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Understanding Door Handles Depending on the Room

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    When you’re carrying out upgrades at your property, it pays to take care of the finer details. If you do, you can be sure that you’ll impress guests thanks to your consideration of the smallest things. The products that Handsome Handles stock are tailor-made for these purposes and can really help you to complete your home project.

    Their door handles come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, so you’ll never be short of choice when it comes to making your mind up on how best to finalise your interior project. For their customers in Sheffield and Rotherham, they have put together an article surrounding how they can help make the difference between success and failure:

    1. Kitchen Handles

    Ensuring that these items tie in to the overall scheme of the room is essential and they may need to match pull handles already built in to new furniture pieces that you’re adding. Considering which new kitchen door handles you want prior to beginning any work on the room can be important in the grander scheme of its success.

    Polished chrome door furniture may be a good match to a material such as parapan; which is commonly used in modern kitchen design.

    2. Chrome Door Handles – Bathroom

    For the door furniture that you choose, Handsome Handles’ polished chrome door handles are ideally placed to help. They blend excellently within a grander scheme that includes white ceramic and black shelving pieces.

    It’s possible to contemporise your bathroom in a number of ways. Choosing the right materials for new surfaces, appliances and pieces such as the sinks is essential. From wall tiling to floor tiling; the possibilities are endless and it simply depends on what your perfect vision for your modern home is.

    3. Door Handles – Study

    There is so much choice when it comes to making alterations to your office or study. For the furniture, you may want to incorporate modern units made from light beech or pine. Or, alternatively, you may feel that monochrome desks and cabinets may be better suited.

    For those opting for wood, then polished brass door handles can add a contemporary touch with a traditional spin. For monochrome, satin nickel or satin chrome ones could work well.

    Door Knockers, Door Knobs and More for the Sheffield and Rotherham Areas

    For more great advice on property upgrades with Handsome Handles products, make sure you keep coming back to their blog. To speak to them directly about any of their door furniture, you can call them on 07961 832812; where one of their dedicated team members will be happy to take your call.

    Handsome Handles have such variety available to their customers that you’ll truly never be short of choice when you buy from them. Door knockers, door knobs and door handles are all stocked in abundance – and they’ll even try and source a product for you in the unlikely event that they don’t have it.


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      Written by Chris

      February 11th, 2015 at 12:39 pm

      Important Advice on Caring for Your Door Handles

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        Taking care of your door handles once their installed in your home needn’t be a time consuming process. By managing their upkeep, you can ensure their longevity and keep the aesthetical appearance of your property up to scratch. Handsome Handles are the leading suppliers of door handles to the Sheffield and Rotherham areas and they’ve put together a tailored care guide:

        How to Care for Antique Brass

        For internal antique brass door handles, you simply need to wipe over internal fittings with a soft, non-abrasive cloth; buffing as you clean. It’s worth bearing in mind that over time, distressed finishes are naturally intended to wear to enhance the aged appearance. This may result in colour variation and is not a sign that your door furniture needs replacing.

        How to Care for Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome

        Both polished chrome and satin chrome are extremely durable and hard wearing materials that have been designed to last the test of time. The only likely care that it will require is the removal of finger marks on polished services. A good way to deal with this is through lightly dusting your chrome door handles with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. You should always avoid using wax polish with this material.

        How to Care for Satin Nickel

        For satin nickel, the care requirements depend on whether the fittings are internal or external at the property. If they are indoors, simply wipe over the surface with a non-abrasive cloth and buff gently until you get a shine. For external fittings, you will need to sparingly apply a high quality wax polish; which you will need to buff gently with before it dries and causes smears.

        How to Care for Polished Brass

        It’s vital that you don’t use any metal or spray polishes here as the girt or solvents commonly found in these products can damage the material. The technique of buffing with a soft non-abrasive cloth is common to polished brass care treatment, but there are other things to consider for the maintenance of external fittings. They need to be wiped over with a good wax polish, before the wax dries and causes any smears.

        How to Care for Black Antique

        Any form of iron can be viable to rusting, so a lot of the door handles that Handsome Handles supply have been covered by zinc plating and powder coating to prevent this as much as possible. For ongoing care, a light oiling may be required occasionally to ensure smooth functionality. Additionally, any harmful deposits which cause corrosion can be removed through wiping with a lightly oiled cloth.

