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Biomass Boiler Installations – Here’s what you Need to Know

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    As experts in the process of biomass boiler installation, we are often asked questions regarding biomass boilers and the installation process. Here are a few of the more common frequently asked questions that we encounter and answers to them.

    Do I Need Planning Permission for a Biomass Boiler?

    In most cases you won’t need planning permission to install a commercial or domestic biomass boiler. Occasionally the boiler flue may require planning permission depending on the capacity of the boiler and the height of the flue. However, Phaseline Renewables can advise you on this during our quotation.

    How do I Apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive and what is the Payback?

    We are MCS approved installers of biomass boilers, therefore our installation will qualify for the renewable heat incentive. We can help you to get all the paperwork ready that is needed to apply, making the process as easy as possible.

    The domestic RHI rate for biomass is 12.2p/kWh, paid over seven years.  This tariff rate means that domestic installations can qualify for anywhere between £2,000 and £10,000+ per year for seven years, meaning systems pay for themselves usually between 3 -4 years and go on to make substantial overall profits. The tariffs for the commercial RHI are based on pence/kWh of renewable heat delivered and vary with the technology and scale used. The commercial RHI rate for biomass is 8.6p/kWh up to 200kW, 5.0p/kWh for 200-1,000kW and 2.0p/kWh over 1,000kW, paid over twenty years.

    How Often will my Biomass Boiler Need to be Filled with Pellets?

    The frequency that your biomass boiler will need to be filled depends on the size of your system, heat demand, and whether you opt to have a hopper fitted or not. If you have a hopper then this will probably need filling once or twice year, and a delivery lorry can usually deliver load directly into your hopper. If you choose not to have a hopper and to fill the internal boiler hopper manually, then at peak demand you will probably have to refill the boiler every four to five days depending on your boiler and property size.

    How Long Will it Take to Install a Biomass Boiler in my Home or Business?

    The length of time that it will take to have a biomass boiler installed really depends upon how much of your existing heating system will need to be worked on. A domestic install will usually take 2-3 days, whereas a commercial install can take up to two months.

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      Energy Saving Biomass Boilers for Farms and Rural Properties

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        The fuels used to power biomass boilers such as wood chip and wood pellets are far cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. If the farm is off grid, they may have been relying on oil or electricity to produce heat, therefore biomass fuels will be significantly cheaper. The farm itself may even be able to provide its own source of biomass fuel in the form of straw or wood, which will have the effect of cutting costs even further.

        Biomass Installers Yorkshire

        The installation of a biomass boiler is a really effective way of supplying your farm and farmhouse with a sustainable source of heating and hot water. As expert biomass installers in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are well aware of the advantages of farm biomass. From saving money on fuel coats, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and generating income from the renewable heat incentive, biomass boilers are a great choice for farms and rural properties.

        The Workings of a Biomass Boiler

        Biomass fuel in the form of logs, waste wood, straw or pellets is filled into a chamber, either manually or using a hopper, and an electric probe ignites the wood. The combustion of the biomass fuel is carefully monitored using a micro compressor and a thermometer, allowing adjustments to be made to the fuel supply and speed of the fan in accordance with the needs of the property. The burning of this biomass fuel creates hot gasses, which pass through the heat exchanger and allow the heat to be used in your central heating system.

        Payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

        Upon the instalment of a biomass boiler, farmers will have access to the renewable heat incentive (RHI), which is government funded initiative that pays commercial and domestic users for their generation and use of renewable energy. This access to the RHI makes biomass boilers are a really attractive option for farmers, and the perfect alternative to fossil fuels.

        Commercial Biomass Boiler Installers

        There are lots of advantages to investing in biomass boilers for use on farms and in rural properties. As biomass installers, Phaseline Renewables think that farms who rely heavily on generating heat should consider the option of a commercial biomass boiler. Not only is it a positive step for the environment, it also has the potential of drawing in a significant income. Added to the savings made in fuel, biomass boiler installations for commercial farms in the UK have never been a more attractive prospect!

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          Council to Invest Millions in Biomass Boilers Yorkshire for Schools Across Area

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            An article in a local paper particularly caught our eye recently, as it covered the details of a new project by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to invest in a number of biomass boilers for schools in the surrounding area. The council has so far installed biomass boilers in 5 schools in the Yorkshire area, and plan to up that number to 20 in the coming months.

            Heating and Hot Water from Biomass Boilers

            Not only will the new biomass boiler systems in these Yorkshire schools provide heating and hot water more efficiently in order to save money, they’ll also help to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the area.

            As the benefits of biomass boilers become more widely recognised, a variety of commercial premises across the UK have taken advantage of the technology to provide them with heating and hot water.

            Biomass Installers Yorkshire

            As expert biomass installers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are understandably delighted at the continued enthusiasm surrounding renewable energy, and the increasing interest in using biomass boilers to generate heat and hot water for domestic and commercial premises.

