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The Perfect Trio – Door Knobs, Door Handles and Wobbly Teeth

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    Were you the same? Whenever I had a wobbly tooth as a young child, I couldn’t resist relentlessly fiddling with it. My parents always threatened me with a piece of string being tied around it and the door being slammed, in an attempt to drag out my wobbly tooth, which obviously irritated them more than it did me. It is thought that the idea of slamming doors to remove teeth via the use of a piece of string has originated from the Victorian era but seems to have lasted much longer than the majority of their traditions. It may seem like perhaps a strange topic to write about but it is actually relevant, I feel, as originally door handles and door knobs would have been the key part in this tooth extracting process. But can you guess what has replaced them?

    Don’t Drone on about Door Knobs or Door Handles

    It became apparent last week that door knobs and door handles had a new rival, as it went viral that multiple children were asking their parents to extract their wobbly teeth by using…drones! A drone is small, radio controlled, helicopter like device which has an inbuilt camera (often multiple) and they are designed to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

    Victorian Door Knob Method

    Malcolm Swan, for example, used a quadcopter drone, to enable him to remove his sons loose tooth. This was done by attaching dental floss tightly to Adam’s loose tooth, with Malcolm initiating the drone to start flying. Adams reaction in the illustrative video shows that it was definitely not a traumatic or painful experience but one of ease, excitement and great success. However, do not be so naïve as to think that this is the case every time. There are many stories that involve drones in relation to child tooth extraction which are nowhere near as successful or as pain free, so as much as we are pleased that Adam had a lucky escape with his extraction, perhaps we should all stick to using the old fashioned, tried and tested Victorian method, which never seems to have failed – door handles and door knobs!

    Handsome Handles Door Knobs and Door Handles

    Would you rather stick to the old fashioned, reliable method of using door knobs and door handles? But want a modern and elegant twist? Then why not contact Handsome Handles. Whether you need kitchen cabinet knobs, internal door handles or external door handles such as PVC door fittings, suited to your home or your work place, they can work with you to find exactly what you are looking for. At Handsome Handles they provide beautiful, contemporary door knobs, door handles and door knockers. They offer the best and most handsome handles exclusively for you, offering their friendly and professional service to all of England and Scotland from their South Yorkshire base. So if you can’t wait to get your teeth stuck in to choosing yourself some new door knobs or door handles, get in touch with Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812 or alternatively you can email them at or check out their website by clicking here to see what they have in store for you.

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      Could The Key to the Safety of Dementia and Alzheimer Sufferers Be Door Knobs?

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        Studies show that 3 in 5 people that suffer with dementia often ‘wander’ off and can consequentially become lost. However, it isn’t the act of ‘wandering’ off that is usually the problem, it is unfortunately their inability to return. A person with Alzheimers may not be able to recall the information containing their name or address and will often, sadly, become disorientated, despite being in a familiar place. ‘Wandering’ is not connected to the level of care put in place by the caregiver, but can actually still occur even under the supervision of the most diligent of Dementia and Alzheimer carers presence.

        Door Knobs Prevent ‘Wandering’

        It is interesting that door knobs have been suggested as being a preventative for ‘wandering’ sufferers. Clearly, it is not being suggested that a person suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers is ever ‘locked’ in a room, but specific fixtures of door knobs seem to be becoming prevalent in their safety promotion and the safety of others around the sufferers. It has also been found that these new door knobs have reduced carers levels of stress because they drastically decrease the frequency that ‘wandering’ occurs. Camouflaged door knobs have been recently been trialled – which is where door handles are painted the same colour as the door or the walls in the room so that they blend in with their background and become camouflaged and therefore harder for the escapee to escape. However, this is not seen to be unsafe because if there was ever to be an emergency, the handle remains evident, just like any normal handle, from the outside of the door, permitting easy emergency access. An alternative option is to use child-proof door knobs which can increase a sufferers’ safety. A third idea is to use a device connected door knob. This is a door knob which lets off a signal when a door or window is opened. This could be a bell or a buzzer, which can be located above a window or door in order for the carer to be made aware every time the patient has exited a room by either of these methods.