        Handsome Handles Also Offer Door Knobs and Door Knockers

        Handsome Handles also stock a wide variety of door knobs and door knockers, providing you with plenty of scope for home improvement. If you’d like to find out more about any of their products you can reach them on 07961832812 or 01246731481. Alternatively, you can drop them an email to


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          Written by Chris

          January 20th, 2015 at 12:14 pm

          A Glass Balcony Can Help You to Impress Guests

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            If you’re looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, look no further than a property extension. There’s so much potential to impress with one and if you make the decision to move forward then look no further than Diverso. They have a stunning range of architectural features available, all of which can help to add space and value to your home.

            Diverso’s glass balconies are particularly impressive and provide a breathtaking way for you to contemporise your property. As a company, they have industry leading designers and engineers under their employment, so you can be sure that you’ll be gaining access to the highest standards of architectural services.

            Sandblasted and Frameless Glass Balconies

            Through the clever combination of carefully-selected materials, Diverso can match the right glass balcony design to your property. They regularly mix effective blends of oak and stainless steel with the desired type of glass to create aesthetically-stunning commissions. Frameless glass and sandblasted glass are both particularly popular with their customers.

            Thanks to Diverso’s many years of experience within the architectural features industry, they’re able to manufacture engineering masterpieces for your home or business. They want to a leave a lasting impression on your property; so that your satisfaction – and that of your guests – remains timeless.

            Accompanying CAD Images

            Cantilevered and structural balcony designs are both commonly chosen by the clients that Diverso work with – it really does just depend on your individual preferences. They can provide as much or as little guidance as you like. If you already have an idea of how you’d like your new glass balcony to take shape, they will strive to match your visions to the best of their ability.

            They work closely with all of their clients throughout the design process; providing high quality 2D and 3D CAD images to help you to visualise your stunning new property addition as it takes shape. This helps them to form the exclusive service that they pride themselves on; enabling them to continue to offer the most innovative architectural design solutions in the UK.

            Diverso are also experienced in the application of a variety of other architectural glass solutions, all of which can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Their frameless glass doors and feature glass staircases are particularly appropriate for those looking to add a truly breathtaking focal point to their property.

            Diverso’s Services Don’t Just Stop at Glass Balconies

            To find out more about any of Diverso’s architectural services, you can reach them by giving them a call on 01433 695577. All of their team are extensively knowledgeable about the industry and will only be too happy to advise you on the best way to move forward.

            Diverso regularly design, manufacture and install commissions throughout the UK, so they’re well placed to help you wherever you reside geographically. Sheffield, Cheshire, Alderly Edge, London, Derbyshire and Manchester-based property owners are all people that have been left extremely satisfied after employing them.


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              Changing Your Home’s Door Handles – 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

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                Making your home stand out from the crowd in a cost effective manner can be a difficult task. So have you considered altering the smaller features? Door handles present a great opportunity to upgrade your home; and with that in mind here’s a list of 5 great reasons why you should consider changing yours.

                They Evidence Your Consideration of the Minor Details

                Door handles are also a great way to impress visitors to your home. They evidence your consideration of the minor details and can help you to form a reputation amongst your friends as an advocate of classy contemporary interior design.

                They Present an Extremely Reasonable Way to Upgrade Your Home

                One of the greatest strengths of installing new door handles is that they are an extremely cost effective product. For the impression that they can leave on visitors, the relatively small outlay that is required to purchase them pales into insignificance. You’d be hard pressed to find another feature at your home which could be successfully upgraded in such a cost effective manner.

                They Can Bring Your Property into the 21st Century

                For many homeowners one of the most occurring difficulties that they face is that their property has begun to look dated. For those people, it can be difficult to know where to start with regards to a home facelift, but we at Handsome Handles are experts in the supply of a whole range of contemporary door handles that can stylishly bring your home into the 21st century.

                Door Handles Present a Whole Variety of Potential Ways to Add Property Character

                Even if you’re not looking to sell, don’t underestimate the appeal that can be generated through the introduction of new internal and external door handles in your home. From wing shaped handles on a backplate, through to Cinco lever handles on rose, the choice with Handsome Handles truly is expansive; and should provide you with all the potential you need to make a great character statement at your property.

                Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers from Handsome Handles

                Door knobs, door knockers and door handles are all extensively stocked by Handsome Handles. If you’d like to speak to them more about any of their products, you can get in touch via 07961832812, or 01246 731481. One of their dedicated and friendly customer service team will be delighted to take your call.