            The schools that have already benefitted from the programme are mainly rural and off the gas network, meaning that they relied heavily upon oil of their source of heating. But by installing biomass boilers in the schools, running costs can be reduced dramatically and CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as 80%.

            Sustainable and Low Carbon Fuel

            Biomass not only provides a sustainable and reliable low carbon solution, it also makes sense financially too. The renewable heat incentive helps to fund the biomass installations, as well as providing a good return on investment in the form of payments from the scheme for the next 20 years.

            The Renewable Heat Incentive

            And it’s not just schools that can benefit from the renewable heat incentive. According to Ofgem, “a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects. This includes for example small businesses, hospitals and schools as well as district heating schemes such as where one boiler serves multiple homes.”

            Biomass Installers for Schools in Yorkshire

            As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, Phaseline Renewables are experienced installers of biomass systems in all types of commercial premises including schools. For more information, call them on 0114 294 5500 or email them at

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              Biomass Installers Yorkshire Back Government Support for Renewable Energy and Biomass Energy Crops

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                As biomass installers in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire, Phaseline Renewables are understandably in support of the latest news that fields used for the generation of sources of biomass energy used in biomass boilers Yorkshire will still be eligible for subsidiaries. The latest government switch with regard to renewable energy is the abolition of the subsidies available for farmers who have fields filled with solar panels.  But it’s great that the government are continuing to support farmers who grow biomass crops, and recognising the importance of the UK’s food and farming industry, worth £97 billion to the economy.

                Biomass Fuel from Energy Crops

                Energy crops are grown for use as fuel. This means that they deliberately have a high output per hectare, with low inputs. Conventional forestry operates on a long time scale; therefore, income from the trees as biomass fuel is likely to take many years. But if the production of timber is primarily for energy, the timescale does not need to be quite as long. The trees can be harvested for biomass when they are only a few years old. Therefore, short rotation operations in fast growing trees are great for use as biomass fuel.

                Using Trees as a Source of Biomass Fuel for Biomass Boilers

                Perhaps the most obvious source of biomass is that which is produced from trees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that trees have to be chopped down either; wood fuel can be derived from the thinning or trimming of woodlands as part of conventional forestry practice and the sustainable management of woodland. Biomass can also be derived from the management of parks, gardens and transport corridors, as well as from tree surgery operations. Biomass fuel which is obtained from trees can be described as ‘virgin wood’, provided that they have not been used for another purpose.

                Fuelling a Biomass Boiler Yorkshire with Agricultural Residues

                There are a variety of agricultural residues that can be used as a source of energy for biomass boilers. There are many agricultural crops and processes that yield residues that can potentially be used for energy applications. For example, dry residues from arable crops can be used, such as straw or husks. Wet residues can also be used; these are residues and wastes that have high water content as collected. Obviously, wet residues will need to be processed, as they are generally energetically inefficient for combustion or gasification.

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                  Golf Club Saves Money on Fuel and Earns Money from the Renewable Heat Incentive with Biomass Boiler

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                    Longcliffe golf club were attracted to a biomass installation by the commercial Renewable Heat Incentive and the investment potential that it represented. The golf club are entitled to payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive for their biomass boiler installation, therefore generating a fantastic quarterly income from the RHI scheme. In addition, they have also significantly reduced their fuel bills.

                    Longcliffe Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in the area, with absolutely lovely surroundings in the historic and scenic Charnwood Forest. Close to the university market town of Loughborough, the Clubhouse provides its members, guests and visitors with outstanding facilities including a lounge, dining room and locker room. There are also first class catering and bar services available to everyone, including companies, societies and individuals, for events and occasions. There is also a small, private dining room which can be booked for smaller parties or for confidential business meetings.

                    Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                    As professional biomass installers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables have completed a variety of biomass boiler installations for a range of commercial and domestic properties across the UK. One of their recent projects involved the installation of a biomass boiler for Kedleston Golf club in the village of Quarndon in Derbyshire. When Longcliffe Golf Club saw what a great job they had done of their biomass boiler Derbyshire, they contacted Phaseline Renewables to see if they could help them too.

                    Save Money on Fuel with a Biomass Boiler Derbyshire

                    The golf club were spending a huge amount of money each month on the LPG fuelled heating for the building, and understandably wanted to switch to a more cost effective form of heating that wouldn’t be such a drain on their finances.

                    The Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

                    The non-domestic RHI scheme has been open to commercial, industrial, public sector, not for profit and heat networks since November 2011. The scheme is designed to bridge the gap between the cost of fossil fuel heat installations and renewable heat alternatives through financial support for owners.

                    As the world’s first long-term financial support plan programme for renewable heat, the Renewable Heat Incentive pays participants of the scheme that generate and use renewable energy to heat their buildings.