        Handsome Handles and Door Knobs For Your Home

        Finding the correct door knobs for your home is clearly extremely important. If this article has made you think about changing the door knobs and door handles in your home, we are here. Our professional staff here at Handsome Handles will be happy to help you find the appropriate door knobs and door handles to fit perfectly for your home. To contact us at Handsome Handles, please phone us on 07961 832 812 or alternatively email us at

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          Germs Handled Effectively in Scunthorpe Hospital

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            Germs carry all sorts of invisible little nasties, but not for much longer. However, Domestic departments in North Lincolnshire hospitals are using a combination of special fluorescent marking gel and UV light to highlight specific areas, such as door handles, to make these invisible little nasties visible to all.

            They are able to do this by using the fluorescent marking gel in conjunction with UV lighting, so that the germs are more easily seen and therefore either cleaned more frequently. This is an attempt to make patients, visitors and staff more aware of what is on their hands, to try and lower infection rates and cross-contamination. Areas such as door handles are very prominent places for such germs to be lurking due to the volume of people that touch them. The NHS hopes that this new idea can instil confidence in visitors, patients and staff.

            Hi-Tech Door Handles

            Certain areas around the hospital are to be tested with the new fluorescent marking gel and UV lights. They will be working in conjunction with I-Pods enabling the collected data to be recorded. The equipment need to test this strategy of germ prevention in parts of the hospitals involved, will be on a two year lease from Trust’s Dragon Den scheme. The idea was highly thought of by the executive and non-executive directors, which David Mooney, a hospital support services supervisor, had created, initiated and pitched to the Trust.

            Dragons Den Door Handles

            David Mooney secured £7,000, post Dragons Den scheme, to enable the lease of specialist equipment and technology to record trending data. This is an important step, as Mooney is aware, purely due to the rate at which the germs in question are able to spread in a hospital. Mooney stated that they have “…previously been able to monitor and record how clean an area is by checking the visual signs such as dust. We have never been able to look any further until now.” However, since the hi-tech data collection and analysis technology has been leased to Mooney, it is now more than visible. Cleverly, the I-Pods alert the user as to which area has passed or failed the germ cleanliness test enabling monthly reports to be collated for staff, patients and visitors to see.

            The battle is now on between humans and germs. Unity is being formed between the Dragons Den scheme, hospital, staff, patients and visitors. In order to gain this unity and retain it, feedback is needed so that this new fluorescent marking gel can be nurtured in to being as effective as possible.

            Door Handles Make Germs Visible

            The specific areas in the hospitals that are having the fluorescent marking gel used in them are the most frequently used places. They include areas such as door handles, trolleys, desks, call bells and bedside tables. It is applied through a sponge on the tip of the dispensary gel tube – thus known as a dabbing device. Once applied, it is left on the applied area for 24 hours and is then shown the UV light – this is when the magic is apparent. The invisible germs are now visible, which, in theory, should reduce the time that patients spend in the hospital.

            If this article has made you think about how important internal door handles or external door handles are in your home or work place, get in touch with Handsome Handles on 07961 832 812 or alternatively email them at

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              Thousands of Handles make Millions of Pounds

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                Expecting to triple his outgoings and make £60,000, one South Shields builder is now estimated to make a minimum of £2m, all thanks to vintage door knobs, door handles and other brass fittings at auction.

                Having heard that an estimated 655,000 ornate, rare and vintage brass items, purchased many decades ago by a Cornish millionaire, now needed rehoming, Mr Brian Cairns had a plan. He aimed to triple his outgoings of £20,000 by selling these items for scrap. This was, until he discovered, that this so called scrap was harbouring a secret.

                He embarked on a journey to Penzance, to a property full of brass after a tip-off, where Cairns entered a time warp. It was evident on entry that the property had not been changed at all since the wife of this Penzance junk shop had died in 1975. A newspaper abandoned mid-read, unfinished, still spread open on the table – “the owner just didn’t want to go back in to the premises again.”

