildings and on cars have fallen from 753 in 2013 to 619 up until November 2014. In addition, the number of minor fires started in bins and involving rubbish or grass has dropped from 2,982 to 2,382. As rubbish removal Sheffield experts, it’s encouraging to hear that arson attacks are falling, especially in the instances where rubbish and bins are being set fire to. It’s a real shame that people see rubbish as an opportunity to commit arson, and we make it our mission to ensure that rubbish is removed from sites all over South Yorkshire, including Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley.

            Sheffield Rubbish Removal Services

            Clearance and Clean Up’s rubbish removal Sheffield services are available to anyone who has unwanted rubbish, garden trimmings and other unwanted objects. Unfortunately, arson attacks on rubbish and garden waste are still a problem in the area, and disposing of this type of waste as soon as possible is a wise move.

            This company work throughout South Yorkshire and Derbyshire to reduce the amount of waste and rubbish in the area, regularly covering Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. Their rubbish removal prices are based on the volume of waste cleared, and heavy loads such as brick, rubble or soil are charged by weight depending upon the material removed.

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              Snow and Ice Disrupt Bin Collections and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                As providers of rubbish removal Sheffield services in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley, Clearance and Clean Up know just how quickly waste and rubbish can build up when it is not collected by the authorities. This recent disruption, which has left bins overflowing with festive waste, has caused a backlog of rubbish for many local areas, and great inconvenience for the residents of Sheffield.

                Several areas across Sheffield have been under the cover of snow after a heavy fall on Boxing Day evening, causing havoc for the city’s bin emptying schedule. Waste collections were cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions in the days over Christmas and the New Year, leaving areas such as Whirlow, Sharrow Vale, Bradway, Dore, Totley, Milhouses, Brincliffe, Carter Knowle and Nether Edge without blue bin collections.

                Backlog of Black Bins

                Black bin collections were due on Tuesday December 30th, and the Sheffield Star reported that Veolia would carry out collections ‘where possible’. They were also dealing with a backlog of black bins that were due to be collected earlier in the week but cancelled due to the snow and ice. A Veolia spokesman said: “The weekend snowfall and ongoing icy conditions have resulted in delays to waste and recycling collections. Many side roads remain snowy and icy which make for difficult conditions for large refuse collection vehicles and collections staff to operate safely in.”

                Sheffield Council contractor Veolia urged residents to leave their bins on the street until they have been emptied, and advised that bin men will collect bagged extra black bin waste and small amounts of extra cardboard at the side of blue boxes or bins. Francis Drew, Veolia contract manager, said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank residents for their patience. We hope the milder conditions forecast towards the end of the week will mean we can recover collections missed with the snow and ongoing icy conditions.”

                Waste Disposal Arrangements for Sheffield

                For those of you who have more than just household waste to dispose of this New Year, whether you are having a clear out, a pre-spring clean, or are clearing a property altogether, Clearance and Clean Up can help. Even when the service isn’t disrupted by the snow, local bin collections won’t take extra rubbish or household items during their delivery, so alternative waste disposal arrangements will need to be made.

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                  Winter Gardening Tips from Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                    Many people after Christmas take advantage of garden clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield services, clearing the way for their gardening plans in the New Year. Although your plants will still be dormant at this time of year, it’s a great time to start planning and preparing your garden for the months ahead. The more you do now, the easier your gardening jobs will be later in the year, so it’s worth braving the cold to get some work in now.

                    Get Rid of all the Rubbish!

                    You may have a sack full of garden waste that you’d like to get rid of, the remnants of your old fence, or broken garden furniture laying around your garden. Now is the time to have a good clear out and get rid of all the rubbish, so when the weather does improve, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden. Use a reputable rubbish removal service in Sheffield to help you with this, it saves you lots of time and is a really fast and affordable way to tidy up your garden.