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                      Written by Chris

                      September 9th, 2014 at 2:53 pm

                      The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Provides this Business with £23K per Year – Find out How

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                        The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive aims to increase the proportion of heat generated from renewable sources by offering a financial incentive that is made payable over the course of a number of years. The heat sector is heavily dominated by fossil fuel technologies, but by driving this change, the RHI can help the United Kingdom to meet targets laid out by the EU to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security for the future of the planet. It also has potential to develop a number of ‘green jobs’ across the country, reducing unemployment and creating opportunities.

                        How are Payments from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Administered?

                        The subsidy available is paid out over the course of twenty years to eligible, non-domestic generators of renewable heat. Ofgem is in charge of implementing and administering the scheme on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

                        The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is open to the non-domestic sector, which broadly includes industrial, commercial, public sector and not for profit organizations that have eligible installations, such as biomass boilers for example. It is also available to producers of biomethane. In this context, a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects.

                        199kW Lewis BioEnergy Boiler Fitted by Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                        Mainline Mouldings are a picture frame moulding and framing supplier based in Nottinghamshire. They offer one of the widest ranges of quality picture frame mouldings and picture frames in the UK, and are used by picture framers, art galleries, photographers, artists and hobbyists.

                        The company approached Phaseline Renewables regarding the possible installation of a biomass boiler for their business after we installed a 180kW commercial system at the neighboring JIT Logistics facility.  Mainline Mouldings were in the process of starting the extensive job of doubling the size of their commercial warehousing, and they needed a new heating system to cope with this project.

                        The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline installed a 199kW Lewis BioEnergy boiler cascade system, alongside a 10 tonne bulk pellet hopper and automatic auger feed system. The boilers heat the main warehouses using water to air fan heaters, and heat the office blocks using a traditional radiator circuit.  They also provide all the hot water requirements for the kitchen, toilets and break-out room.

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                          Log Biomass Boiler Yorkshire Generates Significant Income from Renewable Heat Incentive

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                            For those people who have their own wood source such as logs, log gasification boilers are great options. Biomass log boilers are very attractive option for those that live in rural areas, and those who have good access to logs that can be sourced from their land. By using logs that you source yourself, you could reduce your potential fuel cost to nothing, while receiving an income from the renewable heat incentive.

                            Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

                            Taking into account the renewable heat incentive payments and the fuel savings from a log boiler, the total financial generation can be very impressive. Mr Rymer from Hull contacted Phaseline as he wanted to heat his property using logs, hoping saving money on his bills and earning money from the renewable heat incentive.  It was the perfect solution for this customer, as he was lucky enough to have a good supply and availability of logs. The ability to use this supply to provide all of his heating and hot water would save him a significant amount of money on his annual heating bills.

                            Annual Fuel Savings from Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

                            Annual Domestic RHI Payments                     £6,623.38

                            Annual Fuel Savings                                        £1,188.94

                            Total RHI Payments (7 Years)*                       £50,751.40

                            Total Fuel Savings (20 Years)**                      £31,947.16

                            Total Financial Generation (20 Years)            £82,698.46

                            Payment levels and fuel pricing correct at time of publication

                            * assumes 3% inflation

                            ** assumes 3% gas inflation against 3% log inflation

                            40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 Log Gasification Boiler

                            Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                            The expert biomass installers Yorkshire at Phaseline Renewables installed a 40kW Eco Angus Orligno 200 log gasification boiler alongside an AKVA EK3000 accumulator tank.  Accumulator tanks are used as the main heat storage for biomass boiler systems, and they help the log fired boiler to efficiently store large volumes of primary heating water.

                            Accumulator tanks are able to store heated water for long periods of time due to their high levels of thermal efficiency. They are a great way to get the very best out of your biomass log boiler, as this customer was pleased to discover! Mr Rymer’s accumulator tank then feeds the hot water system of the main property via a 20 meter underground pipework run.

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                              Case Study: Pellet Biomass Boiler Installation at Westbrook House, Sheffield

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                                The Westbrook House project was a real test of Phaseline Renewables technical and installation abilities, and they are proud that the system was installed and commissioned on time and on budget. As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, they have plenty of experience installing biomass boilers in a variety of commercial and residential properties.

                                Phaseline were asked to install a biomass system in Westbrook House in Sheffield. The building itself consists of an 18th Century Grade II listed building with a modern extension to the rear of the property.  For the past fifteen years it had been used as the office headquarters for several local businesses, until it was purchased and turned back into residential accommodation.

                                Regular Renewable Heat incentive Payments

                                This was a very challenging project for the biomass installers Yorkshire, because the original building is Grade II listed. This meant that they had to be incredibly sympathetic with their design so that the original features of the building were not compromised in any way.