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                  Spectacular Glass Balcony Case Study

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                    Architectural features company Diverso recently designed, manufactured and installed a stunning glass balcony for a very satisfied client in the Islington area of London. As specialists in the creation of interior and exterior features for properties, Diverso relished the opportunity to carry out the work for this particular customer and the end result was exemplary.

                    The job initially required the removal of an existing balcony structure; something which presented no obstacle for the reputable firm. In its place, a stunningly-smart glass balcony was installed. The standard of work that was implemented was impeccable, as it continues to be every time Diverso are hired.

                    Glass Balcony Looks Stunning In-Situ

                    Initially, there were a few issues that arose, but these were dealt with in a typically impressive manner. That is of little surprise given how the firm’s reputation has grown since its inception. The glass base for the balcony turned out to be too large, but Chris at Diverso resolved the problem ‘professionally and swiftly changed it,’ according to the client.

                    The glass balcony looks absolutely stunning in-situ; and is sure to earn Diverso further business for those looking for similar products. There really is no better feeling than relaxing in the outdoors from the comfort of a beacon of architectural design; and that is exactly what Diverso’s glass balconies allow their clients to do.

                    Contemporary Glass Balconies

                    Contemporary glass balconies form part of Diverso’s exclusive unique glass range, which also includes frameless glass doors, glass floors and glass balustrades. As property owners continue to look for innovative ways to modernise their properties, architectural glass is continuing to prove increasingly popular and Diverso are the industry leader in the field.

                    Diverso offer stunning exclusivity across all their ranges; and it is little wonder that so many new home and business owners are looking to hire them. From stunning cantilever oak and glass feature staircases, to smoothly sculpted architectural aluminium conservatories, there really is something for every property owner.

                    Architectural Features in Cheshire, Sheffield, Alderly Edge and More

                    Although this installation took place in London, there are many other UK locations where Diverso are able to work with clients. Cheshire, Sheffield, Derbyshire, Harrogate and Alderly Edge are just some of the other places where their services are in high demand.

                    Diverso are also experts in the production of architectural aluminium features and wonderful feature staircases. To speak to Diverso about any one of their ranges, you can reach them on 01433 695577. A member of their dedicated customer service team will be only too happy to take your call and start you on your journey to reinvigorating your property today.

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                      Glass Features Contemporising UK Properties

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                        Diverso’s architectural glass features are tailor-made to help property owners make an architectural statement at their home or business. Not only do they fluidly function within the grander scheme of varying interior designs, they are also aesthetically stunning. It is little wonder that they have been helping us to deliver customer satisfaction for many years.

                        Diverso offer a full spectrum of impressive glass solutions that are perfect for adding a true touch of exclusivity to your property. Architectural glass is becoming ever more prevalent in modern property design; and they are highly skilled in its design and application. Through their wonderful array of products including frameless glass doors, glass balconies and glass balustrades; they are sure to impress.

                        Frameless Glass Doors Help Clients to Admire the Outdoors

                        In addition to this, they are able to advise their clients on which of their glass features would be best suited to meet their needs. One of the greatest qualities of architectural glass is that it allows property owners to explore the panoramic side of design. Through carefully placed frameless glass doors you can turn your home into a theatre from which to admire the outdoors. For those living in the countryside in particular, they are simply ideal.

                        Diverso’s glass floors are also great for the interiors of homes and businesses; and can really help to give properties that wow-factor. When combined with one of their feature glass staircases – or feature staircases with glass balustrades – their clients find that they can contemporise their properties in an aesthetically-astonishing way.

                        Glass Balconies Are Simultaneously Sleek and Stylish

                        For those focused on enhancing the exterior of their property, Diverso’s glass balconies are equally impressive. Simultaneously sleek and stylish, they allow their clients to enjoy the experience of the outdoors from the comfort of a real architectural beacon of excellence. There are many fantastic examples that you can view in their unique glass gallery.

                        Diverso take great pride in being able to offer their services right across the country. All of their unique glass products are perfect for clients in Sheffield, Cheshire, London, Harrogate, Derbyshire and many more UK locations.

                        Contact Diverso Today

                        Diverso would love the opportunity to speak to you more about their unique architectural glass features. They can help you to visualise further how they could work for you at your property; and advise you on the products that would be best suited to you. You can also speak to them about any of their other stunning ranges, including their feature staircases and aluminium solutions.

                        To reach Diverso by phone, you can give them a call on 01433 695577. If you’d rather get in touch via email you can contact them at Whichever method you choose, you’ll be dealing with a friendly and helpful member of their team who will start you on your journey towards your revolutionised property today.


