How to create a screen-capture of a web page in Windows

Example web page screen dump

Example web page screen dump

Here are a couple of methods to create an image of a webpage.

Method 1 (simple) – will capture the visible screen only

  1. Go to the web page you’d like to take a screen capture of
  2. Press F11 to go full screen
  3. Press the ‘PRTSC’ button (print screen)
  4. Press F11 to go back to normal
  5. Open up Microsoft Paint
    1. Either from the RUN box type ‘mspaint’
    2. Or browse through start/programs/paint
    3. Press CTRL + V to paste screen capture
    4. Press CTRL + S to save the image

Method 2 (complicated)- will capture the whole page if required

  1. If you’re not already using Chrome browser, download and install it
    1. I’d recommend making it your default browser by clicking the little spanner icon in the top-right corner (options) and then choosing options. Under the ‘basics’ tab there’s a button to make Chrome your default browser – you won’t regret it!
    2. Navigate to ‘’ and find ‘webpage screenshot’ (by Amina) and install
    3. Click the little camera icon at the top right of the page once the plug-in is installed
    4. Choose whether you’d like a full-page or viaible page screen-capture
    5. When the screen-cap if done, right-click and ‘save image as…’

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