Monthly Archives: December 2012

How to take a screen capture and send it by email

This tutorial is about taking a shot of your computer screen and sending it – very useful when asking for technical support by email. This assumes you are using a PC and a local email client such as Outlook. Get whatever it is you’d like to get a screen capture of up on your screen […]

Domain owners watch out for this new scam

A customer of ours received this email and asked us what it was. From: <scam-company> Admin Department [mailto:admin@<scam-company>] Sent: 19 December 2012 02:42 To: INFO Subject: Pending Transfer-IN <> Dear Mr <your-name>, Please note that your domain <> is not yet transferred to <scam-company>. Transferring of a domain name is a simple process. Kindly contact […]

How to factory reset your iPhone to erase all data and return to factory settings

If you’re planning parting company with your iPhone, for whatever reason, you’ll want to erase all the data on it and reset to factory settings. Luckily, the iPhone allows you to this very easily. Read on… Tutorial on factory resetting your iPhone to erase all data and return to its factory settings (otherwise known as […]

Updating your password in Outlook 2010 tutorial

It is very simple to update your email collection (POP3) password in Outlook 2010 by following the steps below: Open Outlook Click on the ‘File’ option at the top of the page you’ll now have an option for ‘account settings’ – click here click on the account you’d like to change then select ‘change’ from […]