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Launch of new Moscar Pet Services website

The new Moscar Kennels and Cattery website is now live!

The new owners understandably wanted to show off the kennels and make sure everyone knows what a great job they do of looking after pets.

Seven Creative’s Chris Day said, ‘I really like the colour scheme for the website, its bright and fresh, and the pictures are fun too. The gallery page is a great feature as prospective customers can see the inside of the kennels and cattery, and see how well kept it is. And the comments on the testimonials page speak for themselves!’

The website not only looks great, it’s easy to use too, and tells the customer everything they need to know about the kennels and services. Each bit of information is contained in a clear and easy to read coloured box, so it takes seconds to find the information customers need.

Moscar kennels and Cattery is a family run business and the site has been home to a boarding facility for over 70 years. Moscar Pet Services is located in gorgeous countryside, with specially designed facilities and fully trained staff. They make sure you feel completely happy leaving your pet with them by making sure all animals on site are vaccinated, providing 24 hour access to a vet, and fully insuring all pets.

No wonder the customers are happy. Mrs Jowle said, ‘The kennels are in a great location,  providing an excellent environment and care.’ And now they have a great website too!