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Agrics in Partnership with Biomass Boiler Supplier

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    Off grid major energy supplier, AvantiRenewables, recently announced a three-way partnership between Byworth Boilers, Janfire UK and themselves. Commercial steam biomass boilers manufacturers, Byworth Boilers, and Janfire UK provide Swedish burners and technology and AvantiRenewables who are a subdivision of AvantiGas, the off grid energy giant. This partnership aim to provide industrial biomass steam boilers to businesses without pushing their commitment of upfront capital whilst promising reduced CO2 emissions. Their holistic approach pools decades of operational knowledge, engineering expertise and resources from the three partnerships, providing complete biomass steam boiler packages to industries. They claim to facilitate high power cleaning, sterilisation and energy efficient heating.

    Biomass Steam Boilers Users

    Steam Boilers most common users are those in the field of agricultural. Farmers particularly appreciate steam boilers because of their capabilities for water heating which makes them the perfect heat source for keeping animal holding areas sanitary as well as safe. They are easy to maintain their heat so appropriate temperatures can be kept within cattle and poultry sheds. Steam Boilers are useful in that they are used in the food waste process and so are eco-friendly.

    Sheffield Biomass Boiler Installers

    Phaseline Renewables, Sheffield, are biomass boiler specialists and install them for commercial use. This qualifies you for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). They enable the provision of heating but also hot water, as well. Phaseline Renewables have experienced installers with biomass boilers with a strong focus on commercial customers, having previously managed large projects in various industries, including the agricultural sector.

    Biomass Vs Conventional Boilers

    Biomass boilers function in the same way as conventional gas, oil or LPG fired boilers which you may already be familiar with. The only big difference is that biomass boilers run off a sustainable, renewable energy source which is UK manufactured. Phaseline Renewables, installs biomass boilers which are able to run off a variety of different renewable and sustainable sources of energy. Thus includes log burning boilers, wood chip boilers, wood pellet boilers and straw bale boilers. These examples are all able to supply commercial premises with hot water and central heating with absolutely no issue. They are self-regulating relating to their own heat output which allows safe and efficient fuel burning to take place. Biomass boilers are eco-friendly owing to their automated feed system hopper, which allows biomass boilers to be just as user friendly and low maintenance as any conventional boiler you may have previously known eg. gas, oil or LPG.

    Contact Us
    If you are interested in biomass boilers or would like to find out more information about any of the above mentioned boiler types, contact Phaseline Renewables today for your free quotation. You could be saving a substantial amount on your fuel costs now. So, for more information about Phaseline Renewables and their biomass boiler installations at your commercial property, call Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email them at

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      Hot Priced Dream Home

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        Hot Priced Dream Home

        The small village of Finchampstead, Berkshire, is home to a £4.35 million secret. Most houses in this area fetch a high price, but the owners of this spectacular mansion have really excelled themselves with this build. This beautifully finished, five bedroomed, detached home on the outskirts of Wokingham has had the old mixed beautifully with the new–where old and new meet internally and together, create something that can only be described as spectacular – with its fully audio controlled system linked to the owners i-Pad and/or i-Phone.   With its charming kitchen, study, drawing room and reception room all adding to its charm, this house certainly has lots to give, but it is the most modern part of the house that will really make you fall in love with this not so small part of Berkshire. Unbeknownst on arrival, a chocolate orange, leather-clad bar with tall orange bar stools, dim lighting and a fully stocked bar are waiting for you. What more could you possibly want within the comforts of your own home? But if drinking wasn’t to be your choice of activity, there is also an in-house cinema and games room to keep your family occupied, too, or take a stroll in the 5.7 acres of grounds, let the kids run free or play golf on the golf green. This property also comes with a triple garage to store his pride of joy – No, not his wife, the car!

        So, how do you keep a house like this warm? The entire house is heated by a biomass boiler and fuelled by dry compressed timber pellets.

        Why use biomass boilers?