                    Have a Tidy up of Flower Beds and Boarders

                    Winter is a good opportunity to have a general tidy up in your garden. You may want to remove leaves and other garden debris from your lawn, flower boarders and pond. Again, using a reliable rubbish removal Sheffield company to take away anything you need to get rid of is a great start.

                    Clean Gardening Tools and Greenhouses

                    Before Spring arrives, give your greenhouse a good tidy up and a thorough wash. Sweep the floor, clean the glass, and wash pots and seed trays to prevent disease. Remember to ventilate your greenhouse well after this process so you can be sure that everything has dried off properly.

                    Move and Re-Plant Shrubs

                    Winter is the best time to move and re-plant deciduous shrubs that may be in the wrong place or that you’d like to move, as they are now dormant. When digging out the shrub, make sure you take out quite a wide area around it and as much of the root ball as possible; this will help the plant to get established quickly in its new location.

                    Rubbish Removal Sheffield and Garden Clearance Services

                    If you do decide to get stuck in to preparing your garden for the Spring in the next few weeks,  garden clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield services in Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley can help. Their friendly staff can remove everything including hedge trimmings, dead plants, felled trees and unwanted top soil. Contact them on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email us on

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                      The Full Scale of Plastic in the Ocean: Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                        The Guardian newspaper published an interesting and slightly shocking article this month revealing the full scale of the plastic in the world’s oceans for the first time. According to the most comprehensive study to date on plastic pollution around the world, there are over five trillion pieces of plastic floating around in our oceans.

                        As a company specialising in litter picking and rubbish removal services in Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham, Clearance and Clean Up follow the media closely when it comes to issues regarding the environment, recycling  and littering.

                        Plastic can Kill or Injure Animals

                        While large plastic pieces can strangle larger animals such as seals, smaller bits are eaten by fish and spread up the food chain. That means that these plastics, and all the chemicals that they attract, are actually ending up on our plates, and may be ingested by humans.

                        Scientists collected data from the US, France, Chili, Australia and New Zealand, and their results found that there is a minimum of 5.25 tonnes of plastic particles in the oceans, most of them “micro plastics” measuring less than 5mm. The plastic is largely derived from food and drink packaging and clothing, and can have a devastating effect on the lives of animals and their food chains.

                        5% of World’s Plastic Currently Recyled

                        As only 5% of the world’s plastic is currently being recycled, coupled with the rising production of throwaway plastic, researchers are predicting that the volume of plastic in the ocean will continue to rise. Julia Reisser, a researcher based at the University of Western Australia said “Lots of things are used once and then not recycled. We need to improve our use of plastic and also monitor plastics in the oceans so we get a better understanding of the issue.”

                        Sustainable Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                        Obviously, the staff at Clearance and Clean Up make it their mission to collect rubbish, whether it is from house clearance or rubbish removal Sheffield. We have very strict rules about disposing of waste responsibly and sustainably and we have lots of contacts in local charities and recycling stations too.

                        We also issue a waste transfer note after each collection, which is a legal requirement. In addition, our Waste Electrical Equipment Removal (WEEE) means that any electrical items that we take will be recycled, with 0% going to landfill. Therefore, if you use Clearance and Clean Up for rubbish removal in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham or Barnsley, you can be assured that you are making an environmentally friendly choice.

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                          Improve the Environment with Keep Britain Tidy and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                            The Keep Britain Tidy ‘Love Where you Live’ campaign is based on the idea that respect for your planet begins with respect for your neighbourhood. Celebrity ambassadors Ben Fogle and Kirstie Allsopp are helping to celebrate the UK’s green spaces, encouraging people to clean up communities and tackle the problem of dog mess.

                            Professional Rubbish Removal Sheffield Services

                            As an independent charity, Keep Britain Tidy fights for people’s right to live and work in places of which they can be proud. They believe that caring for the environment is the first step to a better society, and work at the heart of business, government and community to help people understand that what’s good for the environment is also good for us. As professional rubbish removal Sheffield services, Clearance and Clean Up firmly believe that our environment is incredibly important, and that keeping the place where you live tidy and rubbish free is a must for a healthy, happy society.