                Mass of Brass – All 12 Tonnes of It

                Cairns and the elderly owner concluded a deal, which although did not reflect the brass’ true price or later discovered value, the junk shop owner wanted rid. His reason for this was due to the number of painful memories and connections which the belongings held in relation to his deceased wife. Cairns made transportation plans for the 12 tonnes of brass, hiring two seven-and-a-half tonne lorries to carry the mass of brass back Northwards. The 500 mile journey took multiple days as the lorries were limited to remaining between 10 and 30 mph due to the weight of the brass they contained.

                Get a Grip on a £200 Handle

                All 655,000 brass items slowly but safely back in the North East with 55-year-old Brian Cairns ready to sell them for scrap, he decided to do some research and have them valued…luckily! During this he discovered that many of the door knobs, door handles, light switches, hat stands and letter boxes were actually Valli and Columbo Vintage. This had been an Italian company which ceased production 55 years earlier. Many of the handles estimated worth, he later found out, was that of around £150 each and the brass handles estimated £200 each. Cairns comment implies how lucky he realised he was, “I bought it all for scrap but I started looking in to what they really were and realised many were vintage Italian handles.”

                Individually each handle price was not going to make Cairns a particularly huge profit but with 655,000 brass items to sell, a huge percentage of which were the afore mentioned brass door knobs and door handles, the estimated profit has grown. Mr Cairns has since had many of these items looked at by specialists and auction houses and it has been estimated that he is set to make a minimum of £2m. It pays to have potential “scrap” valued before letting scrapping commence, as this has made one South Shields father-of-four an overnight multimillionaire!

                Handsome Handles Door Knobs and Door Handles

                Great door knobs and door handles are available at Handsome Handles and won’t cost you a fortune – they are quality, affordable products which can be found on their website. To find out more about brass door handles, door knobs and door handles visit them at or call them on 07961 832 812.

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                  Door Knockers Require Practical Decisions

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                    You can improve your home without spending a fortune thanks to door furniture purchases. Handsome Handles continue to provide great choice and style when it comes to these products; through their ranges of door knobs, door handles and door knockers.

                    Taking a closer look at the latter of those, there are a few important things for you to consider if you want to be successful with the purchases that you make. Your available price range and the existing design scheme of your property are perhaps the most important of these. With that in mind, Handsome Handles have taken a closer look at why these and some other relevant factors are important in your purchasing decision process.

                    What Sort of Statement do You Want to Make?

                    Perhaps the most important thing to decide is what sort of statement you want to make with any door knockers that you buy. With such an extensive range of these door furniture pieces, Handsome Handles can provide you with everything from the boldest to the most subtle of designs – leaving you free to make the choices you feel best reflect your tastes.

                    What’s the Right Size and Shape?

                    To match the right knockers to your doors, it’s important that they look right in-situ; in terms of both size and shape. Delicate and shimmering ring door knocker designs may be better suited to a delicately-varnished light-wood door; whilst a rugged, heavy-set black iron door knocker may be the right option for a contrasting property.

                    What Sort of Budget to You Have Available?

                    As mentioned, the budget that you have available will influence the purchases that you’re able make. Thankfully, Handsome Handles have so many affordable door knockers for you to choose from that this hopefully won’t be an issue. Great prices are available for products of all different shapes, sizes and styles – so this company remains confident that they can deliver satisfaction to you.

                    Which Materials Are Right for Your New Door Knockers

                    As Handsome Handles often mention in their blog, the materials you select for your new door knockers are vital with relation to their overall appearance. Looking for something more traditional? Then antique brass, black antique and black iron pieces would be most suitable for you. Or, if you’ve got more of a contemporary eye for property design, then their polished chrome and satin nickel door knockers would be more appropriate for you.

                    Plenty of M Marcus Door Handles for You to Choose From

                    As well as their impressive array of door knockers, Handsome Handles also continue to offer great choice and pricing with relation to door knobs and M Marcus door handles too. Each of these have their own unique charms and can also go towards improving your home.

