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Bathroom Suppliers Sheffield Offering Contemporary Bathroom Upgrades

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    Your bathroom is always a great place to start when it comes to modernising your home. It holds so much unlocked potential in terms of contemporary design; and always provides a great starting point for those looking to implement effective changes within their home.

    For an idea of how best to proceed with any work, experts Pryor Plumbing are ideally-placed to help. As extensively-experienced and established bathroom suppliers in Sheffield, they’ve built up an excellent reputation in the area. With that in mind, Pryor Plumbing have taken a detailed look into 5 areas of your own bathroom that could be great places to focus your energy for modernisation.

    Modern Shower Designs

    With Pryor Plumbing, there are a huge range of shower enclosures for you to choose from. A glass surround walk-in shower with striking, straight edges is just one of the many ways you can bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Or, if you’d prefer your new bathroom to be less angular, you can choose an aesthetically-curved design instead. Whatever your requirements, they can help.

    A Variety of Washing Basins

    Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom installers can provide you with a number of different options when it comes to the wash basin that you require for your updated bathroom too. With pieces finished in everything from oak to white gloss – and extra incorporated storage to boot – you’re sure to be impressed by the options available to you with the ranges they have.

    Baths Are Always Key

    A beautiful bath can act as a wonderful focal point for your newly-renovated bathroom. The larger the space you have available, the more scope you have to upgrade; but no matter the constraints there are always ways to improve. With Roca, Carronite and other reinforced ceramic designs, the choice with bathroom suppliers Pryor Plumbing is significant.

    Bathroom Supplier with Vanity Units to Choose From

    Designed to help add an extra level of storage to your bathroom, vanity units have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years. Homeowners are always looking for ways to save space; and with these features it becomes entirely possible – without you having to sacrifice your belongings. By combining the traditional sink with a cupboard underneath, you’ll find that a vanity unit opens up extremely welcome space within your new bathroom to store them in.

    Metallic Features

    Even if you only have a small budget available to you, there are upgrades you can make to your bathroom that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With little decorative features you may be able to make more difference than you think. Stylishly-designed baskets and soap dispensers are just two examples of these.

    Bathroom Installers Sheffield At Top of the Pile

    To find out more from Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom installers, you should give their team a call. A member of their professional team will be waiting to provide you with all the assistance you need and help you to secure the products and workmanship that you need to secure the bathroom of your dreams. The number to call is 07814 193 439.

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      5 Features for Bathroom Sheffield Inspiration

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        Upgrading your existing bathroom can be an extremely fulfilling process. Tired decor, broken units and poor optimisation of space are just 3 of the things that may require your attention; and Pryor Plumbing are perfectly-placed to help.

        Assisting with everything from minor upgrades through to full re-fits; they always tailor each project they work on to best suit the available budget. They look to deliver long-term satisfaction and achieve this by working closely with the client in question throughout an installation.

        To get an idea of where you could start, Pryor Plumbing’s experts have taken a look at 5 common features that could hold unlocked potential for you within your own bathroom in Sheffield. You don’t necessarily need to look at all of these areas – just select the ones that interest you most.

        Your Shower or Bath

        It may be possible to incorporate a separate shower and a bath within any new bathroom design, depending on the space you have available to you. If not, then you may need to marry both together within one space; or even just select one option. Pryor Plumbing will be able to advise you on how the best way to move forward.

        The Decor of the Walls

        The decor of the walls within your bathroom will play a bit part in how it’s received upon completion. If the rest of your bathroom is looking like it’s desperately in need of some changes then there’s a good chance that the walls will be too. Peeling wallpaper and a desire to incorporate features such as tiling are ways in which we can help you fix it.

        Choice of Flooring

        The flooring of your bathroom is a great place to focus your energy when it comes to making changes. There are so many possibilities with regards to what you can actually do; and it can be highly-satisfying to watch the floor complete a project. Tiling, laminate and wooden choices are always great options.

        Sink Units

        There are probably more options than you think when it comes to your sink unit. Features with built in storage, units with mirrors and striking contemporary designs are some suggestions for the direction in which you can go. The possibilities with relation to materials and style are endless.