                            As rubbish removal Sheffield experts, Clearance and Clean Up are fully behind the ‘Love Where you Live’ campaign from Keep Britain Tidy. The Sheffield Star has recently reported that fly-tipping has been reduced by a third on council estates in the east of Sheffield. Council chiefs are putting the success down to the ‘Love Where you Live Campaign’, which targeted estates including Margate, Carwood, Lower Wincobank, Lopham, Wensley and Greenland. The council organised various clean-up days, estate walkabouts and home visits, and distributed posters, factsheets and leaflets about rubbish disposal.

                            Littering and Fly Tipping in Sheffield

                            Last March, the Sheffield Star published a story highlighting the serious problem of littering and dog fouling, reporting that the number of people who were given fixed penalty notices had tripled during 2013. September saw South Yorkshire Police and community support officers becoming the first in the country to collect evidence of the problem, with the council welcoming increased action against offenders. With regard to the recent fall in incidents of littering and fly-tipping, Councillor Harry Harpham said “We remain committed to this and the work has already had very positive results.”

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                              Top 5 Benefits of Having a Clean Home: Ideas from Sheffield Rubbish Removal Experts

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                                A clean and tidy home, one that is free of clutter and mess, can have a significant positive effect on your state of mind. Similarly, a messy home full of unwanted, unused items can have a negative effect on your psychological wellbeing. If you’re thinking of having a good tidy up in the run up the Christmas but can’t seem to find the motivation, here are 5 benefits of having a clean, clutter free home!

                                As a house clearance and rubbish removal company in Sheffield, Clearance and Clean Up firmly believe in the psychological benefits that a clean home can bring to your life. You may have heard of the old saying “Tidy room, tidy mind”, and there is a lot of truth in that.

                                Good Exercise!

                                Lots of simple daily chores actually burn quite a few calories as they increase your heart rate over and above the normal resting rate. So not only will your home benefit, your body will too!

                                Welcome Visitors

                                When your home is untidy and in need of a good clean, you’re far less likely to invite friends and family over to spend time with you. Everyone feels better when they’ve put the world to rights with their best friend over a cup of tea, so get cleaning and invite someone over to admire a home you can be proud of.

                                Regain Control

                                If your house is messy, you give yourself the message that “messy” behaviour is ok too. Cleaning your environment is way of regaining control, and can decrease thoughts of helplessness, increasing your ability to manage your emotions.


                                Cleaning gives you a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There’s a clear end to what you’re doing, and small cleaning tasks around the home are fairly easy to complete. So after a little graft, you’ll see a big difference, and that satisfaction can make you feel great!

                                Stress Reduction

                                Cleaning is a great way to reduce stress. Not only does it take your mind off whatever it is that has made you angry or upset, you’ll benefit from the sense of achievement afterwards which will further lift your mood.

                                Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                                If you’ve decided to have a good clearout in preparation for Christmas and need to dispose of rubbish, unwanted furniture or household items, Clearance and Clean Up can help. Their rubbish removal services in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley are reasonably priced, and they do all the lifting and shifting for you, making it a very hassle free way to de-clutter your home. Call them on 0114 403 1021 or email


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                                  Autumn Tips to Ensure Your Garden is Ready for Winter from Rubbish Removal Company Sheffield

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                                    Give the Wildlife a Helping Hand

                                    Winter can be a tough time of year for wildlife visiting your garden, so do your best to look after them. Put up a couple of bird feeders and provide some water. Try fat balls, nuts and over ripe raisins or apples.

                                    Repair Fences and Woodwork

                                    With your herbaceous borders empty, you’ll have plenty of room to survey and improve the structural aspect of your garden. If your fence is in need of repair, a good paint, or needs to be removed and replaced, Autumn is the perfect time to do it. Walls, plastering, and other woodwork such as decking, sheds or summer houses can be addressed at this time too.