                    If you’re interested in finding out more, then why not pay their site a visit today? There, you’ll be able to survey all the fantastic products they have on offer and decide which would work best for you. Further to this, if there’s something that you’ve got in mind that you don’t see across our ranges then a member of the Handsome Handles team will do their best to source it for you.

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                      Door Knockers Lost in Time Shown at Exhibition

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                        Handsome Handles are a leading supplier of door knockers in Sheffield. They’re always interested to hear of any news related to the industry. One story which they recently covered was that of a married Iranian couple; who have spent the last 25 years documenting Iranian door knockers throughout their travels to over 20 towns and cities in the country.

                        Tehran-born architect Alireza Jahanpanah and his wife Irandokht Pirsaree have been photographing and researching the shapes, designs and details of the door knockers; as well as studying the forging methods used in their creation. They are now exhibiting their findings at the Deep Cove Seymour Art Gallery in Vancouver, to share their discoveries with the local public.

                        Stunning Door Knockers from Iran

                        The husband became fascinated with the door knockers due to their beautiful, ornate structures. Through travelling around both rural and urban areas, he was able to learn so much about the manufacture of these distinctive property features.

                        Interesting discoveries such as how men and women had separate door knockers designed to omit different sounds have helped to shed light on these charming little features of Iran’s property history.

                        Handsome Handles have plenty of their plenty of our own door furniture which can also help to provide satisfaction to property owners. If this story interests you, their excellent ranges should fascinate you.

                        Our Internal and External Door Handles Range

                        As well as their impressive array of door knockers, Handsome Handles also offer a wide variety of internal and external door handles to property owners throughout the UK. With options suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, we’re confident that you’ll see the value attached to their products.

                        Kitchens, bathrooms and dining spaces are just some of the places they can be put to use, as Handsome Handles have specific models tailored to suit individual areas of your home. Models made from satin nickel, chrome and black antique are just a few examples of the many possibilities available to you with them.

                        UK Door Knobs Offer Great Choice to You

                        Another option available to you with Handsome Handles is their expansive door knobs range. Simultaneously charming and practical; these fittings present a great way to add value to your home without spending a fortune. If you decide to go ahead with purchasing them, there are a number of useful things you can consider.

                        Material, finish, style, upkeep and where you actually want to put any new door knobs are all factors you’ll need to weigh up. By taking the time to research these areas thoroughly, you’ll give yourself the best chance of success.

                        Door Furniture Supply from Handsome Handles

                        Handsome Handles continue to lead the way for door furniture supply. With so much choice and products to meet all kinds of budgets, it’s easy to see why. If you’re interested in finding out more, you should contact them today. You can do so by emailing; or by calling 07961832812.

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                          Choosing Between Contemporary and Traditional Door Knockers

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                            When adding new door knockers to your home, there are a variety of things to consider. Material, style and cost all important; whilst it’s almost impossible to make the right calls without focusing on whether you want your new door fixtures to be traditional or contemporary.

                            You don’t want any new purchases to clash with your existing property, so this needs to be thought about carefully. If you’re happy with your home’s wider design scheme and just want to add new door knockers, then make sure you match like with like.

                            Or, if you’re starting from scratch and completely renovating your home, then spend some time deciding whether you want to go down the contemporary or traditional route. Once you’ve done your research, the following advice from Handsome Handles will help you with the path you end up going down.

                            Plenty of Traditional Door Knockers

                            Handsome Handles have a number of traditional door knocker designs which have been influenced by famous pieces throughout history. Lion’s heads, giant hands and Georgian-infused selections are just examples of the many potential products that are available to you with them; giving you the freedom you need when it comes to any purchases.

                            As well as the sculpted appearance of any piece you choose, what you’ll often find yourself studying most is the materials used to make them. Black iron and antique brass are both giveaways for popular traditional door knockers.

