Monthly Archives: June 2010

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems Problem: Toshiba laptop Camera Assistant Software on Vista (or similar) is no longer working. When you try to run the application you get an error along the lines of: ‘Access violation at address … in module ‘CEC_MAIN.exe’. Read of address …’ ‘Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\NewSkin1\active.bmp’ […]

How to speed up Vista instantly

How to speed up Vista instantly If you’re using Vista, you may have noticed how heavy it is in hardware-resource terms. If you’d like a faster computer and are prepared to compromise on the aesthetics, here is a very simple and quick way to get things moving more quickly. This method will also give you […]

The importance of having a website

Introduction I was recently commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce to write a short article about the ‘importance of having a website for small businesses’. When I looked at the ‘subject’ around which to write an article, I have to say I was a little stumped. The problem is that I just don’t agree with […]

How to create a screen-capture of a web page in Windows

Here are a couple of methods to create an image of a webpage. Method 1 (simple) – will capture the visible screen only Go to the web page you’d like to take a screen capture of Press F11 to go full screen Press the ‘PRTSC’ button (print screen) Press F11 to go back to normal […]