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What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer?

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In this article we discuss the importance of hiring a professional for the job, as opposed to leaving it to your guests or letting a friend with a good camera have a go at it for you, and what are the questions you should ask. Many people describe their wedding day as one of the most important days of their lives, so it makes sense to want to record that day with stunning wedding photography. Here are a few thoughts on why hiring a professional is a good idea and what questions to ask.

Insurance and Back Up Equipment

A professional wedding photographer will be covered for all eventualities. That means a spare camera, back up batteries, and back up memory cards. The chances that they will actually be needed are slim, but they are there. It’s the same with insurance; if something goes wrong, a professional is covered. Make sure your wedding photographer is fully insured for both liability and professional indemnities.

An Experienced Wedding Photographer Should Have Been to Numerous Weddings!

An experienced wedding photographer will have a good idea of the ins and outs of a wedding day and everything that goes along with them. A professional wedding photographer should have been to countless weddings, and photographed many more, and therefore know just where to look and when! Whether it’s sneaking in the perfect romantic shot of a tender moment between the bride and groom, or catching a mother in law wiping the tears from her eyes, they should be there and ready with the camera. These moments are priceless, and you should have them captured.

More Than Just a Camera

Although having a great camera is a good place to start, beautiful wedding photography is about so much more than that. Professional photographers have spent hours training, and clocked up even more hours in experience, making them experts at what they do. From composing a shot to editing it afterwards, these skills take time, effort and a pinch of talent to perfect.

Full Range of Services from a Wedding Photographer

In addition to wedding photography services, a good wedding photographer will also offer a variety of optional extras. These include pre-wedding engagement shoots and a range of bespoke wedding photography albums, books, and framed pictures. If you’re looking for a professional and experienced wedding photographer, remember to ask the right questions first!