                                The site consists of two town houses and six apartments. Phaseline installed an 180kW Lewis BioEnergy system in order to generate enough energy to heat all of the properties. This not only generates the system owner a significant income from the renewable heat incentive each year, it also ensured that their building complies with the stringent building regulations relating to sustainable energy production. The plant room is in the cellar of the main building, with an additional plant room in a central location within the modern extension.

                                Biomass Pellet Silos Stored Underground

                                Each flat and house has its own heating and hot water control through individual Heat Interface Units installed within each property. These HIU units are metered so the landlord can calculate how much he needs to charge each tenant for energy usage per month.

                                The council would not allow the property owners to install an external pellet hopper, so to get around this Phaseline installed two 5.2 tonne underground pellet silos with an automatic vacuum transfer system feeding pellets from the silos to the cellar plant room. The silos are filled with pellets through manhole covers in the main car park.

                                Experienced Biomass Installers Yorkshire

                                To find out more about biomass boilers and the renewable heat incentive, contact Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at


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                                  Environmental and Financial Benefits of Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

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                                    With the introduction of the renewable heat incentive, biomass boilers are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the UK. They are also a great investment too. As experienced biomass installers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are obviously very aware of the many fantastic benefits of having a biomass boiler installed in your home, both financially and environmentally.

                                    Environmentally Friendly

                                    By releasing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, you are helping to prevent the so called ‘greenhouse effect’, which is causing the global climate to rise in temperature over time. There are many problems with this, and anything that can be done to prevent it is essential for the future of the planet and the health of the inhabitants.

                                    Biomass Boilers are Carbon Neutral

                                    The only carbon cost involved is in the cutting down of the trees, transporting the wood and processing the wood into the pellets or chips which are used to fuel the boiler. Biomass is virtually carbon neutral. This is because the burning of biomass releases about the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as it had absorbed while it was growing.

                                    Sustainable Wood Pellet Fuel Supply

                                    Creating a market for wood encourages woodland owners to improve the management of their woods and forests, which has significant environmental benefits. If managed correctly, biomass is a sustainable fuel source, as trees are planted in order to replace the ones that are used. Also,

                                    Big Savings on your Energy Bills

                                    Wood pellets used to fuel biomass boiler are a lot cheaper than fuels such as oil and LPG. Also, fossil fuel prices are set to rise heavily over the coming years, whereas sustainable fuel sources such as wood are unlikely to inflate as fast.

                                    Payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                    One of the main financial benefits of a biomass boiler installation is the payment received from the renewable heat incentive. This new Government backed scheme makes renewable heating technologies such as biomass boilers a fantastic investment opportunity, as you are paid for every kilowatt-hour of heat that your system produces. This energy can be used in your own home, but if you are connected to a heat network you might be able to get more payments for exporting extra energy to the grid.

                                    If you would like to find out more about using sustainable fuel such as biomass, Phaseline Renewables offer free quotes and advice. Call us on 0114 294 5500, or email us at for more information about the domestic and commercial installation of biomass boilers Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

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                                      Company Spa Install Biomass Boiler for Hot Water and Heat

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                                        Did you know that the retail giant John Lewis has a company spa in Snowdonia? This brand new company spa and wellness centre is located at their partnership hotel and activity centre on the banks of Bala Lake, and includes an outdoor spa pool which overlooks the mountains, a sauna, a vitality pool, a swimming pool and two therapy treatment suites.

                                        Payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive

                                        According to the online sustainable energy news site Business Green, the building is eligible to receive £5,500 a year from The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), government lead payback scheme. The installation of the biomass boiler at the spa means that an estimated 27 tonnes of CO2 will be saved per year compared to the use of a system fuelled by oil.

                                        The spa and wellness centre also include a water harvesting system which is used to process waste, and the entire building conforms to Excellent BREEAM standards, the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.

                                        50kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler

                                        The spa design and concept incorporates specific requirements for eco operations, including a biomass boiler. The 50kW wood chip boiler heats the water for the swimming pool, spa pool and the general heating systems for the spa building including under floor heating. The system will use approximately 26 tonnes of wood chip per year, and will be locally sourced from the woodland surrounding the spa, which is also owned by the John Lewis Partnership.

                                        As biomass installers Yorkshire, we think that the John Lewis Partnership have set an excellent example by installing a biomass boiler here. Not only are they helping to cut CO2 emissions and ensure that their energy use is sustainable for the future, the payments that they will receive from the Renewable Heat Incentive are very impressive. All in all, it looks like a really fantastic place, of course made even better by its renewable energy use!

                                        If you want to find out more about how your business or home could benefit environmentally and financially from using sustainable fuel such as biomass, Phaseline Renewables offer free quotes and advice. Call us on 0114 294 5500, or email us at for more information about sustainable energy, biomass boilers and the renewable heat incentive.

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