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Your Greener Future involves Heat Pumps

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    Electricity and Gas suppliers are offering their users a better financial deal in order for them to use their services at certain times of the day, when most energy is used so that it is in plentiful supply.

    Smart grids are now being used by suppliers so they can keep us, as a country, supplied with power, whenever we should need it. Theoretically, smart grids are able to solve Britain’s energy problems, matching our supply and demand effectively, efficiently, greenly and by wasting as little energy as possible. Smart grids are more secure, reliable and enable better integration with green technologies. Green technologies include such methods as solar panels and heat pumps, which also aid Britain to gain the most from our natural energy sources, like wind and sun.

    What is a Smart Grid?

    A smart grid is an energy database, monitoring and responding to the demand in power, real time. Supply and demand are well matched, there is efficient consumption and they create a much greener energy use. As a nation using smart meters, it is expected that we save about £6bn over the next 20 years. However, it is roughly estimated that set up costs are £11bn but total benefits are expected to exceed £17bn.

    Smart Meters and Me

    By linking your home to a smart meter and then to the smart grid, you would benefit because you would become more energy efficient with usage and would therefore save money. Examples of this incredible technology would be that you could set the washing machine to only wash your clothes when the electricity was at its cheapest, or you could be notified by text message if you had left a large energy wasting source on in your home, such as the heating.

    Think Green, Think Heat Pumps

    There are two types of heat pumps. These are air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), which can both be used for domestic and commercial use.

    Air source heat pumps use external heat, boost it at a high temperature and use it to heat your domestic or commercial space and water immediately, either via an air-to-water or air-to-air air source heat pump, heating radiators, underfloor heating and hot water cylinders, as just a couple of examples.

    Ground source heat pumps use a network of buried underground pipes which extract heat. They draw heat in to a heat exchanger which can then be used by various heating methods or provide hot water in your home or business. They are extremely economical in providing these heat sources, utilising their heat to provide for radiators, underfloor heating systems and hot water tanks.

    Contact Phaseline Renewables

    If you are interested in heat pumps, or indeed finding out about other ways to make your house or commercial property green, such as biomass boilers, solar panels or underfloor heating, then contact Phaseline Renewables. Phaseline Renewables offer a wide range of different solutions to suit all of your green needs. Give their friendly and professional staff a ring today on 0114 294 55 00, email them at or alternatively click here to go directly to their website.

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      Refurb of Derbyshire Grade 11 Listed Building Includes Ground Source Heat Pump

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        As professional installers of ground source heat pumps, it’s great to see a listed property being retrofitted with renewable energy technology such as a ground source heat pump. It’s proof that not only modern buildings are compatible with renewable energy technology and that it can be fitted relatively quickly and easily even retrospectively.

        The property is Goosehill Hall, a Grade 11 listed building located in the village of Castleton in Derbyshire. It has recently been refurbished, and as part of the project, a new heating system has been installed which includes a ground source heat pump. Underfloor heating has also been installed on the downstairs floor of the property, but could not be installed upstairs due to the absence of a void between the downstairs ceiling and the upstairs floor. Instead, radiators that are compatible with heat pumps were used.

        New Heating System and Ground Source Heat Pump

        The new heating system and ground source heat pump installed in Goosehill Hall qualifies for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. The domestic RHI is a government run scheme that provides users of renewable heat technology with payments over a 20 year period. Ground source heat pumps can also help reduce your fuel bills as home owners will benefit from savings through lower running costs.

        Ground source heat pumps use a network of pipes that are buried beneath the ground near a domestic property to extract heat. The pipes draw the ground heat up into a heat exchanger which is then utilised to heat radiators or under floor heating systems and provide hot water. They are a highly economical way of providing both heating and hot water to a property.

        The heat generated by the ground source heat pump can replace a conventional boiler, providing immediate hot water and working optimally in conjunction with under-floor heating, and large radiator central heating systems. A ground source heat pump should provide a complete solution to all of a domestic property’s heating and hot water needs. It is, therefore, a suitable replacement for conventional oil, LPG, gas and electric heating systems.