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                          Refresh Your Property Decor with Black Iron Door Handles

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                            Handsome Handles offer commendable choice across their range of door handles. From their Barley Twist door handles on a backplate, through to their Curly Tail door handles on a backplate, the choice that they offer is particularly inviting. As a company they take great pride in their ability to be able to source some of the most unusual door handles around.

                            That uniqueness that is evident across all their door handles is a selling point which is particularly appealing to customers. If the gothic style of these more traditional door handles doesn’t appeal to you, then Handsome Handles also offer a wide variety of contemporary products that may be better suited to you.

                            Black Iron Door Handles Perfect for Property Owners

                            For those aiming to make a strong interior design statement at their home, black iron door handles from Handsome Handles could be the perfect product. As one of the most reputable industry suppliers, Handsome Handles offer real choice with their products that allow property owners to add real character to their homes.

                            Black iron is a material that it steeped in history; and has design undertones that are both historical and classy. If you’d like to give your home a tinge of the Gothic age, or if you’re decorating a new property from scratch, black antique iron door handles from Handsome Handles are well placed to help.

                            Sheffield + Rotherham Supplier of Door Handles

                            If you’re looking to change the door handles at your home, then there’s only one supplier to go to. Handsome Handles offer stunning variety throughout their product ranges, and present you with a choice that you’d struggle to find anywhere else. Their products are perfectly placed to allow you to make some fancy changes at your property in a cost-effective manner, and it’s easy to see why they’re the industry leader in the Sheffield and Rotherham area.

                            It can be extremely rewarding to make your home wonderfully unique. For many people, changing the interior of their property can be a daunting task, but that needn’t be the case. The smaller details present a great opportunity to give the inside of your home a makeover; and internal door handles and external door handles provide a great place to showcase new features.

                            Door Knobs, Door Handles and Door Knockers Pride of Handsome Handles

                            To speak to Handsome Handles more about their expansive variety of door handles– as well as any of their fantastic door knobs and door knockers which you can read more about in this blog -you can give them a call on 07961832812.

                            Handsome Handles will be able to help you resolve any enquiries that you may have. For those wishing to contact them via their website you can instead look to get in touch by visiting their contact page.



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                              Shop Signs Sheffield Share Top 5 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Retail Premises

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                                When it comes to attracting customers to your retail premises and increasing the amount of people that you get through the door, appearances count. So here are 5 ways to catch the eye of potential customers and convince them that your shop is where they’ll spend their money!

                                Create an Eye-Catching Window Display

                                The more attractive your shop looks from the outside, the more chance you have of enticing customers inside. A beautiful window display is a great way of generating interest, and once people are peering in, hopefully they won’t be able to resist stepping inside! Make a big deal of holidays and seasons, everyone loves a Halloween or Christmas themed window display, and taking advantage of them will give you the chance to display a range of items for sale throughout the year.

                                A more permanent alternative to a window display is the use of window graphics. As you can see, your shop window is the ideal place to advertise your products, offers and services, so using simple wording or images can make a big impression. Of course, window graphics don’t have to replace a window display; they can be used in conjunction with it to create even more of an impact!

                                Invest in a Great Shop Sign Sheffield

                                Having a decent retail shop sign Sheffield for your business is the perfect way to make a great first impression. Passers-by will not only notice an effective shop sign, it will also help you to stand out from your competitors. When browsing and shopping, people are highly driven by the visual impact of their surroundings, and nothing creates a bigger impact than a quality, attractive shop sign Sheffield.

                                Consider a Digitally Printed Banner Sign

                                A digitally printed banner sign is the perfect solution if you need temporary signage. Whether you want to advertise a special promotion or event, or simply compliment your existing shop sign Sheffield, banner signs are a really economic way to promote your business. PVC banners are a great choice because they can be used indoors or outdoors, and can be hung from almost anywhere, including buildings, ceilings, poles or even fences.

                                Have a Sale!

                                Nothing attracts customers better than a big red sale sign! Everyone loves a bargain, and there’s something very exciting about getting something you want for a cut price. Try sending out an email newsletter to your current customers letting them know about your sale and creating a sense of urgency by offering it for a limited time. With any luck, this will get several people through the door, getting you the custom you deserve.

                                If you want to attract customers to your retail premises, the professional shop sign makers Sheffield at Image Sign Studio can help. Whether you are looking for digitally printed banner signs or illuminated shop sings Sheffield, contact us on 0114 261 7617.