                            A Range of Modern Door Knockers

                            A common feature of contemporary properties is that they can be noticeably striking in their design. That pristine, stylised style can be beautifully refreshing, so it’s essential that it’s not spoilt through lack of consideration for finishing touches like the door knockers.

                            To give yourself the best chance of successfully integrating any new door furniture, you’d be wise to look into products made from materials such as polished chrome and satin nickel. These are specifically-tailored for modern properties and are sure to have the desired effect.

                            Door Handles and Door Knobs

                            As well as Handsome Handles door knockers, they also continue to supply an impressive range of door knobs and door handles to their clients. Also available for both modern and contemporary homes, they can help you to find appropriate internal and external fittings.

                            Further to this, if Handsome Handles don’t have the product in stock that you’re searching for, they will always go out of their way to source it for you. For them, it’s all about providing an unrivalled service that will leave you feeling confident enough to tackle any door furniture upgrades that you’re keen to make.

                            Sheffield and Rotherham Based Door Knockers Supplier

                            To find out more about any of the door furniture products at Handsome Handles, why not contact them today? A helpful member of their team will be able to provide you with the best advice as they continue to remain the leading provider of door knockers, door knobs and door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas.

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                              4 Varied Ways to Improve Your Home Including New Door Knockers

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                                There are a number of ways you can achieve success when it comes to making an impression on visitors to your home. By thinking outside the box and embracing more unusual elements of interior decor and spatial design; you will not only wow your guests, you’ll also realise the highest levels of personal satisfaction too.

                                Divide up Your Rooms

                                Ideal for creating spaces within spaces, room dividers are enjoying a resurgence in the world of contemporary interior design. Using them within your home can be a great way to evidence your knowledge of the latest trends; whilst there are a number of ways they can be implemented. Shelving units and curtains are just two of many potential ideas.

                                Unusual Lighting Fixtures

                                When integrated well, unusual lights can impressively stand out within the grander interior scheme of your property. They can act as artistic pieces and also enable you to get creative. Whether it’s small lights running up a false tree, or industrial chrome and nickel fixtures that look like they’ve been lifted straight from the factory floor, the choice you make really is dependent on your taste.

                                Use Stained Glass

                                If you want your home to truly stand out from those of your friends and family, then sometimes you have to push the boundaries. Stained glass windows are being tipped to make something of a comeback and they are another great suggestion for making a lasting impression. Not only can they look great, they can also help make use of natural light in an attractive way.

                                Door Knockers can be Great

                                Handsome Handles regularly help their clients to add more unusual features to their homes with their impressive door knockers. Available in a variety of designs, they are particularly attractive as a property upgrade option due to their price. Whilst some of the other items on this list may require more significant investment, Handsome Handles door furniture can help you make great changes on a smaller budget.

                                They have designs based around both traditional and contemporary decor ideas and should be able to provide you with the perfect piece to match your own home. Lion’s head and giant hand door knocker designs are just two of the choices available to you with them.

                                Sheffield-Based Door Knobs and Door Handles Supplier

                                As well as supplying a number of wonderful door knockers to their clients in Sheffield and Rotherham, Handsome Handles also offer plenty of choice with other door furniture too. Their door handles and door knobs are always popular with their customers, as they present another way you can make cost-effective changes to the decor of your property.

                                To find out more, you can get in touch with them today. Once you do, they can either help you make the purchases that you require or offer their expert advice on which pieces from their product ranges would be most suitable for your home. You can reach Handsome Handles by calling 07961 832812.

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                                  Written by Chris

                                  May 29th, 2015 at 11:10 am

                                  Choose the Right Door Knockers with These 4 Helpful Tips

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                                    When it comes to making any changes at your property, you’ll want to carry them out in the most effective way. Handsome Handles deeply understand this, as they’re the leading supplier of door furniture to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas. As a result of this and the advice they regularly provide, you can feel confident in choosing them to make such alterations.

