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How to format your Nokia 5800 mobile phone

How to remove back cover, SIM card and SD card from Nokia 5800

How to remove back cover, SIM card and SD card from Nokia 5800

When it’s time to upgrade to a new phone it’s important to delete the information on your old one to help keep your private information such as email addresses and contacts safe

To format your phone and delete all the information in the memory there are two options.

The first should work for most recent Nokia phones:

1. Dial *#7370#
2. Type in your lock code. The default number is 12345. (If you’ve changed this number and forgotten the new one, this format
method won’t help)

the phone will restart back to the original out-of-the-box settings and your information will be wiped.

The second method works with the Nokia 5800 V. 20.0.012

1. Turn your phone off
2. Press power button to turn on
3. As the phone starts booting up, hold down the red and green buttons on the front together with the camera button on the side.
You’ll still need your lock code for this method

Once restored to factory settings, don’t forget to remove your SD card and SIM.

To remove the SIM and SD card:

1. Take off the back cover by putting your thumbnail in the notch on the back at the bottom and pulling backwards away from the phone. The back cover will open like a book as opposed to sliding open
2. Take out the battery
3. Open the side access doors (they’re on the left-had side as your looking at the phone from the front
4. Push out the SIM card by putting the stylus into the hole under the battery compartment
5. Push the SD card in with your nail or the stylus and it will pop out

It should now be ready to pass on

How to view and disable HTC start-up processes

Startup Auditor allows you to view and disable your HTC start-up processes

Startup Auditor allows you to view and disable your HTC start-up processes

When you boot your HTC phone with Andriod operating system, it’s a fair bet that you’ll have a whole load of applications starting that you don’t need or want to run.

There is, however, a very simple and quick application that allows you to disable start-up processes very easily.

Simply download ‘Startup Auditor’ and install. You will now be able to choose which applications start-up when your phone boots.

The software has a trial version with ads (and other restrictions) but the paid-for version also has a trial period. To buy it costs around 63p (at the time of writing)

Take another look at the Amazon Kindle

New Amazon Kindle wireless reading device

New Amazon Kindle wireless reading device

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably always dismissed the idea of the Amazon Kindle before looking into it in any real detail. I have, however, looked into it in a bit more detail recently and am very impressed by the spec! The following might just sway you too:

  • It’s got a high-contrast super-bright screen that’s as easy to read in bright sunlight as paper so can be used almost anywhere
  • It has up-to a months battery life so you’re not tied to a plug socket
  • It has Wi-Fi so you can download books direct. The Kindle 3G (3G + Wi-Fi) can also download books and access the Kindle store for free over 3G–with no monthly bills or annual contracts
  • It holds up-to 3,500 books in its memory
  • Its wireless so doesn’t require any computer connection although can be connected using USB if required
  • And the best bit? It only costs £109 for the standard Wi-Fi version and only £149 for the Wi-Fi + 3G version!

What are you waiting for? Click here for more information

Here are the other technical specifications (Wi-Fi version/Wi-Fi+3G version)

  • Display size: 6 inch diagonal
  • Overall size: 109mm x 123mm x 8.5mm
  • Weight: 241/247grams
  • Capacity: 3,500 books
  • Battery life with wireless turned off: 1 month
  • Battery life with wireless turned on: 10 days
  • New book download time: 60 seconds
  • Text to speak: yes (this means it’ll read your book to you)
  • Price: £109/£149

HTC Desire HD crashing when making calls

HTC Desire HD crashes when making calls

HTC Desire HD crashes when making calls

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a new HTC Desire HD phone you may have noticed there is a rather annoying bug related to the proximity sensor.

Basically, you make a call and the screen immediately turns off and becomes unresponsive

It seems like the phone has crashed but it continues to stay connected and make the call. None of the buttons work such as the ‘home’ button and the only way to ‘wake up’ the phone is to plug in a 3.5mm jack to wake the screen up or just take the battery out

In the longer term, you should update the software. To do this, connect to a WI-FI network then:

Go to ‘Applications’ > ‘settings’ > ‘about phone’ > ‘System software updates’

‘Check now’ for updates then install any available software updates.

The phone will download and install the update then restart after a few minutes.