                                    Remove and Plant Tender Species

                                    Tender species such as Dahlias, Begonias and even some woody shrubs can be lifted, potted up and brought indoors for the winter to avoid the first frost. Simply cut back the stems, gently lift the tubers from the ground, and give them a clean. They can then be stored somewhere cool but frost free, in trays of dry compost or sand over the winter until the spring comes.

                                    Tidy Up Your Borders

                                    Now is the time to remove annual plants and either add them to the compost heap or dispose of them. If you have any plants that need to be moved, or perennials that could do with being separated, Autumn is the perfect time to do this.  Ideally, you cut your perennials back to approximately 5cm above ground. Then, cover borders with a good layer of compost, manure or bark chips.

                                    Add Some Colour with Winter Plants

                                    Autumn and Winter in your garden need not be colourless and bleak if you know what plants to choose. For example, cyclamens, pansies, violas and winter jasmine are all hardy enough to survive the winter, and bring some colour and variety to your garden over the colder months.

                                    Garden Clearance Service in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley

                                    If you’re desperate to get rid of your old fence, decking that has seen better days, or garden furniture on its last legs, we’ll happily take that away for you too. The garden clearance trucks from Clearance and Clean Up hold about the same amount as 2 builders skips, and they do all the lifting and shifting for you. For garden clearance and rubbish removal Sheffield, contact Clearance and Clean Up on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email them on

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                                      Written by Chris

                                      November 4th, 2014 at 11:06 am

                                      Fly Tipping in the Steel City and Rubbish Removal Sheffield

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                                        A recent article published in the Sheffield Star reports how the local council are cracking down on those caught fly-tipping in the Sheffield area. According to the newspaper, fines of more than £700 are being handed out by Sheffield Council for those people who are caught dumping rubbish and unwanted waste items.

                                        The article comes after a substantial amount of rubbish, which included sheets of the dangerous substance asbestos, was found dumped in a car park in Loxley Common, Loxley, a member of the public came forward and reported the act of fly-tipping to the council.

                                        Experts in Rubbish Removal Sheffield

                                        As experts in rubbish removal Sheffield, the staff at Clearance and Clean Up are always really disappointed by local reports of fly-tipping. It’s such a shame that this sort of crime still goes on when there are plenty of options to dispose of rubbish and other unwanted items that are safe and affordable, as opposed to illegal.

                                        Fly Tipping Prosecutions in Sheffield

                                        Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and Streetscene, said: “Last year we had 19 prosecutions for fly-tipping, with the highest fine over £700.There is no excuse for this disgusting and totally unnecessary behaviour. People who dump waste in this way should have more pride in their area and not commit this ignorant crime. We take a zero-tolerance approach and use every tool at our disposal to catch these criminals.” Coun Scott has also urged residents to report any problems to the council so that they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

                                        Last year, there were 19 prosecutions for fly-tipping in Sheffield. As a result of the recent incident in Loxley, Sheffield Council is reminding the general public of the council’s zero-tolerance approach to catch those responsible and hopefully prosecute them.

                                        Rubbish Removal Sheffield Tackle Local Fly Tipping

                                        If you have been affected by fly tipping and are looking for a reliable, local rubbish removal service in Sheffield to remove the waste, Clearance and Clean Up can help. Their friendly and reliable staff are able to provide a reliable rubbish removal and fly tipping waste removal service in Sheffield and throughout Yorkshire.

                                        All of their prices include labour and disposal fee, there are no hidden charges, and you can rest assured that your waste goes to a proper licensed disposal facility. For rubbish removal Sheffield, please contact Clearance and Clean Up on 0800 410 1086 or 0114 403 1021, or email them on

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                                          Written by Chris

                                          October 13th, 2014 at 10:16 am