Seven Creative’s email marketing system

Did you know that we can design, write and send your email newsletters?

Our email marketing system allows you to send branded and beautiful correspondence from as little as 1p per recipient.  Email marketing is a really cost-effective way of talking to customers and potential customers.

And, because the cost is so low, it means you can not just email once, but many, many times over the course of the year, helping you to develop your customer relationships.

You can include anything you like in your newsletter; lastest news from your business, special offers, or new products. Anything at all that you think your customers would find interesting or need to know!

Your email newsletter can include links to your website too. This enables your customers and potential customers to access your products and services at the click of a mouse.

We also have access to detailed reports enabling us to monitor how many people have opened the newsletter, where they are and whether or not they have clicked on the links. It’s a fantastic way of measuring the effects of your email marketing campaign!











We have recently sent out an email newsletter on behalf of Chesterfield based dog kennels Dunston Lodge. Not only is it branded, we’ve sent it to everyone on their mailing list. Richard Harrington, owner of Dunston Lodge said: “We’re really happy with the service. The newsletter looks fab, and people have even been clicking through to the online booking section of our website too.”

“It’s generated business for us, and has let our customers know that we’re keeping in touch. We’ve also had people click through to our Facebook page, and it’s nice to know everyone is getting our latest news delivered straight to their inbox,” says Richard.

For more information on Seven Creative’s email marketing system, visit our website at, or call us on 0114 383 0711


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