        Biomass boilers provide hot water and central heating for your home and can be installed to replace any type of existing boiler. They run off a renewable, sustainable product manufactured here in the UK but run the same way as conventional gas, oil or LPG fired boilers. Phaseline Renewables can install log burning boilers, wood chip boilers, wood pellet boilers (as describe in the featured story) and straw bale boilers in your home. Biomass boilers modulate their heat output, allowing the safe and efficient burning of fuel without using fossil fuels eg. oil. Thus making them vastly more energy efficient. Like conventional boilers, they are user friendly and low maintenance, but best of all, they could save you a substantial amount on your fuel costs.

        The benefits of biomass boilers continue as you would also qualify for Renewable Heat Incentive and they are becoming a highly competitive form of financial investment, although for this to happen they must be installed by a qualified installer with a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation. Phaseline Renewables plumbers are all fully trained and MCS accredited to fit your new biomass boiler safely, effectively and competitively and have decades of experience in fitting a range of plumbing and heating systems.

        Enter a New Heating Phase with Phaseline Renewables

        To find out more about biomass boilers, or would like a free quotation, contact us today. With the installation of a domestic biomass boiler, you are entitled to payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive, and could also save a substantial amount on your fuel costs.

        For more information about having a biomass boiler installed in your home, call Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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          Assessment of Renewable Energy Technologies Confirms Biomass Boilers Great Investment

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            According to the latest news from, an assessment has been carried out by the property consultancy firm Carter Jonas, whose specialist energy team looked into the investor returns from a number of technologies. The results have been published in their annual Energy Index 2015, taking into account wind, solar photovoltaic, biomass boiler heating, anaerobic digestion, hydroelectric and ground source heat pumps.

            It has taken into account factors such as development costs, value versus development costs, planning approval, development timescale and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). It has also considered the recent Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)’s proposals to remove support for on-shore wind and solar farms under the Renewable Obligation (RO) from April 2016.

            The Renewable Heat Incentive

            When it comes to getting the best investment from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, there are several renewable energy projects that do offer significant investment opportunities. Bill Gates has recently announced a $2 billion investment in green technology and research, and The National Trust has recently announced a £30 million investment in renewable energy to heat and power a number of historical buildings under their care.

            The head of energy and marine at Carter Jonas, Andrew Watkin said: “The UK has a fantastic pool of natural resources and we continue to call for the Government to get behind the renewable sector. Our research has identified the most attractive renewable technology opportunities available, at the present time, according to key investment factors.”

            Ranking number one as the most attractive technology from an investment perspective is a 50kW PV rooftop project. Biomass boilers have been ranked second. Despite cuts to the Renewable Heat Incentive, it biomass boilers are still an incredibly attractive investment, especially when a system greater than 200kW is installed in a commercial application. It also makes a very good investment opportunity for properties off the gas grid.

            Biomass Boilers Sheffield and Yorkshire

            A domestic or commercial biomass boiler installation will mean that your business or home will be entitled to payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive, and could also save you a substantial amount on your fuel costs. For more information about having a biomass boiler installed in your commercial property or domestic home, call Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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              National Trust to Invest £30m in Renewable Energy Including Biomass Boilers

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                The National Trust are set to make their largest ever investment in renewable energy, following the completion of five initial projects. The charity believes that this renewable energy programme will save it up to £4 million per year on energy costs. They will be investing £30 million in renewable energy for its historic sites, including biomass boilers. As biomass installers in Yorkshire, it’s great news that such a high profile charity are embracing renewable energy to help them save money on their energy costs.

                Biomass Boiler Installation Replaces Oil

                Ickworth House, in Suffolk, is another of the National Trust’s properties that has welcomed the installation of a biomass boiler. According to the East Anglian Daily Times, the installation will replace an old oil boiler which was being fed by a 5,000 litre tank, roviding heating to the West Wing and Rotunda at the major visitor attraction.

                The new biomass boiler will be fuelled by wood chips which are harvested in a sustainable manner from the estate’s woodlands. The biomass boiler itself will be housed safely in an existing 1960’s building which has been regenerated to help it blend in with the other historic buildings on the Ickworth Estate.