        How is Your Storage Situation?

        A cluttered bathroom goes against the whole idea of the space. A bathroom should help you relax, rather than being a source of stress; and through creating space and integrating carefully-designed storage units you can start to tackle the problem and get back to enjoying your bathroom as it was meant to be.

        Fantastic Bathroom Fitter Sheffield

        Pryor Plumbing are a reputable bathroom fitter in Sheffield and the work that they continue to offer is extensive in its coverage. Aston, Aughton, Beighton, Crystal Peaks, Handsworth, Mosborough, Swallownest, Waterthorpe and Woodhouse are all places that they can work within.

        Bathroom Sheffield Inspiration from Pryor Plumbing

        To find out more about Pryor Plumbing’s services and begin on your own journey towards a new bathroom Sheffield, why not contact them today? You can do so either by calling 07815193439; or by emailing

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          Leading Bathroom Sheffield Fitting Service

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            Pryor Plumbing & Heating continue to provide the leading bathroom fitting service in Sheffield. For them, it’s all about helping property owners in the area to make affordable and aesthetically-pleasing changes to their home; that will improve their quality of life without burning a hole in their pocket.

            There are many factors that have influenced Pryor Plumbing’s rise to prominence. Consistently high standards of quality workmanship, a string of happy clients and the choice they offer to their customers have all helped them to grow into the company they are today. Add in to this the fact that they’re able to offer a full bathroom installation service – from start to finish – and you can see the appeal of their work.

            Leading Provider of Full Bathroom Sheffield Installation Service

            By being able to provide their customers with access to all aspects of bathroom installation, Pryor Plumbing are able to tick all the boxes when it comes to integrating your newly-designed room within your home. They can tailor your own project to your appropriate individual requirements and will leave no stone unturned throughout.

            The full service they offer includes everything from initial design; to installation, plastering and tilting. Since they are also able to site-manage any of the required electrical work for the job, they’re able to save their clients valuable time and energy that would otherwise be lost looking for relevant tradesmen.

            For every client they do work for, they look to leave behind a stunning new bathroom for them. Pryor Plumbing take care to place great emphasis on quality, as for them it’s also about installations that deliver truly long-term satisfaction. They understand that when you spend any money it needs to be justified and by delivering long-lasting quality they can help you to feel proud of your investment.

            Bathroom Showroom Sheffield Ideal for Showcasing Work

            You can witness first-hand the potential of their bathroom fitting service at their bathroom showroom in Sheffield. Open 10-4 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – as well as from 10 until 3 on Saturday – it has been designed to show you examples of the sort of work that they can implement within your home.

            Throughout the showroom, you can see varied examples of the bathroom installations within Pryor Plumbing’s capabilities. One of their insured, qualified and accredited plumbers can help you to make the right decision for you home; and then install your new bathroom fittings for you once you’ve reached a decision that you’re happy with.

            Bathrooms Sheffield from Pryor Plumbing and Heating

            To find out more about any of the aspects of Pyror Plumbing’s bathrooms Sheffield installation service, why not get in contact with them today? One of their team will be able to advise you on the best course of action for you and your home; and help get you on your way towards property satisfaction.

            They’ll be happy to speak to you either face-to-face at their showroom or via alternative forms of contact. Call 07814 139 439; or drop them an email to if you can’t drop down to see them.

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              Bathroom Fitters in Sheffield Continue to Lead the Industry

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                Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom fitters in Sheffield are continuing to lead the way for bathroom installation in the area. Their unrivalled standards of service and competitive pricing have helped them to grow into the company they are today; but why should you choose their team. Here are 5 guarantees that always come attached to their services:

                High Level of Skill

                Each member of Pryor Plumbing’s team is highly-skilled and extensively trained; meaning that they have the required ability to keep you satisfied. No matter the scale or requirements of the job, you can be sure that they’re capable of doing the work that you require. They’ve seen and resolved it all, so you can feel confident that they’ll deliver.

                Full Transparency in Their Work

                If you’re looking for more reassurance, then Pryor Plumbing have a number of testimonials from their clients on this website to back up their quality. They offer these for everyone to see in the interest of full transparency, so that you can read about what they do from the perspective of people just like you. Something that stands out across each success story is their professionalism, which they take particular pride in.