                                    Cost, style and the quality of the company you’re buying from are all important factors which can make a difference to the success you have. With that in mind, Handsome Handles have put together some useful tips which are worth your consideration when it comes to purchasing new door knockers:

                                    Your Existing Property Scheme and New Door Knockers

                                    Unless you’ve recently acquired a new build house, it’s likely that you’ll either be living or moving into premises that are already largely decorated. If your budget is limited then you may have to work with the existing decor, so blending in new door furniture with that needs to be done carefully. This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying your new door knockers.

                                    Material Choice is Vital

                                    The finish of your front, side and back doors will ultimately have a noticeable say on the door knockers you’re able to use. Handsome Handles present an abundance of options to ensure that they provide something for everyone. Designs made from polished chrome, satin nickel, black iron and many more materials are all included in their product stock.

                                    How will it feel

                                    As well as taking care of the aesthetical appearance of your new door knockers, it’s also useful for you to think about the ergonomics of them. These pieces of door furniture are particularly personal, as they require the conscious interaction of your visiting guests. A heavy black iron door knocker for example will have a very different feel to a slender polished chrome one.

                                    Consider the Unusual

                                    To really impress your guests you can always embrace the more unusual side of design; and door knockers present you with the ideal opportunity to do this. With both traditional and contemporary designs based on famous door knocker designs – such as lion heads and hands – there is something for everyone looking to make an impression with Handsome Handles’ products.

                                    Handsome Handles Door Knobs and Door Handles

                                    To find out more about any of the products discussed here, why not give Handsome Handles a call? Their experienced team will be able to guide you towards making the best decisions for you and your home. As well as supplying an abundance of door knockers to our clients, they also stock many door handles and door knobs too.

                                    So to add those extra special touches to your property today, call 07961 832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop Handsome Handles an email to Whichever method you choose you can be sure that you’ll receive the equal care and attention they provide to each of their valued customers.

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                                      Written by Chris

                                      April 29th, 2015 at 2:10 pm

                                      Stylish Door Knockers to Add a Touch of the Unusual

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                                        Being able to add a personal touch to your property can be invaluable. Handsome Handles understand this and have a variety of impressive door furniture pieces to help satisfy this need. Door knockers and door knobs are just two examples of these products that can help you to transform the grander scheme of your home.

                                        It’s little wonder that the customers of this supplier find them to be so popular. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at some of the door knockers options available to you with Handsome Handles:

                                        Conversation Starters

                                        Handsome Handles highly-unusual door knockers have been designed to meet the requirements of property owners who want to leave a noticeably lasting impression on guests visiting their home. Traditionally designed as talisman features to protect properties from evil, they’re a great conversation starter!

                                        Polished Chrome Um Door Knockers and More

                                        Satin chrome and Florentine bronze are just some of the many options available to you with um door knockers. When used in the right way, these door furniture selections can work appropriately for both older and more modern homes; leaving you free to use them as you wish.

                                        Sleek and Slender Stainless Brass

                                        Manufactured by the highly-reputable Carlisle Brass, Handsome Handles find that these pieces are always popular with their customers as they provide the potential to make classy, reasonable upgrades. Sleek, slender – and available in stainless brass – Handsome Handles doctor designs take elements of traditional door knocker style and add a contemporary spin.

                                        Matched to Modern Homes

                                        Antique brass and satin chrome versions of this design are all on offer to you with this business; giving you plenty of choice to make the right call. Manufactured by M. Marcus, they work particularly well with modern homes. Handsome Handles retro style door knockers are available in a variety of materials and match well to all exterior property doors.

                                        Kitchen Door Handles, Carlisle Brass Handles and More

                                        To find out more about any of the products covered here why not give Handsome Handles a call? You can reach them on 07961 832812. Or, alternatively, why not drop them an email to One of their dedicated members of staff will be able to provide you with guidance surrounding choosing the right products for you.

                                        Handsome Handles’ door knockers, decorative door knobs and Carlisle Brass door handles are all currently popular with their customers. These products can also provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your home whilst meeting a reasonable budget, so it’s understandable why they’ve become so popular.




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