        Ground Source Heat Pump Installers in Sheffield and Yorkshire

        Our team have extensive experience installing ground source heat pumps in domestic properties and offer free quotations. For more information about having an ground source heat pump installed in your home, call Phaseline Renewables on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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          Lincolnshire Ground Source Heat Pump Installation Case Study

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            Mr. and Mrs. Vernon were keen to maximise energy efficiency in their property. Having spent many hours researching the various technologies available, they were at the point where they had now become highly knowledgeable advocates within the field. They then decided to install a ground source heat pump alongside their existing log gasification boiler.

            Features of the Ground Source Heat Pump

            The system consists of:

            • A Danfoss 12kW ground source heat pump with Optimum technology
            • 750m horizontal collector array (63mm headers)
            • A 400 litre buffer tank
            • Single zone control with Wireless programmable room thermostat
            • Stelrad K3 triple panel/convector radiators with TRV controls

            Reasons for Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump

            The decision to invest in a ground source heat pump project was based on a number of factors:

            • To future proof the property – the ground source systems means that the properties heating no longer relies on supplying and loading heavy logs;
            • Environmental advantages – ground source heat pumps when installed alongside a solar PV system represent an incredibly efficient and renewable form of heating.

            As requested by Mr and Mrs Vernon a separate electricity meter was installed within the plant room to allow consumption to be measured. The system was installed as “meter ready” in terms of heat monitoring. The control unit records the run hours of the compressor and circulation pumps. All heating and collector pipework within the plant room is supported on a Unistrut system. The collector headers and heating pipe work within the plant room is fully insulated with Rock-lap foil backed 25mm pipe insulation.

            The existing radiator system, although perfect for the log boiler heat distribution, was deemed insufficient to adequately heat the dwelling at a maximum flow temperature of 45ºC, which is the design point. For this reason we elected to install Stelrad K3 triple panel radiators throughout the property. This allowed us to achieve a temperature star rating of four and a Seasonal performance factor of 3.7. The plant room was designed and built by Biff, with capacity in mind for the GSHP, pipework and ancillary components as well as a couple of bicycles!

            Ground Source Heat Pump Installers Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

            If you would like to find out more about having a ground source heat pump installed in your home, the friendly staff at Phaseline Renewables will be more than happy to talk you through it. Call us on 0114 2945500 or email us at

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              £20m Payouts from Domestic RHI for Renewable Heating Technologies Such as Biomass Boilers

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                The domestic arm of the RHI launched in April 2014, and since then, the energy markets regulator said that it has paid out £20.7m to homes that have installed renewable heat technologies. The latest figures from Ofgem have revealed that nearly 33,000 homes have secured payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive for heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels since the government launched the subsidy scheme.

                Legacy Accreditations for the RHI

                According to Ofgem, nearly one third of the total number of accreditations has been for homes that installed renewable heating technologies over the past year, and two thirds were for legacy accreditations. This means that the systems were commissioned after the government announced plans for the RHI July 2009, but hadn’t launched it yet. The legacy payments were designed to reward those consumers who installed renewable heat technologies without knowing if or when they would get the subsidy.

                A Biomass Boiler as an Investment Opportunity

                As installers of biomass boilers in Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are well aware of the investment opportunities associated with renewable heat technologies and the renewable heat incentive. We have installed a variety of domestic technologies from biomass boilers to heat pumps, which have all generated income from the scheme. The fact that nearly 33,000 homes have been accredited for the RHI since April 2014 is proof that the scheme is working well for thousands of homes throughout the UK.

                Applications for the Renewable Heat Incentive

                The figures released show that in the first quarter of 2015, the number of people applying for the renewable heat incentive increased by approximately 50%. Applications for the RHI reached a high of 6,000 in March, due to the fact that the legacy application window was about to close, and people were rushing to submit their forms. There was also a 20% reduction in biomass boiler payments after April 1st, meaning that people were keen to reap the maximum financial benefits while they could. Over 50% of the payments up until now have been allocated to biomass boilers, which equates to £11.2m. In addition, £5.5m to ground source heat pumps, £3.3m to air source heat pumps and £0.7m to solar thermal.

                Biomass Boilers Yorkshire

                As experts in biomass boilers Yorkshire, Phaseline Renewables are experienced installers of biomass systems that qualify for the renewable heat incentive in domestic premises. For more information, call us on 0114 294 5500 or email us at

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