                Eye-Opening Quality at Bathroom Showroom Sheffield

                Pryor Plumbing’s stunning bathroom showroom in Sheffield allows you to witness their work in-situ. Open 10-4 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; as well as 10-3 on Saturday’s; they’re always delighted to welcomes new faces and offer their expert advice on how they can help you to upgrade your property today.

                Bathroom Fitters in Sheffield Providing Full Service

                From idea inauguration to completion, Pryor Plumbing’s Sheffield bathroom fitters continue to offer the full bathroom installation service. Design, plumbing, plastering and tiling are all well within their capabilities; whilst they’re also able to site-manage all the required electrical work – which can save you plenty of money and remove the inconvenience of finding another tradesman.

                Great Variety of Choice

                It’s vitally important to Pryor Plumbing that they’re able to provide plenty of choice to their customers. With that in mind, they have partnerships with a number of leading bathroom manufacturers through their online bathroom store Pryor Bathrooms. These include Merlyn, Vado and Roca products. They will always look to tailor your project to your needs and this helps them to do it.

                Get in Touch with These Sheffield Bathroom Fitters

                Pryor Plumbing’s bathroom installation service continues to form one of their showpiece offerings. They’re extremely passionate about what they do and are sure you’ll see the value in their work. They’ll always work to meet the budget that you have available and provide you with a wonderful new room.

                Pryor relish the challenge that each new project presents to them and will always do our utmost to leave you satisfied. To find our more – and speak to one of their expert Sheffield bathroom fitters – why not contact them today? You can do so by calling 07814 193 439; or by dropping them an email to

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                  Purpose-Built Bathroom Showroom Sheffield

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                    Pryor Plumbing & Heating continue to offer fantastic bathrooms to homeowners in the Sheffield area. Their services are perfect for making changes to tired and dated spaces, or for those who are looking to fit a brand new property. To help give their customers a feel of what they do, Pryor Plumbing continue to showcase their work at their stunning bathroom showroom in Sheffield.

                    If you’re looking for expert bathroom fitters in Sheffield, then there really is no better place to go. Purpose-built to give you a taste of the potential for their unique designs, the showroom is sure to fill you with inspiration and leave you inspired to tackle property upgrades. When you reach this point, Pryor Plumbing’s experienced plumbers in Sheffield will only be too happy to carry out any work for you.

                    Get a Wonderful New Bathroom in Sheffield

                    Your bathroom is a place to relax and escape from the troubles of the world. To make sure that your new bathroom in Sheffield fulfils these needs, it’s essential to get the tone of your new room’s design right. Everything from the colour scheme you choose; to the fittings that you add in will influence the overall success of the installation.

                    Researching contemporary design trends can help you to make confident decisions and ensure successful end results. On top of this, the expert knowledge that Pryor Plumbing continue to provide will help to make the process even simpler. So whether it’s tiles, white furnishings or stunning glass that takes priority for you, Pryor will be able to provide the solution.

                    Bathrooms to Suit Your Budget

                    For them, it’s all about providing long-term satisfaction to each and every one of their clients. They want you to remain happy with your investment for years to come, so it’s vitally important to them that they provide you with a bathroom installation that’s perfectly matched to your home. They do this through the combination of expert application and impressive manufacturer deals.

                    Thanks to the vast experience Pryor have built up over many years, they’re continuing to do this for property owners throughout the entire Sheffield area. No matter your budget, they can tailor their work to suit, providing your property with the touch of contemporary design class that it deserves.

                    Bathrooms Sheffield from Pryor Plumbing

                    If you’re interested in finding out more about their services, you can pay them a visit at their bathroom showroom in Sheffield today. By doing so, you can witness for yourself how impressive their work can be; whilst you’ll also be able to pick their brains and get help when it comes to making decisions on what changes to make.

                    Alternatively, you can speak to Pryor over the phone by calling 07814 193 439; or drop them an email to However you choose to proceed with this company, you can be sure that you’ll always be met with friendly and professional advice; to help you gain access to the perfect bathroom today.

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