Monthly Archives: December 2011

A real Christmas Cracker….b’dum ch ;-)

As the final working day before Christmas draws to a close, we thought we’d share our best, or worst, Christmas cracker jokes so far. Enjoy… What is special about the Christmas alphabet? It has NO EL. What happens if you eat the Christmas decorations? You get tinsel-itus! Why does Santa have 3 gardens? He likes […]

What the D***ens?!

This week, Virgin Media’s electronic programming guide saw offence in innocent words and names, causing them to be censored. The likes of Charles Dickens, Alfred Hitchcock, Arsenal and Jarvis Cocker, became Charles D***ens, Alfred Hitchc**k, A***nal and Jarvis C**ker. And it didn’t stop there. Even the kids were watching D*** and Dom. Virgin Media blamed […]

GBW Landscaping – testimonial

Guy Williams of GBW Landscaping runs a successful landscape gardening and garden maintenance business in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. The family run business offers anything from a little help in the garden, to complete garden redesign and landscaping services. Seven Creative have had the pleasure of working with Guy over the last couple of months to create his new […]

GBW Landscaping, Aylesbury

There are two main criteria I look for when hiring a landscape gardener – they’re great at what they do (so will provide value for money) and they’re a nice person. The good news is I know someone who fits both those criteria perfectly. The bad news is lives and works in Aylesbury which is […]

Seven Creative’s new addition

Our newest addition to the Seven Creative team is Ellie As our Social Media Manager, Ellie is responsible for all aspects of social media, including creating blogs for our customers businesses, keeping blog posts up to date, writing newsletters, updating our clients Twitter and Facebook statuses, and writing all important press releases. Ellie has recently […]

Social media: A personal touch in an impersonal world

Seven Creative’s well established and new customers are recognising the growing importance of social media. We’re proud to say that we can now offer customers new and innovative services ranging from writing blog entries, Twitter posts and Facebook updates, to designing and personalising social networks. Ellie Storey, Social Media Manager at Seven Creative,  said “There is so much competition on […]