                Biomass Boilers at Upton House

                The conservation charity aim to gradually reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by cutting down on its energy usage by 20% and sourcing 50% of its energy from onsite renewable sources by 2020. The investment will involve over 40 new projects, including Upton House, where 2 biomass boilers have been installed. They also hope to provide another source of income for the charity by selling excess electricity generated back to the grid.

                Renewable Technology for Historic Buildings

                Rural Enterprises Director for the National Trust Patrick Begg said: “We have a responsibility to look after the special places in our care, requiring us to make long-term decisions that will protect them for future generations. Many of the properties in our care are energy intensive and in remote areas without access to mains gas. Installing renewable technology in these places is a huge challenge. For instance we found that connecting hydros to the grid is more complicated than we expected. We have learnt a great deal and we will continue to do so.”

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                  £20m Payouts from Domestic RHI for Renewable Heating Technologies Such as Biomass Boilers

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                    The domestic arm of the RHI launched in April 2014, and since then, the energy markets regulator said that it has paid out £20.7m to homes that have installed renewable heat technologies. The latest figures from Ofgem have revealed that nearly 33,000 homes have secured payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive for heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels since the government launched the subsidy scheme.

                    Legacy Accreditations for the RHI

                    According to Ofgem, nearly one third of the total number of accreditations has been for homes that installed renewable heating technologies over the past year, and two thirds were for legacy accreditations. This means that the systems were commissioned after the government announced plans for the RHI July 2009, but hadn’t launched it yet. The legacy payments were designed to reward those consumers who installed renewable heat technologies without knowing if or when they would get the subsidy.

                    A Biomass Boiler as an Investment Opportunity

                    As installers of biomass boilers in Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are well aware of the investment opportunities associated with renewable heat technologies and the renewable heat incentive. We have installed a variety of domestic technologies from biomass boilers to heat pumps, which have all generated income from the scheme. The fact that nearly 33,000 homes have been accredited for the RHI since April 2014 is proof that the scheme is working well for thousands of homes throughout the UK.

                    Applications for the Renewable Heat Incentive

                    The figures released show that in the first quarter of 2015, the number of people applying for the renewable heat incentive increased by approximately 50%. Applications for the RHI reached a high of 6,000 in March, due to the fact that the legacy application window was about to close, and people were rushing to submit their forms. There was also a 20% reduction in biomass boiler payments after April 1st, meaning that people were keen to reap the maximum financial benefits while they could. Over 50% of the payments up until now have been allocated to biomass boilers, which equates to £11.2m. In addition, £5.5m to ground source heat pumps, £3.3m to air source heat pumps and £0.7m to solar thermal.

                    Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

                    As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are experienced installers of biomass systems that qualify for the renewable heat incentive in domestic premises. For more information, call us on 0114 294 5500 or email us at

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                      Council to Invest Millions in Biomass Boilers Yorkshire for Schools Across Area

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                        An article in a local paper particularly caught our eye recently, as it covered the details of a new project by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to invest in a number of biomass boilers for schools in the surrounding area. The council has so far installed biomass boilers in 5 schools in the Yorkshire area, and plan to up that number to 20 in the coming months.

                        Heating and Hot Water from Biomass Boilers

                        Not only will the new biomass boiler systems in these Yorkshire schools provide heating and hot water more efficiently in order to save money, they’ll also help to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the area.

                        As the benefits of biomass boilers become more widely recognised, a variety of commercial premises across the UK have taken advantage of the technology to provide them with heating and hot water.

                        Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                        As expert biomass installers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are understandably delighted at the continued enthusiasm surrounding renewable energy, and the increasing interest in using biomass boilers to generate heat and hot water for domestic and commercial premises.

                        The schools that have already benefitted from the programme are mainly rural and off the gas network, meaning that they relied heavily upon oil of their source of heating. But by installing biomass boilers in the schools, running costs can be reduced dramatically and CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as 80%.

                        Sustainable and Low Carbon Fuel

                        Biomass not only provides a sustainable and reliable low carbon solution, it also makes sense financially too. The renewable heat incentive helps to fund the biomass installations, as well as providing a good return on investment in the form of payments from the scheme for the next 20 years.

