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Ever wondered if SEO will work for your business?

Sheffield SEO

Sheffield SEO

One of our fastest expanding services we provide at Seven Creative, here in Sheffield, is SEO, and there is one thing that nearly all our new SEO enquiries have in common – they’re nervous about the idea of embarking on an SEO campaign!

So, why is this? Firstly, not many people truly understand what SEO actually is. To me, it’s simply about making sure a site is of high quality meaning that it can effectively communicate with Google about its subject and purpose (which is a win-win for everyone). It’s certainly not about creating a million inbound links from poor quality sites to manipulate the search results! Secondly, the results seem to intangible. This was something we noticed early on so we made sure that an activity report was available to everyone – regardless of their budget – on a monthly basis. Thirdly, many people have been ripped off in the past. Even now, knowing what we know about how Google evaluates websites, poor quality companies with unethical sales people are still conning trusting people out of their cash by providing poor quality SEO that somewhere between little and no effect to how a site indexes – in fact, poor quality SEO will often have a negative effect on rankings; so don’t underestimate Google’s increasing ability to spot a cheap link!

It’s perfectly understandable why Google doesn’t like the current SEO industry – Google wants to be the one evaluating websites; historically, SEO has been about manipulating results to make a site appear more relevant and important that it would normally appear – so everything the search giant is doing in terms of regularly updating its algorithm is pushing site owners towards best practice and high quality content; and away from link building.

So, to refer back to the initial question, it depends. Of course I would say you should call us but if you don’t here are my top tips to make sure you pick a good company:

  • Avoid companies that outsource – it’s probably a sign that it’s going to be poor quality SEO
  • Ask to see examples of reports – this won’t give you an idea of the results you’re likely to achieve but you’ll be able to see the way those results are presented.
  • Speak to their current customers – happy customers are happy to recommend.
  • Avoid pay-on-results agreements – this incentives the SEO company to provide poor quality SEO for an immediate boost that wears of very quickly when you stop paying.
  • Go local – we all know how nice knowing that the person you’re relying on is available when you need them!

For more information about Sheffield SEO services, call Seven Creative on 0114 383 0711 or click here for more contact options

Attract Customers and Make More Money with a Shop Sign Sheffield

Having a good shop sign Sheffield is a must if you want to attract customers and make more money. Shop signs are great for attracting passing trade as they inform passers-by quickly and effectively exactly what you do and who you are. They also reflect the type of business that you would like to be perceived as, therefore, projecting a great image of your business onto customers.

Choosing a good shop sign in Sheffield is also a must for leaving a good impression of your business on passers-by. If you are looking for a custom sign maker in Sheffield, you may want to have a browse to see what people can offer you and at what price. A good sign maker in Sheffield will talk through all your options with you, helping you to decide exactly what you want to achieve with your Sheffield shop sign.

There are several types of sign that you should consider before making your decision about your Sheffield shop sign, and talking to an expert sign maker in Sheffield is probably a good idea. There are a number of different signs on the market today, and choosing the right one can be a difficult option.

Shop sign Sheffield for Taylor Taylor hairdressersLED signs are perfect if you really want to make an impact with your shop sign Sheffield. The great thing about illuminated shop signs is that they look brilliant at night as well as in the day time. That means that you can still attract passers-by in the evening as their eyes will be drawn to your shop sign. LED illuminated signs can be manufactured and installed from reputable sign makers in Sheffield and are great for making an impact.

You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to illuminated signs in Sheffield. There are many different types including internal illumination, external illumination, backlit signs and the effective halo effect. All of these great options ensure that you will get noticed on the high street, both at night and in the day time. Halo lit LED signs create a very modern and contemporary shop sign, and look really effective especially in the dark.

Another option is choosing a 3D sign in Sheffield for your business. Sheffield sign makers are able to manufacture 3D signs from a variety of materials including metal, plastic and even wood.

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