Rooted in Sheffield: Carbon Steel Snap Off Blades

It will always be true that the quality of the tool will have the biggest influence on the standard of the product. This is true whatever trade you work in; and it is something that Knife-Point have understood in a way that has enabled them to become an industry leader in the Sheffield area.

The fantastic range of snap off blades that Knife-Point stock is unrivalled. Olfa, Stanley and Sheffield blade replacements are stocked; ensuring that you will always have the freedom of choice to obtain the product that is best suited to you.

Included in their range of stock are replacement snap off blades in sizes that include 18mm, 9mm and 25mm replacements. It is always worth your consideration to order in bulk as this can save you added costs in the long-term.

Snap Off Blades Stock Variety

Knife-Point’s blades are perfectly stocked in protective plastic jobs – and are also lightly oiled – ensuring that once you receive them they have been prepared and stored in a way that makes them perfect for carrying out only the best work once you receive them.

They are also suitable across a whole range of industries – it just depends what you are looking for. Flooring, roofing and carpet fitting are trades where these tools are commonly implemented; whilst arts and crafts tradesman also consider them to be vital to their work.

Successfully resolving a whole range of queries is vital to everything that Knife-Point do. Their vastly experienced team are experienced in finding the right products to meet an entirety of customer demands – ensuring that you will always leave satisfied.

Snap Off Blades Always in Constant Demand

Knife-Point has an extensive variety of snap off blades products from the home of steel – Sheffield; as well as similar products from reputable suppliers such as Olfa.

Whatever the blade that you require, they will do our utmost to supply you with the product that is most suitable for your individual needs.

Tempered carbon steel that has been hardened is used to make the Sheffield blades; ensuring that these cutting tools are impressively sharp. This is such a vital quality for cutting tasks; as accuracy is always of paramount importance for tasks that require this sort of blade.




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