                        The Renewable Heat Incentive

                        And it’s not just schools that can benefit from the renewable heat incentive. According to Ofgem, “a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects. This includes for example small businesses, hospitals and schools as well as district heating schemes such as where one boiler serves multiple homes.”

                        Biomass Installers for Schools in Yorkshire

                        As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, Phaseline Renewables are experienced installers of biomass systems in all types of commercial premises including schools. For more information, call them on 0114 294 5500 or email them at

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                          Biomass Installers Yorkshire Back Government Support for Renewable Energy and Biomass Energy Crops

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                            As biomass installers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are understandably in support of the latest news that fields used for the generation of sources of biomass energy used in biomass boilers Yorkshire will still be eligible for subsidiaries. The latest government switch with regard to renewable energy is the abolition of the subsidies available for farmers who have fields filled with solar panels.  But it’s great that the government are continuing to support farmers who grow biomass crops, and recognising the importance of the UK’s food and farming industry, worth £97 billion to the economy.

                            Biomass Fuel from Energy Crops

                            Energy crops are grown for use as fuel. This means that they deliberately have a high output per hectare, with low inputs. Conventional forestry operates on a long time scale; therefore, income from the trees as biomass fuel is likely to take many years. But if the production of timber is primarily for energy, the timescale does not need to be quite as long. The trees can be harvested for biomass when they are only a few years old. Therefore, short rotation operations in fast growing trees are great for use as biomass fuel.

                            Using Trees as a Source of Biomass Fuel for Biomass Boilers

                            Perhaps the most obvious source of biomass is that which is produced from trees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that trees have to be chopped down either; wood fuel can be derived from the thinning or trimming of woodlands as part of conventional forestry practice and the sustainable management of woodland. Biomass can also be derived from the management of parks, gardens and transport corridors, as well as from tree surgery operations. Biomass fuel which is obtained from trees can be described as ‘virgin wood’, provided that they have not been used for another purpose.

                            Fuelling a Biomass Boiler Yorkshire with Agricultural Residues

                            There are a variety of agricultural residues that can be used as a source of energy for biomass boilers. There are many agricultural crops and processes that yield residues that can potentially be used for energy applications. For example, dry residues from arable crops can be used, such as straw or husks. Wet residues can also be used; these are residues and wastes that have high water content as collected. Obviously, wet residues will need to be processed, as they are generally energetically inefficient for combustion or gasification.

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                              Golf Club Saves Money on Fuel and Earns Money from the Renewable Heat Incentive with Biomass Boiler

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                                Longcliffe golf club were attracted to a biomass installation by the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive and the investment potential that it represented. The golf club are entitled to payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive for their biomass boiler installation, therefore generating a fantastic quarterly income from the RHI scheme. In addition, they have also significantly reduced their fuel bills.

                                Longcliffe Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in the area, with absolutely lovely surroundings in the historic and scenic Charnwood Forest. Close to the university market town of Loughborough, the Clubhouse provides its members, guests and visitors with outstanding facilities including a lounge, dining room and locker room. There are also first class catering and bar services available to everyone, including companies, societies and individuals, for events and occasions. There is also a small, private dining room which can be booked for smaller parties or for confidential business meetings.

                                Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                                As professional biomass installers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables have completed a variety of biomass boiler installations for a range of commercial and domestic properties across the UK. One of their recent projects involved the installation of a biomass boiler for Kedleston Golf club in the village of Quarndon in Derbyshire. When Longcliffe Golf Club saw what a great job they had done of their biomass boiler Derbyshire, they contacted Phaseline Renewables to see if they could help them too.

                                Save Money on Fuel with a Biomass Boiler Derbyshire

                                The golf club were spending a huge amount of money each month on the LPG fuelled heating for the building, and understandably wanted to switch to a more cost effective form of heating that wouldn’t be such a drain on their finances.

                                The Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

                                The non-domestic RHI scheme has been open to commercial, industrial, public sector, not for profit and heat networks since November 2011. The scheme is designed to bridge the gap between the cost of fossil fuel heat installations and renewable heat alternatives through financial support for owners.