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                                  Written by Chris

                                  September 25th, 2014 at 1:32 pm

                                  South Yorkshire Renewable Energy launch their new website

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                                    South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

                                    South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

                                    Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy are an established and well respected supplier and installer of solar panels, solar thermal units and under-floor heating

                                    Having just launched their new website, they are continuing their expansion and will be opening their show-home in banner Cross, Sheffield later in the year. Here, you’ll be able to see the renewable energy technology in action including a wall-mounted meter showing how much energy is being produced by their solar panels

                                    Director Richard Senior said “With escalating fuel prices and ever increasing heating bills, there’s never been a better time to install Solar Panels and Under-floor Heating. Both these technologies will help slash bills and are also therefore great for the environment.”

                                    “The government’s guaranteed feed-in tariff also means that you’ll also be paid for producing your own electricity. According to recent calculations by Miles Brignall of the Guardian, a typical Solar Panel installation costing £12,500 will also give you a return of at least £25,000”

                                    As an authorised and preferred partner of AVC Energy and Rehau, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy supply and install only the highest quality solar panels and underfloor heating solutions

                                    In 2011, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy will be providing and installing solar panels on 1000 homes for free. To apply or for more information, please call them on 0800 678 5789 or visit their website at

                                    South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

                                    South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

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                                      Written by Chris

                                      January 6th, 2011 at 2:14 pm

                                      Chernobyl Charity appeal

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                                        Urgent appeal for help from Chernobyl Children's Lifeline (Sheffield link)

                                        Chernobyl Children's Lifeline (Sheffield link)

                                        Do you:

                                        • Live in Sheffield?
                                        • Have a spare room in your house?
                                        • Have have some time to spare in July and August?
                                        • Want to do something life changing?

                                        If so, call Mick Ring (the Chair of the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Sheffield link) as soon as possible on 07973 850 488 or email

                                        9 host families needed urgently to be confirmed within the next few weeks!!! Hurry – don’t delay!!!

                                        More about what’s involved

                                        Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline Sheffield (CCLL) is urgently looking for Sheffield families willing to act as ‘host’ families to look after a child between the 19th July and 16th August 2010.

                                        Due to the red-tape involved, the volunteer host families must get in contact as soon as possible – preferably this month (January)! Don’t delay!

                                        If you’re able to help or want to find out more, please contact us or CCLL directly using the contact details below

                                        About Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

                                        CCLL is a national UK charity (registered charity no. 1014274) and the Sheffield link was established in March 2006

                                        The charity helps deprived children living in heavily contaminated areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster (primarily Belarus and Ukraine) by bringing them to the UK for a month-long respite holiday where they benefit from, among other things, clean air, good nutrition, physical safety and an environment free of radioactive contamination.

                                        About the children

                                        The children who come to Britain fall into one or more of the following categories:

                                        • They live in a contaminated area or have been evacuated from a heavily contaminated area
                                        • They live in an orphanage
                                        • They may have had cancer and be in remission after treatment
                                        • They may be recovering from an operation or other illness

                                        (please note; the children due to visit in July 2010 will not be orphans or recovering from cancer)

                                        Chernobyl Children Life Line (Sheffield Link)

                                        Chernobyl Children Life Line (Sheffield Link) aims to help children suffering from the after-effects of the Chernobyl disaster and economic situation

                                        The children stay in the homes of British host families. Each child will have medical clearance to travel to the UK and poses no health risk to families. The charity brings over an average of over 4,000 children per year. During their stay in the UK they eat uncontaminated food and breathe clean air. They experience family life to the full and take part in a huge range of activities, (such as a visit to the seaside and the fire station, as well as swimming and lots of picnics).

                                        What to expect

                                        This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the children –  many of them live in a cycle of poverty and are affected by alcohol abuse within their families.

                                        For the host families, this may seem like a big commitment, however, the whole experience is incredibly rewarding – for many it’s life-changing! We should know, we were a host family in July / August 2009!

                                        Can you help?

                                        There are several ways to help this Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline especially by volunteering as a host family. This involves being the primary foster family for a child during their stay in the UK.

                                        Other ways to help are by volunteering as a support family to help the host families or by donating clothes, time or money.

                                        Contact details

                                        If you’re able to help, please either contact Mick Ring (07973 850 488 / or contact us

                                        Donations of clothes mainly to fit children 7 to 15 needed although all donations appreciated. Clothes are also often sent back with the children for their siblings.

                                        CCLL website:

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                                          Written by Chris

                                          January 14th, 2010 at 2:01 pm