                                As the world’s first long-term financial support plan programme for renewable heat, the Renewable Heat Incentive pays participants of the scheme that generate and use renewable energy to heat their buildings.

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                                  Written by Chris

                                  September 9th, 2014 at 2:53 pm

                                  The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Provides this Business with £23K per Year – Find out How

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                                    The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive aims to increase the proportion of heat generated from renewable sources by offering a financial incentive that is made payable over the course of a number of years. The heat sector is heavily dominated by fossil fuel technologies, but by driving this change, the RHI can help the United Kingdom to meet targets laid out by the EU to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security for the future of the planet. It also has potential to develop a number of ‘green jobs’ across the country, reducing unemployment and creating opportunities.

                                    How are Payments from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Administered?

                                    The subsidy available is paid out over the course of twenty years to eligible, non-domestic generators of renewable heat. Ofgem is in charge of implementing and administering the scheme on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

                                    The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is open to the non-domestic sector, which broadly includes industrial, commercial, public sector and not for profit organizations that have eligible installations, such as biomass boilers for example. It is also available to producers of biomethane. In this context, a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects.

                                    199kW Lewis BioEnergy Boiler Fitted by Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                                    Mainline Mouldings are a picture frame moulding and framing supplier based in Nottinghamshire. They offer one of the widest ranges of quality picture frame mouldings and picture frames in the UK, and are used by picture framers, art galleries, photographers, artists and hobbyists.

                                    The company approached Phaseline Renewables regarding the possible installation of a biomass boiler for their business after we installed a 180kW commercial system at the neighboring JIT Logistics facility.  Mainline Mouldings were in the process of starting the extensive job of doubling the size of their commercial warehousing, and they needed a new heating system to cope with this project.

                                    The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline installed a 199kW Lewis BioEnergy boiler cascade system, alongside a 10 tonne bulk pellet hopper and automatic auger feed system. The boilers heat the main warehouses using water to air fan heaters, and heat the office blocks using a traditional radiator circuit.  They also provide all the hot water requirements for the kitchen, toilets and break-out room.

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                                      Save Money and the Environment with the Renewable Heat Incentive

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                                        Heating for homes and businesses can effectively be paid for using green technology systems. That is because of the renewable heat incentive, which has been designed to help those using technologically-advanced systems such as ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers.

                                        The services provide a genuine alternative to gas and oil; and are rapidly becoming more prominent within the mainstream industry of energy production. Commercial and domestic savings are repeatedly being made by businesses and customers throughout the UK thanks to the RHI scheme.

                                        It makes Phaseline very proud to be part of this low carbon emission movement; with their services enabling people and business to maximize their potential to help reduce damage to the environment. Also open to landlords and those building their own homes, it is easy to see why the renewable energy sector is becoming increasingly responsible for raising employment statistics by up to 100,000 jobs in the UK.

                                        All Aboard with the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                        There really has never been a better time to consider the installation of a biomass boiler for your home or business.

                                        It was back in April that the scheme was launched for the residential sector; and homes throughout the UK have been joining the revolution ever since. Financially, the rewards are excellent. That is backed up by the fact the renewable energy industry has received over £30 billion pounds of investment since 2010.

                                        More and more people are continuing to get on board with a range of renewable energy possibilities; as the technology continues to advance. It was only this week that a new Government report was released detailing how water sources throughout the country could be used as a renewable energy source; further evidencing the growing interest in the renewable energy sector.

                                        The carbon neutrality that comes hand in hand with biomass boilers is vital for taking care of the environment through the reduction of Co2 emissions. The positive environmental impact that comes alongside choosing renewable energy resources is also particularly significant.

                                        Calculate Savings with the RHI Calculator

                                        As industry leaders in the installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire; Phaseline are pleased to be able to offer a renewable heat incentive calculator service on their website. This RHI calculator enables interested domestic and residential parties to receive an accurate estimation of the potential savings you could make – and resultant payments you may be entitled to receive as a direct result of the renewable heat incentive.


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